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JUNE 2021

Clashes Erupt Between Two Free Syrian Army Groups In Afrin City

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Clashes Erupt Between Two Free Syrian Army Groups In Afrin City

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On March 25, clashes erupted between two Turkish-backed Free Syrian Army (FSA) groups, the Hamza Division and Ahrar al-Sharqiyah, in the al-Ra’I roundabout and the al-Imad farms in the city of Afrin, according to the Syrian pro-opposition STEP news agency.

An unnamed source in the FSA told STEP that a disagreement over stolen goods was the main reason behind the clashes between the two FSA groups. Several militants, including “Abu Saker al-Qadsyiah” a commander of Ahrar al-Sharqiyah, were killed during the clashes, according the source.

Hours later, the Hamza Division and Ahrar al-Sharqiyah reached a ceasefire agreement that forces both groups to hand over the stolen goods to a “meditator”. According to Syrian opposition source, the Turkish Army played a key role in the negotiations, which had led to the ceasefire.

The Turkish Army and its proxies from the FSA captured Afrin city on March 18. Only hours after entering the city, the Turkish-backed FSA started looting everything there, right in front of the Turkish Amy and members of the press.

Local observers warned that many elements within the Turkish-backed FSA are well-known for their criminal history, especially the fighters of the Hamza Division. However, Turkey appears to be more concerned about the progress of its military operations.

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Is this an army or a coalition of gangs? Wait, they’re Islamists. There’s no difference.

Iona four

OMG NATO`s Two groups and terrorist Turkey Sharing pinched stuff from the Kurd`s Tax`es next.
and they in NATO


They kill themselfs for stolen foods. XD. That’s the way sunnis are. Where they go, they start fighting for nothing. After that, they blame their leaders.

100 millions Egyptians in a desert. XD. Don’ they understand that it’s impossible to live well in that situation ?

Amine Mansouri

go fuck khomeini


This is not an army just gangs fighting over booty.

Pave Way IV

Which may be one of the motivations for the Turks (not that it justifies anything). Eventually, Turkey will stop supporting and supplying its head-choppers in Syria. At that point, it wants to make sure both the populations of the Turkish refugee/recruiting camps and any random head-choppers left in southern Turkey are forcibly moved into Syria and stay there. Then they’ll shut the border to everything but exports to Syria and shoot any refugee/head-chopper trying to come back into Turkey.

Likewise, they’ll protect their refugee/head-chopper buffer zone inside Syria from being retaken by the SAA. The Turkish buffer zone is like an Idlib for them – a place to dump the trash after the Kurds are ethnically cleansed out of the area. The US probably lets this happen because the SAA would eventually just as easily have rolled across Afrin and the YPG. Afrin and the rest of the buffer zone was eventually going to be lost either way. CENTCOM probably figures it’s better that the Turks own that side of the border for now than the Syrians. It will be a lot easier for the US to salt the buffer zone with some fake ISIS later on. That will justify the US invading it ‘to fight ISIS’ with their SDF replacement, the so-called ‘Border Security Forces’. Turkey won’t care, as long as there’s no Kurds or YPG/YPJ left.

This is the same scheme CENTCOM has planned for the supposedly-ISIS held area on Syria’s eastern border with Iraq. The Border Forces will just be the head-choppers that live their now. The US has already allocated defense funds for their close air support. Protecting anti-ISIS border forces will be the military justification to kill Syrians when they show up to take their land back.


Actually, this is what armies have historically always done. Conquer a place, then loot it. It was even used as a weapon. Surrender quickly and be spared the looting. Resist and after your menfolk are killed the women will be raped and all your bases are belong to us. Being able to loot was also a great recruitment tool. One did not join the army for king or country, those were alien concepts to most people. Nor was the pay that great. But the loot, that could make the difference. People could retire in wealth from their loot, and let it form the basis of a new family fortune.

If anything its the current situation where people chose to become a professional soldier out of patriotism and not for loot or pay that is the historical aberration.


i agree. I have just posted the same idea above.


The English Kings and Queens were experts at plundering. Even their supposed friends.
King Edward (Long Shanks) is just one of a long lineage in the UK.



comment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment imagecomment image


Assuming that is former contents of the Iraqi State Treasury – being ‘liberated’ for ‘safe-keeping’.


Any excuse for Putin’s turkish invasion of Syria. In reality turkey is reimposing ISIS rules on the areas of Syria it now controls. The pro-turkish propaganda pushed by The Saker, Southfront et al, that depicts happy people throwing flowers at the turkish invaders, is the same rubbish the nazis used to depict the concentration camps in the West before the truth got out after the war.

As a full blown NATO nation, turkish military propaganda experts seek to control the message, while behind the scenes tens of thousands of kurds are hunted down and butchered. Putin works with his turkish allies to supress the truth, so turkish psy-op lies flood OUR sites as well as the sites of the Deep State. The kurds are friendless, so can be mass murdered in secret with no-one working to reveal the truth.

The ‘allies’ moved heaven and earth to HIDE the truth about nazi death camps during the 1930s up til the end of WW2. Yet they were supposedly the ‘enemies’ of Hitler’s germany. Putin has never sought to reveal the true crimes of the West- ask yourself why.

Tudor Miron

Starlight, you could make your life easier and just type that “it’s all Putin’s fault” because when you try to reason this idea it’s working against you :)

Promitheas Apollonious

I am sure you go find this bloody russians and teach them a lesson they never forget.

Right Solo?


It’s all Putin’s fault, everything, all of the time, bwaahhhhh-wahhh-wwahhh.
You endlessly repeat a very low-rent version of the same anti-Putin message found in CNN/MSNBC/Washington Post/ New York Times/ The Guardian/ The Times/ The Economist – ie group-think western MSM under full NATO control.


Yer a wee numpty plonker. Put down the pipe and step away from the keyboard.

John Whitehot

but we thought the FSA would free Syria !

Now I get it, they are trying to free it from loot !


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Brother Ma

Nothing but Turk Islamist headchoppers and Turkish-supported criminals!


It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.


Not always. Especially in later times, plundering was prohibited. Having said that, especially in pre-modern times, plundering was a means of paying for the army. Clearly, if you claim to “be with and for the people” plundering doesn’t make you very credible. Having said that, most parties in this war have plundered.


The same terrorist gangs that looted factories of machinery and goods in Aleppo that were then sold in Turkey.

The USA does the same thing but ‘democratically ‘ after their many coups.


Honestly, I hate the Turkish backed head choppers and have no sympathy for them, but looting is completely natural. If I was fighting in a warzone, I would absolutely loot and plunder the posessions of my enemies.

I would even slice out and harvest the internal organs of some Saudi shitbag, put them in a freezer, and sell them on the black market. :)

You can make good money on the organ trade.

Just thinking about it gets my entrepeneurial juices flowing. Maybe I should start a business based on organ harvesting in Middle Eastern warzones and then traffic the organs to wealthy Chinese families in need for a kidney transplant or something. Could make a good amount of money in the process.


My understanding of illicit organ trade ‘harvesting’ by KLA terror syndicate, stolen from murdered Serbs in Kosovo, circa 1999/2000, was the organs were medically iced and flown to Israel or western Europe. Allegedly some victims were targeted to age based order. But ‘organ harvesting’ is dirty secret of contemporary war that western politicians and western MSM stay well away from reporting.


It is very good business. Children’s and young adult’s organs are very lucrative especially.

You gotta go after their children…


Who gave Turkey explicit permission to invade Syria? Putin, that’s who. A fact not in dispute- not to the tiniest degree. Yet a fact ignored by 99% on our side.

In those outlets on the other side- the ones that cheered the ‘rebels’ and demanded Assad be tried as a ‘war criminal’- they are cheering Putin’s turkish invasion 100%. Yes, you heard correct- the turkish invasion finds full approval with the pro-Israel/pro-saudi crowd. Ah, but wait a mo, isn’t Putin fully pro-Israel and pro-Saudi Arabia? Why yes he is.

A child of three could take the above facts and reach the logical conclusion, but not most of the dribblers on our side- for whom acting like a football hooligan is their only idea of ‘supporting’ a side.

Where you fail to read, it is observed that ISIS (et al) is being reconstructed in all the areas of Syria the turks cleanse. Yet, of course, CIA/MI6 zionist agents here claim Turkey is ‘anti-ISIS’- the same Turkey that funneled into Syria most of the wahhabi terrorists and their funds and weapons.

So what is Putin’s game? East Ghouta is the clue. For the longest time Putin forbade Assad from cleansing that region and demanded Assad recognise the ‘rebels’ of East Ghouta as the ‘official opposition’- the ‘political leaders’ who would take part in elections when the ‘civil war’ was ending.

So what changed? Simple- behind the scenes Putin has now agreed to the PARTITION of Syria, and wants to secure what will become the ‘russian’ sector of Syria. So now, at last, Putin needs East Ghouta cleansed- and NATO (Turkey) is free to invade the ‘western’ sector of Syria.

Putin’s ‘thanks’ for this sickening act of appeasement was the UK nerve agent false flag, and the blitz of Syria by the british, french and americans sold on the abck of the false flag. Only by promising WW3 were Russian generals able to ‘persuade’ the west to cancel the blitz (for now).

Putin the appeaser has sold out Syria- and when the penny drops, the zionists here (especially Saker) will claim he had ‘no choice’.


It’s all Putin’s fault, everything, all of the time, bwaahhhhh-wahhh-wwahhh.
You endlessly screech a very low-rent version of the same anti-Putin message found in CNN/MSNBC/Washington Post/ New York Times/ The Guardian/ The Times/ The Economist – ie corporate western MSM in full group-think collusion with NATO.


“Who gave Turkey explicit permission to invade Syria? Putin, that’s who.” When and where?
You can’t prove your first claim, so no reason to read your other lies, hallucinations and utter bullshit.


Dont pretend to try to understand Russian politics. Obviously you never played chess. You would be very bad at it.


Let the Wahhabi headchoppers kill each other :)


Don’t they realize how ridiculous they are ???


They are thieves…


That’s how people are in most sunni countries. And that’s how they act also in west countries.

After, they blame their leaders because they can’t build cars, planes, processors, …. XD. These people are unable to build a processor. They spent their time praying 5 times a day and speaking in coffee shop. Also, they reproduce like rabbits whereas they can’t raise their children.

Amine Mansouri

go fuck khomeini….


Don’t make me right. XD.


FSA – industrial scale looting and thieving within Syria since 2012.


Again, gross generalizations. THis piece of shit takes some article about headchopping radical jiahdists looting and says “Sunnis”, all 1.5+ billion of them… that “this is how they are”. Just immensely retarded ignorance.


And when they are in the west, they blame westerners for being “racist”. XD.

Isn’t that hilarious ?


lol exactly!!


In Europe, they put themselfs in ghettos where they rob and kill each others. I don’t know, they have the choice to create processor or to become a drug dealer. They chose drug dealing and then they cry when people don’t like them. It’s hilarious.


Some westerners are racist, and some aren’t. Again, not all Sunnis behave like this. Plenty have integrated properly. Obviously a large amount of them are causing internal trouble, and this is a problem that needs to be dealt with, perhaps with tighter immigration controls. But the way you magically divide people into these homogenous groups is the epitome of ignorance.

Then again, I’m not surprised, considering the mass amount of contradictory and just outright retarded filth that spews from you on a daily basis. Someone clearly mustve bashed your head against the concrete when you were younger.

Amine Mansouri

go fuck khomeini…..


Sunnism makes them like this. They think they know everything because they are sunnis. They think they can do whatever they want because they are sunnis.

If they live like that it’s because karma is balancing their bad behaviour. Karma will keep backfiring until they finally understand.


What do you do with these people ? I prefer to rule Germany or Sweden. Much much much easier.


Americans are 300 millions. I can tell that if they were 1.5 billion, they will live without toilet like Indians. XD.

Michał Hunicz

Probably that’s why Erdogan wants to capture Tell Rifaat, as many FSA militants are from that city.


The FSA looting is an old Ottoman tradition of fielding auxilliaries known as Bashi-Bazouk, meaning ‘leaderless’ or ‘damaged head’. Bashi-bazouk forces were paid only in plunder. The FSA is just a modern version of Bashi-bazouk forces. Loot for the FSA is clearly a serious matter. What sort of self-respecting FSA fighter would risk his neck for months just to have some other FSA tribe steal his rightful goat, small child, or tractor?


‘They will not fight you all except within fortified cities or from behind walls. Their violence among themselves is severe. You think they are together, but their hearts are diverse. That is because they are a people who do not reason.’
Al-hashr 59:12

Richard M

Stupid Orcs!


Turkey has no idea, what they are doing. They have no long term plan with what to do with their newly conquered territories.

What began as “let’s fight Kurds” now must ask “does Turkey want to include millions of Arabs now?” Did they forget Arabs rebelled against Turkish rule because Turks were tyrannical?

And what do you do with all these terrorist militias after the war? Without money and drugs turkey lose control of them, where will turkey get the money?

Promitheas Apollonious

that is where you are dead wrong. The plan was obvious from the beginning and that was the Gaza `incident`, on wards since plan A failed, now you are on plan B. What I am wondering is, if the Russians seen this also, or it will be a surprise to them.

Watch it be a global event, if the russians have not seen it coming.


I sometimes find myself facepalming my face after reading the sheer amount of half literate manure spilling out of “Serious”‘s posts. He’s probably some autistic anime loving low iq asian fuckwit (the XD at the end of his posts kinda gives it away) living in Europe.

Promitheas Apollonious

then you missing the humor of the whole situation my friend, as well the lesson, out of it.


Maybe that’s a possibility. and I’m just getting trolled really hard. I actually hope that is the case. Otherwise it would be really sad.

Promitheas Apollonious

people as him scary as it may sound to a thinking person are the majority and not an exception so you learn to deal with them by completely ignore them.

And for that if you are can not help reading what he writes you ban him simple as that.

Rodney Loder

Hamza Division I have it on good authority made great sacrifice taking down Rojava and you begrudge them the rightful spoils of war, shame on you .

Assad Did Nothing Wrong™

I love how Turkish losers at life who post online all day try defend and whitewash their terrorist proxies in Afrin. Keep in mind that I believe that the YPG should have surrendered to the SAA so we wouldn’t be in this situation.


It would be the same, may be even worse. I
SAA looted everything in Harasta , even the graves.


ahah pop corn!!!


Since the old times, all thieves and criminals are used as mercenaries in wars of conquest. I’m pretty sure those guys were released from all the prisons of Turkey. After the conquest, they are just doing what they know and like to do. Interestingly, thats also the reason why most conquests fail in longer term… nothing to loot, nothing to fight for.


Lmao. We have seen alot of pictures and people in this 8 year war but for me this picture WINS THE WAR.
comment image
There is just something about this face. If facial features tell anything then this man is funny by nature as he appears no wonder the clashes started because of this man. He seems like someone who is beloved to his co-fighters and partners. Just an all around hiliarous appearance


Comedy lost a great talent.


Meanwhile in Saudi Arabia, the American Patriotard missile doing what it does best (Miss its intended target)



I reckon it goes like this – the Turks take the loot. Big dog wins out.


ahah idlieb= afrin after coucou assad!!!

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