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JUNE 2023

‘Claw-Lightning’: Turkey Launched New Ground, Air Operation Against PKK In Iraq (Videos)

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‘Claw-Lightning’: Turkey Launched New Ground, Air Operation Against PKK In Iraq (Videos)

Screen grab from the Turkish MoD video.

On April 24, the Turkish military launched a ground and air operation against the Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) in the Iraqi Kurdistan Region.

In the first hours of the new operation, commando forces landed in the Metina region from helicopters while warplanes targeted PKK positions.

“Heroic commandos of the heroic Turkish Armed Forces are in northern Iraq,” the Turkish Ministry of National Defense said on Twitter.

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who dubbed the operation “Claw-Lightning,” spoke to the operation’s command center by video link. Erdogan said the operation is meant “to completely end the presence of the terror threat” on the southern border of Turkey.

“There’s no room for the separatist terror group in the future of Turkey, Iraq or Syria,” he said in reference to the PKK. “We will keep on fighting until we eradicate these gangs of murderers, who cause nothing but tears and destruction.”

The Turkish military shared footage showing airstrikes on PKK positions, landing operations and improvised explosive devices left behind by Kurdish guerrilla fighters.

In February, Turkey carried out Operation Claw-Eagle 2 in Kurdistan’s Gara Mountains. 48 PKK fighters were neutralized. The Turkish military lost three soldiers. 13 Turkish captives were also killed.

The effectiveness of Turkish operations in the Kurdistan Region is often exaggerated. Despite all recent operations, the PKK is still active in several parts of the region.


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“The effectiveness of Turkish operations in the Kurdistan Region is often exaggerated. Despite all recent operations, the PKK is still active in several parts of the region.”

Syria, Iraq, Azerbajan, Libya one failure after another.

Friends? None

It would be hard to believe that plans are not afoot to replace the turkish corporal sooner rather than later.

Ricky Miller

Turkey hasn’t failed in Azerbaijan. And the Turks helped to stop the offensive against Tripoli as well, so I’m not sure how one could say that Libya was a failure. And despite the fact that Turkey’s goals in Iraq and Syria have not been met Turkish operations in both have created wide buffer zones under Turkish control on the territories of both states, so there is plenty of mitigation for claims of failure in those places too.

As far as friends in this era, the United States and it’s behaviors since 1991 have proven that very few countries are actually “friends” to other states right now. They all have their own interests and goals and are often willing to cast others aside to achieve meaningful gain for their own positions. Turkey might retort that they didn’t have any friends before so nothing has changed except that they are busy doing what they have to in the best interests of their own country. And actually I think they’ve played a masterful hand since 2016. Turkey has triangulated between the United States and Russia gaining breathing room from both. The Turkish Republic now has the ability to defend it’s airspace and it’s projects off Cyprus from aerial assaults and Turkey has made huge strides in gaining access to oil and gas resources offshore, even beyond the actual Turkish EEZ.

Sometimes, even if one doesn’t like a state or that state’s leader, one must give credit where credit is due. Turkey has enjoyed a huge run of success lately, primarily because they’ve acted rather boldly and played their hand well. Others might actually want to learn some lessons from that.


You like the Turks, you hang in there with them. You like the idea that they massacre the PKK, you hang in there with them. You like the idea that they are in Syria by the invitation of no one, you hang in there with them. You like the idea that that extended their sea borders to include greek islands, you hang in there with them. You like the idea that they are drilling or preparing to drill in GR waters, you hang in there with them. You like the idea that they have sent troops into the UE, you hang in there with them. You like the idea that they are on the verge of war with GR, you hang in there with them. You like the idea that they thought they would help azerbajan in the Nagorno-Karabakh take over, you hang in there with them. You like the idea that they protect Tripoli to foster a muslim brotherhood govt., you hang in there with them. You like the idea that they are on the verge of war with Egypt, you hang in there with them.

…but don’t get self-righteous and preachy with me with BS like “Sometimes, even if one doesn’t like a state or that state’s leader, one must give credit where credit is due.”

Because basically you don’t know what you are talking about and that is why you will always remain ricky.

The Objective

You’re just one hate-filled son of a bitch and I’m going to address you like I do your type. You labeling someone a hypocrite because the guy shot holes in your argument is the greatest form of hypocrisy. You claim Turkey did wrong going into Syria because it wasn’t invited like Russia. But you conveniently ignore the fact that Turkey is in Libya on invitation by the Libyan government. Russia invited itself and is supporting a putchist with innocent bloods on his hands. At least Turkey didn’t enter Syria until the U.S created a threat to Turkey’s security by building the PKK terror wing of Syria. The U.S did this to get back at Turkey for the failed coup. It was only after the coup failed that Turkey invaded Syria – not at the beginning of the war. That cannot be the case with Russia’s presence in Libya. How on earth does the Libyan government threaten Russia’s security? If Libya is a threat to Russia, then Turkey should be a greater threat to Russia and Putin must stop cooperating and making deals with Erdogan. He should stop selling Turkey arms and stop offering to sell more. As for Greece, Turkey is right in all its claims regarding oil drilling. Greece doesn’t wan’t to accept a good neighborly deal simply because Europe (especially France) is dissuading it to create a kind of permanent hostile atmosphere between Turkey and the West. Had it been a dictator ruling Turkey in Western fashion, the West would have persuaded Greece to play ball and resolved this issue long ago. In Libya, the aim was to prevent the fall of the Libyan government. And that aim was achieved. Muslim Brotherhood WILL rule Libya or at least there’ll be no dictatorship. If you want to defeat the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, the ballot is your only way. The Muslims (led by Turkey) has now picked up arms against their killers. They will no longer be a non-violent activists trying to liberate Muslim lands from dictators. What happened in Egypt was a lesson well-learned. If dictators pick up arms against us, we pick up arms against them and the struggle continues. No democracy NO dictatorship.

N-K was a success though as desired. parts of N-K was liberated. Syria is not a failure. In fact it’s been a success because Turkey managed to disrupt the Kurds and prevent them from forming any effective and cohesive force targeted at the Turkish state (as the U.S intended). And as soon as America leaves Syria, the PKK are dead.

In Iraq, the PKK will find no safety if it continues to threaten Turkey from there. there’ll be permanent operations to constantly disrupt the PKK and keep them in a permanent state of ineffectiveness against Turkey.


You sir are a dellusional prick.. comparing a super power like Russia to a wanna be super power 3rd world country like turkey… turkey is right to drill on Greek waters?? LOL you just lost all your credibility in you wall of text post…epic fail dude epic!!

The Objective

Do you have any international legal basis to condemn Turkey’s drilling activities or territorial claims? If not, you have no ground to call my assertion non-credible. I wasn’t comparing Turkey to Russia – not that Russia is that much of a power. It’s ONLY advantage are the nukes. Russia’s military technology is defeatable, had seen defeated, and will be defeated in future conflicts where Muslim weapons show up. The nuclear gap will be closed when Turkey completes shifting its economy away from the West and immune to Western sanctions. And Turkey has friends exclusively among Muslim countries. Watch us become more and more powerful even as your industrial status decline.


Absolutely nothing you have said here makes any logical sense.

You throw out BS about TR’s drilling activities and then it is up to someone else to prove that you are full of s*it? That is really funny. Your assertion is BS. You prove that it isn’t.

Your comments about RU are right out of CNN. Muslim weapons? Oh now that’s a bit of SF isn’t it. lol Read a bit of history and IR is not a friend of TR

TR shifting its economy from the west. Where will it shift it? If it wasn’t for the west TR would be totally broke. See: https://www.countryaah.com/turkey-major-trade-partners/

And what has shifting its economy from the west got to do with “nuclear gap”?

And while you are at it who are these “exclusive” friends TR has among Muslim countries?

You are really a bit unhinged in this post even more so than in your previous posts.


Nice way to start a post. lmao It’s not important how you are going to address me because you are a non-event. As for hypocritical, maybe you should learn how to read before throwing BS around and that applies to the rest of your post.

Among other disasters, Turkey is a financial mess and the Corporal of Constantinople is going to take the country down. It has no friends and no allies. It is being played as a useful idiot.

You just keep believing that the sun rises and sets in the Corporal of Constantinople’s posterior. Please don’t let the facts get in your way. lmao

Tick Tock.

The Objective

Turkey is a financial mess? Tell that to the Chinese companies currently investing or about to invest millions and billions in Turkey.

As for friends, Turkey does have friends and allies – not among the devilish Christian countries like U.S, Russia, EU, etc. These devils can never be true friends or allies to ANY Muslim countries. And Erdogan knows this because he is a learned Muslim. Allah has warned in the Quran that the Jews and Christians can NEVER be our true allies or friends unless we apostate and become disbelievers and rebellious like them.

Turkey’s friends and allies are: Pakistan, Qatar, Libya, Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan, Tunisia, Egypt (yeah, the Egyptian people who will soon liberate their country from your Western-imposed dictator), U.A.E (yeah, when the revolution reaches them), and many others. These are the only true friends Turkey has, and they are WAY WAY better than anything Russia, America or Europe has to offer us.


Your friend and allies list is missing an important non-muslim country.ı will not reveal it,you have to find your-self.

The Objective

Maybe Ukraine is friendly, but really not our true friends and allies.


ı said ”important” country.

The Objective

Well, there is no such Christian country. We can only treat them good and take them as business partners where our interests agree, but Allah has warned us against taking them as true allies or friends, because they are not.


This religious mind-set has no equivalence in international relations.


Why do you blame TR’s stupidity on Allah?

The Objective

I do not blame Allah for anything. The blame is on Muslims for being negligent of their covenant with Allah. Allah will only make us victorious to the extend that we are obedient to Him. but most Muslims today are sinners.


But if Allah created everyone, who are you going to be victorious over? Or did Allah make a mistake with some of the creation and the Muslim is in charge or rectifying that mistake?

No trick questions, i am just curious.

The Objective

Allah created humans and decided to test each one of them for obedience. He will reward the obedient and punish the rebellious ones. He also made a gateway for pardoning offenders. First he tests your believe in his existence and omnipotence. The greatest injustice one can do to Allah is deny his existence like the atheists and pagans do. There’s all the proof one needs to confirm Allah’s existence, but most people aren’t bothered to reflect or take the time to investigate it. Muslims, Christians, Jews, and other religions believe in his existence. Now the second category of test: Having confessed his existence and accepted his messengers, will you obey his commands? commands like: don’t let your wives and daughters dress immodestly, shariah is the best and only legal system for Muslims, no alcohols, etc. Some Muslims (the true ones) obey these commands or are distressed whenever they transgress any of the laws, and they hasten to seek forgiveness. Other Muslims (the so-called secularists, and hypocrites) have no problem transgressing these rules whenever it doesn’t suit their heart’s desire. These are the Muslims that have troubled the Islamic world the most. They are the Muslims that the kuffaar support and they are the dogs that true Muslim will have to first defeat before defeating the Kuffaar. When the majority of Muslims indulge in sin, Allah places the hypocrites and secularist among us in positions of power to torment us. But whenever we amend our ways and turn back to Allah, he raises pious and fair leaders for us. but sometimes out of mercy, Allah produces a good leader for a corrupt people (Erdogan is an example of this). So any struggle you see in the Muslim world today is mostly a fight between true Muslims and the Secularists or hypocrites. From Egypt to Turkey, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Tunisia, Algeria, etc. Hypocrites are backed by the U.S., Russia, Israel, etc. You can easily identify such Muslims simply by looking at who they ally with. Hint: the Turkish government is at the forefront of this struggle for the liberation of Islam. Whichever side Turkey supports is most likely the “true-muslims” camp.


Is that why the Corporal of Constantinople is sending troops and jihadists into UE because the UE is a friendly country? Another TR train wreck in the making.


“Tell that to the Chinese companies currently investing or about to invest millions and billions in Turkey.”

CN is also investing in Angola, Tanzania, etc. It’s less expensive to buy up the country when it is in dire straits.

I’m not going to get into your belief system rants because the other major belief systems ie Judaism and Christianity don’t think much of Islam. Which is sort of strange seeing as all 3 believe in the god of Abraham.

Your last paragraph is quite a pitiful display of tearful babble eg re. Egypt. U.A.E. You missed most of the “allies” of TR and i’m not going to fill in the blanks for you.

In other words your mouth is in motion but your brain is not in gear.

Ricky Miller

You take a lot of liberties in placing conclusions about other people’s beliefs. Most of what you just listed and labeled had nothing to do with the opinions I posted and represents hyperbole and personal attack.

I’ll always remain Ricky because that’s my name.

Ricky Miller

For the record, I have no preference in the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute. I do however think that Turkey had every right to help another sovereign state reclaim territory. I also respect their hard fought win, without approving of it.

The PKK is a terrorist organization, and the Kurdish community in Syria, which was given refuge by Syria’s Baathist government, repaid that kindness by betraying Syria and colluding with American forces to destabilize the entire region on a gamble that such destabilization might benefit them. If Turkey whoops up on the lot of them I don’t care.

Greece is a pathetic country that betrayed fellow Orthodox believers inside Serbia and voted for the NATO bombing of Serbia that violated the United Nations Charter to separate Kosovo from Serbia. The Greek government through multiple elections places the interests of the NeoLiberal International order ahead of the well being of it’s own people. If the Greek islands were completely absorbed by Turkey I’d be fine with it as long as the Greek communities on those islands were protected and free to be secure in their faith and local autonomy. The islanders would mostly fare better under conservative governance via Turkey then by Woke NeoLiberal transgender friendly ruling elites, who love to interfere in parental rights over people’s own children and sexualize and mutilate them.

I am firmly opposed to Turkey’s operations in Idlib province. I especially am disappointed in Turkey’s use of jihadi street gangs to try and conquer Northern Syria and am unhappy that Turkey was a conduit for the American games in Syria in 2011 and 2012, when the Gulf States, the U.K. and the Americans shipped weapons, foreign fighters and cash through Turkey to jihadi street gangs in order to overthrow Syria’s government. Turkey was repaid for it’s involvement in this conspiracy by the attempted American sponsored overthrow of the Turkish government in 2016.

I don’t like the idea of war between the Greeks and the Turks at all. Both states are victims of the American led international order that mostly benefits American and British investors and corporations over the economic interests of other people around the world. But if it were to come to it I’d solidly hope that Turkey teaches Greece a lesson about knowing it’s place in the world and about how a slavish devotion to the Western powers doesn’t help one itty bit in actually protecting individual state interests among the countries of the World.

I don’t believe that Turkey is on the verge of war with Egypt and would be distressed by such a conflict.


You are in total damage control mode. Posturing and backfilling in this piece. That is what belief systems do for one….any belief system.

“I have no preference in the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute.”

“The PKK is a terrorist organization”

“Greece is a pathetic country…”

“I am firmly opposed to ….Idlib”

“I don’t like the idea….”

“I don’t believe that Turkey….”

Where is the “Turkey has enjoyed a huge run of success lately, primarily because they’ve acted rather boldly and played their hand well.”?

You forgot to mention the Corporal of Constantinople’s latest faux-pas. Troops in the UE and movement of jihadists to the UE. Is this a bold act? Is this playing his hand well?

Ricky Miller

My opinions are my own and don’t require validation from you in the form of approval or disapproval. And I’ve found that people who engage in the type of personal taunts and attacks as you do above are actually threatened by the opinions of others and feel powerless to refute the argument and so you train your focus on the person making the argument, trying to haze them into going away so as to avoid having to read them in the future.

I feel no need for damage control. Turkey has played a masterful hand since 2016, and has the results to show for it. They have S-400’s, large scale oil and gas leases far offshore even outside their direct EEZ, they occupy a large buffer zone in Northern Iraq and Syria and even got the United States to withdrawal from areas for them. They would have succeeded in N-K with their Azeri allies completely but were denied a total victory by a trigger happy Azeri air defense crew who downed a Russian helicopter by mistake, inviting direct Russian intervention in the form of a demanded cease fire. Yet even without a total win the volume of reclaimed Azeri territory is massive, altering the geopolitics of the entire area. Those are facts, get over it.


I apologize Ricky I didn’t realize you were that sensitive. the best


Greece is the only country that voted negatevly for the bombing od Serbia …but as i said you re a dellusionall prick that has no idead what is writing…and you are getting humiliated non stop with your posts

Ricky Miller

I despise the Greek government and most other Imperial hostage states who don’t even stand up for their own interests and people when Washington issues demands. The Greek government is just such a sellout and helps to enable Washington’s bad behaviors. At least Turkey pushed back against American nonsense when it conflicts with their own needs. Let my “humiliation” continue.


That’s another topic.. And I agree with you in that thing only


“Turkey has enjoyed a huge run of success lately, primarily because they’ve acted rather boldly and played their hand well.”

Based on your beliefs or the facts?

You talk about beliefs and i give you facts. What have beliefs got to do with it? If you call his behaviour successful that’s up to you. The fact is he is an utter failure. TR economy has cratered. He is purging more of his military. He is the corporal of Constantinople. Soon to be relegated to the dustbin of history. He doesn’t have anyone to support him. RU is using him as a useful idiot to keep the murikans off-balance. Egypt shut him down in Libya. He is sending jihadists to UE. You really found yourself a hero bunkie. lmao ricky

Ricky Miller

Yes, you are right about the Turkish economy. The governments mismanagement of the economy and the sacking of the Central Bank Governor are major mistakes and threaten to undo Turkey’s major foreign policy accomplishments. No doubt there. But even if Turkey doesn’t get a grip on the economic situation, it doesn’t change the history that they’ve enjoyed major foreign policy accomplishments and had the backbone to stand up for their country’s interests in a global system where everyone acts scared to do so most of the time. For me, that’s worthy of admiration.

Part of the economic damage is COVID related. Part of it is economic mismanagement. But part of it is from following into a NeoLiberal Global economic and finance system that doesn’t work, creates major wealth inequities, and is reliant on debt and financial wizardry in order to function. Turkey would actually do well to emulate Algeria’s structural economy or Syria prior to 2011. An Islamic friendly finance structure, central planning of the economy, small market small business private enterprise and some buffer protection for the currency. The economic crisis could lead to re-invention of the Turkish economy and that’s not a bad thing.

Mustafa Mehmet

You swallow the Greek way of crying feeling sorry for yourself book again


lmao just go back to just up-voting things mustafa. your comment you’ve definitely gone beyond your limited mental capacities. night-night

johnny rotten

Turkey has no friends in the West, first abandon the NATO better will be, the Westerners do not respect the Turkey, and not even its interests, indeed lately they have fun hitting the Turks in the back.

Rodney Loder

Turkey is vital to NATO without Turkey NATO is out gunned out positioned and out lived it’s usefulness in terms of preserving US dominance, the reason Turkey has never cashed in on its strategic importance up until Brother-in-Religion Erdogan vanquished Jew pox exponent Gulen was because the Kurds were supported by the Evangelical maggots, notice we don’t hear how wonderful the Kurds as on main stream media as much as before.

Anyhow this is Rudolf Hess wishing the Kurds happy dying, my jailors don’t like me talking like that but one thing Hess neve had was the internet, I guess the homosexual Sid Loder and his Freemason vermin Jew maggots didn’t factor that into their reckoning, – happy dying Kurds goodbye.

Gotama Siddhartha

I will cut your tong your feet and your hands

Mustafa Mehmet

Terrorist Frankenstein

Rodney Loder

Do u know that is a violation on my human rights ?. actually that would entail my becoming a figure of fabricated thinking which is impossible, you can’t kill a Prophet, and hurting a Prophet only makes him stronger.

Besides truthfulness prevents fiction when witness is sufficient, truthfulness is what has taken place as witnessed by participants, that’s why nobody is able to touch me, disdain can only be viable if agreement is given by all participants in fictional situations, but even then condescension only works to a certain extent, as soon as it contradicts the Paradigm Prophecies made at the beginning of every consecutive Universal Creation, then when that happens, what we say in Heaven is “The longer it continues the more horrific it becomes “.

cechas vodobenikov

turkis version of hollywood toork losing in Syria—now their proxies confined to small area in Idlib, shared w anti-toork SDF/CIA toork lost in Libya, LNA controls vast majority of oil—Greece, Egypt, France all opposed to torky azerbijian Armenia conflict does not benefit toorky–elevated Russian prestige toork economy in shambles—dependent on Qatar loans turkey increasingly disliked by EU/NATO…now in slow decline

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