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CNN Reporter Sniffs Backpack To Prove Chemical Weapons Use In Douma

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CNN footage with a bizzare scene of sniffing backpack to prove the April 7 Douma chemical attack has triggered jitters in the social media serving as another example of “objective coverage” of the Syrian conflict by the mainstream media.

On April 15, the CNN released a video showed their reporter Arwa Damon’s visit to alleged victims of the Douma chemical weapons attack.

…and Damon sniffed their belongings to prove the chemical weapons use:

“The smell is still quite strong, maybe these were the things they weren’t able to wash”.

The situation has risen a question, why the woman decided to inbreathe possibly “dangerous substances.” Besides, later the reporter pointed that the chemical agent had been odorless and could not be detected by smelling objects.

It remains unclear, why the journalist had apparently no concerns about inhaling substances used in a chemical weapons attack.

Damon finished her report stressing, that the air strikes launched on Syria were not enough and that more intervention had been necessary.

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american= ridicoulus of humanity! CNN channel democrat party = monkey of israel and multinationals!!

Richard M

No need to be rude and insulting…………………….to monkeys! :D


He better sniffs the cunt of his crackho wife to find out if that was used by someone else




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She better sniffs the dick of her crackho husband to find out if it has been in someone else…



John Whitehot


Richard M

Still has wife though!

leon mc pilibin

Lying Zionist lunatics. Who breeds these satanic scumbags?

Christian Gains

Lying Zionist LOONIESS DO!

leon mc pilibin

in what laboratory?

Christian Gains

The “LAB” of 45 years of BROAD research…

There’s a SIGNIFICANT difference between a “JEW” & a “ZIONIST”, {tho the line is OFTEN obscured by Media, & / or, ignorance};…

Research for yourself Leon, one group is based upon a Spiritual FAITH, the other TOTALLY Ideological, & thus Political…AND Also!

There’s the foundation reality of Scripture; Yeru-Salem IS EXTREMELY SIGNIFICANT to this matter, as are the 7+- “Covenants” that God made with the Children of Abraham, & his sons: Yitshaq, Ya’aqob, & Yasra’el…

“Zionists” motives are EXTREMELY QUESTIONABLE, at best…( “What Lab? — The “Laboratory of History”, beginning in the LATE 1800’s, & developing into this present day)…

It’s NOT a pleasant History Class Leon, BUT, IF you’ve an open mind, TRUTHFULLY seeking FOR TRUTH, you’ll find that I’m correct…

HOPE this helps!


I find it curious that nobody in MSM is asking “where are the White Helmets” now that Douma is liberated? They were there up until the last moments before it’s liberation.

Seriously, how long can they pretend that WH didn’t go Edlib and Afrin in Jihadis’ buses? If they were innocent, they would stay wouldn’t they? Unless they’re afraid of the Douma residents which know them by names and faces of course.


They’d say white helmet disagree with assad and they’ll be subject into torture or assassination. But hell their works is at crap level nowadays. But who knows ? They’re dosed with cracks, pot, and Hollywood shit so their intelligence too could’ve been at crap level.


Yes everybody knows that no chemical weapons attack took place. Now the question is how the Syrian nation should retaliate to animals Trump, May and Macron. The Syrian nation has the capability to nuke Washington, London and France?

Tracy Ferguson

They can’t retaliate because then the US will start WWIII. It is very frustrating. I am a US citizen and I think we deserve whatever we get and we may start getting it soon. More nations are sick of us.


BTW, there are no US citizens if you are not living in DC, they are called American nationals and American nationals are not US Citizens.


Trump/May/Macron attacked Syrian nation to protect their terrorist Israel in Palestine.

Tracy Ferguson

Look at what Israel does every day all day long to the Palestinians and it all is ignored but a false flag chemical attack gets a hundred bombs dumped on Syria. It is a joke that the US can act justified at all.


Syria should beware of the wickeds Saudis, US and UK.


There is a problem Garga, the Jihadis‘ buses are no Jihadis‘ buses in the MSM. I have seen countless reports, articles and so on (glad that it is not possible to get dumber by reading it), they always say that these civilians and some poor freedom fighters are forcibly displaced from their beloved homes, like an organized genocide or that they were able to flee the terror bombing on their own, even these agreements were flipped around to discredit the syrian side.

It is disgusting. These are really bad types of human beeing…

… the german media f.e. follows their anglosaxian transatlantic friends right on spot, just a little less crying for war. Our new minister for foreign affairs, or statedepartment what you want to call it wants now the EU to take more responsibility in the syrian peace process, maybe together with Assad, like Assad can sit at the table and discuss in which way he wants to sped down…if it wouldn‘t be so sad, you might laugh about it all day…

Tracy Ferguson

Yes they talk about the bombings in Douma but Syria is trying to take Douma back from terrorists. When the US or one of the US allies kills People they say it is acceptable collateral damage but if Syria kills anyone then Syria is evil. I can’t stand main stream media. I shouldn’t have watched even the little bit that I did.


Syria have East Douma liberted and back. A fact.

Frank Behrens

Oh please…(that with the bullshit strong in this or that one might be true) The white helmets are constantly accused of beeing affiliated with the rebels/jihadists/terrorists (which, to a certain degree they are I believe…you have to have, at least, some cooperation with the armed forces (those in charge) at hand…just like the red cross/david star/crescent have to be(also with the governm. side)..and for sure you have some (family) ties (you share the same rather small area and situation). And yeah, there may also be some “switching” from armed to civil . So, it is highly probable that all white helmets (would they even be allowed in gov. controlled areas? THAT I highly doubt too) would be rounded up and questioned (an beeing questioned by the gov. forces in Syria…I wouldn`t count on a firm but nice and short interrogation).

And about the “sniffling”: well, if just chlorine was used , it is totally save to sniff at those clothes/bags ..and you would still smell the typical odour of chlorine (try a good chlorined swimming -pool or swimming hall).


Fascinating that you apparently believe in what you wrote. Tell me, are these pictures, videos and testimonies enough to warrant a healthy doubt White Helmets’ real identity? To ask maybe they’re not such an innocent little “civilian” helpers they pretend to be?

Investigation: White Helmets Committing Acts Of Terror Across Syria

White Helmets Fully Exposed as Hollywoods Favorite Terrorists – Over 200 Revealing Facebook Images in 5 Massive Files

Have you ever asked yourself, why the people which they pretend to save, have such a shitty luck that they need to be rescued multiple times by different White Helmets on different days and occasions? Why are they applying “make up” to the “victims? Take a look, don’t be shy:

Syrian girl misteriously “saved” again and again (PHOTO, VIDEO)

And finally, if I apply bleach to my cloths, is it enough evidence for a chemical attack? My guess is you have NEVER seen a chemical attack victim. Well, I have.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Ian56 has just reposted it now with 400 photos in 22 files.


Would you please post the link separately with a short description on what’s the link for?

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

It’s the on the same link page Ian56 had his account get caught up in the algorithm and had it restored so he added more he was so happy about dealing with the BS.

Frank Behrens

Concerning evidence: well, depends totally on the chemicals which were used (quantity, quality and such things like wind ..in WW 1 it often happened that the own soldiers were hit due to changing winds !). There is e.g. a HUGE difference between Chlorine and Sarin. And I fail to see what this has to do with the White Helmets (which might be very different from loal group to local group) are strongly affiliated with the military arm of the rebels or not. It is , at present , a claim , for sure.

But who could be a believable institution to investigate that ? OPCW ? bah, we all know that would they find out that chemicals were indeed used…either they would be blamed to be pawns of the west /zio-jews etc. or (since they are not allowed to blame someone) that he rebels did it in order to win the support of the west/zio-jews. Very foreseeable ..there is NO way YOU would ever belief that some pro-gov. forces (and I am pretty sure without consent or even knowledge of the russians) did that .


You didn’t check the links I posted, did you? ;) My man! It’s more than a “claim”. The White Helmets relation to all this is that they are the mouth piece that started to spread this falsehood, they are one and the same with Jihadi terrorists. In any case, thinking critically and asking “who benefits” is a great start to see things more clearly.

As I said, it’s apparent that you’ve NEVER saw a chemical weapons victims in your life, please don’t talk with such conviction about something you haven’t the faintest idea about, and for now it’s 2 things:1- Chemical weapons and 2- My belief.

FYI, for my generation the chemical weapons was a reality of life, something we had to live with. You can’t even begin to imagine what it does to humans. If you sew the real effects of a real chemical weapon, you’d understand how pathetic is the “Assad’s CW” show.


He is not going to check any links now or in the future…it does not fit his agenda. If he did, do you think that he would admit he was wrong? No. The proof of British and US collusion with the WH and the Oscar Ziowood bestowed upon them is enough evidence that their is a rat loose somewhere and it stinks. He doesn’t have to believe the tripe he spews, he just has to earn a living, however pitiful.

Frank Behrens

zack…already answered , now, let´s see who is checking and reading?

And oh c`mon…the ol`and tired Ziowood (you know, that sounds germanic…Zio beeing the war god of the old Germans and which was venerated in woods :)).

Face it: you are a very small minority who believes in bullshit like that …yeah, I know, you believe that you are thus a small special (elite) group way above the herd with special knowledge and THE TRuth …but the asylums are full of those !


neener, neener, neener. This makes as much sense as you do.

Frank Behrens

soooo much (adult) contant..so full of arguments (reasonable ones)…

man, nee nee nee neee nneeeeeee neeeeee…are we now really that far down? Back to Kindergarten then ! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7x-Pt5N3r1w

Frank Behrens

Well, these links which gave rise to such claims about the white helmets are very well known…as I wrote elsewhere , they are for the mist part russian, iranian gov. affiliated and or alt-right/wing nuts sides with the usual suspects (often playing the conspirarcy clowns for financial reasons ..otherwise I guess they would have to work in a REAL job with REAL work…but for far less money…google e.g. about Alex Jones).

And I can use seach machines myself (asthonishing that YOU didn`t searched for that…quite easy…well I guess you KNOW about those debunkings very well, but rather choose to ignore them since it doesn`t suits).





Well, I gave you photo and video evidence, you give me talks, and old talks at that. 2 years old opinion article which naturally does not address the 6 months old picture and video evidences in the links I posted.

I gave you the benefit of the doubt but I guess there’s no need for that, is it? Qui bono… Do tibi?

I mistook you for someone else, my bad. Have a nice day.

Frank Behrens

well, since they (Assad and Allies) tried to discredit the white helmets , those accusation can be as new as they want to be…for the most part they are just the same old accussation repeated again and again. You really want me to go over EVERY point raised in those 3 links you gave? Sorry., whatever you think I am , I am not a one-man-organization with endless amount of time (or nerves)…thus I gave you links which debunked most of those accussation and made clear who brought them up and why. Why do you choose to believe acknowledged conspirary.theorists ? Your first link e.g. is written by a woman which is closely affiliated with clowns lke A. Jones etc. and sides, which, strange enough, NEVER criticize Russia and it´s allies (strange? well, not really…so much for that Qui bono).

Yeah, I am oten mistaken here a, so no problem with that and a nice day to you too.


Are you hung up on names? The names can easily change, like Al-Qaida Syria changing into Jebhat-AlNusrah and Hey’at Tahrir Sham. Changing faces is more difficult, specially for low-level jihadis who aren’t that important to preserve. So I cannot care less if they’re named Mr. Whiskers and Monsieur dirty Beard IF there are photo and video evidence of the same White Helmet member participating in beheadings and executions.

Those pictures and videos come from the materials jihadis and White Helmets publish, as generally no outside journalist lived to tell the tale after meeting the Jihadis face to face.

As I said before, [unfortunately] I’m familiar with the effects of chemical weapons on people. That’s why I loose instantly any trust to the people who claim “Sarin” is used and handle the victim and scene with tissue masks and bare hands, let alone if I ever see a picture of those guys doing horrible things to people.

To add insult to injury, the same governments and countries that today are loudest and most vocal about chemical attacks (with no victim body or the victims who recover from the deadliest military poisons in the history, according to themselves) are the same governments and countries who gave or sold the chemical weapons that used on us and ignored their use and even accused us of using them. No sane human being with such history will trust them.

You are absolutely free to choose whatever narrative you want, just do not expect the people with some knowledge about the subject accept everything closed-eyed.

ikh ken nisht ignorirn vos ikh visn.

Frank Behrens

Sure , I choose to believe things ..after I made some researches and checks (as far as possible , which isn`t often not an easy thing ). My honest advice would be for everyone to do exactly that. So I listen to the one side as to the other and try to check their claims. And concerning the white helmets: yes, as I already said I am sure that there are some connections between members of the White helmets with armed rebels /jihadists. They have relatives (e.g. brothers and cousins ) and friends who are members of the armed insurgents just as red crescent /cross members on the gov. side have friends and relatives serving in the army/police and secret police …who commite war crimes/abuses…at least some of them)…and thus have symphatize with the various groups.

If you had checked the links (both of em) …there ARE NO (or only very few dubious cases) where white helmet members are clearly to be also armed members of a jihadist group (else show ten out of those 100 named ).

And again: have you check the background of those who made these accussations? (so much for the Cui Bono). Check Eva Bartlett…she openly states that she is in support of the syrian gov . and Assad…you really think she is neutral ? Do you really want me to believe such creatures?

But that aside: the point is…were chemicals used? And yes, by itself, I would say the claims of the white helmets are not enough but sufficant enough to be taken into account and thus should be investigated by the OPWC .

So my personal question to you: would you trust the OPCW ?


I checked the links, yes, and find them insufficient to addressing the problems I see. Are they enough for you? The good for you that you can be easily satisfied.

You made your mind and decided because the author backs the Syrian government, she’s automatically discredited. I’m not like that. Despite all major news outlets and the White Helmets and governments involved in Syrian crisis backing the Jihadis, what discredits them for me is their actions.

Qui bono for the chemical attacks, are you going to continue pretending you didn’t get that? Nothing in this world happens unless someone somewhere benefits from it. Finding that someone is one of the best ways to find out why things happen, and chemical attack claims are no exception.

Aww, I thought you’d understand Yiddish. My mistake, again!

Frank Behrens

Uhm, isn´t that your arguments AGAINST the White Helmets? Too close to the opposition? And now we have a western author who openly admits she backs the regime. Sorry, double-standards. And in fact I doesn`t dismiss her (their) claims right from the start (also I am suspicious about them right from the start , given.)..That´s why I checked her claims and “facts”. And I found easily outright lies ..as e.g. that the white helmets vowed not to take money or funds/supplies from outsiders …which they never said (one can check this easily). Like other organizations (red cross/crescent) they even ask about that ! And she is still using photos to show that the w.h. stage scenes /fake chemical attacks which are from the film “Revolution Man” …how can someone be THAT stupid use them (that is tooooo easily detectable) ?

And exactly what actions are you refering about? Give us an example or two and we will check them , ok?

But you still haven´t answered to my questionn(and as I have allowed, the White Helmet claims are just claims right now):

would you trust the OPCW ?

Ps: oh that`s Jiddish? :)…ok…no, I don`t “understand” that per se…but since Yiddish is based on medieval german dialects, I mistook it for a bad translated german :)..as you can see, a german-speaker can grasp the meaning (you need to tune in and listen/read with attention…but then you can understand Yiddish)


Don’t twist my words please. I said I don’t care about their names and said sympathizing with one side does not automatically discredit them for me and by that I mean sympathizing just by words or declarations.

So the White Helmets can declare they “feel” for terror groups as much as they want, as long as it’s just that: Words.

BUT. It’s their actions which created my mistrust in them. I explained which actions in my previous posts.

My understanding is that you’re not claiming the White Helmets are innocent and are suspicious of them yourself, but have a beef with the ones who expose part of their deeds because the writer says she backs the Syrian government? Correct me if I’m wrong.

In that case, my personal opinion is that President Assad is not an angle either, but I think if I’m to choose between him and his opposition which comprise of various Jihadi groups, I’d side with Assad every single day of the week. But since I’m not Syrian, I prefer to let the Syrians decide. The last time in 2014 they chose him and the international observers and UN panel concluded it was a fair election. Granted, it was amidst of a war waged on Syria and there were more than 2.5 millions of Syrian refugees at the time and about 10 countries did not allow voting on their soils but even if all of those voted against Assad, it still wouldn’t change the outcome.

I hope in their next election all Syrians can vote and naturally I will accept whomever they elect (though it’s not really up to me personally).

Regarding OPCW, I have my fair share of suspicion and mistrust to them. According to NYT (that’s a source which has no love for Syrian government, otherwise there are numerous other sources which put the number of attacks times-folded, both by ISIS and other Jihadi groups), ISIS used CW more than 52 times. Where’s their outcry? When Saddam Hussain used chemical weapons against Iran (more than 500 times), OPCW flatly rejected all Iran’s pleads to send investigators and when finally sent them for the first time after 7 years of chemical attacks, they sent the team 40 days after the last date in which Iran officially asked them to. They talk about Iraqi Kurd victims of Saddam’s CW, but conveniently forget Iranians.

I see UN’s silence for the things Saudis do to Yemeni civilians and Israeli sniping grown men, women, children and the disabled indiscriminately. So, excuse me for not trusting in whatever they say but if they say there was no chemical attack, that’s a plus for them in my mind. In addition to that, my experience tells me the footage of chemical weapon victims in Syria is nothing but lies and deception. Do you know what Sarin does? Search for it but no amount of search can tell you what really happens, until you see the dead heap of blood, vomit, excrement, sweat, tears, drool, piss and all kinds of other secrecations with it’s awful odour which was a human being 2 hours ago. It can be absorbed and kills by even touching a piece of cloth which was exposed to it some hours ago, let alone inhaling it.

Now we have a reporter which sniffs a back-pack and tells me that there was definitely a chemical attack. Chlorine, huh, but she didn’t know that, did she? Like it’s odour remains after a week and it’s victims can talk after exposure. Nothing but wheeze and gargling comes out of them. Perhaps it was more amusing if the back-pack was really exposed to Sarin.

Anyway, I talk too much. Nobody’s perfect. Since you can “grasp” it, there you go: Keyner zet nit zayn eygenem hoyker. That goes for the both of us.

Frank Behrens

No intention to twist words (I leave that to others)., honestly (if I have done, I am sorry). But I fail to see that the White Helmets commited crimes or side with one of the insurgent groups or constatntly lie as a hole organization (aside from singular cases from single members …for which they even said sorry and even baned members. Well, EVERY organization do have their black sheeps) as was claimed.

Innocent? Well, who is totaly innocent (see above)? Yes, and could be plausible that they try to stage events (thus you check their claims) . There isn`t black and white, but a lot of greys .

And there is a easy solution if you think neither side is an “angle”: you side with no one. If at all , I side with the un-armed civil protesters…which are still there , terrorized by both the gov. and the jihadists, but are now seldome heard. ).

And who had symphaty with the IS (in the West or elsewhere)? If we are absolute honest, there was next to no prove that ISIS used chemicals …cause they of cause never allowed direct controls by international orgs. And after all, the ISIS was targeted by western nation too (and thus indirectly even helped the Assad regime )…outcries enough about the deeds (all of them…and they did enough) of the IS were made . Do you think the IS cares much about such outcries (and whatever matter)? , evil weapons

And regarding Saddam Hussein and is notorious use of chemical weapons: that is and WAS well known (in the west…I remember well the reports in our medias back then)…but I also remember the denials by the right-winged nuts back then, who said that this was staged by the Ayatollahs (yeah, see,how times are changing?) with the help of the west (or the zionists of cause…)..back then, Saddam was their (secular-fascist) idol and the iranians the made-jihadists. Saddam is a fine example why you shouldn`t support the Belzeebub to battle the devil. (which some western states did so often…see Afghanistan).

Call me a smartass, but Saddam was using mustard gas against the Iran https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sulfur_mustard…which s different to sarin (but of cause a nasty, ruthless weapon banned nonetheless). So, you might have seen victims of mustard instead of Sarin (but that is of cause of no consequences…both are vile and evil …and I am pretty sure victims don`t care which one of those were used on them).

But if you on`t trust the UN or OPCW, then the hole thing is in vain ..then you trust literally know one. But you are wrong that the UN said nothing concerning Saudia Arabia and it´s deeds in Yemen. :



Well, I am really astonished that you are fluent , so it seems, in yiddish ;) (you don`t fear that you are mistake as an zio.jewish agent ? ;))

Frank Behrens

Oh , and , since I am at it…have YOU checked some of those white helmets named in that link ?


use facebook and check…quiet easy. And have you checked the sources from those pictures who seem not to be from facebook? Where can one find them? I couldn`t find the links for them…mayhaps you can help?


Moron, come back into the reality. You are dealing with rebel-scum who are being paid killing civilians for the sake and love of killing.

Frank Behrens

sure, since you showed such adult manners and asked so nicely…totally convincing.


Sorry for the way I reacted. No offence meant. Of course I do understand you have your opinion and I have to respect it.

Frank Behrens

fine, that ´s nice :)

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Stupid Arwa Damon smelled acrid smoke only and made no mention of chlorine, let her try and get the smell of smoke out of the clothing it’s not easy.


But do you realize when you watching a thing like what she was doing that the CIA News Network is convinced the American people are all stupids. so, there is “no problem” demonstrating in this way how the day after a gas attack looks like. You just sniff and decide there is still some of the chemical attack hanging in this backpack.

The morons of MSM


‘the bullshit is strong with this one’ …. exactly what she smelled.


You can smell my @ss too,you”ll definitely find something that “sting(k)s” !

Smith Ricky




Christian Gains





funny how rewarded and retarded sound alike… One would have to be tetarded to believe this crap… well hellllllo America.

Miguel Redondo

So , an american juornalist is in a wartorn zone , scarce water supply , scarce supply of everything and rubbish everywhere over seven years and she wonders about a strong smell in the clothing of the inhabitants? Laughable…..


Just why western mentality has deteriorated to such an extent is beyond comprehension from the very top to the bottom rung like this reporter.

Really kindergarten level mentality on international politics


The only things that keep them doing this because their pride have been hurt badly. Other than being begged by Israel.


I don’t think “begging” is the correct word.


LOL, I saw the reportage some days ago. There actually is some smell but it comes from some @sses borning!


Some channels of information should be disregarded in the whole as narcissistic. Their using any means to get the focus on themselves. Being stupid and serving lies is just another method of staying in center of focus. After planting hundreds of seeds, you can’t expect all of them to grow up, some must die off so that the good one can have the space……Regards to some western media.


WOW… All this huge deal made over weapons inspectors, and all the world needs is CNN and Arwa Damon. A one woman chemical weapons identification team. Her career is going to be legendary. WOW once again. What would the going “finders fee” be for her sniffing out my lost TV remote?.. or or, could you sniff this banana pudding and tell us if they put yellow food coloring #6 in it?


What a complete and utter moron she is. The US Libtards never fail to show their complete ignorance in all that they say and do.


Unfortunately this is the level of competence in the audience that the MSM attracts. This comes from years of believing that our (corrupt) healthcare system works, that the FDA (rubber stamp) protects us, the EPA (corporate whores) watches out for poisons, the (Zionist) US military is honorable and (neocons) holding a bible and flag is proof of ones patriotism.


The Prison of Redemption was shown today on AlMasdar News. It resembled the underground dungeons of the Middle Ages. It was the Jaysh Islam main prison in Douma where NATO soldiers were aiding the terrorists. Never have I been so ashamed to be British.


I know exactly how you feel. My country is the main facilitator in all this, which stems from a traitorous attack on our own to kick off this world-wide fraud. I would like to think that US citizens, had they known the consequences of closing our eyes to the massive proof that it was all BS, would not have stood for it. Unfortunately, even today there are way too many that still believe the scenario. That alone is very demoralizing.

Toni Liu

Shit, I need to put crazy amount parfume at my gym bag before someone sniff it and told nato to blast me cause how stink my bag


One time, in band camp we dug tunnels so the ants wouldn’t die from chemical weapons… You can’t make this stuff up.. er I guess you can. that story is so hokey, it has to have a whole team of writers, one person couldn’t be that goofy by them-self.


She better be glad that the backpack had no chemical weapon residue. It would have been embarrassing had she dropped on the ground and gone into spasms. Dirty socks in a backpack chemical warfare does not make.

George King

I think that her expertise should be challenged and she should be given the test of 3 oders with of course one of the three actually contains dangerous substances to qualify to make her a qualified expertise reporter. CNN should be made to pay for and televise live to prove credibility, why not?

If not the story should be retracted publicly and the reporter banned from any licensed news organization.

Taz T

If there was chemical she would not be standing. The fool think others are like her!


Nothing like the smell of BS


Watch CNN for the best BS everyday ! In every 10 news ‘stories’ you might find one thats true….then again…you might not !


The U.S…..the Laughing Stock of the World….


SNIFF THIS SHIT…..Way Better Bitch https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/20ba713c7652f31022f33422e75e1c0720c003fdb4ae90bfacd5a0623dc3c3d3.jpg

Java Ape Timelord

CNN employs dogs. Arwa Damon is doing what dogs do best, sniff.

northerntruthseeker .

THIS has got to be the most laughable and stupid thing that Jew (C) NN has ever done…

Honestly ,are there people gullible and stupid enough to think that a “reporter” can sniff out “chemical weapons” better than reliable and trained inspectors and chemical weapons experts?

Yes, America, you are truly fucked if you are stupid enough to fall for this one!

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