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Close Look at Military Situation in 1070 Aparment Project of Aleppo City

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Close Look at Military Situation in 1070 Aparment Project of Aleppo City

The map above depicts the positions of Syrian government forces in the 1070 Apartment Project (1070 AP) of Aleppo city.

Following the Jaish al-Fatah offensive launched on October 28, the Syrian army and Hezbollah were forced to retreat to the northeastern part of 1070 AP. By November 1, they have kept 3 groups of buildings there (yellow, red and blue on the map). The supply line #1 have been cut off by Jaish al-Fatah. The supply line #2 is vulnerable to fire by militants.

The government-controlled sector is separated from Jaish al-Fatah units by an open ground. This is why the militants are not able to take control of these building blocks. Clashes in this non-populated area allow the Syrian military to use massively warplanes and artillery to whittle the jihadist manpower and military equipment.

Close Look at Military Situation in 1070 Aparment Project of Aleppo City

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Underground tunnels must be massive there?

Gabriel Hollows

I take it the only sensible strategy would be to pound those buildings to rubble, since bringing a tank or trying to cross the open ground would be suicide.

Valhalla rising

Why are there still blocks of houses and not 15 meter deep craters ? Drop a fucking Father of all Bombs on these Kebab monkeys,Naplam,Willie Pete,heavy bombs above 3 tons from TU-160s,FAE Rockets from Buratinos and Uragan launchers,Use RPO flamethrowes and RPG FAE and HE nades.Bring the heavy stuff out.Dont try to strorm these buildings.Rig them with satchel charges and blow them to kingdom come.Burn them out with flame throwers.Why do these people have to learn the lessons of WWII over and over and over again ?If you have tunnels gas them, burn them,use FAEs.There are no civilians in there.If you have problems with VBIEDs mine your position with artillery and rockets.The mines can be primed to explode on time so later the advance can go on.

Marek Pejović

look, these buildings are mostly empty, plus, it costs to rebuild them. syria is a poor country, and once – soon – this complex is liberated, the residents will be able to return, and this will be a great asset. a Shilka can blast the terrorists in there perfectly well.
i like your idea about anti-VBIED tactics and gassing of the tunnels. however, i would do it with tear gas or smoke or simply detonate a termobaric in there so it collapses.


Not sure how structurally sound the reinforced concrete floors and columns are going to be for any future use after all these hits with artillery and bombs including VBIED’s?

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