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Clashes in Hasakah Leading to Kurdish-Arab War in Syria?

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The Kurdish police, Asayish, loyal to the Kurdish Democratic Union Party (PYD) and the National Defense Forces (NDF) loyal to the Syrian government are engaged in intense clashes for control of Hasakah city in eastern Syria. A series of street clashes with usage of small arms, that started on Wednesday has turned into full-scale clashes, with usage of heavy military equipment and artillery. The People’s Protection Units (YPG), which are also linked with the PYD and the core of the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces), are supporting the Asayish attempts to advance on the pro-government forces. In turn, the Syrian Arab Forces have launched a series of air strikes on YPG and Asayish military sites and HQs over the province. By August 19 morning, all attempts to implement a ceasefire agreement has failed.

The pro-PYD forces have been implementing a long-standing strategy of putting pressure on the predominantly Arab NDF in order to push pro-government militias from Hasakah province. However, the situation has gone out of control this week when the pressure turned into firefights and then into intense clashes. Furthermore, a significant part of Arab, Christian, Assyrian and other fighters defected from the US-backed SDF to the NDF as result of this escalation, expanding the breach between PYD-linked Kurdish fighters and the non-Kurds in the area.

The main reason of these tensions is the PYD’s will to set an independent state in the whole northern Syria. The move is not supported by majority of Syrian population. Furthermore, the ethnic composition in northern Syria, that includes major non-Kurdish populated areas, sets the ground for constant conflicts between the PYD and other local groups of influence. The proclamation of the “Northern Syria Federation” by the PYD (without any consideration with the Syrian government) has not contributed to stability of the situation.

It’s clear that the solution of the so-called “Kurdish issue” with peaceful means can be found only via diplomatic negotiations on the international level. BUT the PYD main sponsor, the United States, along with Turkey is blocking the involvement of the Kurds in the international negotiations on the Syrian crisis. An important fact is that the statements of Russian Ministry of Foreign affairs that the PYD should be involved in the negotiations remain ignored in Washington.

Such a situation paves the way for further escalations between the Syrian government forces and the US-backed PYD. This contributes to the US interests in the region because will allow Washington to turn its public image from “the state that supports terrorists against the Assad government” to “the state that supports the ‘democratic’ Kurdish forces against the Assad government.” The problem is that such developments will not contribute to the long-awaited peace in Syria, for sure.

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This is not yet the time for the kurds to break away violently, they are making a mistake.


Whatever. No you even read the news. Kurds aren’t trying to break away from anything. They are just fighting for their lives. Assad should control his fucking army. He can’t win there. He should stick to fighting terrorists in Alepo.

Tom Johnson

I disagree the world is waking up to the 50 years of Russo supported geonecide that has been used by the dictatorial Assad family to suppress 87% of the Syrian population. Putain is in this because he wants to keep his naval base in Latakia.

Bill Rood

Yes, we all know the motives of the US government and NATO are pure as the driven snow, so stop telling us what we already know from watching CNN, MSNBC and Fox.

Jens Holm

agree some. But very important if You see alliances.

Jens Holm

I agree.


This analysis is incorrect. lol, the PYD wants a federation with Damascus. I think you made a mistake by assuming Russian interests. Do more research and you will find that Russia does not back Assad when it goes to the Kurds. But American and Russia want the Kurds support. I know your strapped for funds. But do your research a little more before just talking without thinking. PYD/Rojava has never said that they want a state or even believe in states. Again you need to read what the PYD actually believes and wants. And you also need to see what Russia wants. 3rdly do your research on how much control Assad actually has on his own forces in that province. This was simply unprofessional. PYD doesn’t even believe in states.


Hello, 1) The PYD proclaimed the “Northern Syria Federation” without any consideration with the Syrian government 2) Public rhetoric of PYD and Kurdish media outlets clearly depict further and further shfit to a pretty negative stance towards the Syrian government. This had started much earlier before the Hasakah incident (with “assistance” of the United States, for sure). 3) SF supports the Kurdish struggle against ISIS in northern Syria. We also believe that the “Kurdish issue” should be negotiated and solved by peaceful means. Unfortunately, points 1 and 2, Hasakah-style incidents and a negative stance of some foreign powers (including alleged friends of the Kurds from the United States) do not contribute to the peaceful solution. 4) SF also supports the solution of the Hasakah incident through a ceasefire agreement. However, this is not the reason to ingore the escalation on the ground (and on an international level) that could lead to further deteoration of the situation in Syria. Best regards, SF


lol, PYD hasn’t shifted anything. Kurdish media outlets have always said the same thing. I really don’t think you have read anything they have said regarding their goals. The reason why there is so much backlash to this video is because you didn’t do your research. Look at the ideology. They don’t believe in created states. Wow, may be that is new to you. May be you haven’t even read any of Apo ideology. This is why what the video said is so outrageous. Rojava is not a state. The is a collection of autonomous local governments that have no jurisdiction over each other.

Point 1you main is incorrect. PYD established a defense against ISIS when the regime ran off and failed to protect the people. Do your research. PYD has never made any statement proclaiming independence from Syria. The Syrian government just doesn’t do their job. And obviously cannot do it in that area. So if you can’t I’m not sure if you can blame them or not.

taking what you just said in point three: even you admit that PYD is not a puppet of the US. Please just admit the mistake you made and move on.

People stop saying things like “public rhetoric of PYD”, and other buzz words that mean nothing. You need to stop trying to explain something that isn’t there and apologize so you can reestablish credibility in the eye of your supporters and viewers.


Like SF as an media informer can have a stance in the war? I thought this was about neutral informing? SAA just went to far with the bombing. SAA cant even handle an extra front right now.

Tom Johnson

Ceasefire? 50 yrs late. 87% of the Syrian population wants to be free of Assad. The Russians should pack up and leave and take Assad with them. You can leave the Iranians behind there are scores to be settled.


That is just untrue, Assad has survived against the combined forces of the USA Pty Ltd, UK, France, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Israel and Qatar. The only reason he is still in power is Sunni Shia and Christian Syrians support him. He has more support than any American President has had since Roosevelt. Actually, as only about 20% of Americans voted for Obama, does that make it OK for the free world to bomb some freedom into the USA Pty Ltd?

Jens Holm

Thats not true. And You still forget its not USA – its NATO. ISIS is enemy nr 1 and has to be defeated first making terror many places in the world. Assad is sitting because ISIS is made busy by that.

Many Sunnis are mebers and main part of ISIS and dont support ISIS at all.

And no a US president is not a dictator supported by a junta as the Baads. US president cant make money witout a majority of the Senat and they make the laws of the United states – not the president. he can propose a lot. Everybody elected can.

You dont understand what a democrfasy is at all. You really dont and how it makes its strenght and why USA and other demcraties has their problems – But are much stronger than many other systems.

The power and responsibility is diveded to all over like a network by learning people to be responsible by doing their duty. Women has 100% equal right are educated and have jobs and make much money too.

Thats very much what You miss by Your very old traditions often given better hay to cars, thinking they will drive faster. Thats why You make no Nobel price winners – and the 15 millions Jews does.

According to my knowledge Assad was put in by his father and 97% witout any other to choose. Obama didnt.

Jens Holm

I dont agree. before things ran in civil war with many helpers 70% supported Assas and only 30% were against.

You cant compare. You also have to ask why they say they dont support Assads anymore. You also have to ask if they can agree about whats better.

I dont think they can. They just want to go home and have peace.

Assads away dont solve anything stabil – more like a civil war nr 2 by the socalled winners.

Alex M

The NDF are the ones helping jihadists by continuing to keep troops in an area with no jihadists present. Who is the NDF defending Hasakah from? the NDF could pull out of Hasakah entirely and be deployed to other fronts without Islamists gaining one inch of territory.

Jens Holm

??? and very optimistic. But they are kind of federalists apo – something. Kurds are in at least 3 groups from Afrin to Iran.


Yes, I agree south front should do their reseach. I was like WTF, when I head the announcer lady says that. Yeah PYD doesn’t believe in states. Yeah the Kurdish area still gets money from Assad so why the fuck would they want to break off. Yeah The Syrian forces in Hasakah just do their own thing. They don’t care what Damascus thinks.


You guys need to stop disrespecting the Kurds. Russia supports Kurds. Do you want America to be their only friend? You make big mistake!!!!


Yeah I support the Kurds. You can forget my financial support for this website, anymore. I encourage people to stop funding this site after this video, unless they make an apology.


Even as the dust settles many tribal allegiances are shifting to support the nation of Syria. The PYD is not all Kurds. This Gladio-style attack by the Asayish was repulsed by the Syrian air force very rapidly, sending a message to the US that Syria will not be attacked, even as she tolerates the US presence for the moment.

It should surprise no one that the US has allied with the one force capable of causing trouble in this ISIS-free area, the Asayish, a localized “police” force more befitting to a totalitarian state than the democracy of Syria, and one which is about to get its power reduced severely, if it continues to cause trouble.

The US is responsible for this fight, and has already lost. None of this is about the future of the Kurds in their ancient homelands that span Syria, Iraq and Iran. And with Turkey now coming into the alliance, the Kurds have a chance for peace and integration throughout their ethnic footprint, if they will take it – and all people of good will wish them this chance at peace and stability.

As for the tr*lls appearing everywhere – it’s not just this site, it’s all the sites – this shows how close to the edge of defeat the US really is. For the Zionists, all that is left to fight with is shouting. And by their shouting shall you know them ;)


I agree. All Kurds are traitors. you are right. They should all be hanged. everyone of those un-cultured trators of Syria. We let them speak Kurdish and then they start demanding other rights. I support southfront.

All Kurds should be rounded up and shot. YPG are terrorists and ISIS should have killed them all. Kurds are controlled by the Zionist Jews. Death to all in Syria except the Arabs fighting for Assad Then we can have peace. It’s the way it always used to be. Too much change like this is crazy


Grieved and Go_Assad

You guys prove my point that the only defense for this video is more racist BS. Can you even make a single point to support your outrageous claims. Why do you have to kill everyone that disagrees with you?

Tom Johnson

Like they say “they are all zionist jews from hollywood who molested them in their naughty places”.

Jens Holm

People telling science fictions like that must have very censured internet or believe in every propaganda the meet.


They learned it from USA Pty Ltd. But they don’t want to kill everyone, they don’t understand that the USA Pty Ltd uses these poor souls as cannon fodder in the US quest for global domination. In short, destroy the USA Pty Ltd, and the world would know peace.

Jens Holm

good reason for not being US provocator.

Bill Rood

Grieved was not critical of all Kurds; he referred specifically to Asayish as a totalitarian police force. Of Kurds in general, he said the following:

None of this is about the future of the Kurds in their ancient homelands that span Syria, Iraq and Iran. And with Turkey now coming into the alliance, the Kurds have a chance for peace and integration throughout their ethnic footprint, if they will take it – and all people of good will wish them this chance at peace and stability.

Go_Assadhole chose to turn that on its head and make it sound like Grieved wants to kill all Kurds and that Assad was trying to kill all Kurds before the civil war. Neither is true.

People should read the entire thread before drawing conclusions.

Sinbad2 is also correct to point out that Go_Assadhole may be and probably is a false flag, since the SAA and Kurds were getting along just fine, including the SAA garrison at Hasaka, until Uncle Sam got involved.

Jens Holm

Cold be. Agree – things are not only white or black. But I think Assad provokation has to be a possibility too making noise because of not so much succes for the moment and trying to tak troops awy from the Manbij/Al bab area.

Its also about local oil selling and korruption, but “kurds” have their own too – not nice.


No wonder people fight the Surian regime, with people like you defending it. I think most of us here want to see U.S./NATO driven out of the region, first and foremost… but that doesn’t mean us also providing any support for the brutal and stupid status quo ante, either.


Be aware, that part of the Hasbara methodology, is to impersonate the enemy, and make him appear to be a brutal beast. If you could trace the IP of the poster, you would probably find it is in the US/UK/Israel.

Jens Holm

Who feeds this parrot.

You could be lucky. Kurds dont want to kill any other citizen, they dont like.

And the jews too from the very old CD singing everything was fine in the Ramadan eating dates until jews came. And how comed the biiiig syrian army couldnt defend Israel together with others bigger than that.

That because You have made an incompetent country and insist staying like that. 70% owns the rest.

Speaking own launguage is a civil right and not a privillege given by a dictator preferring chinese or anything else.

If Kurds had fighted against Assads, they were gone years ago. Instead they now are kept up by foreingn balloons because of being a Sovjet, Iranien and Hesbollah colony. Kurds were not enough.

And the Kurds bows and turn their faces to Damaskus saying thank you – thank you.

And Assad says: More down with the head so I can use my russian sword.


Not an appropriate comparison with the ‘Gladio’ experience, I think. More like the Neocon ‘Contras’, than anything.

Jens Holm

But the syrian police is not there. How comes.

Rest i pure and poor propaganda and wishthinking of worst kind.

And its NATO with USA as the leading one. Im an European and support ISIS defeated as soon as possible and after that – Assads having his own country 2 x 2 m2 being 700 Years old.

Kurds has not attacked Assads. Assads could not defend Kurds and several 100.000 others in that area. Now Kurds are helping Assads trying to eliminate ISIS.

It should be thank you and respect and Im not as bad as my father – soimething like that.

We are in Syria because of ISIS(&Kaida) comming here. But we will stay as long as Baads and a few more are reduced to the size, they should have.


Could people stop the racist comments about Kurds or Arabs or whoever. Is that what you need to do to support the errors in this video? I don’t hate Arabs. I love everyone. This needs to stop.

Yes, I agree. South front needs to admit their mistakes. But please people stop the racist stuff. I don’t care who you are or what you support we can do with without racism


Stop the Kurd-Bashing!! This video must come down!


The only reason I support this website is because I support the Kurds. I want to see what they are doing on the ground. I really liked this website. It is very useful. But I can no longer support this disgusting twisting of the truth. This site has been obviously been corrupted by higher powers who give them money. So why do they need my money.


I am no longer donating to SF


The multinational corporations have obviously started funding southfront. The got back the old speaker for the videos. This is discussing. Why do they turn on their friends


Yes, I don’t want to hear any more excuses. Please apologize for this video.


They aren’t going to apologize when military-industrial complex is funding them and telling them what to say


I honestly don’t understand what’s going on. Who’s attacking Syria. The Kurds or what . I thought the Kurds were fighting ISIS.


Hey the moderator deleted my post.

The are censuring free speech. See they can’t win in the arena of ideas.

This video is a disgrace and they need to apologize. Stop trying to silence people and answer their questions


Yes Why did Sf delete my post the deleted like 25 posts of people telling them to take down this video


Yes, I used to support this website for the videos because I like to see what the Kurds are doing on the ground. But I’m not sending any money to you guys anymore. Esp. after you deleted my comment. The only way you guys can fix this is to apologize. And learn what free speech is, you dictators


They obviously don’t have the intellect to talk to people


Why did you delete my comment. I was just telling people not to be racist. What’s wrong with that?


I really think you guys are crazy now. Why did you make such a shameful video against our friends and then delete what the people of Syria are telling you?


Biji Serok Apo!!!


Dear readers, we were forced to delete some comments in this thread because they were made by 1 person under various nick names. Best regards, SF

Jens Holm



The US wants a path for its pipeline, supporting the Kurds suits the US. The US will continue advancing using whatever and whoever it can to achieve its goal. All wars are about money, in this case the money and power the US would have over Europe, if it controlled gas supplies to Europe.

Tom Johnson

The premise of your “logic” is illogical. If this was about gas, it would be more economical for the US to destroy production in Syria, and sell US gas. The US has an over abundance of natural gas-so much so you can see the “burn off” from orbit.


So you think the US could build a gas pipeline from the Gulf of Mexico to Europe? US LNG is 4 times more expensive than the piped gas the US plans to get from Qatar, and pipe to Europe. The US wants control over all energy supplies to Europe. Hunter Biden, was given control over the biggest gas company in Ukraine, after the US covert invasion of Ukraine. The US has stopped Russia and Iran from supplying gas to Europe. The USA Pty Ltd, wants total global control, of everything.

Jens Holm

Thats right, but russsians are building a big line through Baltic sea and will supply china(and maybee Japan) by Sibirian line south.

Tom Johnson

You live in a deluded conspiratorial la la land.

Jens Holm

It not about having it or not. Its about control and making money of it very much too. Same thing for most of countries being there.

Jens Holm

Thats right. Everybody wants pipelines too or has already – or part of some. Nothing strange in that…

Very strange to fokus only at USA.

Doom Sternz

The ruling elites tell us that wars are complex. In fact they are obscenely simple, simply stated war is a racket that is extremely profitable to the western elites. These wars use WMD’s, ethnic cleansing and genocide to achieve the western elites profit goals, while at the same time propaganda accuses the targeted country of war crimes, which is pure evil.

Large numbers of dead civilians are required prior to mass resource thefts. This oil and other resources flow in one direction – away from the bombed countries and into the western elites who undertake the bombing and mass murder of civilian populations.

All US resource wars are based on lies by the US elite, these liars are never prosecuted for the murder of millions and they get richer and more powerful the more they lie and take us to war. Many of the US elite liars who made these wars happen also made a lot of money, which of course is why they took us to war in the first place.

These Western elites, led by the US insiders, have made Ten trillion dollars on the deaths of ten million civilians in which 10 countries were bombed since 9/11. This is one million dollars for each dead civilian. All of these wars have been profitable to the insiders that sell weapons, steal resources, install puppet leadership and make confiscatory bank loan deals to take even more resources, industry and other country assets.

I focus on the USA because they are committing horrendous crimes against humanity and for several decades now. Funny how you attempt to defend them?

Jens Holm

Dont think Im defending them. But You confirm, what I wrote and tried to explain.

In Your nice written artikel, their is not a single word about all the other players for making money, influence and have use for oil and selling things for paid oil money.

Everything is because of USA. New to me. Every thing was calm there before. 1,5 mio. armenians, 400.000 assyrians, 100.000 Christians and jews in 1915 to 1925. That wasnt etnich cleansing.

Throwing jews and chritians out hardly alive after 1948 thats not etnic cleansing either.

And You forget one very important thing. Its no stealing oil which make USA and others rich. Thats what they/we use it for by develloping and by hard work because there is another system.

As long as these areas dont do tht themselves, they will be, where they stay. It true US make some big mistake there, but they are certainly not alone.

It seems You see the area as som unity. Its not arabs and muslims are very different nations as well as in other parts of the world and therefor has different neds as well.

You also forget that all the talk about US dominating all i somehow true. In the other hand we are many, many which TOGETHER are active parthers in the world economy. Most ME contries just deliever oil , dates and tourisme.

A computer of today is made by 50 countries. A F16 by many producers round the world. That includes China, Japan, India.

You can never match that If You choose to go 1400 years back as main solution and even blame everybody else for everything only copying how Your family was and always will be.

You could say : No weapons for oil like now. If we westerns tell the difference they laugh. Stupid woman bougt by loan from my father and grandfather make descisssions by them self.

Dont blame USA for that.

Doom Sternz

I blame USA for everything in the last 3 decades, you excuse them of everything in the last 3 decades. Saying look over here isn’t an excuse, its a crime.

Tom Johnson

Your comment was a crime against humanity, I lost IQ after I read it.

Jens Holm

Doesnt make it convincing reading it twice. And the others dont want oil. You dont mention them.

Alex M

The SDF/YPG are the secular leftists fighting against a bunch of theocratic fascists. The Assad government is a lesser evil compared to the jihadists, the SDF/YPG are libertarian socialists, secular democrats, feminists, ecologists and pluralists. Rojava is already a polyethnic, secular, direct-democracy. Kurds, Arabs, Yazidis, Turkmen, Syriacs, all live together in solidarity. The NDF should pull out of Hasakah, there’s no jihadists there to fight and it just draws YPG resources away from the frontline fight against ISIS and draws NDF resources away from fighting jihadists in the west. Make no mistake, any ceasefire the SAA & SDF have is a tactical move. Assad wants to reconquer “every inch” of Syria. Rojava won’t give up any land, autonomy or self-governance to Assad and neither will Iraqi Kurdistan to the Shi’ite sectarian Islamists in Tehran and their puppets in Baghdad. The KDPI and PJAK will liberate the people of Iran. The PKK & HDP will restore secular democracy to Turkey, regardless of any deals the Islamist Sultan Erdogan makes.

Jens Holm

Yes, something like that.

Doom Sternz

Except it was the US controlled SDF/YPG that attacked the NDF. Which makes them terrorists, so much for the SDF/YPG being the secular leftists fighting against a bunch of theocratic fascists.

The truth is that the theocratic fascists are the US and the SDF/YPG. In the end the SDF/YPG will do US’s bidding an attempt to break up Syria, there are oil pipelines at stake.

Alex M

Whatever ceasefire/tactical alliance exists between the SAA/NDF and the SDF/YPG, it’s purely a temporary tactical alliance. Assad is an ally in the fight against ISIS in the same way Stalin was an ally in the fight against the Nazis. A fascist fighting theocratic fascists. What disgusts me is that after admitting that Turkey supports ISIS, Islamist jihadist terrorists and is an authoritarian theocracy, Russia is accepting them with open arms. The only friends of the Kurds are the mountains.

Real Anti-Racist Action

Kurd’s are… Ethnically = Arabs. Religiously = Sunni. Communist = Politically. Zionist = Practically. Any questions?

Jens Holm

And Ypu are poor uneducated shit.

They are indeoeupeans in language and ´DNA group. They are many different groups and has a hat named “Kurds” because of that. PKK was – WAS kommunist, but they are indepencefighters for more of it than now. The rest is not like that. Many are trying to change from tribe to country-thinking(areathinking). 93% is Sunni & 7% is Shia. The have for alfabeths: Arabic with or without a,e,i,o,u – turkisk and kyrillic(armenian).

Reading REal Ant-Racist-action anybody can be a zionist in some matters.

About questions: Even stupid questions can lead to thruth, but You cant make a camel fly, even if it wants.

Tom Johnson

You can make a camel fly even if it does not want.

Jens Holm

Might buy a better one and try again – thanks

Sezar Türk

We are not arabs turk or persian ! you must have to know that !

Chris S

It is beyond a complicated situation in Syria. It’s an outright mess!

Real Anti-Racist Action

Its not really complicated. The Zionist media always tries to make the world seem so confusing, that way their is never a census to resolve anything. Mean time the Zionist take more and more away from the rest of us. Wile their are more then two sides to the Syrian equation (more like 5 primary sides) it is still not complicated once you understand the Zionist equation in all of this, and how they represent 3 of the 5 major sides. It’s a game that seems confusing, till the day the lat piece of the puzzle falls into place, then it all makes perfect sense.

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