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JULY 2022

Co-Founder Of Equipment Producer For Strategic Missile Forces Found Guilty Of Corruption, Left Russia

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Co-Founder Of Equipment Producer For Strategic Missile Forces Found Guilty Of Corruption, Left Russia

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On May 22nd, the Tverskoy Court in Moscow ruled on the arrest in absentia of Chingiz Agaronov, co-founder of the JSC R&D Company “Cascade.”

He is charged with giving bribes in large amounts to the leaders of the military acceptance committee controlling the installation work at the facilities of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces (RVSN).

Scientists and specialists from Cascade were reportedly involved in creating telecommunication and control systems for the Air Force, Air Defense Force, Strategic Missile Forces, and the Space Forces. They also carried out work on the most important facilities of state authorities – the Kremlin, the Moscow White House, the State Duma, FSB, Ministry of Internal Affairs, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and General Staff.

Agaronov has dual Russian and Israeli citizenship. The Cascade co-founder left Russia in 2016. The Moscow Central Investigation Department of the Investigative Committee in cooperation with the FSB are investigating the case.

According to SPARK, Agaronov is still in the board of directors of the Cascade and is co-owner of the company. Since July 2018, the board of directors has been headed by Stanislav Puginsky, head of practice at Egorov, Puginsky, Afanasyev and Co. At the same time, Agaronov was declared as wanted.

The Agaronov case was separated from the charges against Oleg Kochan, the former head of the 590th military mission of the Ministry of Defense and Dmitry Tyurin, the leading expert of the mission. They were sentenced for bribery back in 2016. An investigation was also conducted against Cascade’s accountant, Natalia Yevropeitseva.

The court found that Lieutenant-Colonel Tyurin served under a contract as deputy head of the 4185th military mission of the Defense Ministry between April 2008 and December 2009 and deputy head of the 2757th military mission of the Defense Ministry and the leading expert of the 590th military mission of the Defense Ministry starting from February 2010.

At the end of 2008, he was temporarily appointed acting head of the quality control and product acceptance team at the Kaskad Central Research and Production Association on Kochan’s order.

According to investigators, Tyurin, and through him Kochan, repeatedly received bribes from the accountant of Cascade “for committing actions included in the defendant’s official powers” to the benefit of the company. In the case of dozens of small payments worth more than 3 million rubles in total. In addition, Kochan received a bribe of 30 thousand rubles from the general director of another company, Promstroyproekt LLC, “for signing the contract for the supply of fiber-optic cable.”

Tyurin explained in his testimony that it was financial help in the form of small payments rather than bribes. Kochan said that material assistance was required due to lack of funds for the purchase of office equipment, furniture and renovation of premises.

According to even earlier reports, there was clearly something out of sorts with Cascade.

In 2008, an Compromat.ru article on the company looked at its past. In the mid-1990s, now exiled oligarch Mikhail Khodorkovsky reportedly took an interest in the company.

According to some reports, up to $2 million were allocated for the purchase of a controlling stake.

It was at this time that “Cascade” “recognized” its future chairman of the board of directors and owner, Chingiz Agaronov. With his appointment is when the Cascade’s “rise” began.

After the transfer of the Central Scientific Industrial Association into the hands of Agaronov, most of the employees were dismissed, or transferred to enterprises with similar specifics. The new owner began to rent the vacated space to various commercial organizations, and to carry out government orders to attract outside firms, often without the necessary licenses and permits.

And Agaronov was allowed to leave the country and never return, a person with intricate knowledge of the Russian Strategic Missile Forces and the defense systems of the Kremlin and other facilities.

News regarding the Agaronov case followed a series of other corruption-linked scandais in Russian state-linked companies.

Just recently, Investigative Committee chief Alexander Bastrykin said that billions of rubles were funneled out of Russia’s federal Roscosmos space agency over the past five years in corruption schemes. Around the same time, Yury Yaskin a senior Roscosmos official fled Russia in the midst of audits on his structural subdivision.


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Russia needs to be on guard and weed out the corrupt traitors, mostly Jews who are the 5th column inside Russia as the recent RAND template for destabilization outlines:

The US could use a variety of economic, military and ideological strategies to divide and destabilize Russia, according to a new report sponsored by the US Army.

The US and its allies could employ “nonviolent, cost-imposing options” to weaken Russia’s economy, military and government structures, the study by Rand Corporation examined.

The Rand report, titled “Overextending and Unbalancing Russia,” said the US should fund operations with the secondary aim of unsettling Russia and diverting it to less-threatening pursuits that deplete its budget.

“Such cost-imposing options could place new burdens on Russia — ideally heavier burdens than would be imposed on the United States for pursuing those options,” Rand said


An Israeli citizen, just like all the other traitors. “Any people persecuted for 2000 years must be doing something wrong”(Henry Kissinger)


The RAND report is openly talking about using Russian Jews as assets in destabilization. They travel to Russia and Zionist entity regularly and have penetrated most Russian sensitive organizations.

Promitheas Apollonious

right out of the jew horse mouth.


You mean horse face Nancy Kissinger :)

Promitheas Apollonious

who else? of course.

Promitheas Apollonious

p.s actually I mean HK but nancy will do just as well.


I know what you meant, but Nancy really has a horse face and uglier than a horse’s ass and towers over the little German midget Jew Kissinger. The ugliest Jew evil.


Promitheas Apollonious

they are ugly people aren’t they?


Dual citizenship has become a real curse. People only want more than one passport for convenience, it has no benefit to the state, or the peoples.


But it is a good tool in the hands of CIA, MI6 etc as they can bribe traitors in other countries with green cards and passports so that they can spy for them. The most common targets these days are Russian and Chinese, especially students in western universities. This tactic was used to bring down the USSR by giving Jews mass visas and then using them to destroy the USSR.

Jens Holm

The real curse has many other reasons. One is that several countries dont allow change of citicenship and can be punished for it.

Its not about citicenship only. Its about where You pay tax, where Your children goes to school, free or paid medical care, being protected by at least some Goverment, bacuse many dont and a lot more.

In many jobs in Denmark You get Your normal pension for all, but extra pension also are taken out by agreements to the ones, where You are employed. Those many maney can be many 100.000 dollars and should be easy to get and not be double taxed by the sontry You come from ar came to.

It has great benefit for the states and the people.

The real curse here are the many refugees and emmigrants having no citicenship or if they have, not even would be taken back by the Goverments, where they come from.

The real curse also is, that You tell we all are stupid only and You are not.

You dont mention why Russia use Jews at all.

Black Waters

Dual citizenship should be abolished.

Jens Holm

I see no problems in it, if its handled well. But there are other solutions.

We have relative few having double citicenship, but in the laws of Denmark emmigrants and peopleworking here for only some longer periods of their lives has the same rights as the rest and also after 3 years can vote in local matters. They cant be in our parlament as well as some parts of the public sector.

Double taxing is solved for them too. Before that it was seen people sometimes should be taxed 110-130%.

Let me remind You, that loyalty can be bought too and is.


I have to concur with others. Never mind even the nature of his second citizenship; if you allow a dual national into such a sensitive post, you are just asking for it. Not clear Russia deserves better if they roll like this.

Jens Holm

Its done all over the world and mainly with great succes. Things always are like that. EU has opened all borders for easy trade and civiles. It help our economies very much, but also make international crime grow, so we have to add extra employed for that extra crime as minus in the big plus.


It’s probably a waste of time to tell you what you know very well already, but: allowing dual nationals into the most sensitive positions of your defense sector is not done “all over the world”. It’s done by the US, and probably UK/FR/Ukraine as well, and only if that second nationality is the Motherland, since as we all know jews are a special case, very very precious, and otherwise above the law. As to how successful the policy is, ask people who know about how much western tech has been obtained by China exploiting this Achilles heel. Russia for some reason insists on copying this illness; the Russians have nobody to blame but themselves.

Jens Holm

Comments like that dont waste my time.

Jews are exact the same here in Denmark. They are danes and has beeen for centuries even some of them has Israelien citicenship.

I am sure they cant reach the top in the more secret parts. The same was/are for my sister being fanatic communist. She was a very good teacher but were limited form parts of the top.

You always will find Achilles heels as spies and illoyals even they have been at Your country forever.

If its about the militaries, we do test all and we dont need all – our military forces are small – And by that we take away the critical ones away, if they seemes potential violent or if we are in war with/against us. We has seen bad examples and has learned by that.

Let me remind You, we are very critical friends to jews and dont see them as any problem here at all. So out poyential enemies can me muslims from several countries as well as Russians.

We have had long time good relations to Jews and invited them into two “fretowns” for innovating the danish economy 3-400 years ago. After WW2 we got many from Balticum, which has done very well for us. They have been ministers as well as Leaders of the 3 largest newspapers.

When You dont like Jews one big problem for You might be Your taxsystems. You can not be rich here paying no tax named income tax. Income tax pay for childcare, free school, free education, hospitals, free medical care and pension for old ones as well as the ones, which for good reasons cant work.

By that jews are inckluded whatever they make a lot of money or none. Thats why I am sekular. We equalize and not by gender, religion or etnicity – But we also demand responsability and You include Yourself.

All can vote today if they have citicenship as danes even having double citicenship. They all can vote at the parlament election. People having no citicenship as ours after 3 years can vote for Counsils(thats schools, roads, where to build houses – anything very local).

All criminals can vote as well apart from the retarded and the barking mad(some skizzos and pyskopats). We also help people being in prison some. They are not lost for us. The reason is very simple. If they are criminel the rest of their lives, they will cost us millions, but if we help them and they instead becomes taxpayers, they are included and gives plus. Its simple economy as well. We invest in the miserables and make them normal.

And those are a kind of the same as double citicenship. Criminels and religios fanatics see the state as enemies and make their own parallel to ours. Unfortunatly that dont avoid all of them, but we lower them in numbers, and can handle the rest because they are not so many.

I soon will go voting to the EU parlament. Have a nice day.

Jens Holm

Most below are in closed circles as usual. At least You could shave Your bare bottom.

Well, we don hide who we are – and Nance as well, but we sometimes think muslims and hindus do, because its a secret how many ugly women You have.

We also wonder why You dont hide all the very ugly men. Maybee the Zionist has taken over the sunglass production as well :)

Jens Holm

And everybody here never mention Jews go to school, educate themselves, working hard in many hours in an effective way and are paid well because of that.

Thats why they are not like most of You, and not because they are jews.

If it wasnt for Sharia as weapon, You hardly could run Your wife.

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