Cui prodest? or Who stands to gain?

Sajjan Gohel, international security director for the Asia-Pacific Foundation, a think tank, described the downing of the plane as “a very significant escalation.”

“It’s very much the last thing that’s needed right now, especially in the aftermath of the Paris attacks, when there was hope that Russia could form an alliance with France and with the United States against ISIS,” Gohel said. “This is going to complicate things. This is going to add unnecessary tensions that really weren’t required at this critical juncture.”

“This is a situation that unfortunately was almost inevitable at some point, because Turkey has long been accusing Russia of interfering in their airspace,” Gohel said. “They’ve threatened them in the past. And even though economic relations between the two countries are strong — politically, there have been tensions recently.”

Yes, no demur. But why now and why in Syrian airspace and why “moderate rebels” were ready to shoot “films” on shooting pilots in seconds?

Also you could find in the CNN article another untypical for US propaganda fragments:

“While ISIS does not operate in the area where the plane went down, other rebel groups do, including al Nusra Front — al Qaeda’s affiliate in Syria — along with more moderate U.S.-backed groups.”

What’s an embarassing feeling CNN reading is caused?



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