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CNN Used Footage From Fallout 4 Video Game To Depict “Russian Hacking”

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CNN Used Footage From Fallout 4 Video Game To Depict "Russian Hacking"

A screenshot from CNN’s video about “Russian hacking”

In a video from December 30, 2016, CNN used footage from Fallout’s hacking mini-game to show how “Russians” hack the United States.

This fact has been first spotted by by Reddit user “Poofylicious”, who put together the explainer:

CNN Used Footage From Fallout 4 Video Game To Depict "Russian Hacking"

A pic made by Reddit user @Poofylicious to demostrate CNN’s failure

US President Barack Obama’s decision to implement additional sanctions against Russia over unproven allegations about Moscow’s hacking efforts during the US Presidential Election has been already widely criticized. However, this has not stopped CNN using footage of a Fallout 4 computer to contribute to Obama’s effort to complicate the expected warming-up between Moscow and Washington as soon as Donald Trump officially enters the office.

Meanwhile, users already noted that it will be pretty hard for the Russians to hack the United States using the computers in Fallout 4. Computers in the video game are not connected to the internet: in this alternative history, the United States never makes it that far into the future.

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They should just straight cut to doing 24/7 comedy. More people might watch. I almost laughed when I heard this.


Anything to force the narrative… No evidence? Make some up…

Kindof surprised they didn’t use footage from the movie “The Matrix” myself… As thats where these morons life: Alternate world… thats for sure….


Why aren’t we getting military updates? There are operations going on.

Jahangeer Niyazov

Funny, because CNN never claimed it was a video or image of a Russian hacking nor accept from a few similarities it appears same. Did the one making such claims think CNN went and recorded Russian hacking on their computers or somebody gave them to it? Utter nonsense probably by a Trump-Putin supporter.


Plot twist: The US just made this up as the latest accusation against Russia, but Russia was really trying to hack into the US security mainframe, and were stunned by this.

Nah, that would be too cool to be true.

Next week, we bring you the exclusive on how Russia is systematically taking over the world by placing chemicals that control the mind in women’s cotton panties.

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