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Clashes Between SDF And Local Tribesmen Erupt In Western Raqqa (Video)

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On January 23, hundreds of civilians took at streets in the town of al-Mansoura in the western Raqqa countryside to protest against the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) after the murder of a local by the group’s security forces.

Local sources said that the victim – Ahmad al-Zaban, a member of the prominent al-Bukhamis tribe, was killed because he had rejected to join the SDF’s ranks. Last year, the US-backed group began imposing its forced conscription law in the Arab areas under its control.

During the protests in al-Mansoura, the locals and members of the al-Bukhamis tribe clashed with the SDF’s security forces and burned their center. This forced the group to withdraw from the town.

Currently, the locals are demanding the SDF to handover security forces personnel who had killed al-Zaban. However, the group is yet to comply with the demand or comment on the incident.

The forced conscription law led to several similar incidents in the last few months. Usually, the Kurdish-dominated group resolves such conflicts with help from the US-led coalition. However, this time the coalition may choose to stay away from the conflict beucase it is in the process of withdrawing from northeastern Syria.

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Xoli Xoli

USA terrorist’s SDF stop killing Syrian local population Syrians are not governing by you terrorists. Don’t exploit Syrians.Dont imposed illegal force labour on Syrians you are not appointed legitimate government forces you are just USA,France, Germany and Britain appointed traitors who are stealing Syrian oil and gas.Just pack your baggage and go to your masters countries because you Kurdish are illegal immigrants who have long over stay in Syria.

Jens Holm

You just want chaos to go on in an infame and evil way.

I also cant see not a single liter og oil and gas can be send outg from there. Whcih way. I have asked many times.

I divide people in all the world in bad, good and in the middle. You certainly is in the rotten bad. Whatever sytem there is, it has to be followed. Afrin was same thing being the most peacefull place in almost the whole Syria. Even so that was not allowed.

Xoli Xoli

Sorry short sighted son.No one in the world is permitted to use a machine gun in a sovereign country without legitimate approval of the state.War can only stop if SDF stop killing tribes man and lay down arms.That stupid reasoning of yours is just precisely like your masters of NATO.

Pave Way IV

Welcome to New Palistine, al-Bukhami tribe.

Jens Holm

Palestinians certainly dont have exact the same rights as jews. That tribe think they should be like the Israelians at the Westbank or Gaza. NO WAY.


These Arab tribesmen within SDF held areas can be armed to be able to defend their interests within their territories.

Jens Holm

Yes, thats easy. but is it usefull. I cant see that at all. Some tribers shoudl run Raqqa and Tabqa being a small minority – just because they are armed. I dont think so.

I see no usefull competence apart from being tribes in kind of sharia trying to dominate others. I probatly prefare Assads for those. Even so its not my coise but all in Ragga and not some Shammer version of the good old days.

We see the good old days there in a poor mix of Assads and Tribes. Thats the past and never shoukld be the future. They can get seats in the parlament of Ain Isa (Raqqa) according toi how many they are. They are more, if they let women vore too.

Bill Wilson

Many are armed and are being paid by the SDF with Syrian government money to guard the oil and gas fields. Most of the hostilities are caused by tribes that were used to being in charge with the blessings of Assad, then the rebels and finally ISIS until they were ran off. Now they find themselves the odd man out and the other tribes could care less.

Gary Sellars

..and so it begins. As ISIS is finally crushed in their enclave oppsoite al-Bukamal, the tribal Arabs will rebel against continued control by US-backed SDF Kurds.

This was ALWAYS going to happen. Tribal Arabs of the territories east of the Euphrates will never agree to being satraps of the Kurds (whose majority areas are all far to the North along the Turk border).

Jens Holm

Hard to read the future apart from my calender, but I dont see any tribal arabs from old days should run anything. The dominating arabs are there. They are the wast majority.

It semes You are in the old days. Since then the whole area has urbanized then tribes – and ceratinly not one – cant and should not dominate the landscape.

their correct seize should be seen in their counsil parlament about hosing, roads, electricity, modern agriculture, planting forrest, internet and TV. Thats where the real world is and should be.

Thats named as peace.

Gary Sellars

Urbanisation doesn’t erase tribal identities. Libya is a great example were huge material progress didn’t do anything to lessen tribal affilations, and iltimately it led to disaster (aided and abetted by foreign powers of course…).

Bottom line is that the Arabs won’t accept Kurdish control.

Jens Holm

I didnt write it does. Its thinning up things. Fx many in Raqqa are from the northern parts of Syria even mainly arabs having another accents.

You probatly is right about Syria. If there is no safe to trust, the tribe is well known and make som ID and often local safety as well.

Thats no country. Liby never should have been forced by Italians to be one country instead of 2 sultanats and something deep behind in the deserts. Well, it might for the italiens even they killed and killed too many.

But afterwards it as minimum should be 2 kind of countries again an not rule anything that much south.

Let me remind You that urbanisations often is because You cant get an income in the rural districts and You have no choise. One newer resetling which actually covered moast parts of Syria was no rain and hardly no help as well as to establishing old conditions. By that we see a lot of hamlets and villages which today have no inhabitants.

Most people by that mainly dont come to towns to get rich. We see it in Emigration forced or be citizens themselves.

If I go back 150 years ago Norway, Sweden and Denmark went to be more and more poor, because of world economies. Many many more swedes and norweigiens emmigrated to anywhere else then danes.

The reasons was clear. It was possible to grew things here in very wet lands and very infertile lands too by hard work and fertilizer. Even very very poor people prefared not to immigrate.

You might say, thats not a tribe thing, but it was a class thing. The poor working for others had no jobs in the mechanized old farmers farms, but they at least got their own in a new start.

And the goverment did help them finding land for them buying it cheep, so they later on could be owners for poor farms.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

What doesn’t make sense here?
The YPG dominated SDF has been forcibly recruiting Arabs and Turkmen into the SDF. It’s creating an equality in numbers by doing so, eventually the Arabs and others would outnumber the Kurds and have more political say in the group, is that something the Kurds would want, NO WAY. But Trump wants that to happen.
Who is conscripting young men into the SDF, it’s illegal for a start and against many agreed upon world humanitarian conventions, who’s breaking international law and getting away with it, Only the President of Syria can conscript Syrian citizens into the army legally, no one else.
My hero Trump is the man responsible, not the Kurds, the Kurds don’t want the Arabs in their army at all, if they had their way the SDF would be totally Kurdish, but Trump needs a multi ethnic force to do what he wants to, so it’s Trump that’s ultimately responsible for the ilegal forced conscriptions.
I wonder if he’ll ever be held responsible for his actions, he should be, but then again no other US president has ever had to face the consequences of their actions, Trump won’t either.

Jens Holm

Its a duty and a responsability all should defend the territory. As probatly even being a forced amputee muslim, You seemes to have no relations to any responsability for that even there are threats around it such as Assads, Turks, ISIS and FSA.

So thos is not about being forced. Its about people should die for You can do anything, You want even talking against this. This i below the belt incl. not washing feet friday, satirday or sunday,..

Its correct Kurds dont want non sekular arabs such as FSA and ISIS. Why dont You invite those to be neighbors where You are, when You love them so much.

None can unite anything there as well as most other places in tribe mode. Sekularisme having the same rights but also responsabilities can.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

“Its a duty and a responsability all should defend the territory”

Where do you draw the line, conscripting 10 year old boys, maybe 10 year old girls, old people, it depends on your perspective, personally I don’t think anyone should be conscripted.
From most Arabs perspective Trump is the enemy, most of them prefer Assad and some even prefer Isis to the US, but the Kurds are forcing them to fight for the US anyway, I dare anyone to try and force me to fight for the enemy, I’d slice their heads off faster than an Isis fighter would, and then stick it on a pole for you to look at, if it was you trying to force me to fight against my will, it’d be me looking at your head on the stick. some of us don’t like being told what to do just because someone else thinks it’s a good idea.
I couldn’t understand the rest of your comment, your English is atrocious, why don’t you write in your native language and let us translate, it would be a lot easier

Jens Holm

Well, if You say so and prefare a professional army its fine with me. Many countries has that too.

But You cant expect to be defended by others fro free. You either join a might give Your life as soldier or semilar or have to pay tax to support that. Otherwise You are not part of the area whatever its a country or what.

You have to follow, else You cant expect anything and should leave.

It makes me laugh people in Syria prefare Assad & Co. But they have had no choise apart from heard jihadisme is worse.

If I read Assad officials anything else working fine in the rest of the world is worst. And people in Syria only see our bad sides and doubled and tripled.

One thing is they dont like Westerns. Fine with me. But what about the rest of the world. Thats not allowed as well. Onlÿ the collapset USSR seemes to be an option.

If someone specify what they dont understand I try to tell things again in a different way. You are used to highschool english for lawyers and doctors. That dont cover my endlish and dayli life communicationg well.

You probatly think and write from arabic or Turkish. That dont cover my western world at all and is very limited.

Just a small example. You talk about mixted rooms and what to do. We not even have mixted rooms only talk about, when we are not mixted – thats toilet and changing clothe.

Willing Conscience (The Truths

Assad was no monster before the civil uprising, Syria wasn’t going broke and the people poor, the only group in Syria before the war with any real grievance was the Kurds, it was only outside influences that caused this war, not real civil unrest, unless you count the mad jihadists that have always wanted to overthrow Assad.
Just leave them alone to sort it out, they wouldn’t need Russia or Iran helping if it wasn’t for the western powers stirring things up in the first place.
Yes I know some languages are very difficult to translate, Russian news is sometimes difficult to understand, it’s back to front to the way I use language, I have to reread things quite often to understand what they say and mean.
Just take a little more time when you post, it’s better to take an extra 5-10 minutes and have everyone understand you than to roll off a quick comment that some of us English speakers might find hard to understand.
This is a perfect example, I’m sorry but I didn’t understand what you were saying with this comment,
“Just a small example. You talk about mixted rooms and what to do. We not even have mixted rooms only talk about, when we are not mixted – thats toilet and changing clothe”.

Jens Holm

As biased as it can be.

Mustafa Mehmet

Who’s country this this terrorist group defending against Who . ASSAD? He is the President of Syria. Kurt’s gone have no where to run soon they stag

Jens Holm

As long as You divide people like that, You are wrong. Thats no country. In its best its majority rule, where 51% can do anything to the 49 they wish and want. Thats what we see.

Anybody can title themselves for President. He and they are just new-feudals replacing the old ones from the Ottomans.


What is better; Turkey or SDF occupation? Looks like they are just as bad as each other. Assad needs to intervene not Russia.

Jens Holm

Not at all. All in Raqqa has to vore about it. Arabs will get the overwhelming majority and those dirty tribers will get their right seize allowed to be in the local parlament.

The plan for Raqqa by SDFs already is/was, that they are free ro do as they please. ChOOSE.

Those tribers wont allow any choise.

Mustafa Mehmet

Sdf f… Ck terrorist bastard. what you on about you moron

Jens Holm

It doesnt matter if I am a moron or not. Some infgantile tribesmen and women should not take over Raqqa not even being the majority there. They are not even that and they deny to follow the rules, which are made for law and order in the SDF zone.

Naming those SDFs a s terrorist only confirm how low Your accusitions are. If some FSA alone took over Raqqa alone having hardly no support, SAA could take over any day, they would wish. The majority was not even allowed to showe their wishes.

But thats what You prefare. The goooood old days ….

Try this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-tJYN-eG1zk

Mustafa Mehmet

Clueless magot p…. of

Jens Holm

Very good You dont like, what I write. It confirms well, where the bordrlines are.

Mustafa Mehmet

What asssdl waiting for?


That question has a lot of people wondering.

Jens Holm

Thats the most stupid in the whole world.


Only for retards…….get the hint?

Jens Holm

Thats the most stupid in the whole world nr 2 .

Bill Wilson

There’s a lot of stupid people in the World! Assad isn’t one of them which is why he’s left the SDF alone to straighten out the mess east of the Euphrates.

stary ujo

Russians are in Syria 50 years,they had good relationship ! USA and NATO are to hate in the Middle East , and Russians are welcome there ! Russians never be leaving allys !

Jens Holm

Ahmad al-Zaban and his people has behaved like a tribe allowed to be a state in a state. People like them either are joining SDF and follow the rules for all in a sekular way or are out being unarmed.

You cant run anything that weak having randoms running around like that…

I feel deep symphaty for SDFs and other normal ones in the SDF area. The Leadership is the Cousil incl. the armed and the barefoot police part.

Mustafa Mehmet

there is no sdf terrorist area.

Jens Holm

You must be blind or worse. The question is, if there should be one and how it then should be.


Tribes, it say’s it all. Focus on their own petite, rejecting the society because even within the tribes are kings and slaves. Even their own religious creator knew there whas no coherence, he ussed it to let them kill but also tried to counter it by installing the never excisting Ummah. What do I complain this is a good thing imagine they could uni sono enforce that intollerant ideologie among the civilzed world.


Leave that shithole region, it was always a dump place of im-morality, inhumanity, retardness, enslavement and cruelty and it will remain so after the Syrian war: a hole in the human civilisation, the source off all intolerance and the biblical proof off brother murder and surpression.


“Look for the women”: Erdogan.

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