Close Combat Footage: PKK Fighters Abmush Unit Of Turkish Army In Northern Iraq

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Close Combat Footage: PKK Fighters Abmush Unit Of Turkish Army In Northern Iraq 4 out of 5 based on 4 ratings. 4 user reviews.

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The Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) has ambushed a unit of the Turkish Army in northern Ira, the PKK-affilated Gerila TV reported releasing close combat footage showing the incident. The incident took place in the Iraqi province of Diyala on October 22. Two Turksih soldiers were killed in the attack.

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R Trojson

Very sad to see these poor Turkish soldiers losing everything after Erdogan sent them into Iraq to kill Kurds. Anyone here know why Erdogan persecutes Kurds since they are a significant part of his people? Is Erdogan after Iraq oil or some other wealth or just Kurd genocide?


I agree, it must be something!!


bcbingram 5+


pkk and turkey has been fighting for last 30 years and it is not something new kurds and ottomans also fought a couple of times


The Kurds are locals, the Turks are invaders, they are not native to the region, and they have been fighting/ethnically cleansing all the local tribes since they invaded in about the 5th century.


the fifth century?? nigga Turkish people didn’t even exist in the 5th century. Kurdish people have always been allies to Turkey until the Sheik Said rebellion which started the civil war

M Emre Demirci

kurds are not local people at least in anatolia. they might be local in iran but in Turkey or nortern iraq no. They came to this area in 1500’s. during this time Turks owned that lands about 600 years.


No one is cruel to anyone, these are pkk lies. If we come to the soldiers here, if they had not come to attack suddenly, you would not have found the graves of the terrorists there, most likely, they took out all the equipment to rest and left the gun, otherwise these are the special units, the man


Yes, these are long time foes and both have a history of treacherous opportunism. Whilst they are busy killing each other the Iraqis and Syrians can rebuild their countries before making both sides retreat from their current spouts of expansion.

Empire's Frontiers

What a fight!

Invaders receiving their due always warms the heart.

One of those guys

First soldier managed to get away

John Doe

How does these retards keep getting snuck up on like this? Absolutely pathetic.

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