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Closer Look At Russia-Created Pontoon Bridge Across Euphrates River Near Deir Ezzor

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Russian and Syrian forces have erected a pontoon bridge across the Euphrates River near Deir Ezzor city, according to a report by the Russian Defense Ministry’s TV Zvezda.

The Russian side says that the bridge will allow to establish normal transport links between the central part of Syria and the eastern provinces, improve the humanitarian situation in the region and promote the development of industry in the region. Additionally, the bridge will allow the Strian military to quickly deploy forces to the east of the Euphrates to counter illegal armed groups there.

Mainstream media and experts already called the bridge an example of the Russian-Syrian agression in the area.


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This is a military grade pontoon bridge. It can handle the weight of a transport with tank aboard. But you have to drive slowly. :)


This is top notch intelligence data


“Mainstream media and experts” on imbecility, with their brains completely f*cked.


God bless Russia!

Karen Bartlett



This bridge will replace the one the Americans destroyed. Note that SAA has established a substantial bridgehead on the eastern bank of Deir ez-Zour, approx 30 km wide by 15 deep. Without firing a shot SAA has now secured no less than FIVE crossings to the left bank of Euphrates – from north to south these are : Main M4 , Tishreen Dam, Tabqa Dam, Raaqa (2 x bridges) and Deir ez-Zour – as the winter rains set in these will be imperative for future deployments., especially the dam crossings

Bill Wilson

The SDF repaired the old bridge at Raqqa. A second bridge was needed because the old one had a load limit of 12 tons.

Jens Holm

Dont expect to much. An excuse could be he or she was bonr yeasterday.

The dams also are kept and repaired by SDFs and USA.

Here in Denmark we use “The naked bird has borrowed some feathers”, but we see the glue. Thats how it is even my translations is not the best.

Jens Holm

As sads has done hardly has done any of that. Its done by SDFs and USA and now because of Turks and not Assads at all, its a free ticket.

Assasa has no limit for stealing others hard work. That goes for ol and gas as well. ISIS didn´t take it from the Syrians but the memebers of the Baathist having them as private property.

So today taken by USA well assisted by SDF those fields are kept away from the thieves. Fine wirh me.


Beautiful footage! The Zionists in Tel-Aviv and Washington must be crying now.

World Wisdom

The US led coalition of terrorists destroyed all bridges trying to split Syria. America, you are the Satan!

Jens Holm

Single narromindesd stupidity says the bridges was destroyed because of Assads. Those midgets and swards were far away, when it happend.

All normal people know ISIS had that eminent and important infrastructure to regroup and atatck both SDFs and the Sad Ass.

I will add, that USA as well as Russia also took any boat down to the smallest, they could find and destroyed them.

USA has not split up Syria more then it already was. If it was a kind of united so many millions would never fight Assads and leave the country and remain passive letting the bad tempered kill each other.

Karen Bartlett

Congratulations, Russia and Syria!


Now that they lost control of the Al-Tabqa dam, they can’t do squat about it. Good move SAA and Co..

Bill Wilson

The Kurds didn’t limit traffic across the Tabqa Dam since that was the main river crossing for commercial heavy truck traffic. It also has a rail line that connects the south to the north.

Jens Holm

The railway crossing is closer to Raqqa, where the small dam there also is a crossing.

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