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CNN Interviews ‘Outraged’ CNN Camerman during Trump Protests

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CNN Interviews ‘Outraged’ CNN Camerman during Trump Protests

Originally appeared at InfoWars

A cameraman who has previously worked with CNN was interviewed by the network Tuesday supposedly outraged by Hillary Clinton’s defeat.

After news of Donald Trump’s election victory, CNN interviewed dismayed Hillary supporters in Chicago upset by the outcome.

One man tells the CNN reporter he “wanted Hillary to win more than anybody” and claimed Clinton should “sue the United States of America.”

At one point he passionately states, “I believe in you Hillary. I’ve been to Rwanda. I’ve been to your hospital in Rwanda. I’ve seen all the good you’ve done.”

“As you can see,” the reporter says, “thousands of people still continue to gather, but like you heard this man very passionate about the idea he doesn’t want Hillary to stop.”

CNN host Don Lemon finally spills the beans when he admits the man being interviewed had once joined him for a trip to Africa.

“Yeah, Ryan you know I used to live there and I know that guy. That’s John Grkovic. He actually went to Africa with me as a cameraman,” Lemon says.

In a segment of the interview clipped out for CNN’s Youtube channel, editors made sure to omit the part where Lemon stated he knew the man:

A resumé for a “John Grkovic” found online correlates with Lemon’s statements about a cameraman working for CNN and filming in third world nations.

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John Whitehot

wonder where he was when Al Gore was not elected in 2000


More like where was he when Bernie was blackmailed and beaten up?

John Whitehot

I’ve got the impression that democrats prefer Trump to Sanders, and by a wide margin. but in their gamble they made the worse US candidate president ever win their primaries.

Peter Jennings

Desperate times means desperate measures for cnn. Those doing this crude provocation are the pits and easily debunked. For cnn to display so much of this kind of dishonesty would surely kill off other companies.


The desperate Crisis Actor needs a boot up his ass.


I think he needs a cold shower!

John Whitehot

wouldn’t surprise me if he was smoking meth with his buddies right before the interview.

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