Cockpit Video: Russian Mi-28N Attack Helicopter Destroys ISIS Tank in Syria


Cockpit Video: Russian Mi-28N Attack Helicopter Destroys ISIS Tank in Syria

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On December 20, the Russian Ministry of Defence’s Zvezda TV network released a cockpit video showing how a Russian Mi-24N attack helicopter destroys an ISIS battle tank in Syria. According to Zvezda, the strike was made from the distance of 3km. However, the sight tube showed that the missile was launched from the distance of 1.7km.

More about the Mi-28N:

Cockpit Video: Russian Mi-28N Attack Helicopter Destroys ISIS Tank in Syria

Click to see the full-size image



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  • andy l

    Yeah it always brightens my day knowing some ISIS rats have been toasted!

    • Ruth

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  • Colin Oskapy

    This is why the Jew West is kicking Russia out of the bourgeois Jew Olympics.

  • AlexanderAmproz

    A Civilisation changes !

    An Upside Down World !

    What’s for an irony ?
    it’s Russia, Iran, Hezbollah, China saving the “Free World”
    from the US/Zionist/NATO becoming Mad Max

    • Nigel Maund

      The US, UK, France and EU have not been agents of liberty and democracy since WW2. Their Armies are the Armies of the Zionist International Bankster – Corporatist Cabal of population eugenicists. War and destruction for power and natural resources is their game. They only seek to control, rape, pillage and make money out of reconstruction as a debt financed operation so they can milk and control the shattered countries as puppet States. The process has alway been the same the MSM dresses it all up as Regime Change for Democracy – what a sick joke!… what dreadful hypocrisy and how evil and low can you sink??

      • Tudor Miron

        Agree with above but will add that “since WW2” is a bit short.

        • jade villaceran

          Since colonization start i guess

        • Nigel Maund

          Tudor, you’re right its started well before WW1 and can be traced back to at least the 1880’s when several extremely wealthy familes were created to sit up alongside the Rothschilds, such as the Rockefellers (Standard Oil and Chase Bank), the UK Royal Family (De Beers, Anglo American and BP), the Dutch Royal Family (Royal Dutch Shell), Carnegie (Bethlehem Steel), Vanderbilts (Railways), Fords (Cars), Tates (sugar), Morgans (banking), Schiffs (Banking) Warburgs (Banking), Guggenheims (Mining in North America), Oppenheimers (Mining Gold & Diamonds in South Africa). The Rothschild’s took total control of the UK by 1816 and may have actually have been in control by 1770.

          • John Brown

            Its back to 1812 when the Rothschild’s took over the UK economy, with it taking them about 100 more years to completely take over the UK government and about 150 years to completely destroy Christianity in the UK.
            See proof racist supremacist Jews rule the UK and the USA just 2 examples.
            See former congress woman says USSA Congress forced to sign loyalty oath to Racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire Israel above their oaths to America, its Israel not America first. Its not an oath of loyalty to Britain above America. So its the Zionist empire not the Anglo Zionist empire.
            Congress forced to sign loyalty oath to Racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire Israel part 1
            The only Member of the sitting US Congress we can document so far that has refused to sign the AIPAC Loyalty Oath to put Israel first even before America is Representative Walter Jones.
            Despite AIPAC’s efforts to get him un-elected he was re-elected Congress anyhow, unlike the great and fearless American Hero former US Representative Cynthia McKinney, a true American Patriot who tells the truth, the whole truth.
            Representative McKinney refused to sign this AIPAC Loyalty Oath to put Israel first even over America, which of course would be a direct violation of the Oath of Office any Member of Congress takes upon being seated.
            Why is it such a serious matter to get these signers of the AIPAC Loyalty Oath out of Congress? The reason is obvious, without these Traitors who are sellouts to AIPAC and Israel, America could not have been transformed into a virtual province of Israel.

          • John Brown

            Part 2
            Nor could America have been transformed into an Israeli slave-state, provider and war-fighter for Israel with an endless supply of American Soldiers to use as Israeli cannon-fodder in their quest to expand and create “greater Israel”.
            Very few Americans know of this treasonous betrayal by all but one Member of Congress. This betrayal is a very serious, grievous violation of their Oath of Office and also American espionage laws and it constitutes Treason. Why do we know for certain this signing the AIPAC Loyalty Oath is Treason?
            We know this for certain because Treason is the capital offense of betraying one’s country and aiding or abetting an enemy of one’s own country, people and one’s government. Yes, but isn’t Israel an important ally of America?

          • John Brown

            part 3
            No, quite the contrary.
            The only reason the average American does not yet know this is because the Major Mass Media is controlled by six media moguls who answer to run Israeli linked large American investment house that works through Switzerland. Together these six media mogul who are all traitors have essentially created an illegal New Monopoly, a true News Cartel that does little more than feed the American public a continuing stream of USG propaganda, USG big lies and USG false-narratives.
            It is our job at Veterans Today and the rest of the Alternative media of the Internet to get the truth out to everyone and expose this USG propaganda, these big USG lies and USG false-narratives. Soon unless stopped the Internet, which is the World’s New Gutenberg Press, will bust the Controlled Major Mass media (CMMM) and this truth will dissipate to every America. This will bring an end to the espionage done against America in America by AIPAC, the ADL, the SPLC and other Israeli-linked foreign espionage fronts.

          • John Brown

            Part 4
            Right now the traitors inside the beltway are meeting frequently and desperately trying to come up with a sneaky way to censor and restrict the Alternative media of the Internet. It is unlikely that the American people will allow this and such a move could result in a new American revolution fought in the street of America by millions or armed Americans against the USG and its stooges and Traitors.
            But there is another good reason to immediately suspend all aid, monetary and military to Israel. That is the fact that we know with 100% certainty the Israel has a large nuclear bomb arsenal and that such is a violation of American law and international agreements to support any nation that HAS NOT signed the nuclear Non-Proliferation Agreement, which Israel HAS NOT signed.
            jews selling blacks

          • NeoLeo

            Who knows how deep does the rabbit hole go… Personally I think it was back in 1688. (so-called ‘Glorious revolution’) when the dutch army basically conquered England without any resistance (assisted by English traitors) all financed by jewish banks (search Francisco Lopes Suasso). Netherlands was basically created by jewish capital, they funded dutch rebellion against the Habsburg Spain, it was the first capitalist country in history, a tiny nation that suddenly controlled 2/3 of all European merchants ships and trade routes from NewYork/NewAmsterdam to Taiwan! Then they overtook England, created UK and money/capital from Amsterdam moved to London, and then UK became the most powerful country in the world in just a few decades. All historical facts.

            They follow exactly the same pattern: United Provinces (of Netherlands) -> United Kingdom of GB ->United States (of America). Capitalism, religious ‘tolerance’ for Jews, fake democracy and parliamentarism, and controlled media that create public opinion.

          • FlorianGeyer

            You probably know this Nigel. Immediately after the Battle of Waterloo there was a rumour that the British had lost. The London Stock Exchange immediately crashed and Rothschild Bank quickly bought up the depressed fire sale shares. Within hours the reality of a British Victory reached London and after that the Rothschilds were fabulously rich and many old Christian families and business’s were ruined.

            It is said that Rothschild had a superior and faster knowledge of the British Victory.

          • Tudor Miron

            To my knowledge it all started in ancient Egipt by its priests with that famous Sinai tour. Than they breaded an army of “non combatant” invaders – ideology (Talmudic jeudaism), than priests dissolved in levit leg of Jew rabbinate and from that time gradual globalization (concentration of humanity/planet raw and creative resources in the hands of few) was going on according to plan. Russia’s CPS (conception of public safety) calls it gp (global predictor). UK was under gp’s control from Elisabeth I. One should take a look at a book called degermetisation (or something like that , sorry for weird translation). But you will need to know Russian. There the global historical process is well visible and makes It easy to connect the dots.

      • AlexanderAmproz

        1) Not only I agree with you, but I feel to vomitof what they are doing and did in the past.
        2) I am Swiss, a European and luckily didn’t belong to EC and NATO !

        Seventy years of harassing political establishment and people of Europe

        by Andrey Fomin

        Contrary to appearances, the decision of the United States to investigate a possible Russian aid to anti-European parties is not intended to protect Europeans from foreign interference. This is quite the opposite. For 70 years, Washington controls the West European politics prohibiting all forms of genuine democracy.

        According to a “sensational” article by The Telegraph, the US director of National Intelligence was recently instructed by Congress to “conduct a major review into Russian clandestine funding of European parties over the last decade.” [1] This disclosure —a classic “controlled leak”— is intended to warn disobedient yet popular political entities across Europe to scale back their ambitions to rebalance the roles and weight of their nation states within the European Union. Hungary’s Jobbik, Greece’s Golden Dawn, Italy’s Lega Nord, and France’s Front National are explicitly included in the US “warning list,” while other unnamed “parties” in Austria, the Czech Republic, and the Netherlands are being advised that they are “under a US security probe.” Even the new British Labour leader, Jeremy Corbyn, is suspected of flirting with the Russians. So, according to the sponsor of The Telegraph’s story, any European politician who dares to question NATO’s eastward expansion, the policy of anti-Russian sanctions, or the current European stance on the Ukrainian conflict is essentially a witting or unwitting tool of “Russia’s hybrid warfare.”

        Well, that would be funny if it weren’t so dangerous. In fact, any impartial observer would pose some simple questions: Why the hell do US intelligence agencies care about challenges to Europe’s internal security? Aren’t they the same agents who finance, recruit, and control countless political organizations, individuals, and media outlets on the European continent? Why are they so brazenly revealing their dominion over Europe?

        A politically correct challenger would argue that the United States saved Europe from the “Communist threat” after the end of WWII, facilitated its speedy economic recovery, and is still safeguarding the continent under its nuclear umbrella. Perhaps. But a review of the historical background should not begin with the Marshall Plan. First of all, that was launched in April 1948. Since the Nazis capitulated in May 1945, a misinformed reader might deduce that the United States had been drafting a massive investment program for Europe for as long as three years, and … he would be wrong. At the Second “Octagon” Quebec Conference in September 1944, President Roosevelt and US Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau Jr. submitted to the British PM Winston Churchill their Post-Surrender Program for Germany [2]. That strictly confidential document envisaged the partition and complete deindustrialization of the German state. According to the plan, Germany was to be divided into two independent states. Its epicenters of mining and industry, including the Saar Protectorate, the Ruhr Valley, and Upper Silesia were to be internationalized or annexed by France and Poland. Following are a few excerpts:

        • The [US] military forces upon entry into [German] industrial areas shall destroy all plants and equipment which cannot be removed immediately.

        • No longer than 6 months after the cessation of hostilities, all industrial plants and equipment not destroyed by military action shall either be completely dismantled and removed from the area or completely destroyed.

        • All people within the area should be made to understand that this area will not again be allowed to become an industrial area. Accordingly, all people and their families within the area having special skills or technical training should be encouraged to migrate permanently from the area and should be as widely dispersed as possible.

        • All German radio stations and newspapers, magazines, weeklies, etc. shall be discontinued until adequate controls are established and an appropriate program formulated.

        That was the original postwar recovery program for Germany, known as the Morgenthau Plan. The notorious Joint Chiefs of Staff Directive 1067 (JCS 1067) addressed to the Commander-in-Chief of U.S. Occupation Forces in Germany, which was officially issued in April 1945, was fully in line with that document [3].

        Partition of Germany according to Morgenthau Plan, 1944

        The Morgenthau Plan very quickly proved to be a strategic mistake. The United States underestimated the ideological and cultural impact the Soviets would have on European societies. Left to their own judgment, American strategists failed to understand the attraction that a socialist system held for the majority of the population of the liberated nations. A vast spectrum of pro-socialist and pro-communist politicians began winning democratic elections and gaining political influence not only in Eastern Europe, but also in Greece, Italy, France, and other European states (Palmiro Togliatti and Maurice Thorez are just a few who could be named here). Thus Washington came to understand that its forced de-industrialization of Europe could result in Soviet-style reindustrialization and eventual Russian dominance of the continent… Therefore the US had to promptly replace the Morgenthau Plan with one named after Secretary of State George Marshall… Over the course of four years it provided Europe with $12 billion USD in credits, donations, leases, etc., for the purpose of buying … American machinery and other goods. Although the plan undoubtedly revived the economies of Europe, its biggest positive effect was on … the US economy itself! Simultaneously a wave of political repression was launched throughout Europe, most notably in Germany.

        The media has largely forgotten about a Soviet initiative, proposed in 1950, to withdraw from the GDR and to reunify a neutral, non-aligned, demilitarized Germany within one year of the conclusion of a peace treaty. As a matter of fact, the resolution adopted at the Prague meeting of the foreign ministers of the Soviet Bloc on Oct. 21, 1950 proposed the establishment of an all-German Constituent Council, with equal representation from East and West Germany to prepare for the formation of an “all-German, sovereign, democratic, and peace-loving provisional government.” Needless to say, the US government and West German administration in Bonn strongly opposed the initiative [4]. While a plebiscite on the issue “Are you against the remilitarization of Germany and in favor of the conclusion of a Peace Treaty in 1951?” was announced in both halves of the divided state, that referendum was held and officially acknowledged only in East Germany (with 96% voting “yes”).vtek The authorities in US-controlled West Germany failed to respond in a truly democratic manner. They refused to recognize the preliminary results of the referendum that had been held since February 1951 (of the 6.2 million federal citizens who had taken part by June 1951, 94.4% also voted “yes”) [5] and introduced the draconian cautious Criminal Law Amendment Act (the 1951 Blitzgesetz) on July 11. According to that legislation, anyone guilty of importing prohibited literature, criticizing the government, or having unreported contacts with representatives of the GDR, etc. was to be prosecuted for “state treason,” which was punishable by 5 to 15 years in prison. Consequently, between 1951 and 1968, 200,000 charges were brought against 500,000 members of the Communist Party and other left-wing groups in Germany under this law. Ten thousand people were sent to prison, and most of those who were “cleared” of charges never resumed their political activities. Additional legal amendments in 1953 actually abolished the right to freely hold gatherings and demonstrations, and in 1956 the Communist Party of Germany was banned.

        More details can be found in Daniel Burkholz’s 2012 documentary “Verboten – Verfolgt – Vergessen” (Forbidden-Followed-Forgotten. Half a Million Public Enemies), which is surprisingly unavailable on YouTube.

        The political repression that occurred in Germany from the 1950s to the 1980s, compared to similar events in other European countries during the same period, is a very taboo topic. Operation Gladio in Italy, the crimes of the regime of the Black Colonels in Greece, and the controversial assassinations of realistic European politicians who openly advocated for historical compromise with the Soviet bloc – such as Italian PM Aldo Moro (1978) and Swedish PM Olof Palme (1986) – all received far more media attention. The revelations made by a former correspondent for the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, Udo Ulfkotte, in his book Gekaufte Journalisten (“Purchased Journalists”) about the mechanism of media control in Germany (remember the Morgenthau Plan?) represent only the tip of the iceberg.

        The almost complete lack of reaction seen in Berlin after Edward Snowden’s disclosure of the blanket electronic espionage routinely conducted against German leaders by the NSA means that in reality, Germany has acknowledged its loss of sovereignty over its own country and thus has nothing to lose.

        So, after taking all these facts into account and rereading the article in The Telegraph, are you still so sure that the United States is truly the guardian of Europe’s sovereignty? Is it not more likely that by using the alleged “Russian threat” to control and harass the political establishment and civil society in Europe, Washington is making headway toward a simple and primitive goal – that of merely keeping its sheep within the fold?

        Andrey Fomin


        [1] «Russia accused of clandestine funding of European parties as US conducts major review of Vladimir Putin’s strategy. Exclusive: UK warns of “new Cold War” as Kremlin seeks to divide and rule in Europe», Peter Foster & Matthew Holehouse, The Telegraph, January 16, 2016.

        [2] “Suggested Post-Surrender Program for Germany”, F. D. Roosevelt, September 1944.

        [3] “Directive to the Commander in Chief of the U.S. Occupation Forces (JCS 1067)” (April 1945)

        [4] “Notes for Eastern Element’s Briefing of General Mathewson”, February 15, 1951. Published in Foreign Relations of the United States 1951, Volume III, Part 2, European Security and the German Question (Document 341).

        [5] “Flusslandschaft 1951. Frieden”, Protest in München.

        • Nigel Maund

          Alexander – many thanks for this; much appreciated! ….. Now watch this superb video and you’ll feel a great deal more sick:

          • FlorianGeyer

            Interesting video . I watched it whilst wrapping Christmas presents :) Yours is in the post Nigel.

            It seems that whether the world is overpopulated or a Zionist hell hole of venal freaks, I am rather glad to be the age I am.

        • FlorianGeyer

          ” According to that legislation, anyone guilty of importing prohibited literature, criticizing the government, or having unreported contacts with representatives of the GDR, etc. was to be prosecuted for “state treason,”

          This well worn playbook of Zionist US oppression is being copied today in the Ukraine today by the US backed regime there.

        • John Brown

          Part 1
          the following video evidence in Britain again totally destroy the Anglo / Zionist empire world empire narrative. It’s just the global Zionist empire as it is official and the law Jews are legally superior with more rights than all others in Britain, including Anglos in what was once an Anglo country. The Anglo Zionist empire term is like calling apartheid South Africa the “Africans Boer / Zu Lu black / empire”. When one group totally dominates all others with superior legal rights to all the others enshrined under the law, such an argument is basically a joke.
          See good video examples of proof. Shouldn’t it be The Guardian, the BBC or The Daily Telegraph that look into these matters? Why aren’t they? Stop Everything You Do and Watch This!!! January 11, 2017 / Gilad Atzmon Al Jazeera Investigations – The Lobby EP 1-4… So that you learn how Israel and its Lobby are plotting against Britain and the Brits. So you learn about our treacherous MPs who are shamelessly serving a foreign state and its foreign interests. Ask yourself, how is it that the most important news about the institutional betrayal of our political system is delivered to us by a Qatar TV network? Shouln’t it be The Guardian, the BBC or The Daily Telegraph that look into these matters? Is it a coincidence? The Israeli Embassy told us that Shai Masot was a junior employee. Watch this video and judge for yourself, he seems to run the entire Labour Party. Britain must probe the activity of the Jewish Lobby and the Israeli Embassy immediately !!! And if you want to understand why this plot is embedded in Jewish culture just read this
          Full video

          The Lobby P1:
          The Lobby P2:
          The Lobby P3:
          The Lobby P4: The Takedown

        • John Brown

          Part 2 See good video examples of proof. Shouldn’t it be The Guardian, the BBC or The Daily Telegraph that look into these matters? Why aren’t they? Stop Everything You Do and Watch This!!! January 11, 2017 / Gilad Atzmon Al Jazeera Investigations – The Lobby EP 1-4 So that you learn how Israel and its Lobby are plotting against Britain and the Brits. So you learn about our treacherous MPs who are shamelessly serving a foreign state and its foreign interests. Ask yourself, how is it that the most important news about the institutional betrayal of our political system is delivered to us by a Qatar TV network? Shouln’t it be The Guardian, the BBC or The Daily Telegraph that look into these matters? Is it a coincidence? The Israeli Embassy told us that Shai Masot was a junior employee. Watch this video and judge for yourself, he seems to run the entire Labour Party. Britain must probe the activity of the Jewish Lobby and the Israeli Embassy immediately !!! And if you want to understand why this plot is embedded in Jewish culture just read this.
          Full video

          The Lobby P1:
          The Lobby P2:
          The Lobby P3:
          The Lobby P4: The Takedown

        • John Brown

          Part 3 This Al Jazeria investigation has dealt a massive blow to
          the racist supremacist Zionist global empire and its propaganda by exposing it for what it is. Evil needs darkness and dies under the light of day and
          While watching part 2 you may want to ask yourself why the Jewish lobby and Israel are so influential within the Left and the Labour movement, is it really a coincidence?
          The Lobby P3: An Anti-Semitic Trope

          Then you watch Part 3 you may want to ask yourself what is it that drives the
          Shabbos Goy within the labour party and beyond? Is it greed? Is it power
          seeking? What is it that pushes Brits to become servants of a foreign despotic state?
          Al Jazeera Investigations: The Lobby P4: The Takedown

          Full video

          When you watch this final episode you must ask yourself how is it possible that British media has remained silent? Would it also stay silent if Shai Masot was a Russian or an Iranian’s agent? Asking the above questions may suggest that you are at the footstep of the understanding of Jewish Power and its negative impact on our society.
          Full video

          The Lobby P1:
          The Lobby P2:
          The Lobby P3:
          The Lobby P4: The Takedown
          What drives is it that drives the Shabbos Goy? if they are not a racist supremacist Jews? Is it greed? Is it power seeking? What is it that pushes people like to become servants of a foreign despotic state?

          • AlexanderAmproz

            All European mainstream Medias are absolutely awful.
            At the moment the only reliable one with good analyses
            and information is “”
            for Ukraine is good too,
            but only in French…
            The journalist Christelle Néant report and analyses are excellent.
            She is living in the Donbass since the war erupted.
            A taste of voltairenet about the International Media


            The New Media World Order

            by Thierry Meyssan

            In only a few months, the content of the Western national and international media has undergone profound change. We are witnessing the birth of an Entente about which we know almost nothing – neither the real initiators, nor the real objectives – but whose direct anti-democratic consequences can be noticed immediately.

            The West is currently going through an unprecedented systemic change – powerful forces are progressively orienting the totality of media in a single direction. At the same time, the content of the media is mutating– only last year, they were still logical, and tended towards objectivity. They offered one other mutual contradiction in a spirit of healthy competition. Now they act in gangs, basing their coherence on emotions, and becoming vicious when they are facing people they condemn.

            The idea of an Entente between the media is an extension of the experience of the International Consortium for Investigative Journalism (ICIJ), which does not unite the media, but only individual journalists. It made itself famous by publishing information stolen from the accounts of two law firms in the British Virgin Islands, and from PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), the bank HSBC, and the Panamanian firm Mossack Fonseca. These revelations were mainly used to discredit the Russian and Chinese leaders, but also, once in a while, to shine some light on genuine offences committed by the Westerners. Above all, under the honourable pretext of the struggle against corruption, the violation of the confidentiality of lawyers and banks seriously damaged thousands of their honest clients without any reaction from public opinion.

            Over a period of approximately forty years, we have been witnessing the progressive grouping of media within certain international trusts. Currently, 14 groups share more than two thirds of the western Press (21st Century Fox, Bertelsmann, CBS Corporation, Comcast, Hearst Corporation, Lagardere Group, News Corp, Organizações Globo, Sony, Televisa, The Walt Disney Company, Time Warner, Viacom, Vivendi). From now on, the alliance operated by Google Media Lab and First Draft is forging links between these groups, which already enjoyed a dominant position. The presence in this Entente of the three most important Press agencies on the planet (Associated Press, Agence France-Presse, Reuters) guarantees it hegemonic power. This is without any doubt an «illicit entente», established not with the goal of price-setting, but mind-setting, the imposition of an already dominant thought.

            We may have noticed that all the members of the Google Entente – without exception – have already, over the last six years, given unequivocal visions of the events that occurred in the Greater Middle East. And yet there had been no prior agreement between them, or at least, none of which we were aware. It is intriguing to note that five of the six international television channels which participated in the NATO propaganda cell are part of this Entente (Al-Jazeera, BBC, CNN, France24, Sky, but apparently not al-Arabiya).

            In the United States, France and Germany, Google and First Draft assembled the media present locally in the countries concerned, and others present on the international scale, to check the veracity of certain arguments. Besides the fact that we do not know who is hiding behind First Draft, and what political interests may have influenced a commercial company specialised in computer science to finance this initiative, the results achieved have little to do with a return to objectivity.

            First of all because the allegations are not chosen for the place they occupy in the public debate, but because they have been quoted by individuals that the media Entente intends to vilify. We might imagine that these verifications enable us to get a little closer to the truth, but that is not the case at all – they reassure the citizen in the idea that the media are honest, while the people they are condemning are not. This approach is not aimed at better understanding the world, but at beating down the people to be sacrificed.

            Next, because an unwritten rule of this media Entente stipulates that only allegations from sources outside the Entente should be checked. The members agree not to use any critical faculty in the mutual appreciation of their work. They agree to reinforce the idea that the world is divided in two – «we» who tell the truth, and «the others» who are liars. This approach is damaging for the principle of pluralism, a precondition for democracy, and opens the way to a totalitarian society. This is not a new phenomenon, because we saw it at work during the coverage of the Arab Springs and the wars against Libya and Syria. But for the first time, it is aimed at a Western line of thought.

            Finally, because the allegations that have been qualified as «false» will never be envisaged as errors, but always as lies. The point is to charge the «others» with Machiavellian intentions in order to discredit them. This approach damages the presumption of innocence.

            That is why the functioning of the ICIJ and the Entente created by Google and First Draft violates the Munich Charter adopted by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) (Title II, articles 2, 4, 5 and 9).

            It is no coincidence that certain absurd legal actions have developed against the same targets as those in the sights of the media Entente. In the United States, the Hogan Law has been dragged out for use against the Trump team, despite the fact that this text has never, absolutely never, been applied since its promulgation two centuries ago. And in France, the Jolibois Law has been revived for use against the political tweets of Marine Le Pen, despite the fact that jurisprudence had limited the application of that law to the distribution of a few ultra-pornographic magazines lacking a plastic wrapping. Since the principle of the presumption of innocence for scapegoats has been eradicated, it is now possible to put anyone on trial for any legal pretext. Furthermore, the legal actions mounted against the Trump team and Marine Le Pen, in the name of the laws named above, should also be be brought against a great number of other people – but they are not.

            Moreover, citizens no longer react when the media Entente itself broadcasts false allegations. Thus, in the United States, they imagined that the Russian secret services had a compromising dossier on Donald Trump and were blackmailing him. Or, in France, this Entente invented the idea that it is possible to employ a fictitious parliamentary assistant, and went on to accuse François Fillon.

            In the United States, the large and small media which are members of the Entente went after the President. They garnered their own information from the wire-tapping of the Trump team which had been illegally ordered by the Obama administration. They work in coordination with the magistrates, who are using them to block the actions of the present government. This is without doubt a Mafia system.

            The same US and French media are attacking two candidates for the French Presidential election – François Fillon and Marine Le Pen. To the general problem of the media Entente is added the false impression that these targets are victims of a Franco/French conspiracy, whereas in fact, the instigator is a US citizen. The French notice that their media are rigged, wrongly interpret the conspiracy as being directed against the right wing, and continue erroneously seeking the manipulators in their own country.

            In Germany, the Entente is not yet effective, and probably will not be until the general elections.

            During Watergate, the media claimed to represent a «Fourth Estate», after the Executive, the Legislative, and the Judiciary. They affirmed that the Press exercised a function of control over the government in the name of the People. We can ignore for a moment the fact that President Nixon was charged with a similar offense to that of President Obama – bugging his opponent. We know today that the Watergate source, «Deep Throat», far from being a «whistle-blower», was in reality the Director of the FBI, Mark Felt. The treatment of this affair was a battle between a part of the administration and the White House, in which the electors were manipulated by both sides at once.

            The idea of a «Fourth Estate» supposes that we recognise the same legitimacy for the 14 corporate trusts which own the great majority of the Western media as for the citizens. This is to affirm the substitution of an oligarchy for democracy.

            The remains one point which needs clarification – how have the targets of the Entente been chosen? Tthe only obvious link between Donald Trump, François Fillon and Marine Le Pen is that all three hope to re-establish contacts with Russia, and fight with her against the breeding ground of jihadism – the Muslim Brotherhood. Although François Fillon was the Prime Minister of the goverment implcated in these events, all three of them represent the train of thought which contests the dominant vision of the Arab Springs and the wars against Libya and against Syria.

            Thierry Meyssan

        • John Brown

          Part 4 Below great video confession explained in great detail by a racist supremacist Jew; of the racist, supremacist, Jewish, dictatorship;,global, slave, empire of the chosen, racially superior, master, Jewish race and why Jews are the chosen, racially superior, master, Jewish race to rule the world in a global, dictatorship, slave, empire.
          The following is a lecture by Rabbi David Bar-Hayim whose biography, and gently smiling face, you can find on Wikipedia. For our purposes, just the first paragraph will be enough. It says that Bar-Hayim is an “Israeli Orthodox rabbi who heads the Shilo Institute (Machon Shilo), a Jerusalem-based rabbinical court and institute of Jewish education dedicated to the Torah of Israel”. Not a lightweight by any means, and a man with established credentials.I strongly encourage you to take the time to carefully listen to his entire lecture (1h47m) to not only convince yourself that any chosen excerpts are not partial or taken out of context, but also to get an emotional “feel” for the man who not only is an articulate speaker who is clearly used to teaching, but who also conveys a coherent picture of a man who gave these topics a great deal of thought and who has to courage to call things by their names rather than to “remain silent” like so many of his “politically correct” colleges.
          See this link for the confession

          Full video

          The Lobby P1:
          The Lobby P2:
          The Lobby P3:
          The Lobby P4: The Takedown

          • AlexanderAmproz

            I will follow the Folke Bernadotte and James Forestal behaviors,
            they were assassinated by the Stern Group in 1948.
            Since then most of the Israeli Leaders are former Terrorists…
            Looking at this problem with an concerned attention
            since decades, I do believe it’s among the XX Century
            biggest mistake.
            Know the question is how to solve it peacefully,
            hate wouldn’t help, but worsen the situation.

            Luckily any Jew and International Scholars are Atheists
            and anti Zionists
            Zionist nationalist myth of enforced exile

            Israel deliberately forgets its history

            An Israeli historian suggests the diaspora was the consequence, not of the expulsion of the Hebrews from Palestine, but of proselytising across north Africa, southern Europe and the Middle East

            by Schlomo Sand

            Le Monde diplomatiqueIsrael deliberately forgets its history ↑

            Every Israeli knows that he or she is the direct and exclusive descendant of a Jewish people which has existed since it received the Torah (1) in Sinai. According to this myth, the Jews escaped from Egypt and settled in the Promised Land, where they built the glorious kingdom of David and Solomon, which subsequently split into the kingdoms of Judah and Israel. They experienced two exiles: after the destruction of the first temple, in the 6th century BC, and of the second temple, in 70 AD.

            Two thousand years of wandering brought the Jews to Yemen, Morocco, Spain, Germany, Poland and deep into Russia. But, the story goes, they always managed to preserve blood links between their scattered communities. Their uniqueness was never compromised.

            At the end of the 19th century conditions began to favour their return to their ancient homeland. If it had not been for the Nazi genocide, millions of Jews would have fulfilled the dream of 20 centuries and repopulated Eretz Israel, the biblical land of Israel. Palestine, a virgin land, had been waiting for its original inhabitants to return and awaken it. It belonged to the Jews, rather than to an Arab minority that had no history and had arrived there by chance. The wars in which the wandering people reconquered their land were just; the violent opposition of the local population was criminal.

            This interpretation of Jewish history was developed as talented, imaginative historians built on surviving fragments of Jewish and Christian religious memory to construct a continuous genealogy for the Jewish people. Judaism’s abundant historiography encompasses many different approaches.

            But none have ever questioned the basic concepts developed in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Discoveries that might threaten this picture of a linear past were marginalised. The national imperative rejected any contradiction of or deviation from the dominant story. University departments exclusively devoted to “the history of the Jewish people”, as distinct from those teaching what is known in Israel as general history, made a significant contribution to this selective vision. The debate on what constitutes Jewishness has obvious legal implications, but historians ignored it: as far as they are concerned, any descendant of the people forced into exile 2,000 years ago is a Jew.

            Nor did these official investigators of the past join the controversy provoked by the “new historians” from the late 1980s. Most of the limited number of participants in this public debate were from other disciplines or non-academic circles: sociologists, orientalists, linguists, geographers, political scientists, literary academics and archaeologists developed new perspectives on the Jewish and Zionist past. Departments of Jewish history remained defensive and conservative, basing themselves on received ideas. While there have been few significant developments in national history over the past 60 years (a situation unlikely to change in the short term), the facts that have emerged face any honest historian with fundamental questions.

            Founding myths shaken

            Is the Bible a historical text? Writing during the early half of the 19th century, the first modern Jewish historians, such as Isaak Markus Jost (1793-1860) and Leopold Zunz (1794-1886), did not think so. They regarded the Old Testament as a theological work reflecting the beliefs of Jewish religious communities after the destruction of the first temple. It was not until the second half of the century that Heinrich Graetz (1817-91) and others developed a “national” vision of the Bible and transformed Abraham’s journey to Canaan, the flight from Egypt and the united kingdom of David and Solomon into an authentic national past. By constant repetition, Zionist historians have subsequently turned these Biblical “truths” into the basis of national education.

            But during the 1980s an earthquake shook these founding myths. The discoveries made by the “new archaeology” discredited a great exodus in the 13th century BC. Moses could not have led the Hebrews out of Egypt into the Promised Land, for the good reason that the latter was Egyptian territory at the time. And there is no trace of either a slave revolt against the pharaonic empire or of a sudden conquest of Canaan by outsiders.

            Nor is there any trace or memory of the magnificent kingdom of David and Solomon. Recent discoveries point to the existence, at the time, of two small kingdoms: Israel, the more powerful, and Judah, the future Judea. The general population of Judah did not go into 6th century BC exile: only its political and intellectual elite were forced to settle in Babylon. This decisive encounter with Persian religion gave birth to Jewish monotheism.

            Then there is the question of the exile of 70 AD. There has been no real research into this turning point in Jewish history, the cause of the diaspora. And for a simple reason: the Romans never exiled any nation from anywhere on the eastern seaboard of the Mediterranean. Apart from enslaved prisoners, the population of Judea continued to live on their lands, even after the destruction of the second temple. Some converted to Christianity in the 4th century, while the majority embraced Islam during the 7th century Arab conquest.

            Most Zionist thinkers were aware of this: Yitzhak Ben Zvi, later president of Israel, and David Ben Gurion, its first prime minister, accepted it as late as 1929, the year of the great Palestinian revolt. Both stated on several occasions that the peasants of Palestine were the descendants of the inhabitants of ancient Judea (2).

            Proselytising zeal

            But if there was no exile after 70 AD, where did all the Jews who have populated the Mediterranean since antiquity come from? The smokescreen of national historiography hides an astonishing reality. From the Maccabean revolt of the mid-2nd century BC to the Bar Kokhba revolt of the 2nd century AD, Judaism was the most actively proselytising religion. The Judeo-Hellenic Hasmoneans forcibly converted the Idumeans of southern Judea and the Itureans of Galilee and incorporated them into the people of Israel. Judaism spread across the Middle East and round the Mediterranean. The 1st century AD saw the emergence in modern Kurdistan of the Jewish kingdom of Adiabene, just one of many that converted.

            The writings of Flavius Josephus are not the only evidence of the proselytising zeal of the Jews. Horace, Seneca, Juvenal and Tacitus were among the Roman writers who feared it. The Mishnah and the Talmud (3) authorised conversion, even if the wise men of the Talmudic tradition expressed reservations in the face of the mounting pressure from Christianity.

            Although the early 4th century triumph of Christianity did not mark the end of Jewish expansion, it relegated Jewish proselytism to the margins of the Christian cultural world. During the 5th century, in modern Yemen, a vigorous Jewish kingdom emerged in Himyar, whose descendants preserved their faith through the Islamic conquest and down to the present day. Arab chronicles tell of the existence, during the 7th century, of Judaised Berber tribes; and at the end of the century the legendary Jewish queen Dihya contested the Arab advance into northwest Africa. Jewish Berbers participated in the conquest of the Iberian peninsula and helped establish the unique symbiosis between Jews and Muslims that characterised Hispano-Arabic culture.

            The most significant mass conversion occurred in the 8th century, in the massive Khazar kingdom between the Black and Caspian seas. The expansion of Judaism from the Caucasus into modern Ukraine created a multiplicity of communities, many of which retreated from the 13th century Mongol invasions into eastern Europe. There, with Jews from the Slavic lands to the south and from what is now modern Germany, they formed the basis of Yiddish culture (4).

            Prism of Zionism

            Until about 1960 the complex origins of the Jewish people were more or less reluctantly acknowledged by Zionist historiography. But thereafter they were marginalised and finally erased from Israeli public memory. The Israeli forces who seized Jerusalem in 1967 believed themselves to be the direct descendents of the mythic kingdom of David rather than – God forbid – of Berber warriors or Khazar horsemen. The Jews claimed to constitute a specific ethnic group that had returned to Jerusalem, its capital, from 2,000 years of exile and wandering.

            This monolithic, linear edifice is supposed to be supported by biology as well as history. Since the 1970s supposedly scientific research, carried out in Israel, has desperately striven to demonstrate that Jews throughout the world are closely genetically related.

            Research into the origins of populations now constitutes a legitimate and popular field in molecular biology and the male Y chromosome has been accorded honoured status in the frenzied search for the unique origin of the “chosen people”. The problem is that this historical fantasy has come to underpin the politics of identity of the state 
of Israel. By validating an essentialist, 
ethnocentric definition of Judaism it encourages a segregation that separates Jews from non-Jews – whether Arabs, Russian immigrants or foreign workers.

            Sixty years after its foundation, Israel refuses to accept that it should exist for the sake of its citizens. For almost a quarter of the population, who are not regarded as Jews, this is not their state legally. At the same time, Israel presents itself as the homeland of Jews throughout the world, even if these are no longer persecuted refugees, but the full and equal citizens of other countries.

            A global ethnocracy invokes the myth of the eternal nation, reconstituted on the land of its ancestors, to justify internal discrimination against its own citizens. It will remain difficult to imagine a new Jewish history while the prism of Zionism continues to fragment everything into an ethnocentric spectrum. But Jews worldwide have always tended to form religious communities, usually by conversion; they cannot be said to share an ethnicity derived from a unique origin and displaced over 20 centuries of wandering.

            The development of historiography and the evolution of modernity were consequences of the invention of the nation state, which preoccupied millions during the 19th and 20th centuries. The new millennium has seen these dreams begin to shatter.

            And more and more academics are analysing, dissecting and deconstructing the great national stories, especially the myths of common origin so dear to chroniclers of the past.

            Schlomo Sand

        • John Brown

          Part 5
          If Trump met with Russians like he and all the other slaves do with their racist supremacist global Jewish slave empire masters he would probably be executed for violating his oath of allegiance to the racist supremacist global Jewish confederate slave empire first above all, its fuck America as its last in the slave empire .
          Jewish Power is now British Law – It’s Official! The following laws recently passed in Britain again totally destroy the Anglo / Zionist empire world empire narrative. It’s just the global Zionist empire as it is official and the law, Jews are legally superior with more rights than all others in Britain, including Anglos in what was once an Anglo country. The Anglo Zionist empire term is like calling apartheid South Africa the “Africans Boer / Zu Lu black / empire”. When one group totally dominates all others with superior legal rights to all the others enshrined under the law, such an argument is basically a joke. By Gilad Atzmon For years I have argued that Jewish power is the power to silence criticism of Jewish Power. Now, UK Prime Minister Theresa May has confirmed that my observation is spot on. PM May has decided to accept the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) definition of antisemitism and to integrate it into British law. According to the IHRA, “antisemitism is a certain perception of Jews, which may be expressed as hatred toward Jews. Rhetorical and physical manifestations of antisemitism are directed toward Jewish or non-Jewish individuals and/or their property, toward Jewish community institutions and religious facilities.”

      • Actually it is France, UK, US. FUKUS!

  • leon mc pilibin

    GOD bless Russia,SYRIA,IRAN,HEZBOLLAH and other allies for their magnificent fight against the satanic zionist tribe of warmonering criminals.

  • Nigel Maund

    Fabulous! Love to see ISIS blown to Kingdom Come! …..No prisoners and no survivors!………Kill them all!

  • World_Eye

    I love this I do play them In Battlefield 3 and Battlefield 4 games tho.

  • Xanatos

    Iraq should buy these.

    • Xanatos

      Pardon my ignorance. Iraq already bought 48 of these, deliveries began in 2016.

  • Wegan

    If not trained and financed by the USA, how can someone acquire a tank? Amazon prime delivery?

  • Nigel Maund

    Readers watch this superb video and you’ll understand a great deal more about how we have all been manipulated and systematically poisoned and killed in engineered wars, selective killings, vaccinations, water, food and pharmaceuticals and how our business and political leaders conspired to encourage Nazi atrocities throughout WW2 and then ran for cover when the Russians started to thrash the Wehrmacht in 1943 and destroy their crack troops. They scuttled to clean up their image before the war ended and then rebadged their population control (eugenics) as various organisations addressing the bogus climate change and environmental agenda they themselves established and engineered for profit, control and to destroy what the Nazi’s had called the untermensch:

  • John Whitehot

    “However, the sight tube showed that the missile was launched from the distance of 1.7km.”

    There are two tanks destroyed in the video. The first is hit by a missile launched at 2.6 Km. The second at 1.7 Km. Zvezda is probably talking about the first, in any case, these missiles (Shturm or Ataka) have been used in other videos from 7 Kms.