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JUNE 2021

CNN Is Lobbying YouTube To Ban INFOWARS

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It looks CNN is now pushing an idea to ban InfoWar’s channel on YouTube.

News network flags Infowars videos about Parkland shooting in bid to get channel terminated (source):

CNN is now directly lobbying for YouTube to terminate Infowars from its platform entirely, with the news network brazenly admitting as much in an article published today.

The piece, entitled, How the Florida school shooting conspiracies sprouted and spread, notes how an Infowars video questioning whether Parkland school shooting survivor and now anti-gun activist David Hogg was being coached on what to say during interviews was removed by YouTube.

CNN then relates how it “identified three similar YouTube videos from InfoWars” which were brought to YouTube’s attention for potential removal. A YouTube spokesperson responded that those videos were also now under review.

CNN then openly acknowledges that the goal behind this lobbying effort is to have the Infowars YouTube channel permanently terminated.

YouTube’s community guidelines say if an account receives more than three strikes in three months, the account will be terminated. A source with knowledge of InfoWars’ account says all YouTube accounts, including InfoWars’, are subject to the community guidelines.

The source goes on to tell CNN that InfoWars’ YouTube account did receive a “strike” for the video that was removed on Wednesday.

The community guidelines say if the account receives one more strike in a three-month period, the account will not be able to post new content for two weeks. If the account receives two more strikes in three months, the account will be terminated.

In other words, CNN, a news organization, is now actively lobbying for a third party hosting platform to censor and shut down another news organization simply for offering a different perspective.

CNN subsequently devoted an entire article to the lobbying effort entitled InfoWars is two strikes away from being banned from YouTube.

This is the culmination of almost a year of media-driven moral panic concerning YouTube.


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Brad Isherwood

comment image?w=960&ssl=1


nice one xD


Maybe Infowars needs higher ratings or more credibility? Free Advertising by CNN…. many Disinfo-Agents everywhere…..and CNN I can tell you that Censorship already has hit Youtube & Google Long time ago……you should know that…..


As much as I DO NOT TRUST and rarely view Alex Jones because of his support for the APARTHEID ENTITY which Zionist Ashkenazi FAKE Jews, call “Israel”, and by EXTENSION one of their Flunkies(“Useful Idiot”), Donald TRUMP, he ( Alex) does provide some very important TRUTHS.

That is because Alex is in the loop with the main “Movers and Shakers, as a result of his selling -out to Israel. He becomes privy to information the mainstream people cannot get, and as a consequence, I can CONFIDENTLY say to CNN, which I have not watched for years now, that CNN will be gone before “INFOWARS ” is, in spite of Alex Jones and the DISINFORMATION he does spread, with regards our TRUE ENEMY- Zionist JEWS

Most would call Alex Jones,or whatever his REAL NAME is, the “Lesser of Evils”

My problem is i see EVIL as EVIL and Alex Jones and “INFOWARS”, is EVIL…..just a little less than CNN!


It can’t be. USA is a free speech state. XD.

No one care about the potential false flag of the attack in a school as it concern only USA and his dictatorship.


Just Another Hollywoodproduction…..


Did he talk about AIPAC lobbying ?? XD.

USA is dead as a state. Over.

Brad Isherwood

comment image

After deep state murdered JFK…….the sky’s the limit as they say.
Ponzi Wallstreet,……way more than 20 Trillion in debt.

Bestriding the world in a way that no other nation can, America has 
become more invasive, predatory, and repressive than at any time in its 
Eight hundred U.S. military bases garrison the globe.
A highly militarised state, backed by major corporations and a wealthy elite, 
exploits the public fear of foreigners, subversives and minorities to create 
a high-tech version of medieval demonology, in which an unseen enemy 
is poised to exploit any lack of vigilance.
There is only one response to 
the lurking Powers of Darkness: love of Jesus and awesome weaponry. 
(Kenneth Humphreys)

jason sixx

Zionist pigs


Wow. I have no words.


Fake news, Infowhores is on the same team as CNN.



Hillary Clinton and Trump are in the same team.


Mascots for the same team, American Presidents are just a shirt that Americas real rulers wear. When the current shirt starts to stink, they put on a new shirt


So you are saying that Infowars is also Israeli?


yes, Alex Jonestein is basically a Neo-con nowadays, he has come out of the closet and doesn’t even hide it anymore.


And personnally, I think that the US elections are rigged. First, US elections are rigged by filtering of candidates, rigged by lobbying, rigged by money. Second, I think that they are purely and simply rigged and that the deep state chose his candidate plain and simple.


Who Is Counting The VOTES????!!!!!! BWAHAHAHAHAHA…….. one big joke…..all makebelieve….. it is so simple to fool people


They said that Russia rigged the vote. And remember that they always do what they claim others to do. I will not be surprised at all if the US “election” (because it’s rigged by lobbying and money) is plain and simple rigged.


Everything coming from an Official His or Her mouth is to be treated with Suspicion….They have proven this to be True Themselves…..


And the media, any candidate that is not approved by AIPAC, is simply ignored by the Israeli media, which is 99% of all American media.


When there are two sides and you own both, you own all.

Feudalism Victory

The fake news media and its endless corruption. TRUMP 2020

Bulgarian God

Alex Jones is a communist shit paid by Russia. Ban him for life! :)


CNN MSNBC, The Guardian, the New York Times, in fact all the Israeli media are trying to shut down free speech, and make only Israeli approved news available to the world.
Americans wonder why the USA does so much for Israel, they just don’t see that all their media, and most of their politicians are Israeli.

Joel W

He may be a Zionist puppet, but this would set a very bad precedent. Censorship is censorship, and squashing dissent is squashing dissent, even if the ‘dissenter’ is controlled opposition just playing along.

Pave Way IV

“…In other words, CNN, a news organization…”

[chuckle] OK, you had me going there for a minute. Great punchline!

Richard M

Totalitarians can never tolerate dissent. The only way they can operate is by having a 100% monopoly on all forms of dissemination of information. Goebbels would recognize and approve CNN’s strategy.

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