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Clashes Between Houthis Movement And Its Allies Erupt In Yemeni Capital

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Clashes Between Houthis Movement And Its Allies Erupt In Yemeni Capital

The Yemeni capital, Sana’a, witnessed heavy clashes between the Houthis and the supporters of their ally – former Yemen President Ali Abdallah Saleh – during the last three days, according to Yemeni sources. Several fighters from the both sides were killed or injured as a result of the clashes.

On December 2, Yemeni sources reported that the clashes between Abdallah Saleh supporters and the Houthis spreaded into Hajjah province and several other areas.

The clashes between the two allies first broke out on November 29 when the Houthis attacked and captured the Saleh mosque in Sana’a. The  site was used by Abdallah Saleh supporters as a HQ, according to local sources. The main motive of the Houthis is still unknown, and many experts claimed that it is nothing more than a “show of power”, especially that the Houthis withdraw from the mosque hours later.

Abdallah Saleh criticize the Houthis, and said that he is ready to talk with the Saudi-led coalition on December 2. Many Yemenis viewed Abdallah Saleh’s statements as the end of his alliance with the Houthis.

“I call on our brothers in neighboring countries … to stop their aggression and lift the blockade … and we will turn the page … We vow to our brothers and neighbors that, after a ceasefire is in place and the blockade is lifted … we will hold dialogue directly through the legitimate authority represented by our parliament,” Abdallah Saleh said according to the Qatari al-Jazzera TV

The Saudi-led quickly welcomed Abdallah Saleh’s statement, and said that his decision will free Yemeni from the Iran allies according to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA).

“The decision by [Abdallah Saleh’s] General People’s Congress to take the lead and their choice to side with their people will free Yemen of… militias loyal to Iran,” the Saudi-led coalition said in an official statement, according to SPA.

In response, a spokesman for the Houthis accused Abdallah Saleh of starting a “coup” in Sana’a and condemned his statements, according to the Yemeni al-Masirah TV.

“Saleh’s speech is a coup against our alliance and partnership … and exposed the deception of those who claim to stand against aggression,” the Houthis spokesman said according to al-Masirah.

The tension between the Houthis and the supporters of Abdallah Saleh will likely increase in the upcoming days. However, the millitary situation in Yemen will not likely change unless Abdallah Saleh decided to join the Saudi-led coalition, winch is a very unlikely, according to experts.

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… This seems so familiar.


The Syrian Arab Baathist Army will triumpth ! https://theuglytruth.wordpress.com/2017/03/27/france-mossad-tried-to-infiltrate-french-intelligence-services/ holywar.org Reporting the truth: smoloko.com purestream-media.com syriatruths.com informationclearinghouse.info electronicintifada.net http://www.12160.info to fight and resist the evil zionists ZOG ,the evil zionists rothschild’s evil israHell and and the evil house of saud crypto-jews in saudi arabia wahhabia who do nothing but damage ( who’s king in the late 1960’s addressed all the UN and arab countries requested them to recognize and accept israHell as a country) and their allies’s control/occupation of governments and the arab land of palestine and its neighbouring arab countries, to fight and resist those zionists is to fight to remove them from governments and economic power without removing them out of these office from these positions and freezing their USD currency assets monopoly dominanting global markets and trades( the 1 dollar bill has shapes of the stars of david ) wars instigated by zionists bankers on sovereignt independent states and and against their territory’s integrity will continue and the zionists’s scheme to establish a one global government control could be all set .

they must be removed from these positons (by us who are fighting them and only by us ) in order to get international peace progress prosperity and a good better and more positive dialogue between all countries and their peoples who their own peoples will lead and decide what to do by and for themselves. manage what their internal and foreign affairs to other countries and people’s would be and not led by some private zionists’s monopoly organisation who wages wars on whoever they want and on behalf of whoever they control and whoever bans rothschild influence and rothschild’s-controlled banks into their country!

should such a future international peace progress proccess dialoge between countires is to be then israHell turkey saudi arabia eritrea/ethiopia and pkk-rojava-peshmerga-kurdistan could be excluded because of their evil role of their tyranny and the logic of them even not being officialy recognised as countries (or maybe even by then they would already cease to exist before that) but rather occupiers of stolen lands by wars of aggression who occupy arab Palestine land and other neighbouring arab countries’s lands and their natural resources assets illegally from wars of aggression like e.g. Yemen and Somalia afghanistan with daesh and AQAP muslim-brotherhood-extremists and taliban and other plots of the the mossadistic so called “alliance of periphery” with their puppet collaborators alCIAda and MI6 .

all of Western Sahara and its people will be freed from the corrupt dynasty government of morocco’s illegal occupation which has a long history of collaborating with the zionists’s mossad and will be a recognised country by all nations ( hassan II and the mossad were behind Mehdi Ben Barka’s dissapperance / kidnap / assassination ! the jewish autonomous oblast isn’t enough for the evil zionists’s obssesion of world domination conquest . . History wasn’t written in ink , history was written in blood


Arabs are very stupid. Saudis kill them for no reason and they will just “turn the page” ??? XD.


Not the real Arabs.. this is what happened when you gave power to Nomads Bedouins..! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/105fc4201f421c41a5cdc787b2761ba39267ad592287cfe0d7f1e4d3c490b491.jpg

Elain ??

The saudi tentacles have reached Sana’a, wish the best to the yemeni resistance.


WRONG- they are BRITISH tentacles. It is no coincidence the BBC has recently run a major dramna set in Yemen.

Pave Way IV

Whether British or Saudi controlled, the Saana snipers are either western intel assets and/or mercs from Erik Prince’s (Blackwater) UAE-based merc army. They will ramp up their false-flag atrocities to cement their manufactured Houthi-Saleh split.

I wonder if the Houthis were even really part of the mosque attack or if it happened at all. Damn near everything coming out of Yemen is a lie – anyone can claim the other side said anything, and western intel is undoubtedly using that here. Unfortunately, Houthi leaders can be bribed just like Saleh loyalists. You only need a few Houthi leaders to spread some lies about Saleh to stir up other Houthis.

If neither side realizes they are being played like this, then they are doomed. Houthis are unusually wise to these kind of Saudi tricks. I would be surprised if they fell for it this time.


This is a matter of time you will see yourself. God helps those who help themselves. I have seen the Muslim strength and intention in the region. If only Iran just do pee towards Israel then whole Israel will be drowned in the Mediterranean sea.

Irani gov should not put their nation in danger. Iran must develop their own nuclear weapons and ICBM for national defence and nuclear reactors for nuclear power and for export to reduce dependence on oil and gas. This will lead Iran to leading stage in science and technology.

Iran should never ever surrender to America and Israhell. God bless Iran for ever. Ameen.


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Thtas’ why never help Arabs. Iran try to help them but they like to be salves.


NO- every resistance leader has feet of clay. When the Empire offers them untold riches and elevation for their extended familiy for generations to come, they soon switch sides.


Arabs are divided, traitors and want nothing expect money and power. If you try to help them, they will return against you. They always kill their friends and help their ennemis.

Don Machiavelli

So funny, Yemen indigenous population being painted as ” Iranian militias ” by Saudis.

What’s worse, it’s majority of the Yemen population lol when will the world wake up and finish every aggressive regime!? Down with warmongers, namely, Israel, Saudis and AIPAC and MIC


It’s OK to be a west puppet but not OK to try to be free.

Don Machiavelli

Exactly. Some victims are tragedy but others are mere ‘supporters’ of ‘undesired group’.


I don’t understand why they don’t reply by calling Saudi gov american militants.


You are absolutely right, Saudi govs are American militants.

Don Machiavelli



Yemen was the slave colony of KSA, just as Korea was the slave colony of Japan. Japan and KSA expect Yemen and Korea to do as they are told. When the people of the slave colonies no longer ‘respect’ their old ‘masters’, well those ‘masters’ act to bring down the ‘whip’.

Don Machiavelli

Same pattern everywhere.

Pave Way IV

Saudi Arabia: “…If we could just kill all Shia or confine all of them to remote, open-air concentration camps, then all of our Saudi Wahhabi Caliphate troubles will be over. Except for destroying Iran – that would be next. Then we would have a glorious religious apartheid paradise of a country – just like Israel!…”


Las declaraciones e intenciones de Saleh, si es que son ciertas, parecen una autentica intención de romper la alianza con los Houthies, traicionando a sus partidarios y mirando con buenos ojos a los invasores de su patria. Esto es intolerable, Saleh siempre se a puesto de parte del pueblo yemení contra los invasores Saudíes, sus aliados del golfo y las fuerzas reaccionarias yemeníes; ahora, en cambio, parece estar de acuerdo en pactar con los agresores y olvidar los crímenes que han cometido. Eso seria darles todo el poder a las dictaduras del golfo para que salieran de rositas, establecieran su gobierno neocolonial, y ya de paso, aplastaran toda resistencia suristas y houthi


Yo sospecho la mano de Mossad. Ya habian encontrado un imam en Libia que era un agente de Mossad. Sin duda, el movimiento Islamico esta infiltrado por los servicios de inteligencia Israeli.


Sin duda, no se puede negar que Israel tiene influencias e intereses geoestratégicos en todos los países del Oriente Medio, con el objetivo de derrocar todos los gobiernos propalestinos, y conseguir que todos los países árabes se rindan ante su ocupación de palestina. De echo, tan importante es para Israel legitimar su ocupación y apartheid en Palestina, que desde los ochenta a vendido decenas de miles de misiles a Marruecos, para que esta los utilice contra el pueblo saharaui: Alianzas entre colonialistas


Ok, I now get it. This is why the current Yemeni president is in house arrest in Saudi Arabia. The Saudis cut a deal with the former president because they felt like the current one is not able to tame off the rebellion. With factions shifting alliances this easily, that makes the houthi the only stable faction with a very long term vision.


They already got expelled from many places. I wouldn’t say long term vision.


Britain is ‘converting’ leading resistance families with promises of rewards for generations to come. Freedom for their extended familiy members to move to the UK, USA etc and have their kids go to the best schools. All the money they want. The intention- to close down the Yemen war so Britain’s new puppet in KSA can focus on war with Iran.


KSA focus iran..? hehehe.. Not even uncle Sam can do it.. and you expect the nomad Bedouins..? lol..


Wow- the british are finishing off anti-Saudi resistance in Yemen (check current drama on the BBC- the ‘highlight’ is set in Yemen during the official british occupation) just in time for the coming Lebanon and Iran war.

PS how is this achieved? Money, and lots of it, via british middlemen. Leading resistance families are made to switch to the other side with GENERATIONAL promises of money and power. Members of their families are free to move to Britain, the USA etc, and have their kids go to the best schools. Its how the Ancient Romans conquered- massive armies BUT more importantly the promise of roman rewards to leading families on the enemy side if they’d work for the Romans.

The new british puppet in KSA needs to show Yemen’s over to get his goons ready to fight Iran. The Middle East is about to burn. Iran will use unprecedented numbers of ground-to-ground missiles in a desperate attempt to go down fighting. The Deep State is going to nuke Iran- using small modern nuclear warheads designed to level entire hardened facilities. Israel is going to be given a free hand to murder hundreds of thousands of innocent Humans in Lebanon and Palestine.

We dangle by a thread, and that thread is the desire by some influential people in Israel and KSA to avoid war. But those people are being ‘neutralised’ one by one.


Great analysis.


We’ve been dangling by a thread for so long we now accept it as normal. Meanwhile we’re already starting to die from radioactive fall-out from all the incessant nuclear testing.


Any of the evil of axis attack Iran.. Dimona, Haifa & Hellhaviv will be burned and flattened.. I really want that to happen now.. as it’ll will free the world..! It will be hard and impossible to rebuild decades planned of greater israhell..! Hopefully, patriotic American will burn down the senate while aipac members in it.. Chase and eliminates that double citizens traitor scums once and for all. That will be an awesome day for America and the whole world..

Solomon Krupacek

huthis should not attack sunni mosque


Israel-USA-NATO…let us destroy now Yemen….!! hurra.


Well this is not good!! Why the hell this guy wanna make friends with Saudis now after how much death and destruction they caused???

Tom Tom

CIA at it again.


Yeah, again, contradictions, blurs the image, and this kinds of shoot outs can be done by anyone, and again, timing is everything.

Bombing another country, do notice, this Wankees, Syria is been bombed heavily, day by day, for 6 years, to then bomb an country that have the ability to shoot back this time without any restrains, at anyone whom they sees as an enemy if their land and people, is something else. Either you dont know anything, or is plain stupid, if you dont go full thermo nuclear, with megaton shit loads, and I talk the big sticks, then their usefulness to bomb any country to submission is basically an waist of effort and time, it simply dont work, boy.

Tack, nukes, well, I have seen them go of several times, even waking an entire chicken factory some years ago, they are just that, an bigger bomb managed to be delivered in smaller packages, not unlimited, but again, the difference between ordinary and tac nuks are probably highly exaggerated. And again, the moment the Arab world, turns and runs for the Mediterranean sea, they will wipe Israel out within some few days, where then to nuke, boy, Jerusalem, yeah, why not do it now and one in Tel-aviv, and our problems is gone. Because, ISISrael will loose, the UssA will loose. But it will cost us millions of lifes, but never the less, they will loose.

They had it, some decades ago, not any more, the second fact is, this time they are up against someone that can fire back, and to me, ISISrael is more like an fart in the wind, because they rely on the UssA.


PS: what is it with some people, I don’t like people whom is exaggerating everything, and warps it into an constant over the top shit show, not that it may be wrong, but the level must be downplayed, dont scare people, and above all, this is well pissing, I hate well pissers, and to then name some, with images and everything, is even worse, this is an trend attacking comments I find despicable. They do that in Norway, on Facebook, etc, so suddenly if you are controversial, aka Palestine, Russia, etc, etc to drugs debate, where nobody is willing to tell anything, admits nothing, what debate do you idits think we will have then, you loose your job, social status, etc, etc, and also in the AGW cult, they use the same methods to scare people away, I would do that even to my enemy, when it comes to Freedom of expressions I am an rock hard fundamentalist, and prefers to stay anon, get it. If that happens I hope the Site watchers simply throws them out, they destry more than do anything good, no matter whom. Focus, I never say Hate Jews, I say fight them, politically, because of your own ignorance and sleep walking into an reality where you have lost power, is equally your own problem as it is to those that takes advantage of it, thats why I kick downward and upward, and sideways if I have to, never ever forget your own responsibility, tsk, tsk, tsk.


massive rants of lies and hallucinations


Hope they didn’t damage the flip flop factory with their little spaz.

Rafik Chauhan

Saleh has sold himself to Wabhi kingdom. to become president of yemen again. Now he cannot be trusted. Saleh has become traitor he sold yemen to saudii who has killed and starved the Yemeni people. Houthis Ansharullah should be carefull of him now

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