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Clashes Break Out In Lebanon’s Capital Following Attack On Hezbollah Supporters, Casualties Reported (Videos)

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Clashes Break Out In Lebanon’s Capital Following Attack On Hezbollah Supporters, Casualties Reported (Videos)

Supporters of Hezbollah wave Hezbollah and Lebanese flags during a commemoration service marking one week since the death of Ali Fayyad, one of Hezbollah’s senior commanders killed fighting in Syria, in Ansar village, southern Lebanon March 6, 2016. REUTERS/Aziz Taher – RTS9J93

Heavy clashes broke out in the Lebanese capital Beirut on October 14 following an ambush that targeted unarmed Shiite supporters of Hezbollah and the Amal Movement who were protesting against the ongoing investigation into the 2020 Beirut port explosion.

The protesters were targeted by snipers, reportedly members of the pro-US, far-right Lebanese Forces party, as they were passing in the area of Tayouneh on their way to the Justice Palace.

In last few days, top leaders of Hezbollah and the Amal Movement criticized the ongoing investigation into the port explosion especially the judge leading the process, Tarek Bitar

Bitar has reportedly focused the investigation on senior officials of the two Shiite parties, while ignoring every other aspect of the investigation. The judge was accused of being politically motivated.

After the initial attack on the protesters, which was condemned by both Hezbollah and Amal, the Lebanese military deployed a large force in Tayouneh.

Army troops sealed Tayouneh and began searching for the snipers responsible for the attack on the protesters. Nevertheless, the situation spun out of control. More gunmen affiliated with the Lebanese Forces showed up in the area, prompting a swift response from armed supporter of Hezbollah and Amal.

According to the Lebanese Red Cross, six people, including unarmed protesters, have been killed and more than 30 others have been wounded, so far.

The Lebanese military is now working to secure Tayouneh. Hezbollah and Amal are also dispatching reinforcements to the area.

Lebanon’s newly-appointed Prime Minister Najib Mikati is following the dangerous situation closely with the higher command of the Lebanese military. Hezbollah and Amal will not likely escalate in order to spear crisis-struck Beirut a serious confrontation.


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Saudi and Israel plan to destroy Lebanon and Hezbollah because they can’t do it themselves

Schlomo from non-hasbara

The US losers, Zionist criminals and French poodles are trying to provoke a civil war as Hezbollah is now very popular after the Iranian oil delivery which they failed to stop. Now Mossad sniper teams controlling Phalangist traitors opened fire on peaceful Amal and Hezbollah supporters. The Zionists will fail.

US & EU are Zion slaves

SAFETY IS IMPORTANT, without it you get nowhere.

The West hands with their ugly pigs, Zion and Daesh are all over around Lebanon.

Last edited 11 months ago by US & EU are Zion slaves

How on earth is the Beirut port explosion the fault of Hezb or Amal? Makes no sense!


It’s not, but the idiots who love France and Israel in Lebanon believe that. There’s no logical reason why Hezbollah would purposely bomb Beirut, especially during a crisis.


Remember hariri? The traitor supposedly “owned” large amounts of the property in question.

A stupid traitor to begin with, three passports.


Those mysterious snipers again that always seem to turn up to kick off a colour revolution,those so called lebanese forces are the bastards who collaborated with the Zionist animals over the years when they invaded and occupied Lebanon,the last thing Lebanon needs is another civil war,but Israel would love that.

Chris Gr

They are Christian brothers.

Icarus Tanović

Tariq Aziz was too, so “christian brother” was pronaunced a War criminal.

Chris Gr

Not a fan of Iraqi Ba’athism, I like Christian democracy and monarchy!

US & EU are Zion slaves

“Christian democracy and monarchy!” Are you moving to Poland or Hungary? Or you are from one of those countries.

Chris Gr



Who are? would they be the same Christian brothers who wiped out thousands of old people and kids in the Sabra and Shatila camp in 1982 while the Isrealis watched?

Chris Gr

The only bad thing is that. But those Shia and secular militias who killed?


Just what Israel, US and KSA want to create in Lebanon, divisive chaos and violence. It is quickest way to weaken a state and its sovereignty.


16 June 2021 Putin and Biden met at Geneva and had a secret Agreement -transformation of Sykes-Picot Agreement from 2016- about Middle East, This new agreement is above all about 5 countries,Syria, Lebanon, Israel,Iraq and Yemen and because Iran is involved in all these countries it’s fare to put Iran in the meddle of this Agreement,and why Iran? because 1979 revolution in Iran changed the architecture of ME and put the genie out of bottle if you want and that has been The agenda for more than 40 years now,

Last edited 11 months ago by Daniel

If there are any Pro-US, Pro-Zionist factions left in Lebanon after witnessing what Washington and Tel Aviv did to Syria then they must then they must be on the CIA and/or Mossad payroll. If I was a Christian in Lebanon I would want Hezbollah on my side.


Some of the Christians do support Hezbollah,led by Michel Aoun,they know the real enemy are the Israelis, some of the other so called Christians are fascists,like the Phalangists,they collaborated with Isreal many times,what sort of people collaborate with a foreign power that invades your Country?


Quislings and traitors collaborate with foreign enemies. Any Lebanese national trying to create a civil war in Lebanon that only Washington and Tell Aviv will benefit from is absolutely no patriot. He is a traitor and a murderer of his own Lebanese brothers and sisters.

US & EU are Zion slaves

More and more Lebanese becoming pro-Hezbollah, the West doing anything to stop that, with Daesh Wahhabi and Zion pigs.


Samir Gagea is the main culprit bcuz he is losing business to hezbollah in oil. Samir gagea is hypocrite person and zionist slave. someone should assinate him or may be israeli themselve will kil samir gagea and will blame Hezbollah. Routine procedure of zionist.

Chris Gr

Your assassins will fail.

The Objective

Assassinating civilians is what you Shiites know to do best. Fight your enemy like men. Stop being cowards because cowardice aint gonna save you. By putting up a brave fight, you have a better chance to survive. Take the Taliban as an inspiration.

Putin the poodle

camels & donkeys

US & EU are Zion slaves

Don’t speak about your mother and father like that, fuk face.

F-35 Lightning

USAF should start smashing hezb in Lebanon and send troops to help lebanon reclaim their self.

Rhodium 10

USA tried to do it in 1982…but after more than 200 marines dead…they fled from there!


It was funny watching the marine survivors being dug out of the rubble.

The Objective

They’ll try again. This time, the whole world will know whether Shiites are just plain mouthy or whether theirs some courage behind that mouthiness. Thanks to the internet, people are following these events from all around the world. And I’m confident Allah will soon hand the Shiite mullahs their biggest humiliation in defeat.

US & EU are Zion slaves

No, they going to send Daesh Wahabi pigs like you first.


Yes let the American goys fight and die for the Zionist state. That’s been the Israeli M.O. since 1948. Let the goyim do the fighting and dying for the Zionist agenda. Now ain’t I right? Don’t I have you Zionist bastards figured out by now? Of course you’d love to send American goys to die for Israel. Wasn’t that what the War on Terror and the invasion and occupation of Iraq and Afghanistan were all about anyways?

Peppe il Sicario

US soldiers are too busy ass-raping each other in their barracks and filming everything. Then, they send the footage over to their Israhelli army station friends who whack off to it all day long. Neither of you could defeat a band of gay tooth-fairies.

F-35 Lightning

liberate lebanon!

US & EU are Zion slaves

Hezbollah and Iran with full support of Lebanon’s puplation doing that for years and it is a matter of time the children of Satan get removed from Lebanon. No matter where you look the Satanic children are failing.

Michel LeBlanc

Kick the white foreigners out of lebanon and the situation will be much better.

You had decades to help the lebanese after their civil war, nothing was done to help the people, fiefdoms were set up for favored businessmen and thats about it, steal steal steal.

Morrons like you van just bleat iran iran iran, but when one looks with his own eyes, its pretty obvious, keep the lebanese divided and down at ALL COSTS. Pretty obvious after last year’s nuclear bomb attack in the port.

Anyways your just a paid morron. We have seen your kind before.

Fucking daeshnag is what you are.

Lazy Gamer

This might escalate further as this is an effective way to provoke Iran. Any conflict will now span Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, Armenia, Yemen, and Libya.

US & EU are Zion slaves

Not really, it is the end of Daesh, Wahhabi, Zion, Western, yanqui pigs. They can’t do anything to stop Hezbollah so they using Daesh to start something.

Just like how they are failing against China, Russia, and ofc Iran for years.


Israel harnessing Maronite goys to do their dirty work.

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