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Cold War 2.0: U.S. Stops Issuing Visas To Russians

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Cold War 2.0: U.S. Stops Issuing Visas To Russians

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The US Embassy in Moscow announced Friday that it would cut consular services and staff in line with new restrictions imposed by Russia. The last week President Vladimir Putin signed a decree to limit the number of Russians employed at embassies of countries deemed to be “unfriendly.”

“We regret that the actions of the Russian government have forced us to reduce our consular work force by 75% and will endeavor to offer to US citizens as many services as possible,” a statement reads.

The Embassy’s statement said that nondiplomatic visas will only be processed in cases of emergency. It will not provide notary services, issue birth documents abroad or renew passports.

Consular services will only cover emergency cases from May 12.  The Embassy “strongly” urged US citizens in Russia with an expired visa to leave the country before the June 15.

The Washington’s reaction is disproportionate, as Russian measures concerned only US diplomatic mission.

Previously, the US embassy was banned from hiring Russians. Kremlin denounced the bilateral agreement “on open land”, it means that the movements of American diplomats remaining in Russia will be restricted. Moscow limited the short-term business trips of State Department employees to Russia, reducing their number to ten per year.

The measures implemented by the both sides were the result of the ongoing deterioration of the relations between the U.S. and Russia. Amid the expulsions of Russian diplomats in the US and a number of its allied countries, and retaliatory measures taken by Moscow, US Ambassador to Russia returned to Washington on April 20, after the Russian ambassador left the US on March 17.

The deterioration of diplomatic relations between Russia and the collective West, together with the sharp reduction of the military threat between the global powers, may be considered as the very beginning of a new Cold War.


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johnny rotten

Less Diplomatic Personal USA means gain in health for each country, if you prohibit every entry to CIA and Soros staff will also cease attempts at the colored revolution, you will also have less drug trafficking, less corruption and many other improvements of various kinds.

Tommy Jensen

Less poaching on endangered species. Less collections of genetic material for new MIC viruses. A win win for the planet :-D. https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/e3ccdc315fa073ac04336beef070a9427362192d8bbd9384382562462729513a.jpg


I never seen a Rhino with horns at that old age. They look huge.

Ivan Freely

…may be considered as the very beginning of a new Cold War.

We’re already in it.

Tommy Jensen

Our US Ambassador returned to Moscow the day he and we wanted him to return. Here everybody can see that no one, I repeat no one, dare to issue orders and deny any area access on the planet to an American.

cechas vodobenikov

we told your coward to leave—now he in DC ghetto w LGBT boyfriend


Did US ever return to Russia that large embassy property in US, that the US authorities confiscated back in the Obama era?! It was first really petulant US diplomatic act after Russia completely surprised them by militarily intervening n Syria – and quickly began reversing the militants gains.


they openly say ISIS was created to ”scare” Assad into leaving


Russia is doing the right thing, animals should be treated as animals and also Russia should put a sign on those embassies labelled then as “unfriendly buildings”… And please rename the street leading to the US embassy – Assange Street. George Floyd Street, or Simply Qasem Soleimani boulevard in honor of the Iranian General.

Trap Is Not Gay

We are moving away from the USA as well.

Now I use Yandex as search engine, not Google anymore (nor any USA site).

cechas vodobenikov

excellent—soon Moscow to rename street in front of US embassy: ulitza homer simpson


Пиндосная Улица. Жопная Улица

Albert Pike

‘the pitcher goes so often to the well that it is broken at last’

One day it will be to much and can’t be fixed…

Ricky Miller

I think that the Kremlin should consider a near break in all relations with the United States. I mean, the USA only uses diplomatic contact and missions to interfere in Russian society and politics anyway, and the Americans spend most of every diplomatic meeting talking about only what they want without any impulse to compromise or meet Russia one third of the way, not even half. I’d advise Russia to close all missions in the USA and force out all American diplomats. See what happens next. Relations from that point could only degenerate into open conflict, which the United States will lose. Or, perhaps relations could take a step back up when the United States sees that their fit throwing isn’t gaining them anything and they want to restore some minimal standard of relations and respect.

AM Hants

I wonder who is behind it all? Why do you always find the NED operating in parallel with the $oro$ Open Society Foundation?

What do Russia think of $oro$ and his NGOs?

Russian Security Council Chief Links Soros to Efforts to Destabilise Nations Worldwide, Including US © AP Photo / Francois Mori

‘…Billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros has committed hundreds of millions of dollars to “civil society initiatives” aimed at shaping political discourse and processes in many countries. Moscow banned the activities of his Open Society Foundations (OSF) in 2015, deeming they pose a threat to national security and Russia’s constitutional order.

George Soros and his Open Society Foundations undoubtedly played a role in the widespread unrest which rocked the United States last year following the police killing of George Floyd at the hands of police, Nikolai Patrushev, chief of the Russian Security Council, believes.

“As you know, he who sows the wind will reap the whirlwind. The same Soros Foundation [involved in colour revolutions abroad and the protests in the US] has no plans to scale down its projects. Moreover, it is working to give them a systematic character,” Patrushev said, speaking to Russian media in an interview published on Friday.

“Soros and his surrogates are moving toward independently establishing criteria about which governments are declared objectionable, with all the ensuing consequences of such a designation. I think the time is not far off when the West begins to impose sanctions or even launch military strikes against sovereign states on the basis of recommendations made by the reports of non-governmental organisations,” the official suggested.

…Patrushev pointed out that something similar has already taken place in Syria, with the US and its allies bombing the Middle Eastern nation on the basis of (since debunked) reports of gas attacks by the White Helmets “rescue group.”

“Today, the prevention of such lawlessness is one of the key tasks for sovereign nations which are not ready to live by rules imposed from the outside,” the official stressed.

Commenting on Soros’ special interest in Russia, Patrushev suggested that he was just one actor among many in centuries of Russophobic attitudes in the West…

Centuries later, Patrushev believes that a “clear analogy” can be seen, with officials in the United States and Europe using every means possible to suppress dissent and restrict the civil rights of those who are not prepared to support so-called “Western values,” “but at the same time continue to portray our country as the main threat to freedom and tolerance.”

Soros is a popular target for both governments and politicians across the political spectrum as the public face of questionable NGO activity in meddling in the affairs of sovereign countries…

Soros-Funded Outlet Taking UK Cabinet to Court Over Handling of Freedom of Information Act

By the mid-2010s, OSF had opened offices throughout the world, from Europe and Eurasia to Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Latin America, and the United States itself.

During the presidency of Donald Trump, Soros’ foundations “partnered” with over 50 organisations aimed at bringing him down. In 2017, over 150,000 Americans signed a White House petition to have Soros declared a domestic terrorist and to strip him of his assets. Before the election, Soros actively supported Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party, officially contributing over $10.5 million to her campaign, while also funding anti-Trump Republicans like the neoconservative McCain Institute. In 2020, Soros-supported district attorneys were accused of involvement in fighting the federal government in court during the George Floyd protests. Following Joe Biden’s election, Soros publicly committed tens of millions of dollars to lobby Biden’s “once-in-a-generation” $2.3 trillion infrastructure spending plan…

…In the financial world, Soros is best known for his currency speculation operations against the British pound in 1992, which earned him a cool billion dollars in profits but caused a run on the pound and billions in losses for the British state. In 2020, Soros was convicted of insider trading by a French court, with the conviction upheld by the European Court of Human Rights in 2011…


Albert Pike

Görgy Schwartz had a father Tivadar/ Theodor Schwartz -one of the founder of the Esperanto language (a one language, one world goverment) movement. Now when Görgy started at London School of Economics (fabian society) he immediately got adopted by Karl Popper, mostlikely because he was Tivadars son. Popper is jewish and Görgy is jewish, but Popper is also a strange Jew, because he comes out of the inner circles of the Frankists:

‘Joachim did not have any biological children, but he adopted his great-nephew Simon Popper, who inherited his title as Simon Edler von Popper. He also adopted his nephew Abraham Löbl Duschenes, who inherited his title as Andreas Josef Edler von Popper, and Elke Joß, who married Moses Dobruška. Elke was disinherited because of her conversion.’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Joachim_Edler_von_Popper ‘Moses Dobruška or Moses Dobruschka, alias Junius Frey (12 July 1753, Brno, Moravia – 5 April 1794) was a writer, poet and revolutionary. His mother was the first cousin of Jacob Frank, who claimed to be the Jewish messiah and founded the Frankist sect.’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moses_Dobru%C5%A1ka

Moses Dobruschka was one of the founders of the ‘Asiatic Brethren’. That’s hardcore highup freemasonry. Hayyim Samuel Jacob Falk was Jakob Frank’s first father-in-law. Swedenborg was his neighbor. Swedenborg was also aquinted with Count Nikolaus von Zinzendorf, founder of the Moravian Church (and the pietist movement, which was Zionist) who are carrying the lamb/sheep as a sign (the Fabian Society carrys the wolf in sheep’s clothing). Same Illuminati freemason people who later supported Jakob Frank supported earlier on Count Zinzendorf. And both had similar (messianic) orgies in their religious movements – both go back to Sabbatai Zevi (Dönmeh and Bektashi Order) .

Back ot Soros – his first company was called ‘double eagle’ hedge fund. Double eagle is the sign of the 32 deg of the red Freemasonry and the scottish rite. There you go – you are also by my name giver and his 3 world wars.

Like we know via Rabbi Marvin Antelman Rothschild Mayer Amschel gave the money to finance Jakob Frank and the Illuminati, who were all at the same time in Frankfurt, or few Km away in Offenbach. With Rothschild you are also at ‘the Balfour Declaration’. Without Balfour and Hitler no Israel – which is the main cause of that other potential hotspot. Without Rothschild house live in Jakob Schiff – no Russian revolution. Lots of the eastern hotspots comes from that and the economic development hindrance that it caused for the people in the east.

So don’t ask ‘I wonder who is behind it all?’ – you have Frankists and masons everywhere: https://zohariststories.blogspot.com/2019/09/the-seven-daughters-of-jacob-frank.html There are Windsors mentioned and most still existant european royalty.

Another example is the AlQaeda founder Zbig – Zbigniew Brzezinski, who is a direct descendent of Jakob Franks second wife’s family: ‘Philipina Brzezińska-Szymanowska (1 January 1800 – 11 November 1886) was a Polish pianist and composer. She was born in Warsaw, the daughter of Franciszek Szymanowski and Agata Wołowska. She studied with Charles Mayer and was influenced by her sister-in-law, composer Maria Szymanowska [born Marianna Agata Wołowska] She married Franciszek Jakub Brzeziński (1794–1846) and had four children: Franciszka Teofila Krysińska (born Brzezińska), Kazimierz Brzeziński, Teofila Zieleńska (born Brzezińska) and Aniela Brzezińska.’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filipina_Brzezi%C5%84ska-Szymanowska ‘Marianna Agata Wołowska was born in Warsaw, Poland on December 14, 1789 into a prosperous Polish family with Frankist Jewish roots,[1][2] one of her ancestors being Salomon Ben Elijah (or Jacob ben Judah Leib/Jacob Leibowicz), the personal assistant of Jacob Frank.’ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maria_Szymanowska ‘My great-great-grandmother’s maiden name was Magdalena Brzezińska. I once wrote to Zbigniew Brzeziński, whom I had met earlier, asking whether we might be related; he answered that he didn’t know much about his ancestors, who had probably come from somewhere in Volhynia… Our family archives went up in flames during the war, and thus I know little about my distant ancestors, except the fact that my grandfather’s great-grandfather, Eliasz Adam Kapliński, tried to organize a Frankist congress in Karlsbad in 1823.’ https://levantine-journal.org/being-frank-discovering-my-frankist-roots/

So you have it all coming since a long time, and they are connected somehow to the first messia-fake from 1666, which goes also back to Joseph Nasi and Issac Luria (…financed by the Benveniste…). It seems to be an all eating eschatolic/zionist satanic soup – and only sometimes they tell you what’s really all behind it, like prince Philip (descendent/relative of Jakob Frank according to Bloomers zohariststories) who wanted to be reborn as an everything killing virus. It’s population control, and war is a good methode for that…

AM Hants

Thank you and fantastic. I am just very slowly joining the dots and so much of the story is missing as I plod through it.

I hope you find out about your maternal family and manage to piece together your own family history.

Must admit, when you mentioned Jacob Frank, I did wonder if that was how Anne came about and managing to find a biro, during those times, to write her diary.

With regards the Scottish Rite, does Thomas Coutts fit into it? When one of the Scottish banking brothers, came down to London and set up his bank in The Strand,. Which attracted the accounts of the Royal Family and also didn’t he bring one of Mayer Amschel’s boys into the game? There is a lot going on in Scotland, over the years and how tight they are with the City of London. I wonder why?

Assad must stay

what happened to disqus?

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