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Cluster Warhead Ballistic Missile Targets Opposition-Held Town In Western Aleppo


The Syrian Arab Army (SAA) launched on January 25 an OTR-21 Tochka tactical ballistic missile at the opposition-held part of the southwestern Aleppo countryside.

Local sources said that the missile landed near the town of Bawabiya. No civilian casualties were reported as a result of the missile strike.

The Soviet-made OTR-21 Tochka has a range between 70–185 km depending on the copy. The missile’s circular error probable (CEP) is smaller than 70 m.

According to the available information, the missile used in the strike was armed with a cluster warhead. Usually, this type is used to target militants’ gatherings and equipment.

The missile strike coincided with intense Syrian and Russian airstrikes and artillery strikes on militants’ positions and weapons in the western and southwestern Aleppo countryside as well as in the city’s vicinity.

Earlier today, the SAA Launched a large ground offensive in the outskirt of Aleppo city. However, no advance has been reported, so far.

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