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CNN Sas Tump Endangering Reporters’ Livers for Not Denouncing‘CNN Sucks’ Chant

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CNN Sas Tump Endangering Reporters' Livers for Not Denouncing‘CNN Sucks’ Chant

Originally appeared at InfoWars

Donald Trump is endangering the lives of reporters by not denouncing his crowd for chanting “CNN sucks.”

From NewsBusters:

Tuesday morning’s CNN New Day ended the first hour of the show criticizing Donald Trump for attacking the media, which isn’t unusual but then the conversation quickly turned into what some may call an overreaction.

CNN began by playing a clip of a Donald Trump rally yesterday where the crowd began chanting, “CNN sucks” repeatedly. The CNN panel didn’t like that one bit and blamed Trump for not telling the crowd to quit it. Hosts Chris Cuomo and Alisyn Camerota, along with guests Brian Stelter and Bill Carter suggested that Trump was endangering reporters’ lives, painting a nightmare scenario of Trump supporters violently attacking reporters. “I’m telling you, something is going to happen. Something is going to happen,” Cuomo solemnly warned.

After playing the short video clip, Cuomo, Camerota, Carter and Stelter wonder aloud what sinister outcome could arise from this display. Cuomo began by calling it “very high on the list of irresponsible things the guy has done,” blasting Trump for not thinking “about the implications to anybody other than himself.” Cuomo whined, “Have you ever heard of anybody in politics, let alone a presidential nominee, doing anything like this to the fourth estate?

Stelter agreed this was “much, much worse than what we’ve seen in the past,” while Bill Carter added that there was “a mob mentality now at stake.” “These people are yelling and shouting and threatening reporters in a way I’ve never seen,” he stated.

Alisyn Camerota remarked that at rallies crowd members would “yell at” reporters and make “vulgar gestures at them.”

“[A]nd Trump encourages it,” Stelter began to say. “He needs to help bring the temperature down. Instead, he keeps raising the temperature by lying to them,” he added.

Something’s going to happen?

Funny you’re now so worried, as you didn’t give a sh*t about warnings “something’s going to happen” with the Black Lives Matter movement which you pushed based on total lies. Your lying propaganda led to five cops being murdered in Dallas and dozens of others being shot around the country.

CNN Sas Tump Endangering Reporters' Livers for Not Denouncing‘CNN Sucks’ Chant

How much responsibility are you taking for that “something” which has since unleashed an epidemic of black on white crime?

When you blame yourselves for the murders of all these innocent people by killed Black Lives Matter supporters, maybe we’ll start worrying about someone doing “something” back to you.

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South Front you are being set up!

Somebody injected racist disinformation in this article abut CNN – Trump conflict that consist of completely unrelated racist attack against BLM. BLM have no relation with CNN – Trump disputes and statistics in the injected content are completely fictitious. For example according to diagram presented murder rate ob blacks in US in 2013 is abut 54,5 people per million, or extrapolated to abut 40 million American black citizens that gives crime rate off abut 2180 murders of blacks in US. Hoverer actual murder number of black citizens for 2013 in US was 6261 people, or almost triple the number diagram implies. Also FBI does not run statistic on ethnicity of murder perpetrator, that is also often unknown if murder case is not resowed, which is often the case.

Source: https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2013/crime-in-the-u.s.-2013/offenses-known-to-law-enforcement/expanded-homicide/expanded_homicide_data_table_1_murder_victims_by_race_and_sex_2013.xls

So either you got hacked by someone malicious attempting to slender you as racists by injecting racist content, or some of you contributors are injecting racist content in their articles in attempt to slander you, and your editors are not doing their job to filter those things out.

Take immediate actions to defend yourself!


ZoA Don’t slander southfront without evidence. You linked the wrong graph.

Source: https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2013/crime-in-the-u.s.-2013/offenses-known-to-law-enforcement/expanded-homicide/expanded_homicide_data_table_6_murder_race_and_sex_of_vicitm_by_race_and_sex_of_offender_2013.xls

Also there is nothing racist written here so I don’t know where you got that from. Nothing but facts from the fbi. Don’t be a child and do some real research. Nothing about the content is fictitious.


LogicalThinker has already provided you the right link: https://ucr.fbi.gov/crime-in-the-u.s/2013/crime-in-the-u.s.-2013/offenses-known-to-law-enforcement/expanded-homicide/expanded_homicide_data_table_6_murder_race_and_sex_of_vicitm_by_race_and_sex_of_offender_2013.xls that could be found in the article.
We reposted the article because it includes content interesting for our readers.


This data is incomplete, selected to present racist argument. If in 2013 6261black individuals were murdered then 2,491cases is less then 40% of murders committed, and 3005 cases of white individuals murdered represents less then 46% of white individuals murdered. How is it ti decided what murders are accounted or not in this statistic?

Furthermore race of offender is determinated by police and prosecutor who decide whom to charge for the crime, and you are implying that they are doing their job honestly and impartially.

Furthermore you are implying that BLM is having an issue with white individuals killing members of black minority. This is not correct. They are having an issue with law enforcement extra judicial killings of black individuals, regardless of the race of police officer. For 2013 this was 775 cases. As US police force constitutes only abut 1,1 million individuals that constitutes murder rate of around 700 per million members of police, or more then an order of magnitude higher then any on that dubious diagram in the article.


Disproportional number of people murdered by police are members of ethic minorities. Furthermore situation is getting drastically worse by the year:

2014: 1112 police extrajudicial murder

2015: 1208 police extrajudicial murder

So if 12253 murders were committed in 2013 at population of 310 million (abut 40 murders per million) probability any random police officer committed murder is abut 10 to 20 times higher than is probability any other random individual committed a murder, including black individual. Police that constitutes abut 0,33% of US population is now responsible for commuting abut 10% of extra-judicial killings in US.

Next if murder rate blamed on black individuals is to be take seriously (abut 60 murderers per million black citizens) this is only abut 50% higher then national average per citizen which is perfectly what is to be expected given lower income levels and higher unemployment rates among black citizens generating higher crime rate, as well as proven record of US judiciary to more aggressively prosecute minorities for whatever crimes then they prosecute white majority.

Furthermore police killings cannot be justified by self defense argument as police duty in US is very safe profession. In 2013 only 31 were shot, 5 run over, 2 stabbed and 1 bombed, for a total of 39 murdered in line of duty. At the same time they killed 775 people. That year 124 police officers died in line of duty, so violence against them account less then 32% of police deaths. In that year there was abut 40 murders per million citizens for general US population, while US police suffered only 35 murder per million employs. In another words they are safer then average US citizen is, while a the same time they commit murder at abut 15 to 20 time the rate of average US citizen.



You do understand blm is a soros funded group of agitators right? If you’re interest is truly in trying to protect southfront from slanderous accusations, as a reader and supporter, I thank you but you may be overreacting a bit.


As any popular mass movement group in US group they are subject to COINTEPRO infiltration. Scumbags as Soros using his money to co-opt them and control them is part of that effort. If you watch any BLM gathering you can immediately recognize bunch of government agent provocateurs by them being especially noisy and obnoxious. However fact that BLM is heavily infiltrated by NGOs and government does not change they have legitimate concern abut insane scale of violence and extra-judicial murder practiced by US law enforcement agencies.

As a mater of fact if they are targeted so aggressively for infiltration and co-option proves they were perceived as serious treat by government and oligarchy. That alone earns them some consideration and respect.

Jacek Wolski

So Police lives don’t matter? “Police duty in the US is very safe profession” How would you know? Have you been a cop yourself? Police are shot, run over, stabbed and bombed! How is that safe?! Try choosing a profession as an artist painting a canvas with a brush, now that is a safe job. Maybe you should go to Juarez, Mexico, get a reality check, see what ‘living’ is all about.


I see you are a bit slow so I’ll hep you out. Here are relevant sentences:

” In 2013 only 31 were shot, 5 run over, 2 stabbed and 1 bombed, for a total of 39 murdered in line of duty… In that year there was abut 40 murders per million citizens for general US population, while US police suffered only 35 murder per million employs [because US employs abut 1,1 million people in law enforcement]. In another words they are safer then average US citizen is…”

You see basic math goes like this


So if we measure murders per million and police gets murdered about 35 times per million and civilians get murdered 40 times per million that means civilian get murdered more often for same sample size. From that follows it is safer to be in police then to be civilian.

If you still have trouble grasping those concepts I advise you to ask assistance of your special ed teacher. He might help you better then me.

Jacek Wolski

Thanks for the offer, but I do not adhere to your school of thought. And even if I did need help, you’d be the last person I would seek guidance from. So you can throw all the numbers and statistics that you can get hold of, still won’t sway me one bit. All the best with your special Ed teacher.


I appreciate your effort. I have no problem with the BLM movement as a whole. Except for the acronym itself, BLM. I only see Bureau Land Management! Which kind of fits in with your post as Farming is also a far more dangerous profession the law enforcement!
In short it does not take much thought to see the police state is heavy handed. That the murder of US citizens is rampant. I would have no difficulties believing that this currently would effect various portions of the population unevenly. That being said I would also think that the behavior will continue and grow. As it does it will reach out to other portions of the population. Those less likely to be able to defend themselves will always be a popular target for tyrants. Any form of organized resistance would surely be seen as a threat and would require they be reigned in. If the group can be controlled it no longer poses a threat but to the contrary it can now be used as a weapon. I would not be surprised to see a BLM protest being held (targeted) to counter various political figures and or parties soon. That is if it has not already occurred . If so one would then have to wonder if the acronym should be DBLM?


Blacks are disasters


I just want to reiterate once more content of this article could be used in the future attack and discredit you. As it is in nature different then most of the content you produce I thought someone might have planted it to discredit you by painting you right wing and/or racists.

Anyhow It is unwise for you to publish this kind of content, it is misleading and generates unneeded racial tensions. Benefits no one except those that want to discredit you. And I’m telling you this as someone that wants best for you and supports your work in any other way. No malice on my side.


I think we should kill the marxists in the schools and media

DOX them

Then go after their families


How dare “Tump” endanger the “livers” of reporters! Or so “sas” CNN!


I never watch CNN or any MSM for that matter, the independent side of the internet is able to offer a wealth of current affairs unrivalled by any MSM outlet.

However, and in response to this article.

Politicians have a responsibility — True, however CNN plus pretty much the entire MSM fails to respond when this responsibility is neglected/ ignored in the way of political oaths.

May I suggest — https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q4AKkF97fcE

Journalist have a responsibility as well, to accurately report events and without bias, and to dare ask to hard questions when the occaision demands it.

Good journalism should not be based on building corporate careers, but that appears to be the bread and butter for the regulars working for the MSM.

Quite a number of CNN reporters have been prevented from doing a proper job, I wonder why many stay on when real investigative journalist are in high demand.

Remember Amber Lyon, and a whole lot of other journalist that were fed up with the mouthpiece for the NeoCon run Deep-State, then there’s New’s Corpse another brand pushing similar views.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UBOdbkqVGAY

Will Jones

The same false-Jew/Caesaropapist/pedophile homosexual satanic faction which crucified The Christ and ran “the Wall Street of slavery” at Rome for over 2,000 years now runs Organized Crime-controlled Big Media on behalf of our Beast Fifth Column’s JFK-assassinating, 9/11-committing, illegal immigration-promoting Vatican banker/FedScam Rothschild/Rockefeller(Bush-Clinton) ruling false-elite Our Founders identified.

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