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JUNE 2023

CNN Claims ‘Fresh Intelligence’ Suggests Iran Is Preparing Attacks On US Forces

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CNN Claims 'Fresh Intelligence' Suggests Iran Is Preparing Attacks On US Forces

Ain al-Asad base in Western Iraq. Click to see full-size image

Fresh intelligence points to alleged Iranian threat against US troops and interests in the Middle East, CNN Pentagon correspondent Barbara Starr reported, citing unnamed US defense and administration officials.

There was no current indication that Iran planned to attack any US troops, but it was moving forces and weapons, according to the intelligence.

“There has been consistent intelligence in the last several weeks,” one unnamed administration official told CNN.

A second anonymous official claimed that the information was gathered throughout November 2019.

The sources couldn’t say in what form the intelligence was, but that Iran was definitely moving forces and weapons and if it wished so it could carry out an attack.

“It’s not clear if a potential threat would come from the central government or Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.”

The head of US military operations in the Middle East, Gen. Kenneth McKenzie said that the US expected some sort of Iranian response to US sanctions and pressure.

“I would expect that if we look at the past three or four months, it’s possible they will do something that is irresponsible. It’s possible that they’ll lash out at their neighbors,” the head of the US Central Command said. “It is not going to be productive for them in the long term to choose to act out in the military domain. That’s the message that we’re trying to convey.”

Commander Rebecca Rebarich, a Pentagon spokeswoman refused to comment on the intelligence rumors, and told CNN, “We continue to closely monitor the activities of the regime in Iran, its military and its proxies, and we are well postured to defend US forces and interests as needed.”

In early November, Defense Secretary Mark Esper told reporters the administration was pleased to see a “downtick” in overt Iranian actions in the region and that the administration wanted to send a signal “that the path forward is through diplomacy,” but the military is “prepared to act as need be.”

Something that could potentially be blamed on Iran is the December 3rd shelling of the Ain al-Asad airbase in the Anbar province in Western Iraq.

The base houses US troops. No facilities were hit and there were no injuries, Col. Myles B. Caggins III, the spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, told Military Times in an emailed statement.

Reuters reported, citing the Iraqi military, that five rockets in total landed in the airbase.

“Rocket and indirect fire attacks are a common occurrence in Iraq, and often the hallmark attack of Iranian-backed militias in the region,” Military times reported.

Unnamed officials with OIR told Military Times in June that they witnessed an increase in indirect fire attacks near U.S. installations and other interests in the region. This, based on absolutely no evidence, is allegedly due to increased tensions between Tehran and Washington.

Throughout September and October 2019, the US military has carried out a large number of airstrikes on ISIS positions in Iraq, in total 303 munitions have been launched. Regardless, it is likely that Iran would be accused for the shelling of Ain al-Asad base.

In September, a rocket hit near the empty US Embassy in Baghdad, and it was also blamed on Iran proxies, but no evidence was provided.

The attack was the second since May 2019, when a rocket was fired into the Green Zone, landing near the U.S. Embassy compound, which was empty back then again. Both times the rockets fell without causing any damages or casualties.


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dream on dreamers – Iran won’t attack anyone in the Middle East but bet your last penny that Iran will defend itself and its interest to the last drop, and in that defense you will find 99% or the population ready to fight big satan and little satan (israel) to the bitter end.

Albert Pike

Iran doesn’t have to attack anyone – it would be enough if it looked like they did…

Jens Holm

Its probatly right. They might be a little worried about things in Iraq as well.


yes, but they are hard to provoke however much the squatters will set about it . and I still believe the israelis have one or two of their nuke-laden subs in the gulf of oman in the hope that a situation might arise that would warrant a couple of nukes on teheran. and having seen the israelis in action before, they’re not really looking for an excuse, more probably just an opportunity to deliver a hammer blow to set things in motion,

Albert Pike

Its not just the squatters, the squatters are there because of 2 world wars, coming out of the messianic movement, called Zionism (which comes out of Frankism, which is a follow up of Sabbatai Zevi and his Satanism based on the Lurianic Kabbalah). And there is also something called Christian Zionism, or the mad believe, that if the prophesies are fulfilled, that then Moshiach or Jesus or the Mahdi will fall from the havenly roof of the world, and then there is haven on earth. It’s all bonkers, since there also has to be a holocaust coming out of the battle of Gog and Magog. But since there was already a holocaust made by Herr Adolf Hitler, born on the 20th of April 1889 (9months after the 9th of Av 1888, the sex orgie-day of the Frankists), the squatters are deemded to be safe – so they are told, by their fellow brethren, the Frankists, and the Christian Zionists and the Hojjatieh – to which the Persian leaders belong… So everybody tries happyly to cheat everbody – hanging all on the house of cards story, of those exact 6million jews, which died in German Konzentration Camps, that the holocaust of the prophesies had already happend (thats why it is safe for squaters to sing ‘we want Moshiach now’), documented by the added numbers of those jews, which wheren’t even registered by those sloppy, murderous, unorganized Germans: “Of the 1,3 million deported sent to Auschwitz by Hitler’s Nazi regime, barely 400,000 were registered and imprisoned in the compound. The other 900,000 were gassed and cremated in incineration ovens or burning pits within hours after their train’s arrival.” http://auschwitz.net/the-victims/ So the past is a bitch, and the future is a bitch – and it’s all a theater by the Malthusians: https://www.timesofisrael.com/op-ed-calls-on-israel-to-nuke-germany-iran/

Jens Holm

There we go again. You are in old days. Americans and others never will spend a single life against something like soldiers of WW1.

They and someone like me anytime would make Iran suffer by destruction of vital infrastructure only.

Thats goes for the LSD fantasies about attacking Turkey too. If arms and legs being infrastructures are taken away, they all are on bicycle only.

The 2 Satans are clever ones and not as You have learned in Your Madras.

Hasbara Hunter

Duh…but Iran happens to have some Missiles & Rockets too…and believe me Iran will fire them towards the perpetrators if their Legs ‘n’ Arms are taken away…If the 2 Satans are smart as you say…They better start ordering some extra Bodybags before startin’ a War with Iran…


Any CNN news about Iran is just a fake news, nothing to worry about with these “WEAPONS OF MASS DESTRUCTION.”

Jens Holm

CNN is one of the most reliable sources, You can find. It might be fake, but You stupidist takes it as and official Govermental message from and by USA.

Thats the real fake.


Karen Bartlett

“official Governmental message from and by the USA” means fake ‘intelligence” placed by the CIA to their hired “reporters” at their sycophantic mainstream “news” agencies (which is all of them, btw).

Hasbara Hunter

Clearly No News….

Jens Holm

Boil an egg. After 2 minutes You have hot news in Your own hands.

John Wallace

Hope someone boiled your eggs before you breed.

Ken Nonickname Nonecknom Under

The video is very interesting.

Tommy Jensen

Thank you.


It must be true then if CNN says so lol

John Wallace

My Official unnamed sources told me that it is true. As my unnamed sources don’t exist either you are welcome to ask them for confirmation if they ever identify themselves which of course they can’t. So “if ” Iran moving men and material is a sign they are going to maybe attack is America moving men and material also a sign they are going to attack Iran.

Jens Holm


John Wallace

Get a brain Jens . If you can’t understand what I said don’t show your ignorance by posting whatever that is. Sarcasm is spelt s a r c a s i m. Look it up and find out what you missed.

Jens Holm

So what sis they say according to refer from South front: “There was NO current indication that Iran planned to attack any US troops, but it was moving forces and weapons, according to the intelligence”.

Free man

Someone seems to be preparing public opinion for an action against Iran.

Hasbara Hunter

That must be your Folks…

Free man

You are a genius (-;

Hasbara Hunter

Thanks Cunt…

Free man

Just kidding. You are stupid enough to write the obvious.

Jens Holm

When I sometimes gets bored in the wintertime, I sometimes se american reality TV by JUdge Judy onn Youtube.

The Judge there often say: If it look like a duck, it walk like a duck and say quak like a duck its a duck:)

Jens Holm

I dont see any preparation is needed. Many has wondered why USA and others has done nothing according to the attack at Aramco.

Karen Bartlett

You mean why hasn’t the US gov’t bombed more starving babies into small baby pieces? Is that what you’re hoping for?

Assad must stay (gr8rambino)

the blessed nation of Iran will always be victorious, it has God as its mightiest defender

Jens Holm

Is it quoting from Baal in Balbek:)

Veritas Vincit

While statements by Western bloc officials (parroted in Western bloc mainstream media narratives) seek to present Iran as an aggressor, even some Israeli sources reveal Iranian actions (and anticipated responses) to be retaliatory:

– “This Iranian attack did not come out of the blue. It followed an earlier Israel strike that morning on one of its facilities near Abu Kamal close to the Syrian border with Iraq…… Israeli forces are on high war alert at this moment due to the assessment that this is just the start of a major clash between the IDF and Iran’s elite Al Qods Brigades. Tehran is unlikely to let Wednesday’s massive Israeli air assault in Syria go unanswered and may well strike back within days or even hours.” (Israel on war alert for Iranian reprisal after IDF assaults on Al Qods’ Syrian bases, Debka, Nov 20, 2019)

The Israelis anticipate a more robust response to recent Israeli missile strikes on the 20 November. US-Israeli military movements and associated reports indicate preparations for a more profound level of conflict. For example:

– The Coming Middle East Conflagration, Michael Oren [former Israeli Ambassador to the United States], The Atlantic, November 4, 2019) [Excerpts] “The senior ministers of the Israeli government met twice last week to discuss the possibility of open war with Iran. ….. Israeli troops, especially in the north, have been placed on war footing. Israel is girding for the worst and acting on the assumption that fighting could break out at any time. And it’s not hard to imagine how it might arrive. The conflagration, like so many in the Middle East, could be ignited by a single spark. Israeli fighter jets have already conducted hundreds of bombing raids against Iranian targets in Lebanon, Syria, and Iraq. ….. The result could be a counterstrike by Iran, using cruise missiles that penetrate Israel’s air defenses and smash into targets like the Kiryah, Tel Aviv’s equivalent of the Pentagon. Israel would retaliate massively against Hezbollah’s headquarters in Beirut as well as dozens of its emplacements along the Lebanese border. And then, after a day of large-scale exchanges, the real war would begin.” [End]

It is worth noting forms of warfare against Iran are in an active phase (albeit in a limited intensity format). A more profound direct kinetic stage of conflict against Iran is increasingly probable recognising (hybrid and conventional) forms of warfare against Iran are active and intensifying.

While Iran will almost certainly continue to retaliate in a calculated and restrained manner against actions that many analysts openly state conform to acts of war, limits of such restraint will likely in time be exceeded (or as in previous cases, escalation by the US-NATO-Israel-allied bloc will result in a more profound stage of kinetic warfare). Recognising developments in regional security architecture (Iran-Syria-Hezbollah/Lebanon-Iraq-allied Palestinian groups-allied regional forces), such a stage is likely to be in the format of a regional conflagration.

Iran is merely a more recent target of the US-NATO-Israel-allied bloc that has embraced aggressive militarism and economic/hybrid warfare as mechanisms to attack successive strategic opponents (in violation of International Law). As assessed by many analysts, a direct kinetic stage of conflict is likely not a matter of if but when. But such a war is only a component of broader unfolding situations.

Note: The Israelis have correctly assessed that Israel faces an approaching multi-front conflict while the US would open a Pandora’s box it would be unable to close (Iran has the capabilities to wage an open proxy war and has openly stated that any war initiated against it will not be ended by the aggressor). Recognising US-Israeli efforts to Judaise occupied territories including key Islamic sites, a likely component of the approaching conflict will be a Holy War [1-2] (in the region and likely beyond recognising the ideological foundation of such a conflict).

References: 1. Hamas says Israeli violations at al-Aqsa will ignite ‘all-out regional war’, PressTV, Oct 21, 2019

2. “The gathering holy war. Slowly, Israel is transforming a settler-colonial project against the Palestinians into a battle with the wider Islamic world. It is turning a territorial conflict into a holy war.” (How the Rule of the Rabbis Is Fueling a Holy War in Israel, by Jonathan Cook, Antiwar, February 23, 2019)

Karen Bartlett

Thank you.

SFC Steven M Barry USA RET

“It’s not clear if a potential threat would come from the central government or Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.”

Just how are those two to be distinguished? (Oh… wait; a woman said it; it doesn’t have to make sense.)

Jens Holm

If true it must come from one of those two and not some kiosk owner in Bandaras Bias:)

Karen Bartlett

The “woman” was merely parroting what her CIA handlers told her to say.So it must be the CIA which “doesn’t have to make sense”.

Jens Holm

If Iran do something like and USA didnt give back about the Saudi Oil production, they certainly will step up, if Iran try something like that.

Much like propaganda or S/M to me.

Jens Holm

https://edition.cnn.com/2019/12/03/politics/iran-threat-us-sources/index.html ….


CNN propaganda.

Karen Bartlett

Yup. CNN and other MSM is fed “news” by the CIA.


CNN got that “fresh” from Greta Thunberg.

cechas vodobenikov

USA does nothing except creat more targets for Iran—insecure amerikans lie and brag and then cower…whichever the figurehead president appointed b y their oligarchy matters not http://www.sott.net/article/425138

Tommy Jensen

All Irans movements shows Iran is preparing a Barbarosa III attack on American interest and soil in both Iraq, Qatar, Saudi, Israel and on our base in Turkey. All evidence shows that. That means ME soon will be a burning pot of fire because of Iran. https://youtu.be/FaHEusBG20c


Anonymous sources r so reliable. My left n#t is an anonymous source.

Mehmet Aslanak

If you look at the ordinary US military profile, most of them are from poor black or hispanic families. Those kids have no proper job nor money to stick & success in the US. Iran knows that those are not the enemy. Enemy is behind those poor kids. Remember captured US sailors in Iranian Gulf were treated very well in Iran.

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