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Civilians in Aleppo Starve while Terrorists Consume Their Food Delivered From Abroad


Russian General Staff made a statement on Friday saying that terrorists in Aleppo had took advantage of food delivered from abroad, using it for themselves and letting civilians starve.

Civilians in Aleppo Starve while Terrorists Consume Their Food Delivered From Abroad

“In the liberated districts of Aleppo, Syrian servicemen have found several depots with food delivered from abroad. This food was consumed only by terrorists and members of their families, while [eastern] Aleppo’s population was starving.”

According to Sergei Rudskoy, the chief of the Russian General Staff Main Operational Directorate “it seems that Western states and humanitarian organizations are not hurrying up to deliver aid to Aleppo as those who used to receive it, militants, are no longer there, while civilians don’t interest them.”

“They can repeatedly voice their concern over the fate of Aleppo residents, while being in Geneva and New York, but they are not doing anything to help them at the same time,” he said.

Additionally, he emphasized on the fact that 108,000 civilians are only been aided by the Syrian government and Russia with food and other life-necessary supplies. The militants don’t allow these people to leave eastern Aleppo.

“We have repeatedly heard calls to immediately organize the delivery of food and essentials to Aleppo residents from the West and international organizations. However, currently not a single state or international organization is providing such aid to the city’s population.”

Moreover, Rudskoy denied any allegations made by Western politicians that there had been any casualties during the liberating operation. He called these statements ‘’outright lies’’.

“A new information campaign is gathering speed. Certain Western politicians are claiming about alleged numerous casualties among civilians in Aleppo. According to [these claims], the city’s streets are full of dead bodies, and thousands of civilians are still hiding in basements. This information is an outright lie,” Lt. Gen. Rudskoy said.

According to Rudskoy the representatives of the International Committee of the Red Cross and officers from the Russian center for Syrian reconciliation had found no bodies in the liberated districts as they had entered them immediately after being freed.

More than 7,000 eastern Aleppo residents have returned to their homes after the liberation of the city, he said.

“Terrorists destroyed the majority of vital facilities in the city and left behind a large number of mines and booby-trapped buildings, which impedes the safe return of local residents.

The Russian General Staff added that the end of the Syrian army’s operation to liberate the city has given the perfect opportunity for both sides to end the conflict in a peaceful way.

A Russian demining squad is already working in eastern Aleppo, while electricity and water supplies have been resumed in several districts, he said.

Rudskoy added that a total of 3,406 militants of the ‘’moderate opposition’’ surrendered during the liberation of eastern Aleppo, and over 3,000 of them were pardoned.

He said that while the US under different pretextes declined to evacuate al-Nusra Front militants, Russia has done it itself.

 “During a year of meeting and negotiations with the Americans, we trying to convince them to separate ‘moderate opposition’ from terrorists. However, the US refused to do that under different pretexts. Them Russia proposed to take joint action to evacuate al-Nusra Front from eastern Aleppo. It as well was not supported by the US. Now we did it by ourselves.”

Rudskoy said that the finished separation of terrorists and ‘’moderate opposition’’ showed that some 4,500 fighters in Eastern Aleppo were radical Islamists and most of them had already been evacuated.

Written by Yoana for South Front



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