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JUNE 2021

Colin Powell 2.0: US Ambassador To UN Presents ‘Evidence’ Of Iran’s Missile Fired At Saudi Arabia From Yemen

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Colin Powell 2.0: US Ambassador To UN Presents ‘Evidence’ Of Iran’s Missile Fired At Saudi Arabia From Yemen

U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley briefs the media in front of remains of alleged Iranian “Qiam” ballistic missile provided by Pentagon at Joint Base Anacostia-Bolling in Washington, U.S., December 14, 2017 © Yuri Gripas / Reuters

On December 14, US ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley just came with a Colin Powell-like statement calling Iran as a “global threat” and presented what she called an evidence of the country’s “destabilizing behavior” in the Middle East.

Haley said that US agencies and their international partners are currently investigation Iran’s ballistic missiles program and “its support for terrorists, proxy fighters and dictators.”

Haley was standing in front of a partially incinerated missile shell purported to have been fired into Saudi Arabia from Yemen while he told reporters that Iranian weapons are spreading throughout the region.

“Our new strategy was prompted by the undeniable fact that the Iranian regime’s behavior is growing worse. The nuclear deal has done nothing to moderate the regime’s conduct in other areas,” she said adding that the US will establish an international coalition to “push back” against Iran. “It’s hard to find a conflict or a terrorist group in the Middle East that does not have Iran’s fingerprints all over it.”

The vestiges a missile shown by Haley were allegedly found in Saudi Arabia after it had been intercepted near a civilian airport in Riyadh.. Haley said that this is a proof of Iranian attacks against US allies in the Middle East.

Haley’s press conference was just a mirror of the infamous speech of then US Secertary of State Colin Powel in the UN Security Council on February 5, 2003, when the US official presented a fake vial with anthrax to justify the US invasion in Iraq.

Colin Powell 2.0: US Ambassador To UN Presents ‘Evidence’ Of Iran’s Missile Fired At Saudi Arabia From Yemen

FILE – U.S. Secertary of State Colin Powel holds up a vial that he said could contain anthrax during a meeting of the United Nations Security Council at the United Nations headquarters on Wednesday, Feb. 5, 2003. (AP Photo/Elise Amendola, File)

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Maurizio Pucci

“Introducing my new dildo” :-)

Colin Oskapy

What ? The US air force is bombing the daylights out of Yemen, and this indentured, pampered slag, Colin Powell, is contesting the right of Yemenis to defend themselves.

Nigel Maund

This is Colin Powell of Iraq’s weapons of Mass Destruction fame in 2003??? …. Do we believe a single word he says??? ….. No, I think not. This is a North Korean Missile and hence another trumped up (excuse the sad pun) excuse to instigate a war of “Regime Change” in Iran. The US is a serial liar and instigator of wars for its own neferious purposes! We all know it and the bullshit marches ever onwards!……….What we all need is “Massive Regime Change” in the USA and the sooner the better!!

Promitheas Apollonious

Regime change only means same shit different name friend and this not only applies to ousa but also all the countries under the control of NWO.

Nigel Maund

True! … Agree! However, the US is now moving very quickly towards a Dictatorship and a Police State. It’s very worrying indeed and the saddest part is this…………the average American hasn’t woken up yet to the scale of the danger!…

Promitheas Apollonious

You know my friend what is the hardest task?

To wake up, someone who pretend he is asleep.

Nigel Maund

The problem is PA, and its not confined to the USA, the millenials spend all their time playing video games, watching reality TV and junk game shows, or texting / surfing on their cell phones. Many are drugged up to the eyeballs on pharmacuticals, or hooked on cannabis, meth or coke or perhaps something more exotic. Meanwhile, the Dictatorship advances their MATRIX and the US becomes more controlled and censored by the day.


Promitheas Apollonious

you can not be addicted to cannabis my friend. And we all know that american children are drugged in various behavior modification drugs from the psychiatric industry from the age of 2 upwards.

Something it does become an standard practice also in many western countries under the influence of the NWO. It is part of the process creating cloned creatures with severe psychological problems. Easier to train in single tasking thinking and practices and fill the purpose for their masters as tax slaves and have a limited 2 second thinking span. This been going on for over a century so is not something new but as I said with today’s technology and control over the masses is just more pronounced and obvious even to the ones who pretend not to know.

Nigel Maund

Cannabis is treated as a “gateway drug” in Australia. Records link cannabis use to the harder drugs later in life. Whilst cannabis itself may not be seriously harmful at least at first. Its protracted use causes behavoiral changes. I know I’ve seen its impact on one of my sons group of friends in Oz.

Promitheas Apollonious

propaganda you mean, not records. What leads to harder drug is the legal prescription drug that all so called modern societies are seem to be hooked on them from birth.

And I am sure you have absolutely no idea what you seen or what caused it just assuming. Of course if you smoke a ton of cannabis you will become like a zombie while it last, same as if you drink, couple of bottles of any alcohol. But unlike alcohol and 99.9% prescription drugs it does not get you addicted and is a matter as everything else how you use or abuse it that is the end result.

Promitheas Apollonious

p.s. usa has been a police state since her creation just now is becoming more obvious to the masses. Nothing change, but the technology advancement, so it is more total now than before and people feel it deeper, as the central control grows outwards.


Read up on civil asset forfeiture. Were all guilty until proven innocent.
If that isn’t enough then maybe a trip to Bluffdale, Utah to visit the NSA spying center. Talk about fear.


The US enter Iraq cuz they knew that there was no WMD, if they knew that there is a really weapons for WMD they will never enter Iraq.Same as In North Korea but this time they know that there is WMD in N.Korea and they can’t just bark in. See the Irony.


Full points for the irony sir ?

You can call me Al

Just on that “topic” ish. If The Yemen has a full air / sea / land blockade (which it does), unless this was gained in battle against the army, who and how could this fall into the hands of the Houthis……

Hint – who also had a war with Iraq ? and then look for the common party ……yep the Yanks.


How can you expect zombies & slumbers to do the job..?


Americans the Queens and kings of mass deception. Iran just like America has the right to arm its allies. America funds the moderate terrorists in Syria while indirectly funding ISIS through Israel.


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Nigel Maund

Who cares! …….Big deal …. I don;t believe you!

leon mc pilibin

Whats the weather like in HELL AVIV?

Promitheas Apollonious

americans no their masters like to think they are but who are deceiving, beside themselves? I don’t think is a single thinking person that is falling for their lies and holyshit scenarios.


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I agree with you, with just a minor but very important clarification:
There’s no “moderation” in terrorism. It’s a fake term coined by the US and it’s partners in crime to justify their support of terror groups and it’s more obvious considering they count “Nour-elDin-Zinki” (documented their beheading of a 12 years old boy and numerous other terror acts) and recently HTS (Al-Qaeda branch in Syria) as “moderate” groups.


There will be no peace until Pro Trump militants Israel completely withdraw from the Middle East. Israel use Jewish faith as a tool to take land from Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Libya and Yemen. Palestinian Jews say that Israel have hijacked our faith.


So far they failed to present the world with an irrefutable evidence of Iran’s arms shipments to Yemen.

Even IF Iran was sending Yemenis arms, so what? Aren’t the US, UK, France and many more countries selling arms to Saudis which end up destroying civilians homes and killing them? What’s so different that they have this “right” and others don’t?
Nikki Haley, as we say is “a bowl hotter than the soup” for Israel. Too bad for them that the world witnessed this show before and also witnessed it’s sorrowful outcome.


Well said my friend.

You can call me Al

I absolutely agree, but I would also like to add the following…

Well in your first sentence, you make a mockery of their Yank gob shite…..The Yemen is under a land, sea and air blockade….WTF did they do, because Iran is deemed so evil, they spirited it in ?.

I am so effing sick and tired of the Yanks and the bankers – I keep on posing this, but it doesn’t seem to sink in, please have a read…. https://missiongalacticfreedom.wordpress.com/2017/07/07/there-are-only-3-countries-in-the-world-without-a-rothschild-owned-central-bank/

Iran and NK have to go down for the Yanks, as does Cuba. Once you read this it will all become clear, although this is just one of a handful of reasons.

Promitheas Apollonious

the assumption of the anglozionist puppets, that none is allowed to defend itself against them and how dare them and brand who ever stand against them a terrorist, is rapidly becoming to sound like a broken record. This clones are so predictable, is like a joke told a million times and the only one laughing, is the idiot telling it.


Really that bitch add that thing in display lol


Blaming other countries for supplying arms to people has a lot more impact when your own country doesn’t support loads of terrorists.

Bobby Twoshoes

When someone starts with “undeniable fact” you can be pretty sure that whatever comes next is unbelievably counter-factual. Sounds to me like the Yanks want a war they “know” they can win after having their asses handed to them in Syria, naturally they haven’t considered that when they get beaten by starving and impoverished Yemenis with cholera they will lose even more face than they have already.

Onno Frowein

Haley only proves that USA is a criminal organization & supporting the profitability of US military industry complex while murdering millions of innocent women & children under their slogan ‘Collateral damages’ & for democracy. Lying is a pre-requisite for becoming a US politician. Another reason I read Russian News which brings more FACTS instead of western MSM propaganda with their FAKE reporting. But apparently the American people realize that as well by massively ending their subscriptions.


You clowns are funny. Ya want to deny the weapons come from Iran, and then claim Iran has the right to arm whoever they want. So, let’s focus on the story. She made a claim. Where’s the evidence disputing her claim? Are you guys reporters? Or just more fake news?

andy l

You have it backwards – she made a claim so the onus is on her to provide the evidence to back up the claim. Until that evidence is substantiated there is nothing to say. Besides the obvious how does Iran get missiles into North Yemen when the Saudis has the country under complete blockade?


SAFE is a Zionist, he prefers it ‘backwards’ :)

Frankly I would like to see the Houthis with far more missiles capable of accurately hitting Saudi Arabia as a sort of ‘thank you’ for the cholera epidemic caused by US and UK backed Saudi Bombing of civilian infrastructure in Yemen.

Promitheas Apollonious

clowns. Who told you we disputing her claims, beside the fact she is a whore for zionists, promoting their agenda?

And why shouldn’t Iran arm the Yemenis?

You are a sorry sample of a failed DNA you know that? It is time all of your kind be recalled for recycling.


The irony is how many bombs have IS supplied to klll far more people.

Missiles can come from anywhere just as bombs to kill children can come from anywhere

Killers don’t go round accusing others as killers


“Killers don’t go round accusing others as killers”

The US government does :)


A piece of perfection. You use the knife well.

Mahmoud HAm

I think it is a crime against humanity if the missiles were not Iranians. The Yamanies have the right to get arms to defend themselves with whatever means they can get. Iran should send arms to Yamen if it is not doing. I would if I were an Iranian leader. The US is arming every savage country in the world like Saudi Arabia and Israel. It bombs Libya, Syria, Iraq without any justification and then they complain about a missile that hit the stupid Saudis. Fuck off

chris chuba

It’s kind of like watching a cop write a traffic ticket for jaywalking while ignoring a murder that’s being committed right in front of him. One is so appalled by his incompetence that you want to yell at both of his stupid actions.

But yeah, I am more appalled that she is crying over one lone missile fired at an airport but ignoring years of Saudi Arabia’s war crimes. So I am in the camp that I don’t care if it is Iranian or not, that is just a distraction. The Saudi food blockade is a war crime that is killing civilians. The Saudi bombing of food production, water treatment, and denial of fuel is a war crime that is killing civilians. The Saudi bombing of actual civilian targets is also a war crime. Why wouldn’t the Yemenis fight back?

Nikki Haley is an evil, black hearted woman to shill for the Saudi theocracy.

You can call me Al

How did they get to The Yemen with a full blockade (land, sea, air) ?.

They could have got it from the Yemeni military, but so what; good luck to the Houthis.

Get you head out of your arse and put this in context to the arms shipment the terrorist state of the US make daily.

Moronic Yank.


Really low in mentality.

Scrapping the bottom of the barrel to find an excuse forgetting the worse crimes by far are committed by them

Just why Nikki always seem to make a fool of herself?

Promitheas Apollonious

have you ever watched a god scared shitless how much noise it making? That is what the anglozionist puppets remind me this last years. Nothing they do any more works out for them. They are going down the drain fast and are in total panic.

They run out of defenseless countries to attack and now they have formidable opponents that know for sure will lose against them and are so desperate they grasp at straws. isn’t it obvious? The bully in the schoolyard, just been called out and his treats don’t seem to be taken seriously.

Typical of clones, they fart to much, from the mouth.

You can call me Al

What about the analogy of “a rabid dog, backed into a corner” ?

Mahmoud HAm

She is a fucking bitch like every whore woman represented the US in the UN from Jeane Kirkpatrick to Madeline Albright to and every single bitch was a representative of US in the UN to the current whore lover of Israel more than her <<<<<<<


Hollywood politics. Keep in mind that no one except USA ever accepted these stunts and certainly not starting any wars based on them.

Promitheas Apollonious

well they did in 2001, with the towers, went to Iraq thinking, (soldiers) they saving the world, Afghanistan to reestablish the opium production, claiming to bring them democracy and so many other countries they destroy using NATO and the idiots who followed, thinking they are heroes bombing innocent people in their homes.

Just now days their formulas backfired on them and they panic


She would love to try this large … in her a…

Cheryl Brandon

Nikki Hailey new employee of Israhell and. has not probably bothered to check the manaufacturers name;Lorenzo the Bolivaran Ambassador will stop her dead in her tracks with her nonsense like Colin Powell. She is like the diversion for members to stop discussing what is actually happening in Isrhaell!


I don’t take any side but if a war whit Iran will start, not only Iran will fight against America all Muslims including Iraq,Syria,and many other countries that hate America or don’t agree whit American policy, even China will have a say …we don’t talk about North Korea they will be first to give a hand if they can. And the war will be mass killing counted in hundreds of millions

Jozsef Osztronkovics

Nikki Haley is a zionisraeli slave and idiot —Please someone should tell her to go to mental hospital —-Or show the zionisrael nuclear and other bombes in zionisrael arsenal who real tethering the world and its people

Alejandro Bonifacio

in spanish: es una PENDEJA, who believes her and her rotten administration of shitty rulers?


Hate doesnt do justice for my feelings towards that woman..

juan carlos ayala

y los chanchos vuelan


My country is an embarrassment to the human race. Spinning out of control faster and faster.
Anything to continue the ongoing genocide on other countries. 41 years of my life watching these war pigs run the same old movable feast.


The problem is that Iran and the Houti’s aren’t following the rules of engagerment.

1. You can only overthrow one party autocratic states the USA declares redundant and officially renames as a rogue state.

2. The USA and coalition has complete air superiority. This is non negotiable. Enemy aircraft must either stay on the ground to be bombed or fly directly at US aircraft to make it easier to shoot them down. Rebels must at all times make their locations know and never defend themselves with manpads so they can be bombed in a timely at the USA’s pleasure with no risk to US air crews. Under no circumstances shall a US airfield be attacked.

3. Smart bombs are US intellectual property. Smart bombs only kill terrorists and enemy combatants. If a smart bomb hits a ‘civilian’ they automatically become enemy combatants. Terrorists can only use weapons with an IQ of no more than 60 and they shall only target hospitals, schools and civilian homes where there at least three generations of saintly civilians to photograph as evidence of their cruelty.

4. It would really help if enemy combatants watch at least 40 hours of Hollywood war movies and learn how to best conduct themselves. Enemy combatants must wear dark clothing and must look like they hate our freedom. Enemy combatants should pay attention to how forces fighting against the USA ALWAYS break cover and run directly toward US fire in sequential manner so it’s easy to mow them down easily without risk to US forces. Enemy forces in a firefight with US forces must shoot aimlessly and harmlessly toward US forces until such time as air support arrives…..see #2 above for further instructions.

Louis Klomp

Really, who wrote this? I don’t see a byline, but I do see grammatical errors, mostly spelling and punctuation mistakes. The background reporting is dead wrong, Powell held up alleged yellow cake to make his point about Iraq, not anthrax. This was a poorly written, poorly researched and poorly edited article.


Would you post a footage of Powell holding up “yellow cake”? Because I saw and heard his speech about Anthrax. Here’s links to confirm it:

Colin Powell’s speech’s full text in UNSC regarding Iraq’s WMD.

This is the full video of his speech (1:16′:20″ length)

And if you don’t feel like watching the whole video, it’s just the part with the vial of Anthrax:

Cut some slack to the writers and commenters about their “grammatical errors, mostly spelling and punctuation mistakes” as English is not the mother tongue for a lot of us here. How about paying attention to what they say?


Dumb as dog-sh1te Israhelli war bitch spouts complete BS. The world laughs.

Iraq & Libya wanted oil sales away from $US, got bombed & invaded.
Iran ditches $US & this terminally stupid bureaucrat wants to bomb & invade?

I do hope the US military is not so insane as its politicians & ambassadors.
But I’m not sure.

We live in interesting times.

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