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Clashes Between UAE-backed And Saudi-backed Forces Erupt In Yemen’s Aden (Video)


On January 28, clashes erupted between the forces of the UAE-backed Southern Transitional Council (STC) and forces loyal to the Saudi-backed Yemen President Abdrabbuh Mansur Hadi in the southern coastal city of Aden, according to Yemeni sources.

Supporters of the STC claimed that they managed to capture the camps of al-Naqil and Hadid and several other areas in Aden from pro-Hadi forces following a series of heavy clashes. Meanwhile, pro-Hadi forces claimed that they secured the districts of Attawahi and Khormaksar near the Aden port in the southern part of the city.

Yemeni sources said that STC forces launched its attack upon orders from the UAE seeking to pressure Mansur Hadi and to force him to sack Ahmed Obeid bin Dagher, who has been harassing the interests of the UAE in Aden for months.

So far, twenty fighters of the STC and pro-Hadi forces have been killed and thirteen others have been injured during the clashes in the city, according to the Lebanese al-Mayadeen TV. Local sources reported that heavy weapons, including battle tanks were used in the clashes. Moreover, Saudi and UAE warplanes are constantly flying over Aden to monitor the situation there.

In a series of tweets, Prime Minister Ahmed Obeid bin Dagher called on the Saudi-led coalition to put an end to the clashes in Aden and stressed the importance of the alliance between his government and the STC to face the Houthis and to keep Yemen united. Furthermore, bin Dagher said that the UAE is on charge in Aden today and he hopes that it will put an end to the STC attack soon.

Form its side, the STC said in an official statement that it will continue its “peaceful” efforts to overthrow the government of bin Dagher. The council also stressed that it is still committed to “fighting the common enemy and ending the coup by facing the Iranian-backed Houthis militias and liberating what’s left” of Yemen.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia will put an end to these clashes soon to prevent the further escalation in the southern part of Yemen.



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