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CNN New Year’s Eve Broadcast Co-Host ‘Beheads’ Donald Trump

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CNN New Year's Eve Broadcast Co-Host 'Beheads' Donald Trump

Kathy Griffin

Co-host of the annual New Year’s Eve broadcast on CNN, Kathy Griffin, posed with the severed head of President Donald Trump in a bloody photo shoot for artist and photographer Tyler Shields this week.

On the photo obtained by TMZ, the comedian looks directly into the camera while hoisting up Trump’s severed head, which is covered in dark red blood.

According to the outlet, Griffin joked during the photo shoot that she and Shields would need to flee the US after the pictures came out.

The US Secret Service said it would look into what Griffin called an expression of art. Republican and Democrat politicians also criticized the photo.

Following the cold response from the public, Griffin “begged” for forgiveness and said she had “crossed a line”.

However, the incident once again revealed the real face of the mainstream media.

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Her career is over…


Probably not. Americans can be quite forgiving. Those who agree with her will probably forgive her and those who disagree with her hated her already.

Gary Sellars

If she had done that to troll previous Prez Obogo, you can bet she would be either in jail, or being chased across country by SJW lunatics.


Verging on treason .


If CNN didn’t even like it, then its over. ^.^


The liberal establishment will stand behind her. Give them guns vs. our guns and you will have another Civil War. That’s how dangerous it can become in my country. There will be blood up to your knees if this ever occurs.


Let someone publicly rape Killary in her mouth, and we will call it “expression of sexual freedom”?!?!?!?!


I would strongly advise against that, as anything that resembles as violence against women will get the feminazis, PC outrage brigades, liberal douches, white knights and conservatives after you baying for your blood.

Whereas anything that resembles as violence against men, well, nobody really cares.

Gary Sellars

Good lord, who would be so… lacking self respect… to put their appendange into that filthy old harridan?


Maybe that old sax player musician, Bill?
He obviously likes to share his “pride” in various mouths… The White House’s Oral office?!?!

John Whitehot

I’m out of this.

Gary Sellars

“I am sorry. I went too far. I was wrong.”

Tell that to your ISIS “handler”… I’m sure he will understand, and then you can tell him how amusing the whole situation is…

paolo duchateau

Typical “democratic”; killary’s way… With the muslim brotherhood on the inside at top level.

Sergey kesic

I’m not a fan of Trump but c’mon lady…


Maybe she saved his life, since the fake killing exorcises the real one

paolo duchateau

Difficult to follow a right and clear foreign policy with such threats. A fuc…. mess. Trump is quite trapped and moreover this showman doesn’t know geography. So for the geopolitics…

Kristy Rain

*sigh* What’s really sad is, I’m not at all surprised. The left and their psychotic tantrum is beyond retarded.

It’s almost like this is a ‘resumé’ for people in ‘The Industry’ to get noticed by the people who have the big budget connections in The Industry.

This will allow for people in the ‘Where allow really they now’ category or other dark , neglected corner of the shelf get a second chance.

It’s become the way the left in USA salute and make clear who and what they are loyal to. It’s the new ‘sieg heil!’ of what has become the neo-nazis of 21st century.

Gone are the days of red suspenders , steel toe boots, shaved heads, and swastika tattoos on one’s face/body.

It has now been replaced with being overweight, blue or pink or ‘mermaid’ or other crazy colored hair, hipster attire.

Instead of hanging out at beer halls, it’s now coffee shops, femmynist / communist rallies and Soros sponsored protests.

It’s not going away. I thought it would but it’s getting worse :(


Yup. So far Trump haven’t done jack shit, other than continue the policy’s of Obamalama the Child-slayer, and all tho we can debate if that is good anuf I leave it to the wankees them self.
The only people dumber than the Norwegians and Nordics in general, utterly brainwashed idiots.
Educated to be Idiot savants, and consume like they have no tomorrow and terrified by/of everything, expect when they are slaughtering people over There.

Again, this childish hate propaganda, even when Trump is spit-liking the Israel scums, even when He made an new record regarding the wankees ability to, butt cheek spreading infront of the Wahabi masters, the Jooos think its not anuf and continues to feed us with rotten souls making fun of this, head chopping, yeah, tell that to the familys of children the Heroes of the Jooos are doing in Syria/Iraq, but then again, we are dealing with scums of this earth, scums like this creep.
Of course She is an Joooo, how do you think else She and scums like her gets way with everything, black professors screams about wiping white people of the planet and do you think the MSM will ever print that, open racism. What happens If I say the same, about another race.
They will never print this, when Joooos MP writes about wiping out Europeans; Palestinians and white people nobody cares, because they are Joooos, in Norway, everything, incl rising social well fare, is exclusively blamed upon their own people and the rat packs swarming our land isnt mentioned what so ever in this so called Gov. official documents, what so ever, rape and robbery gone to the roof, and this as in Sweden isnt even reported and will not show up in whatever statistical material you will see, thats because it never gets that far, just ask the Sweds, they have own codes for that, and like the well fare office in Norway, you as an Norse may starve to death, elderly does, but the MSM dont give an rats ass about their own people, but if you write anything, anything ever remotely connected to critics, the thought police in Norway will hunt you down, and now even our “rightwinged” gov. some idiots still believe that they are right-winged, when they are run by Joooos, the pack of Hags from Hell.

No, why dont some gangs of Africans immigrants gang rape ( aka multicultural enriched) her and show Her how fantastic (its just sex. right Jooo) an gang rape is, right Jooooos, you like that, thats why its legalized in the Nordic country’s, rape her to show her how damaged you becomes when you are gang raped, she deserve that, period, and do you think this Joooish bitch would do that about Obamalama, huh, an “black” person.
Or an Gay, nope.

Boycott that bitch to oblivion.
She is an disgrace for humanity, got her split seconds in the lime light, and I haven’t heard about this creep at all, and now she got PR, huh, all PR is good PR. right Joooo.


Suyanto Ng

Send her several tomahawk because she had crossed many, many red lines.


This is merely a low level media hack – ‘comedian’ Kathy Griffin – crudely illustrating the exact sentiment that the mainstream media have been articulating since last November. That sentiment is the premature removal, via a de-legitimizing smear campaign intended to generate impeachment terms, of Donald Trump as the POTUS. That Griffin – a renowned media attention desperado – went all in, and literally depicted the decapitation of the Trump Presidency hardly occurred in a broader media vacuum.

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