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JUNE 2021

CNN: Former CIA operative says we should brace ourselves for the Third World War

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Expect Putin’s response to Turkey’s provocations.

CNN: Former CIA operative says we should brace ourselves for the Third World War

Originally appeared at Newscom.md, translated by James Cooksey exclusively for SouthFront

Bob Baer, a former CIA agent, believes that the situation in the middle East is spiraling out of control and all this looks like the beginning of a Third World War, – infowars.com reports.

“This jigsaw puzzle of middle East conflicts is spinning out of control,” Baer told CNN. “It’s not just Russia and Turkey, its Iran and Saudi Arabia. This is escalation of tensions, and not the fading of the conflict, and no one has a strategic plan”.

Baer said that Vladimir Putin is likely to respond to the actions of Turkey who brought down Russian combat aircraft.

On Thursday, Putin said that the US knew the trajectory of the plane and may have transfered this information to Turkey.

Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev announced broad economic sanctions against Turkey and Russian military has closed all channels of communication with the Turkish military, including a “hotline” to help avoid air incidents.

Turkey remains firm on this the incident, and promises to respond if Russia targets its jets violating of Syrian airspace.

On Thursday Moscow deployed sophisticated air defense systems S-400 in Syria. This formidable weapon will be used to protect Russian Hmeymim airbase in Latakia province. Russian MOD released video of S-400 deployment of on its Facebook page.

Baer told that we should expect Putin’s response to Turkish provocations. “I don’t think he will let it go. He’s not going back away,” said Baer.

“How this situation is developing, this conflict,” Baer said. “The chances of escalation without proper de-escalation from now on are quite high”.

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