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JULY 2022

Closes Criminal Proceedings Launched Against Poroshenko Of Inciting Religious Hatred

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Closes Criminal Proceedings Launched Against Poroshenko Of Inciting Religious Hatred

Then Ukrainian president Petr Poroshenko walks along a formation of soldiers. IMAGE: RIA Novosti / Nikolay Lazarenk

The Ukrainian State Bureau of Investigation (SBI) has closed the criminal proceedings it launched against former President Petro Poroshenko on suspicion of inciting religious hatred.

The decision was announced by the SBI press service.

The criminal case was opened against Poroshenko on suspicion of inciting sectarian hatred by his actions during the obtaining of a Tomos (religious decree) granting autocephaly to the ‘independent’ Ukrainian Orthodox Church. During the process of creating this pseudo-church organizations officials from the Poroshenko administration, including Poroshenko himself, repeatedly made statemetns inciting religious hatred aimed against the canonic Orthodox Church of Ukraine (Moscow Patriarchy). This became the reason of the criminal investigation. Nonetheless, as new Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky’s policy was shifting towards copying his predecessor approaches and using ethnic and religious hatred as a common tool of policy, the SBI made a logical step of closing such a case against Poroshenko.

The closure of the criminal case against Poroshenko is a strong signal of the policy employed by the Zelensky administration. Instead of promoting the settlement of the conflict in eastern Ukraine and fiding solutions of the deep crisis in the Ukrainain society, the Zelensky team continues the Poroshenko path. The Kiev regime continues to pressure Russia-speaking population, organizations that stand against the escalation of the conflict in the east and the deterioration of relations with Russia, and the canonic Orthodox of Ukraine.


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“Closes Criminal Proceedings Launched Against Poroshenko Of Inciting Religious Hatred”

And what about Jews doing the same crime on global level all the time? They despise all religions except their own.

They turn Muslims against Muslims by supporting Wahhabi ideology and terrorism in general for their own objectives. They turn Christians against Muslims with by them financed and organized invasion of Europe. They support satanic Talmudic Kabbalah, that is anti-Christian by definition.

Jens Holm

I hardly see any of that selfconstruction by You. But as bright as it is, I dont expect You invented it Yourself.

Hard to see the relations Ballarúski compared to something jews are not … By knowing that little even You can see most things by Internet, You use Your own dark and create the deep dark state Yourself.

Arabs never was one state unless You for a long period was Osmans too.

I would say that making Israel has united You more then You ever was before.

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