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CNN Pushes ‘Russian Meddling’ Version In Its Coverage Of Minneapolis Riots

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Finally, CNN found whom to blame for the recent spike of violence in the United States. It’s the ‘Russian trace’ that, according to CNN, should be checked in the case of Minneapolis riots.

Meanwhile, on the streets:

CNN Pushes 'Russian Meddling' Version In Its Coverage Of Minneapolis Riots

Click to see the full-size image

CNN Pushes 'Russian Meddling' Version In Its Coverage Of Minneapolis Riots

Click to see the full-size image

CNN Pushes 'Russian Meddling' Version In Its Coverage Of Minneapolis Riots

Click to see the full-size image

CNN Pushes 'Russian Meddling' Version In Its Coverage Of Minneapolis Riots

Click to see the full-size image


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Pave Way IV

I’m so disappointed with rioters. Should have burned their Atlanta HQ when you had the chance…


Jens Holm

You wil never change not being able to make succes Yourself. So You are happy when people makes fiascos in stead.


-Thanks Jens for Another detailed ANALYSIS pregnant with depth

Jens Holm


If You ever need some first class ticling You behind, I will send You a friend of mine named Rubber Duck. Its a clone from Conwoy.

Jens Holm

The same from here. You comment a picture which are very cut at a CNN HQ and dont understand the police has learned and by that has as low profile as possible, because they might be lynched or shot at.

Thats tunnelvison from a deep deep dark vertical tunnel normal usefull for taking up water…

Harry Smith

BMWA1. Analysis pregnant with depth! ROFL! You made my morning!


very strong Police presence

Jens Holm

You probatly can read the weaterrapport by that picture too.


I’m disapointed with the police for using rubber bullets


Man, when you have to agree with the lowest common denominator (Trump).. Happening quite a lot these days really. If he could somehow avoid starting that war he seems to want with China, he may even turn out to be a goodun’!

Jens Holm

Itsan exelent example for most conflicts. The come and escalate, if You do nothing for ubiting people.

Its the same for Syria and many other countries.

Here a Sanderscould make a positive change but theyprobatly will get a Biden or Trump.


I do enjoy seeing the US in flames, and its all self inflicted.

It’s karma for all the shit stirring the US is doing worldwide. Burn America, Burn.

Ray Douglas

Just wait till the rioters get their hands on AK15’s. Wow!!!!


They will need some ATGM’s, Manpads and a few suicide bombers to breach the police and national guard lines. :) Lots of IED’s as well.

The US population would then have a taste of what their governments have been doing to nations with national resources for decades.

Ray Douglas

They can’t take on the police and national guards but they can engage in urban guerrilla warfare. Also, lets hope they have plenty of relatives in the military. This would be an absolute nightmare for the government.

Ivan Freely

Actually, the people can take on the police and NG. They need to be smart about it.

Peter Moy

Just the number of pistols, rifles and shotguns in the possession of people in the US is enough to scare any government. It doesn’t matter if they’re legal or illegal, they can maim and kill just the same. Add to the number of guns the number of maniacs with violent criminal records who have lived in free government housing (prison), and you have a ticking civil time bomb that we are seeing now. When people lose everything and have nothing else to lose, THEY LOSE IT!


The many decades of ‘me first’ propaganda in the US and West that is deliberately crafted to create nations of narcissistic and egomaniacal people who invariably are angry that they are not as wealthy as ‘they deserve to be, has been made even worse by ‘identity politics’ and gender issues.

‘Freedom’ in the West has been exposed as another Western lie during this Flu virus that has been dressed up as a great threat to ‘humanity’. It is not, and 90% of the dead were over 65 and essentially being kept alive for a little longer at great cost with drugs anyway.

The Neo-Liberal mantra has forced politicians to sacrifice economies for rge sake of the ‘nearly dead’.

The US, or should I say, the Zionist’s, have used emotions to control nations for far too long, The results are now showing as America burns. The Pandoras Box of all the selfish emotions will be impossible to close without draconian measures and even then, recent history in the Middle East is proof that fear has largely been ignored for many reasons. Good and bad.

A few car bombs would certainly put fear into the hearts of the US Police and National Guard and we know that such actions are impossible to thwart. :)

Harry Smith

AK15? Maybe AR15 or AK47? BTW, those who poses this kind of guns are on the police side, I think.

Ivan Freely

No. Plenty of civilians with AR15. You’d be surprised that some civilians are better armed than the police and military.

Harry Smith

I am not surprised. I do think that civilians with guns are on the police side.

Astrid Watanabe

Neo-NAZIs taking over a legitimate protest.

Astrid Watanabe

Those are Neo-Nazi white crazies, not locals. sorry i don’t have a link. I saw videos last night when I was half asleep and did not take notes. It should not be too hard to follow up. The locals tried to stop it but were overwhelmed. I saw videos. This confusion will keep going and the official “News” will not clear it up. It is really scary.

Jens Holm

US has too many things where people pay, what they wish istead of, whats needed. The police is one of them.

It also is shamefull, that so much of the police Leadership is elected by the citicens and by that in a very low rank of professionalisme. When US citicens dont trust their Governess, they are the reasons themselves by that.

The police should be more neutral and driven by more advanced laws not matter who are political elected by and for them.

I see the same lack of reforms for very much of the public health system as well as FEMA.

Things are driven by private plunderes and people get the same lack of service and treatment for doublled price being plundered. They are outside public control apart from as cheep as possible seemes to be, whats preferred.

The Kapitalisme Idea also is to get better products to the price and better decidings for, what actually needed.

We dont see much of that. We have had a few cases now and then here in Denmark too. But statistics made by USA clearly say they do those fatal mistakes 10 times more in % the we do. Not all mistakes can be eliminated, but strangulation like that is well descriebed and can only be used in seconds to keep very violent people down. Its the same for the many shootings. re people learned defendig themselves is John Wayne direct from the menthal hospital.

Furthermore it seemes to hit balck people much more often and white policemen too often remain and not even are moved ti deskjobs only.

Bill Wilson

Americans only elect county sheriffs and constables. City police chiefs are are selected by the mayors who need the city council to approve them before being sworn in. The vast majority of Americans support their local police. Those that complain about the cops are the low lifes and criminal element who think that the laws don’t apply to them. There’s nothing wrong with our health system other than being expensive in places. Most people’s health problems are caused by their own poor lifestyle choices. FEMA has nothing to do with our health care system. FEMA stands for Federal Emergency Management Assistance where they assist local and state governments in developing plans for handling various natural and manmade disasters so the local governments can deal with those on their own. If they need additional assistance then they tell their governors what’s needed who then provides it on the state level before asking FEMA for it. Unfortunately too many local and state governments fail to follow FEMA’s recommendations so aren’t prepared when disaster strikes. They freaked out when FEMA refused to supply them with the PPE and ventilators and told them those were still available from suppliers. FEMA also told them to utilize the available beds and ventilators thru out their states to reduce overcrowding at their big city hospitals. .

Jens Holm

I just tell You, what I fx see as needed to be changed a lot and upgraded.

If people say, they wont pay, they cant expect to get the correct service. And Your police so many places of US are lowlife only random ecucated ones. They behave like that.

Telling its people own fault mainly is not true, if the loosergroups are that big in weight too. The repsonsible ones are the ones, which dont make United States by not even trying to unite people getting them the same opportunities.

Eudacation is an investment, whcih pays off by raising the standard living for all incl. many more becomes good taxpayers and therefore as a minimum support themselves.

The same goes for health. If the healthcare system i lowered as I see it – and even plundered by Your kind as stockholders in helath as well as insurence, You are the taxing people in a “go as You please”.

Healthy people also are less minus then people having seeral decieses as well as other things tempt them – where You semes unfamiliar with their crimes and here included druguse and alcohol.

When Your systems cost twice as much as in fx Denmark and we even are much better in many things, You dont relate to facts. Its a if You prefare robbery because its private entreprice, because You have a constitution several 100 yars old to be followed as it was law by muslims and christians.

So I tell You again: Who ever calculate on stupid expensive old systems find You make minusses which can be solved in USA versions, beacuse many comparable countries do it. Much like You insist in being no learners.

Your way You organize Your employment and the tax and pension is same thing. We cant have 3 jobs here because we dont split up jobs as well as dont hire and fire hardly with no security. We did that in the old days. But those too fast changes makes a lot of waste in small instructions and educations as well as its a terible bureaucrasy for working people, the emplyers as well as RIS.

Here is another thing: You all work in minus by credit score. Is that a good thing. The results for so many things are people too often cant pay their bills as well as too many in trust use credits fx for buying a car and therefore makes big trouble for others too.

So You need less jobs for each. Many ransom and short time jobs are made by companies, which by that has no planning and brain to be companies at all. Its too short time. Companies dont devellopted by ransom mixted short time hired help. That includes cleaning svimming pools and pazzamaking.

And FEMA. I do FEma well. The have been in word news again and again for not doing their job. Before the Corina Your Goverment even cut in their tiny health care expertice.

So You have vertical to decide where You have that expertice and pay for it. It probatly doesnt matter much where. The problem is, when all levels down to small town and villages save taxpayers money and have no system to rely on, when things gets wrong.

Even Old Catrina is still not cleaned up and has restored. So You have to decide to have it – or improvice by colationgold beercans or churchdonations. There has to be a reserve and that includes expertice as well as expertice.

And it becomes worse. We all has climate changes and You even now use much more water in evaporation from pigfood to lawn. You also get more hurriacanes, so You have to make vital changes or You destroy Yourself.

Thats what I see now. Some very vital good machine named USA looks more and more like going back to low eduacated somboys using muels.

Your production cant follow fx China and also not Europe. You are doing well because You take in Mexicans and has taking in those many low paid to low paid jobs. So where is the innovating USA??

Well that is saved away by a more and more lausy education and healtcare system. Even farmers of the worst kind do understand, that if they dont feed the cow well, they will get no derryproducts.

Tempting to look at Venezuela is that. They have slaughtered the cows to save money and they for a while got very good meat for free. Parts of it was even stolen frim USA, Spain and China.

I take it last time. You should have a good FEMA or none but demand the states to have a needed reserve. The President part should only be by needed loans – Or You let the State have all and move the whole cirkus to, where things happens.

Right now I eeven see people cant get food even they have money. Whats wrong with that – A LOT.

I once was a Boy Scout which in Denmark has knifes as tools and use them well. The Motto was and are:


We also promised to listen to others and find our own oppinions by that.

As I read a lot from USA inclusing You Darwin is wrong. I he was right, You were born with no ears.


Yeah, da ruskies, ah….. coming from an nation where the intellegence? agencys and unofficial spokes things incl the MSM, even managed to find out, and this stil makes me laugh, that if you had pinaples on your piza, was an certain prof of been infuensed by Putin, yeah, and then, this, the thing is, we sould just laugh and enjoy the freak show called America poliTicks, and their ability to come up with nonsense is beyond imagination and even that isnt an exageration, they are simply exseptional bonkers, and the only thing that lacks, is something on the Chines, but the shitheads leading the dump Minneapolis managed to put the entire show…. sorry, the protesting on white supremacys, hehe, yeah, I am in awe.


Peter Moy

This is another example of why the US media is an agenda driven, extremely biased, pathetic, ignorant, superficial freak show. It is mainly directed at a population that is downright dumb, naive, gullible, easily manipulated and incapable of critical thought or forming their own opinion on any type of issue. Just in time for the upcoming presidential election in November. Next big fabrication will be Russia, China, Iran, Venezuela or Iran arming the “moderate rioters” with weapons of mass destruction like nuclear grenades and weaponized bottles of urine.


Seems to me the George Floyd murder is a FF., looked to me those cops knew they were being filmed.

The perfect rational to move from the corona lock down to an ’emergency’ and martial law. With martial law, elections are not necessary.

Trap Is Not Gay

Say what

AM Hants

General Flynn, declassified papers and people losing jobs, for agreeing illegal FISAs. Coincidence or am I being cynical?


What the white media calls “russian bots ” was just black people who weren’t listening to anything that came from white media and we’re destroying main stream media narrative.

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