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JUNE 2023

CNN Admits America Trying To Use Ukraine Conflict To ‘Isolate’ China

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CNN Admits America Trying To Use Ukraine Conflict To 'Isolate' China

Russian_Chinese joint drills

While Donald Trump’s approach was more isolationist and focused on economic warfare, the Biden administration is showing much more belligerence, as well as a tendency to relegate portions of its power projection to allies and vassals such as the UK, Australia, Japan, etc.

Written by Drago Bosnic, independent geopolitical and military analyst

It’s certainly no secret that the United States has been trying to foment yet another conflict in the immediate vicinity of its geopolitical adversaries. This is particularly true in regards to Russia and China, the only near-peer rivals capable of not only resisting, but also challenging Washington DC’s disastrous hegemony. It is precisely this that makes both superpowers prime targets for encirclement and destabilization, with the end goal being either their complete dismantlement or, at the very least, weakening to a point where they would be forced to accept US dominance without much (or any) opposition. To accomplish this, the belligerent thalassocracy has been using everything at its disposal, from false narratives disseminated by the massive mainstream propaganda machine to more “hard power” schemes such as weapons deliveries and (in)direct military involvement.

Most observers have always seen the connection between Russia and China or, more specifically, between their interests in Ukraine and Taiwan, respectively. These legitimate interests (primarily relating to, but not limited to security) have been targeted by the US and its numerous vassals. Both Moscow and Beijing are perfectly aware of this and are working towards building closer ties, especially on a strategic level, to counter escalating US aggression while maintaining their respective foreign policy frameworks, which aren’t always 100% convergent in every aspect. However, this does not impede their growing cooperation in any way, as can only be expected from truly sovereign nations. This is causing a tremendous amount of frustration in Washington DC, prompting it to mobilize its propaganda machine to try and tarnish the (Eur)Asian giants’ reputation.

A recent piece published by the infamous CNN perfectly illustrates the thinking behind US attempts to use the aforementioned crises against both Russia and China. Authored by Brad Lendon and titled “Ukraine war has made it easier for US to isolate China in the Pacific”, the analysis is an admission of sorts that Washington DC is pushing both conflicts. Expectedly, the author claims that China is supposedly “backing” Russia just by virtue of Beijing’s continued refusal to join the political West’s siege of Moscow. Lendon claims that this perceived support has pushed Japan to double military spending and acquire long-range weapons from the US, while entirely ignoring the enormous pressure Tokyo has been exposed to in the last 12 months to “up the ante” and commit more of its increasingly depleted resources to the “defense of shared values”.

And while the author praised the new Japanese $320 billion remilitarization program, he harshly criticized China’s own regular military activities as “destabilizing”. This is just further proof that the incessant hypocrisy and double standards are the mainstays of US foreign policy. Lendon claims that “China’s actions are pushing the Asia-Pacific allies closer than ever before”, openly admitting that the Ukraine conflict is “very useful” for Washington DC in this regard. He then quoted the Chinese Premier Li Keqiang as saying: “The [Chinese] armed forces should intensify military training and preparedness across the board, develop new military strategic guidance, devote greater energy to training under combat conditions and make well-coordinated efforts to strengthen military work in all directions and domains.”

The CNN insists that the outgoing Chinese premier stated this as part of a government work report. Either way, the US is surprisingly open about its plans, with the recently revealed National Security Strategy (NSS) envisioning a greater strategic role for America’s numerous satellite states. While Donald Trump’s approach was more isolationist and focused on economic warfare, the Biden administration is showing much more belligerence, as well as a tendency to relegate portions of its power projection to allies and vassals such as the UK, Australia, Japan, etc. Somewhat surprisingly, Lendon claims that South Korea is now also joining the fray.

“Peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait is essential for peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula and it’s indispensable for security and prosperity of the region as a whole,” South Korean Foreign Minister Park Jin told CNN recently.

This is somewhat uncommon for Seoul, which has previously been careful not to antagonize Beijing, with which it has extensive economic cooperation. If CNN’s claims are true, this would signal a dramatic strategic shift in the Asia-Pacific, further splitting the region along geopolitical fault lines and eroding decades of essentially unlimited economic cooperation. Perhaps this might be exactly what the US wants, as per CNN itself, but it might also backfire into yet another spectacular US foreign policy failure. Lendon insists that South Korea is worried about Pyongyang and that this is the main reason it is further integrating with the US-brokered anti-Chinese coalition.

However, it could be argued that it is precisely this action by Seoul that could escalate tensions between the North and the South, particularly if the latter further antagonizes and alienates Beijing, which has been playing quite a constructive role in defusing tensions in the Korean peninsula. The destabilization could also be exacerbated by South Korea repeatedly floating the idea of potentially acquiring its own nuclear weapons, a course of action the US has not shown any opposition to while still insisting the North should disarm. Needless to say, Pyongyang is not only refusing to comply with such a suicidal request, but is even expanding its strategic capabilities, much to the chagrin of Washington DC.

In conclusion, Lendon laments that the Ukrainian crisis “has not been helpful in one key American partnership in the Indo-Pacific, the informal Quad alliance linking the US, Japan, Australia and India”, as New Delhi, “unlike the other three members”, has not condemned Russia’s counteroffensive against NATO aggression in Europe. “When the US, Australia, and Japan tried to condemn Russia through a joint statement, India refused…. India claimed that the Quad only tackles Indo-Pacific challenges, and since Russia isn’t in the region, this topic cannot be broached,” the piece quoted Derek Grossman, a senior defense analyst at the infamous RAND Corporation. However, he added that “the split in the Quad doesn’t really distract from its focus, as the Quad is all about how to deal with China”, essentially admitting that America is still trying to compartmentalize its geopolitical approach in the region.


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mike l hutchings

someone is being isolated, but it isn’t China


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Chris Gr

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The people like You get annoyed about it, because You think theyunproductiove and non clever should run things or someone like Putin kindly assusted by Oligarcs and corruption.

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Rustica by the way are Asia too.

Chris Gr

I am not against Jews actually. I dislike the neoliberalism just.


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Chris Gr

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Isolate China? Impossible. It’s the last industrial power left on the planet Earth. And I know. I am a successful economist and investment banker. Cope.


Its no choise to isolate China. Its more they will helped to find a sober level.

Mood is changing, the money flow to Nazi will stop

“An AFU soldier, who entered a hotel bar wearing a Ukrainian military uniform, was severely beaten in the German city of Frankfurt.”

The incident was reported by the Consul General of Ukraine, Vadim Kostyuk.

“According to the information, on Friday night, the Ukrainian military man walked into the hotel bar in uniform. After several comments from the hotel staff and security regarding his non-compliance with the dress code, there was an altercation and then a fight after an attempt by the locals to remove the Ukrainian fascist. As a result of the incident, the Nazi soldier suffered a broken jaw and concussion. “The police recorded this fact,” the media quotes Kostyuk as saying.

Florian Geyer

This is very good news, the Germans need to wake up.

If the Germans submit to the US/UK, the Morgenthau plan of 1944 to destroy an industrialised Germany will become a reality.

jens holm

Most likely it never happend. The level do exist in Germany too. Here You again bring typical propganda as the Germans are as they were in 1944. Its the same for Banderas and the USSR landgrabbing by Ukriane and Belarus.

The invasion in Ukraine is same thing. First You add mio of Russians to them and do the opposite about integrated them. Next they of course should be rescues form the nasty 36 mio real Ukrainians.

jens holm

The Germans and the rest of us got the Marshall plans with democratic majority too rule, so You write crap crap, crap and crap.

And Germany has been well connected to the UK/USA for decades now in the world economics and the stock- and trademarkets as well as by Nato.

In contrast t that the Russian isolanistic non devellop zone is chosen to be in level of Spain and Skandinavia.

Reform there is making people live not long and save pension too. Extra + + seemes to many Russians dies in Ukraine and less need for jails. Thats added forced emmigration to anywhere else.

Many parts in Africa has a higher livingstandard.

But thats what You support.

jens holm

You dont get it. USA own so much here and vice versa and by shareholding.

And we never had the collapsed isolation frame, You desperat try to put us into.

As usual You systemacticly try to talk us down camouflaging You own insane low level. I know that, because I live here.

Some random drunk or fascist and nazis dont run muh here. We do.

That might even be true. I can one too.

If You sewe something in the streets and its not in the news, You are in Rustica.


The globalists are nearing the end of US/EU taxpayers who car about Ukraine or idiots to fight all these battles for their empire.The globalist need better propaganda and to quit killing their subjects with viruses and vaccinations and to get rid of their pathetic array of leaders and their drama.

jens holm

Western economics are global with its agffiliates. We are proud of it. It oays off by raised livingstandards and well and lenght.

We also by elections and budgets decide what Our tax is used for. This is not Russia.

It seemes as You need several vaccinations Yourself.

And its true we have many Leaders. They are raised to respondible persons and are direct contact with what they produce incl. servide and distribution.

Its not propaganda to advertice best to the price. By that You often replace with better products for the consumers tanks and needles included.


Whatever, russia and china been neighbors now for centuries, seems like they get along ok, if PNN told me the time of day I would definitely look for confirmation through a different source. I’d be more interested to hear some positive stuff from either/both countries now that they are apparently partnering commercially. What have they gained or improved in the last 20 years from cooperation etc. and what do their citizens think of BRICS

jens holm

There is no BRICS. Its an old ghost fantom world.

The last 20 year The China has bought many minerals from the Russian east. They need it so much and none other even can by far distance.

There also are the very expensive silk road plans. As known anything tarts with plans and the might come through.

China buy a little more. Russia by that get a little extra money. Both has made extra jobs but so far not in the vital scale. There is hopes for that.


CNN… bwaaaahahaha…. are they still a thing?

jens holm

I agree. CNN is not owned by the USA Goverment and there are many others as well as Fcebook, Twitter a.s.o.

When my father was alive we often went to museums to study coins. Thats the knowledge for them using CNN to coin flipping.


China is pretty DUMB for not pumping arms into Russia. China id DUMB to allow itself to be surrounded by US bases and DO NOTHING about it – when will China learn, that angry protests don’t frigging work.

jens holm

You forget USA is a big tradepartner. If they do, they cant sell their stuff. China is highly affiliated to the buyers and úsers in Western Economics.

It seemes You should raise Yor knowledge about it.

You can start with import and export between USA, EU and China. Here You can add Russia as the small hobby.

There are good statistics about it in many versions, but they have the same reliable main results.

jens holm

I take it for 1001 dark night narrowmnders.

1) CNN is not govermnthat owned even its democratic friendly and by that the also cant admit anything they nerver has denied.

So next timeYoy take rhe sa,me fpor ANC, NBC, FOX, Washington Post, New Yourk Rimes etc.

And there was a trade war even before Covid. Big memorylackfor the writer too. It was and is between USA, China, EU and Russia as the little one.

Unfortunatly it has expended. Try to protectionisme often is like that. Fx he USA Goverment deny acces to first class advanced steel as well as aluminium. But the importers buy it because its the best to the price.

jens holm

Its the same about many things around the world. When ENERGY for fx iron, aluminum and fx cement gets expensive the winner will be them, which waste energy to the sky or use the cheepest ones such as coal.

In Euoope we force all to use less energy for the same result. A vakuum cleaner is now defines with its vakkum and not how much heat and watt it use.

So its partly about being sober producers. China produce so much cheep crap and fx USA in the otter hand produce energy wasting hig quality.

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