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Civilians Injured In Another Attack On Airport In Saudi Arabia

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Civilians Injured In Another Attack On Airport In Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Arabia is now fully understanding the consequences of the recent withdrawal of US air-defense systems from its territory. Saudi airports in the southern regions became the favorite targets of the Yemeni Houthis (Ansar Allah).

The Yemeni group stepped up its attacks on Saudi Arabia and hits the Kingdom on a regular basis.

The most recent attack targeted the southern areas of Saudi Arabia late on October 8th for the third day in a row. (Link, Link).

This time the target was the King Abdullah Airport in the Saudi city of Jizan, near the border with Yemen.

At least 10 civilian passengers and airport workers were reportedly injured, including six Saudis, three Bangladeshi nationals and one Sudanese.

According to a Saudi-led coalition spokesman, the first projectile was fired from a drone, and it shattered the airport’s facade windows and causing injuries.

It was latter added that another explosives-laden drone was intercepted in early hours on October 9.

No group has claimed immediate responsibility for the attack. However, Houthi forces are the main suspect, as they are fighting the Saudi-led coalition both in Yemen and are often targeting its forces in cross-border attacks.

The Houthi drones successfully reach their targets in Saudi Arabia, following the U.S. decision to withdraw its air-defense systems from the Kingdom.

In September, the US withdrew a THAAD [Terminal High Altitude Area Defense] missile defense system and several Patriot batteries from Saudi Arabia.

Following the U.S. abandonment, Saudi Arabia was even eyeing the Russian-made S-400 “Triumf” long-range air-defense system as a possible replacement, according to the London-based al-Arab news agency.

While US air-defense systems were leaving Saudi Arabia, the number of U.S.-made drones over Yemen has significantly increased, especially of those shot down by the Houthis.

Meanwhile, clashes between the Houthis and the Saudi-led forces continue on the southern and western fronts of Marib province.

In recent days, Ansar Allah has reportedly take control over al-Rawdha, Sa’id and al-Qaher areas in the south of al-Jubah district.


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If the KSA is willing to sign a peace deal with us like the UAE and Bahrain, we can provide them with state of the art AD systems. They just need to decide they recognize Israel and our borders, and the military cooperation can benefit both countries against common enemies.

Chris Gr

I don’t like the Saudis at all. All of those islamist regimes like Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and Turkey and many others were helped by the West in order to stop Soviet expansionism and now they are being ungrateful.


Saudi has American AD and that can’t even stop the Houthis, your shitty iron dome will stop them? Your iron dome got overwhelmed by bunch of bottle rockets, you think it can keep up advanced missiles?

Chris Gr

Why is Iron Dome bad?


Iron dome is bad because they are small missiles not strong enough to hit against large missiles

Chris Gr

We will see in the future!


Wahhabi and Zionazis = two toilets that are clogged up with 💩👈😂

Chris Gr

National Zionism is ok though.

Icarus Tanović

Hey Turkish goatfucker, how is like to be fucked, tell us.

Chris Gr

Incel Defense Force. Your army.

Peter Jennings

The good people of suadi arabia need to contact thier MP’s and stop the illegal war in Yemen.

Oh yeah….I forgot they are a fuedal dictatorship, and the envy of every bent western leader.

Expect more drones.

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