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Close Footage: Reporter Witnesses Landing Of Russian Tu-160 Bombers In Venezuela


On December 10, two Russian nuclear-capable Tu-160 strategic bombers arrived in Venezuela for “combined operational flights”. The move was described by the US as “provocative”.  However, Venezuela welcomed it and said that the arrival of Russian Tu-160 strategic bombers as an opportunity to demonstrate its resolve to defend the nation against possible foreign military intervention, with the help of ‘friends’ if need be.



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  • BMWA1

    Submarines would be needed also. Nice landing.

    • Promitheas Apollonious

      I think are already there.

    • occupybacon

      Russia has a secret program that transforms airplanes into submarines. It’s code name is ‘Admiral Kuznetsov’

    • You can call me Al

      They come in the next few days, I have just heard through anonymous sources that the wheels for a runway landing were fitting 6 weeks ago, so maybe a Sunday landing.

    • so

      Waiting for the next batch of S-400 to come flying in. The Russian assembly line is pumping them out.

  • occupybacon
  • Vidura

    lol RT reporters are dumb!

    • Concrete Mike

      Jim Acosta’s a genius?

      The one decent reporter ive seen is tucker carlson.

      I agree standing there is dumb as fuck.
      Most reporters are dumb nowadays.

      Edit: dumb but holy fuck looks cool.

      • Vidura

        I said RT reporters are dumb

      • Brother Ma

        Yes but she had “tits”!

        • Concrete Mike

          A pretty woman indeed. No need to objectify her more than she is already. She was doing her job.

          • Brother Ma

            I value Rt more than any other news channel. That and Sputnik. I reckon their reporters are better than all others anyway. So go girl and if she had tits.. all the better! Yoo hoo.

        • beypuutyina

          instead of brain?

      • Concrete Mike

        After looking at this again. One can see that the runway is sloping down towards the ditch…the girl seemed closer to th wing than she was.

        This was clearly a photo op. A good one.

        No way russian military would go with it if it was exceedingly dangerous.

  • Sephy

    She is having orgasm.

    • Gniewko Jantar

      I can understand her :P

  • lovethemapples

    Shouldn’t break the safety protocol for a show of force

  • Mish

    Could not help wishing this woman would just shut up

    • You can call me Al

      To be honest, I was hoping the wing would chop her gob off, as she walked onto the runway.

      • so

        Don’t you get enough violence on the innocents here at Southfront.

        • You can call me Al

          OK lets all hold hands.

          • so

            and sing kumbaya!

  • Gniewko Jantar

    Beautifull white swan has landed. Criminal Muricans have to change their pampers :D

  • Jesus

    Next leg of a Latin American base would be Cuba, Venezuela will be defended from any US attempts of color revolutions and intended instability in the area.
    Russia challenging the Monroe doctrine and setting bases close to the US is a reminder that US Achilles heel is very vulnerable and not easily defended. Russia can play the same game of getting close to US borders and bringing along the awesome standoff weapon capability US is helpless against.

    • beypuutyina

      what leg? ruskies are not in venezuela. and never will be. this is short visit, nothing else. ruskies have no mone for radar in cuba. you were always losers in the global politics. always. during all 350 years of existence. inly shitheads can sell alaska. :DDDDDD

      • Jesus

        US is not the only country getting close to Russia, Russia can play the same game, Venezuela, Cuba and Nicaragua are willing countries to host Russian presence to counteract the US trouble.
        Russian stand off weapons would target most of the US from central and South America.
        Just imagine a squadron of T22’s deployed in Nicaragua or Cuba with Khinzhal hypersonic weapons giving southern US the creeps, without any means to defend itself.

  • Nonesuch21

    I’m surprised they don’t have better airport security. The pilot was probably wondering wtf is this lady walking out onto the tarmac while I’m landing!

  • Renato Santos

    tomara que a russia e a venezuela detone esse governo do meu pais,brazil

  • You can call me Al

    “The move was described by the US as “provocative”.

    Those war mongering commies have 2 planes in a continent below ours…..

  • Angelo Cinarelli

    I love Russia. I hate the BULLY Americans!

  • Daniel Miller

    I must admit it is one of the best looking aircraft i have ever seen.


    Close footage? Call that close footage? THIS is close footage:


    (another RF female reporter gets her hair blown dry in Kygyzstan)

  • Big Steffen

    What the F….,….saw the video the first time and was thinking what is she doing?,….what is the pilot thinking?

  • FB

    I have to wonder if she had permission to be there at the time of the approach and landing…if not, the crew in that airplane would have had some choice cuss words for sure…I really have to wonder about this one…reporters are not known for their intelligence, as a species, in general…

  • Angelo Cinarelli

    Send some of that White Swan in Cuba too. So the American Bully they will shit in theyr pants.