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CNN Releases Interview With ‘Venezuelan Army Defectors’ Appealing To US For Weapons. There Is Problem With Their Uniform

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On January 29, CNN released a video about “Venezuelan army defectors” that appeal to US President Donald Trump to arm them to defend “freedom” in Venezuela.

“As Venezuelan soldiers, we are making a request to the US to support us, in logistical terms, with communication, with weapons, so we can realize Venezuelan freedom,” one of the alleged defectors, Guillen Martinez, told CNN.

Another one, Hidalgo Azuaje, added: “We’re not saying that we need only US support, but also Brazil, Colombia, Peru, all brother countries, that are against this dictatorship.”

The ‘appeal’ came as the US is increasing pressure on the legitimate Venezuelan government in an attempt to change the political regime in the country. White House National Security Adviser John Bolton was even spotted with a mysterious note about the deployment of 5,000 US troops to Colombia, the US ally which borders Venezuela.

In this light, the military uprising or at least a partial defection will become a useful tool to overthrow the Maduro government and to push forward with the regime change agenda.

However, there is something strange with the defectors shown by CNN.

CNN Releases Interview With 'Venezuelan Army Defectors' Appealing To US For Weapons. There Is Problem With Their Uniform

Click to see the full-size image

CNN Releases Interview With 'Venezuelan Army Defectors' Appealing To US For Weapons. There Is Problem With Their Uniform

Click to see the full-size image

All defectors have ‘FAN’ badges on their uniform. FAN – Fuerza Armada Nacionales. This is an old-pattern, which has been abandoned in the Venezuelan military.

Now, Venezuela’s service members have another badge – FANB, which means Fuerza Armada Nacional Bolivariana. This fact be easily confirmed if somebody looks at photos and videos appearing online.

It seems that “Venezuelan army defectors” lost some parts of their uniform while they were defecting. In fact the answer is clear they are “former soldiers”, who live “outside the country”.

This was admitted even by CNN in a text comment below  the video. Despite this, the entire interview represents the situation like these guys just defected from Venezuela’s army and are now calling on the US to support.

CNN Releases Interview With 'Venezuelan Army Defectors' Appealing To US For Weapons. There Is Problem With Their Uniform

Click to see the full-size image

The modern badges:

CNN Releases Interview With 'Venezuelan Army Defectors' Appealing To US For Weapons. There Is Problem With Their Uniform

Click to see the full-size image

CNN Releases Interview With 'Venezuelan Army Defectors' Appealing To US For Weapons. There Is Problem With Their Uniform

Click to see the full-size image

CNN Releases Interview With 'Venezuelan Army Defectors' Appealing To US For Weapons. There Is Problem With Their Uniform


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Gregory Casey

How Interesting!! I watched these fellas being interviewed last night on TV and thought there was something “off” about them ……… they certainly did not have either the look or appearance of Soldiers having fled across the Border and abandoning their Country ……….. too clean-cut!!


The name of the army was changed way back in 2008, this video explains that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynecyIJVF9A&frags=pl%2Cwn


Fake news,any excuse to start a genocidal war,just to Get their greedy zionist hands on Venezuelan OIL

Tommy Jensen

The escaped Fidel and found their freedom on Blueberry Hill. Like the exil-Cubans in Florida they want their casinos, their hookers and their home country back. You just cant make money on honest and decent business in socialist and moslém countries.


Castro was a genius, when America started taking Cuban refugees, Castro emptied Cuban prisons, and sent them to America.

Murray Smith

Now everybody’s doing it.


Biscayne Blvd….Biscayne Blvd., get-ting-a-date-there-will-not-be-hard!

Pave Way IV

Hah! The casinos were never owned by Cubans. The Khazar Mafia owned them. The largest and most expensive was (((Lansky’s))) Riviera. Trouble was that none of the millions made by the casinos went to poverty-stricken Cubans or the local economy, aside from a few hundred minimum wage waitress and maid jobs. The Havana cash cow fed the Khazar Mafia back in the U.S., and nobody else. Well, there were those weekly bags of shekels to that bastard Batista.

Castro originally wanted a socialist government in Cuba friendly with the U.S. and had nothing against casinos or tourists. It was the unmitigated greed of the Khazar Mafia and their corrupt puppet Batista that drove Castro to become a hard-core Marxist-Leninist Communist and resort to armed rebellion.

There’s a good lesson for Venezuela here: the eventual ‘cure’ for a U.S.-backed regime is always worse than the disease. Guaido and the Popular Will Party will have a short shelf-life. When you throw them out in a few years, you will end up with someone far worse. Uncle Sam’s Curse – don’t be the next victim.

Brother Ma



This is the standard MO of the USA, they do it to every country they want to pillage. Saddam Hussein went from being on speaking terms with Donald Rumsfeld, when he was killing Iranians for America, to being the Devils lover(South Park) when he tried to sell oil for Euros. American propaganda is all encompassing.


These traitors, stupid idiots making themselves vessels of America.

You can call me Al

They are.


Maybe traitors, but I’m sure they are being paid well, so not so stupid.


WTF – you always a stupid asshole? Nobody likes you, do they?

Luke Hemmming

I do.


think i may give him a tick also… just for the hell of it.


Well it is true Southfront comment section is dominated by jerks. They scream like petulant little children about the US, but in fact their character is 1,000 times worse, stupid ignorant tyrants full of hate and short of basic comprehension. Sigh.


They are idiots because they want to destablize own great country and slaughter their nation by evils.

Zaphod Braden



Rob, the goddamn people of Venezuela are starving. When do you think it’s time to rebel, when their children are dead?

Snake Plissken

maybe if all the sanctions are lifted the people can finally eat

Michael Dwyer

no they are not starving, unless you’re watching pro war CNN and Fox. Look at Abby Martins reporting from the ground. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GHc7yegaCmc


Michael Dwyer Love Abby Martin. But this video IS nearly 2 years old, so it does NOT represent what is happening NOW in Venezuela.


They are not starving, but they are being oppressed by the USA. The US prevents countries from buying food, then blames the victim for not having food. America is a true cu*t of a nation, I pray it burns in hell.

Chris Sedlmair

If it were the poor who are starving, why the rich are those who rebel and the poor are those who are defending their president?

roger temple

Exactly. And another point: if Maduro is such a dictator how come all venezuelan mainstream news is against him, except Telesur. Dictators don’t allow free press, obviously. Ergo Maduro is not a dictator…………

Luke Hemmming

Good point. These uniforms are just another piece of evidence that confirms this is just a orchestrated coup with the US taking lead. What a farce. Seems the UK has some part in it too. Time for the US to give up this absolutely ridiculous attempt at regime change.


and policing the world. If the Venezuelan people don’t like what’s going on, it’s on them…w/o outside interference! Oh, but forgot, the globalist interest take precedence over all countries…there’s all that oil.


The UK wants a cut of the oil. The UK also trained the terrorists for the Myanmar destabilization project. There is a large oilfield in the Bay of Bengal, which China planned to develop, but of course all global oil belongs to the FUKUS nations, or so they think.

roger temple

I’m trying to discover when FAN was changed to FANB /Fuerza Armada Nacionale/ Fuerza Armada Nacionale Bolivariana. The younger of these guys is not older than 25, so the date of the change will give a good idea about whether he’s a real defector or just a punk dressed up to look like one.


According to this document (https://gordoninstitute.fiu.edu/policy-innovation/military-culture-series/brian-fonseca-john-polga-hecimovich-and-harold-trinkunas-2016-venezuelan-military-culture.pdf) the change was made in 2008 (see mid way down page 9) where it says: “In addition, the 2008 Ley Orgánica de la Fuerza Armada Bolivariana, (Organic Law of the Bolivarian Armed Forces, LOFANB) changed the formal title of the military from the National Armed Forces (FAN) to the “Bolivarian” National Armed Forces (FANB), directly implying the defense of a specific political project—that of Bolivarianism— rather than the nation as a whole” . . .do you know when these guys are supposed to have defected? Finding this out would be good, because if their defection is supposed to have happened in the last year or so, then why are they wearing uniforms with “FAN” when it was changed to “FANB’ ten years ago?


the link I tried to post doesn’t seem to work. I’ll try again with a shorter link: https://bit.ly/2RuYHrs


AndyW Darn..the link doesn’t work but thank you. Your above comment is very informative/interesting!!


Go to you tube and there is a video on the channel of: ‘One Ten Thousandth’ or you can search for the video, it is called : ‘CNN Fake News: Recent Venezuelan Army Defectors, Wearing PRE 2008 UNIFORMS?!’ the document I linked to is given in that video and in the info below that video.


Here is the link to the video, but not sure if links work here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ynecyIJVF9A&frags=pl%2Cwn

roger temple

We’ll no doubt find out that the news a venezuelan air-force general – one Francisco Yanez – has joined the guaido camp is also fake. The clip was first streamed by the venezuelan news-paper El Nacional (violently pro Guaido) from a clip published on Twitter – not the defecting general’s twitter, but another guy, Sebastian something or other, who is also a violent Maduro hater. Check it out. This is all becoming sickening…………..

roger temple

Don’t know why we bother to investigate: if Cnn says it, its false. period.

roger temple

If we assume that the younger guy is 25 now he would have been 15 when the name of the venezuelan forces changed. A little bit young to have been a defector, nor would his uniform of then have fitted him now as well as it does. Both look like models for Balenciaga. Big stink of horseshit.


It’s amazing anyone trust us anymore! We flipped both Khadaffi, Manuel Noreiga and Saddam…not cool.


it was.. the bourse of course.


A fake news (propaganda) organization spreading fake news as expected. Some of my acquaintances, that claim ‘liberal’ leanings, often quote this rag as their source. Brain washing is effective if one is parked in front of the propaganda machine (MSM) tv.


Well spotted. I can’t say I’m surprised. This is the exact same script as happened under Ronald Reagan with the Nicaraguan Contras. Which is no surprise since the guy who ran that operation has now been put in charge of regime change in Venezuela.


Back in the day though, the US Regime Change Handbook did not cater for sharp eyed people from around the globe, sharing information and ideas as we do here for example :)


I remember pictures of Two separate evil dictators offices being published with us troops supposedly raiding it. With photographer already sitting in the back corner for a good shot of course. Being the same office complete with porn and coke on the desk being called out


The people who plan fakery such as you describe are lazy at best and stupid at worst. However they are able to fool the lazy and stupid in society.


No doubt there. Pointing out that people did realize and call it out back when we only had 3 channels and print


Here we go again – the script doesn’t change much – this is first steps of US regime change strategy for creating another ‘FSA’ model proxy force. Find a bunch of easily bought and power hungry ex-pats, add in regional malcontents from range of countries, give them money, training and weapons and send them into the targeted country to create chaos and violence – all the while claiming they represent the population. The US strategic objective failed last time with FSA proxy force in Syria – but the Pentagon CIA strategists aren’t all that imaginative, their default setting is behavioral repeat.

Promitheas Apollonious

unless their target is to destroy what exist and build on the ruins and destruction they create. in that case they are doing better than average and none seem to be able stop them in their tracks as none of the ones who has the power is willing to do so. Even if is certain that they are the main target.


reconstruction isn’t in the plan. Just corporate control of resources through either a puppet in control or fracturing into easily controled fighting faction areas


lol deceit lies deceit lies…. the downward spiral continues

Peter Moy

I wonder if these bought and paid for, brainwashed, former military personnel (or wannabes) will become the South American version of “moderate rebels.” We all know how that sick, mentally deranged, despicable scenario plays out in other parts of the world. Poor dupes. Lesson: Diabolical, evil sc*mbags always prey on the ignorant, naive, gullible and weak.

Promitheas Apollonious

r they really weak? Thugs and scum, who do what they do for money, are not in my book weak just defective dna.


Standard terrorist “revolution”, a couple of random assholes asking asking a US president to send them weapons. Seems legit.

You can call me Al

2 Latinos in California hired a uniform, gets paid $1,000 to spew out US BS.


Yes and the fact that the two wannabe Generals had no idea about current uniform insignia , is just another clue to them being paid ‘actors’, in both senses of the word.

You can call me Al

+ they both look like faggots. Probably hired in California.


I agree. They have an effeminate demeanor and the looks of snowflake.

Jim Bim

They need some more Hollywood training….maybe from the director who trained the White Helmets.

Rodney Loder

I think the plot is weakening before beginning to move, unlike the Brazilian Ecuadorian and Argentina right wing success stories which came at a high cost and within the political and legal systems such as they are, but Venezuela is a bridge too far, I think that’s because the Pontiff is the donkey and Trump is the Lion.

Come home with me Prophet from Venezuela and have something to eat, said Bolton. But I can’t do that the Lord told me not to, no worries I’m a Prophet too said Bolton. After the Venezuelan Prophet had filled his face Prophet Bolton, said l lied about the Angel there is no Angele and the Lord said you got to die and not be buried at home. The Venezuelan Prophet thanked Bolton for the feed and set out on a donkey we all know who that is (it’s the Pontiff) but the stupid lion attacked and killed him accidentally (wasn’t even hungry) the lion and the donkey teame up and guard the body.

Dead man walking.

Tony B.

Interviewed by CNN. How can it possibly be anything but propaganda, no matter what they wore? Does anyone remember the last time CNN told the truth about anything?


fake news by CNN?i dont believe it…..


There is a jew hiding behind a palm frond somewhere watching his work.


So we got the Free Venezuelan Army. All we need now are White Helmets and for a few 1000s ISIL headchoppers to “spontaneously self organize” in the jungle – armed with tanks and Toyotas – and we’ll have ourselves a full scale Syria size shittshow…


The funniest part is no matter where they are they use acronyms in english

R PLobo

Does anyone actually watch cnn?…clearly not because they cannot even bother to put together a con that makes any sense at all.

Taz T

Fake News. Where is Trum to tell CNN they are spreading fake news. I guess it suits him to keep quite.


“Maduro Explains How Russia Protects Venezuela From US Imperialists”

Maduro said his country receives military equipment from Russia on a regular basis,………………………. “President Vladimir Putin has always provided us with Russia’s assistance in every way, and we welcome it with gratitude.



They’re all probably on the CIA payroll trotted out to do an infomercial.


central casting is cheaper

Alberto Garza

i hope this commie bastards burn in hell.


Well! Which is it?


Hiding in plain sight again


The war on democracy continues.


Timothy E Hook

Those f-ING sociopaths think were stupid.

Zaphod Braden

Venezuela should hire HIENRICH Mueller to investigate Foreign collusion and manipulation of their elections ……. maybe HEINRICH could finally find something.



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