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Civilians In Northern Hama Denounce Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Preparations For New Attack

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On July 7, a public committee representing the civilians in the northern and northeastern Hama countryside released an official statement, in which it stressed its rejection for Hay’at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) plans to launch a military operation against the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) from there.

The committee also warned HTS that more than 200,000 civilians, who are currently living in northern Hama, will face catastrophic consequences if the attack is launched.

Civilians In Northern Hama Denounce Hay’at Tahrir Al-Sham Preparations For New Attack

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A day earlier, HTS declared the northern Hama countryside a “military zone” and called on the civilians there to evacuate the area immediately. Furthermore, the radical group revealed its plans to launch an attack from there on the SAA in order to support the militants in southern Syria.

Local observers warned that any large ground attack in northern Syria will likely put an end to the de-escalation zone there. Apparently the civilians in northern Hama are well-aware of this danger, especially that the agreement allowed them to return to their normal lives for the first time since the beginning of the Syrian war.

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Brother Ma

Good. Maybe these civilians can form guerilla bands and attack these alphabet soup fsa-types rather than just jawboning about it!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

They apparently are moving some civilians already HTS learns from their masters well Turks in a armored car ran over a guy in a wheel chair at the Syrian-Turkish border. They sent a convoy to Jisr al sughour outpost even though they told Syria they could move to the town months ago under the Astana agreement. Turkey is going fix up an old HQ from WW1 in Afrin and make it a museum and these a-holes don’t like other people’s culture removed the St . Nicholas Statue.

Turkey needs regime change and a purging.

Brother Ma

Turks are world-class unpunished troublemakers. Always getting involved in other peoples’ business. The world should not try to regime -change Syria it should be trying to regime change Turkey all this time! They have survived because they are also world-class prostitutes to Uncle Sam.imagine tough guy Erdogan going to USA and bashing up people in public like he is a fucken boss!

I know Rissia and him are friends for the moment but i hope that changes so they can send some TOW missiles into TurkishHQ in border to teach them a lesson for removing St Nicholas statue!


Translation: Like other times, I’d appreciate if Arabic speaking friends correct the parts which I mistook. Thanks in advance.

In response to the announcement by HTS regarding their warning to the civilians of northern Hama reef to evacuate their towns.

In the name of god, the beneficent, the merciful

After HTS issued an statement calling the people of northern Hamah reef to evacuate the towns in no longer than 48 hours we say to them We the people of northern Hamah reef with population of more than 200,000 tell HTS that we won’t leave our towns which are freed by our own blood and won’t leave towns for you to destroy If you want to start military operations to help our people in Dara’a we inform them that our brothers in Dara’a have signed an agreement and will move to northern Hamah reef to stay in a few days If they want to fight the Alawite (Nusayree) government and their allies you should do so in strategic areas who are unpopulated in order to avoid displacement of your people. And we want you to explain why you chose Hahah reef with it’s large population for a military operation and if you are honest, ask you to do your operation in another area which is actually under your control..


Could be. Or maybe, since they are living under Jihadi rule, they are careful to use the right language. After all, we’re talking Al Nusra here. That’s basically ISIS light.


This has phoney war written all over it, all these war related machinations and not a shot fired. Also given the nature of war in the Arab world some of these people condemning the assault are certainly involved in the planning and preparation of it.

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