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Coca Cola Training Includes Robin DiAngello Lecture Urging Employees To “Try To Be Less White”

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Coca Cola Training Includes Robin DiAngello Lecture Urging Employees To "Try To Be Less White"

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On February 19th, users on Twitter claimed that Coca Cola is requiring its employees to complete an online training that aims to teach them how to “try to be less white”.

The course in question is available on LinkedIn and it’s called “Confronting Racism.”

“In this course, Robin DiAngelo, the best-selling author of White Fragility, gives you the vocabulary and practices you need to start confronting racism and unconscious bias at the individual level and throughout your organization. There’s no magic recipe for building an inclusive workplace. It’s a process that needs to involve people of color, and that needs to go on for as long as your company’s in business. But with these tools at your disposal, you’ll be well on your way.”

Coca Cola Training Includes Robin DiAngello Lecture Urging Employees To "Try To Be Less White"

Click to see full-size image

Coca Cola Training Includes Robin DiAngello Lecture Urging Employees To "Try To Be Less White"

Click to see full-size image

Coca Cola Training Includes Robin DiAngello Lecture Urging Employees To "Try To Be Less White"

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The slides below are what is seen, and then Robin DiAngelo also narrates the entire story.

“I try to be a little less white. I’m really clear that I’m not going to be free of my conditioning and racism is not going to end in my lifetime. The question I ask myself is “How do I do a little less harm?” and “How do I know?” right? Am I, in any given moment, behaving in anti-racist ways? Not “I’m already done, I’m never racist.” Not “I’m a terrible person, I’m always racist.” In any given moment, how am I doing? And how do I know? And that keeps me humble, and it keeps me accountable.

So for me, to do less harm is no small thing. Because it could literally be one more hour on a person of color’s life, who didn’t have to take home my nonsense and agonize all night long whether it was worth it to talk to me, or they should just suck it up yet again, lest they risk my lashing out in defensiveness. So for me to be “less white” is to be less oppressive, racially. To be less arrogant, to be less certain, to be less defensive, to be less ignorant, quite frankly. To be more humble, to listen, to believe, to break with apathy, to break with white solidarity. It’s not easy, it’s a lifelong process. But nothing is more rewarding.”

In a news release published on February 20th, Coca-Cola stated that DiAngelo’s course “was not part of the company’s curriculum,” meaning it was not something Coca-Cola obliged its employees to view. Rather, the company said, its training involved use of LinkedIn Learning, and DiAngelo’s course was accessible there.

“The video and images attributed to a Coca-Cola training program are not part of the company’s learning curriculum.

Our Better Together global training is part of a learning plan to help build an inclusive workplace. It is comprised of a number of short vignettes, each a few minutes long. The training includes access to the LinkedIn Learning platform on a variety of topics, including on diversity, equity and inclusion. The video in question was accessible on the LinkedIn Learning platform but was not part of the company’s curriculum. We will continue to listen to our employees and refine our learning programs as appropriate.”

On the evening of February 21st, US media reported the following:

“Coca-Cola, facing mounting backlash from conservatives online, has responded to allegations of anti-white rhetoric after an internal whistleblower leaked screenshots of diversity training materials that encourages staff to “try to be less white.”

A Coca-Cola spokesperson confirmed that the course is “part of a learning plan to help build an inclusive workplace,” but also noted that “the video circulating on social media is from a publicly available LinkedIn Learning series and is not a focus of our company’s curriculum.”

The fact of the matter is that the tweets aren’t removed, despite containing the Coca Cola logo, as such it appears that users didn’t place it there themselves and there is no copyright infringement. They also appear to not be spreading fake news, as Twitter and other social media have no mercy against content such as that.


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Milk is racist.
Long live black coffee with brown sugar!
Down with white sugar and white cream!

Even cows piss is healthier to drink than Coca Cola…

Arch Bungle

Replace “white” with “Zionist” and they’d be bang on!

He who laughs last laughs best

Being less white?
I can’t stop thinking about Rucka Rucka Ali’s song “Because I’m white”.

Arch Bungle

comment image


Hip hop “gangsta” subculture is artificially created (so that youngsters of color (predominantly) perpetuate cult of of crime, drugs that as result keeps them illiterate, most of them stuck in prison, in poverty and with plenty of them ending up victims of their life style)

The guy from photo is from Napoleon Dynamite. Very good movie.

Harry Smith

Eff! I want to hate you but I can’t and you know why!
PS now I am thinking about this song too. ROFL.


This ‘presentation’ looks like work of a total b*llsh*t artist hustler/opportunist – flogging the ‘white privilege’ cult to overly eager/earnest corporate ‘sensitivity program’ departments staffed by millennials. It is evidently meaningless – devoid of any authentic intellectual content or authentic quantifiable statistics. Chomsky wrote ‘Manufacturing Consent’ about the US mainstream media agenda of 1990’s – someone should do an update ‘Manufacturing Victim-hood’ about US mainstream media agenda in the 2020’s.

johnny rotten

Let them self-destruct, it is the best gift they can give to the entire human race.

Dick Von Dast'Ard

I’m not choosey, either a Black or White Russian is perfect for relaxing with.

cechas vodobenikov

less pink?
now must paint shoe polish on face?
what color paint fingernails CIA trangender agents ?
rainbow gay

Ricky Miller

Casual Blackface Fridays.

Arch Bungle

I’m in!

Joao Alfaiate

Me too!

Steve Standley

I guarantee she’s being funded by billionaire little hats. In fact, Rothschild owns a large portion of Coke. If anyone wants to see what a privileged, constantly butt hurt, sour, bitchy, man-hating false-elitist dried-up vagina transporter looks like, google robin diangelo and look at images. Warning, it’s not pretty.

Ishyrion Av

To be less white is to be a sleeping idiot, coca cola says:
Let BLM to oppress you.
Submit to BLM.
Forget what you are.
Surrender to BLM.
Be ignorant like BLM.
Kneel to BLM.
Betray your family, traditions, faith and country.

And, actually, is not about BLM at all, since they are just a tool for Marxists who controls a mass of people without any judgment at all.
Is about new world order. They need to break the civilization in order to rule over a herd of animals.


Try be less Jewish ie: less Satanic


Try be less Zionist ie: less Satanic

Assad must stay

hahahahha america has truly gone down the shitter


America has been becoming less white and less Christian for a long time, it is just accelerating now. There is also a direct correlation between that and the degeneration of society at the same time.

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