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JUNE 2021

Clashes Resume In Ein al-Hilweh Refugee Camp In Southern Lebanon

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Reports are appearing that clashes have resumed in a Palestinian refugee camp in south Lebanon.

Clashes Resume In Ein al-Hilweh Refugee Camp In Southern Lebanon

The article below is based on info released by Al-Alam

The Lebanese state media reported on Monday that clashes have resumed in the Ein al-Hilweh refugee camp located close to Sidon city in southern Lebanon.

Eyn al-Hilwa is the biggest Palestinian refugee camp in Lebanon. Up to 300,000 Palestinians live there.

Clashes reportedly took place on the al-Fouqani street located in Souq al-Khodar-al-Tayri neighborhood. Light weapons, rockets and hand grenades have been reportedly used.

The Eyn al-Hilwa camp has repeatedly witnessed clashes inside it.

The security of the camp depends on various Palestinian armed groups. The government of Lebanon does not participate in providing security in the area. The Lebanese Army is stationed around the camp.

At the same time, some terrorist groups operate inside the camp. They are the main reason of the security issues in the area.

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