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Clashes In Qabun Area In Eastern Damascus As Government Forces Attempt To Advance

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Clashes between militants and Syrian government forces have been ongoing in the Qabun area in eastern Damascus.

Government forces, led by the Republican Guard, fight agains Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (formerly Jabhat al-Nusra, the Syrian branch of al-Qaeda) and Ahrar al-Sham.

Recently, government troops have liberated the Husein Mosque in the area. However, this minor gain does not allow to say about a progress of the government government forces operating in the area.

Qabun, Jobar and Teshreen are heavy urbanized areas that can be hardly liberated without a wider effort aimed at separating them and besieging little militant-held pockets in an Aleppo-style operation.

The main option of government forces in the area, if they really want to liberate Qabun, is to concentrate on linking up the Special Forces Command with the Electric Station area between Teshreen and Qabun.

If this complicated task is done, the Republican Guard and its allies will be able to tighten siege on Hayat Tahrir al-Sham and Ahrar al-Sham members in Qabun and to start an operation to retake this area.

In other cases, militants will likely be able to defend this area from government forces attacks for a long time.

Clashes In Qabun Area In Eastern Damascus As Government Forces Attempt To Advance

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Wahid Algiers

These fucken pockets link so many manpower and material. A total cut off of any supplies (water) would be the best and smugglers have to deal with death penalty.


Common sense doesn’t operate in Syria; in no other war would encircled urban pockets, for years, be allowed to survive. Cut off food and water and they starve within months. Syria even gives citizens within these pockets their SALARIES, so they’re not rising up against the terrorists either, it’s a staggering collection of gross incompetence.


Well the difference between you and them is they actually care about their civilians and probably dont want to sacrifice them, whereas a zionist barbarian like you would. Evacuating the civilians and then cutting off food and water would be the best option I think


Ha, if he cared that much there wouldn’t be daily punitive strikes far behind enemy lines. White phosphorus, barrel bombs etc. If jets put more effort into striking frontline militants then this war would’ve been over long ago.

You don’t pay for your enemy to survive (because of course the militants would use this money, withhold supplies etc. and use these civilians as human shields to keep doing this, as they’ve done it for YEARS NOW). Inciting civilian anger would destroy the insurgency from the inside, a surefire way to win, a pincer movement from inside and out. The casualties would’ve amount to many times less than they currently are, many, many times more than they will be before this war ends, but of course a Muslim would prefer the more violent route.

How the hell would they be able to evacuate the civilians, only an Islamist/dhimmi idiot like you could type something so nonsensical. As if the militants would give them up. As if the brainwashed civvies, particularly the younger ones (6 years is a lot of indoctrination) would willingly walk out.


So much bullshit coming from u it really smells dude, how do u live with urself?


Show me one line of bullshit that I typed, one line. On the contrary, I presented hard facts, and Islamists like you can’t handle information that makes you look dumb.

I live with myself knowing that I’m right and morally right (my comment above), and much smarter than inbred dolts like you.

Julius Meinel

Whether the South Front community likes it or not, there are a lot of genuine Sunni Syrians that would rather live in whabbist, radical Islamic state, than in the secular regime that Assad fosters. It is a tough dilemma on how to deal with them. Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Israel uses them for their own purses ( I should say it misuses them), in ways that it certainly does not improve their lot. They would certainly do anything in their power to undermine everything that the Baath regime ( secular) stands for and rather live a pre-medieval life style. It is interesting that Saudi Arabia does not welcome them on its territory ( as it should) but ratheruses them as a forward base to promote the kind of toxic Islam they embrace all over Middle East and in Europe.


The Saudis are very sick deranged people whos only purpose on this planet, at least for USA, is oil


Wasnt Barzah seperated from Qaboun or it was just falsw report?


Yes they could split this pocket in half at teshreen and should make it easier to COMMAND AND CONQUER :D

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