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Civil War Onset In Bolivia, In Wake of Political Vacuum Following Successful Coup

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Civil War Onset In Bolivia, In Wake of Political Vacuum Following Successful Coup

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As of October 20th, there’s been attempts to carry out a coup against now resigned Bolivian President Evo Morales. The entire situation follows closely, and it appears more successfully the coup attempts that have been apparent in Venezuela, with US-proclaimed Interim President Juan Guaido.

The situation’s timeline is the following:

October 20th:

The first round of the presidential elections. There was only one round, since the election rules only have a runoff if a candidate fails to achieve 50% of the vote or a minimum of 40% with more than a 10-point lead over the top rival. On the day, Evo Morales won 45.3% against his principal rival and former president Carlos Mesa, who finished with 38.2%. But that meant there would be a runoff.

The counts were suspended for a while.

October 21st:

Counting of the votes continued, and Morales was nearing the 10% difference, needed to secure the election.

The Organization of American States (OAS) expressed concern over the new results, describing the shift as a “drastic and inexplicable” change and calling for respect for the “will of the citizens.”

That is when protests began across the country, both against Morales and in favor of him.

October 22nd:

The vice president of Bolivia’s supreme electoral tribunal stepped down over the suspension of the voter count, saying it resulted in the “discrediting of the entire electoral process.”

October 23rd:

Evo Morales claimed that a coup attempt was in the making against him, with the opposition being supported by international actors, similar to the situation in Venezuela that began in February 2019. The OAS recommended to carry out a runoff election, regardless of the results.

October 24th:

The 99.74% count of the votes was released, with Morelos winning with 47.05% against Mesa’s 36.53%, meaning he was democratically elected as president, as per election regulations.

Carlos Mesa refused to accept the vote. The European Union joined the OAS in urging a second round. Argentina, Brazil, Colombia, and the US issued a joint communication doing the same. Other countries, including Cuba, Venezuela, and Mexico, backed Morales’ victory.

October 25th:

100% of the votes were counted, showing Morales won with a 10.56% difference, Bolivia’s electoral tribunal declared Morales the winner. UN Security-General Antonio Guterres backed an OAS election audit, which Morales said he would accept.

Over all of the days since October 21st, protests are on-going. They continue until October 31st, when two protesters are killed and six more are injured in the province of Santa Cruz.

November 4th:

A helicopter in which Morales was traveling makes an emergency landing, leading to accusations of an attack or coup attempt.

November 5th:

A student protester was killed in the city of Cochabamba, making him the third victim since the protests began.

November 7th:

Luis Fernando Camacho, a conservative protest leader from Santa Cruz, arrived in La Paz, planning to personally deliver a resignation letter to Evo Morales, for him to sign. A mayor from Morales’ MAS party in the town of Vinto was attacked by protesters who say she bussed in government supporters.

November 9th:

Similarly, to how the situation in Venezuela transpired, news of police mutinies started surfacing in Cochabamba, Santa Cruz, and Sucre, as well as La Paz. The pressure increased on the Morales government when the military said it would not confront protesters.

November 10th:

The OAS released its preliminary report saying that the election results couldn’t be verified, due to evidence of irregularities and manipulations of the voting system. Morales initially said he would call new elections. The head of the military, General Williams Kaliman, called on Morales to resign to restore peace.

Morales resigned, describing the events that took place as a coup. His vice president, Álvaro García Linera, and several other officials stepped down as well.

November 11th:

Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard tweeted that the country had already received 20 members of Bolivia’s executive and legislative branches and offered asylum to Morales.

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador described the events in Bolivia as a coup and said he’s calling for an emergency OAS meeting on the situation.

Later in the day, he announced that Morales had accepted Mexico’s asylum offer and that he would inform the UN in order to ensure international protection for Bolivia’s now former president.

US President Donald Trump released a statement applauding Morales’ resignation and saying it sends “a strong signal to the illegitimate regimes in Venezuela and Nicaragua.”

With most of the officials resigning, a political vacuum was created in Bolivia, which allows for the seizure of power by those Morales claimed were organizing a coup.


Currently, opposition politician Jeanine Añez and Bolivian second vice-president of Senate said she would assume the presidential position, despite quite obviously not willing to do so.

“Please excuse me if my voice breaks,” Añez said between tears after arriving in Congress under heavy guard. “It’s so hard to see Bolivians clashing, no matter which side they’re on. They are being mistreated, and I’m asking you to cease the violence.”

Following the announcement, and the current situation in the country starts to resemble a civil war.

Those that protests against Morales have blocked La Paz, with Morales supporters marching on the city to reach the capital’s main square.

Gen. Williams Kaliman, the chief of the armed forces, announced a joint police-military operation in a television address. He said the hope was to “avoid bloodshed and mourning of the Bolivian family,” and he urged Bolivians to help restore peace.

There were clashes between supporters of Morales and opposition all throughout November 11th and continuing on November 12th.

There were videos showing people with mangled hands and chests, who tried to use dynamite, allegedly in support of Evo Morales. The video is quite graphic [18+] and discretion is advised.

Miners were attacked by paramilitary units in some parts of the country.

The situation in the country is quite dire, with a massive political vacuum being created and rapidly deteriorating into a civil war.

Following Morales’ resignation, protest leader Luis Fernando Camacho stormed into Bolivia’s presidential palace, with a Bible in his hands. Essentially, he showed that the far-right opposition had overthrown the leftist government under Evo Morales.

Camacho was the leader of a right-wing fascist group, Max Blumenthal’s investigation into Bolivian opposition figures showed.

At the same time, former president Carlos Mesa is a “pro-business” privatizer with extensive ties to Washington. US government cables published by WikiLeaks reveal that he regularly corresponded with American officials in their efforts to destabilize Morales.

Mesa is currently listed as an expert at a DC-based think tank funded by the US government’s soft-power arm USAID, various oil giants, and a host of multi-national corporations active in Latin America.

Blumenthal further noted that Camacho created his Twitter account on May 27th, 2019. On July 9th, he made a call to a strike with 20 views. Following the elections he was made into a sort of opposition star, mostly by getting a lot of airtime on Unitel, Telemundo, and CNN en Español.

Camacho’s tweets calling for Morales to resign were lighting up with thousands of retweets.

Even the US embassy in Bolivia described UJC members as “racist” and “militant,” noting that they “have frequently attacked pro-MAS/government people and installations.”

The two main opposition figures Mesa and Camacho are a sort of marriage of business and fascism to pursue pure capitalistic interest, simply because the Morales government was left-wing and rather socialist.

This is typical for the entire region, as attempts against the Nicolas Maduro government in Venezuela are still on-going, for 9 months straight, but with limited, if any, success.

On the photograph are all democratically elected South American leaders against whom there were coup attempts simply because they weren’t politically aligned with the Washington-led establishment and were left wing.

Civil War Onset In Bolivia, In Wake of Political Vacuum Following Successful Coup

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Its strange how only Mexico intervined , as they are usually very neutral and don’t have much military equipment , rather only for defense. Hope they do more on the world stage for justice , but they should also prepare their military more than it is in order to preserve the peace or have a fighting chance


I do agree very strongly with this:

“Hope they do more on the world stage for justice”


“but they should also prepare their military more than it is in order to preserve the peace or have a fighting chance”

Well, it is pointless to join the Devil’s game if one has any intention of winning it.

The only way to win against the devil is not to play his game.

Hope that helps.


I know what you mean but Mr.Sam isn’t keen on these type of things and Mexico , lacks AA’s , Guided missiles, Tanks , Airforce. As for the navy its improved a lot after the new class ‘Reformador’ was introduced this decade.

Rafik Chauhan



Calm down, dear. You are trying to deal with individuals who always seem to win if and when one loses one’s balance.

Rhodium 10

CIA style!..nothing have changed in Latin American..


For details: Killing Hope by Bill Blum. Rogue State by the same author.

Hide Behind

OK, let the guy who is packing a Bible become, the President, he obviously is an honest God Fearing man. Only problem being, once you let one or a whole pack of God’s avengers in the door he ain’t gonna leave voluntarily as they know all those that oppose Them on the outside of the door are already going to hell. Democractic principles in any form are not how God wants a nation to be run because God and His ( seems God is a male with big balls,as are His Annointed Ones) know most men and all women, are born ignorant and need guidence from birth to death to manage their own lives. The US is a nation of Crusaders and followers, as all our elected ones, males and females, have big balls, and they Rule in a more gentle way over those with smaller or no balls, from birth till Death because the followers want them to. God is on the side of US, it says so on its money, and its Missionaries are sent throughout the world to make damn sure everyone else knows it “Or Else”. The missionaries always seem to have a lot of IN GOD WE TRUST to place in hands of the few , enough that they can spread around in order to show how being a convert can be rewarding, and it works every time in every instance, although sometimes it takes a few years of killing and maimings to take hold. Once it takes hold the tithing coffers begin to overflow, and leaving enough to maintain and protect their converts, the overflow + interest goes back to US and European Missionaries Churches and Edifices where the Annointed Ones reside. There are many Gods and religions on this planet mainly because we have too F’n many mini gods each thinking they deserve a bigger chunk of the earth than that other guy or gal. We call them by many different names ,so many in fact we have to abbreviate and sort by Initials many and place factions of each under umbrellas, Capitalist, Fascist, Communist, Christian Zionist, ISIS, Al ‘Quida, Jews, Torys , Parlimentarians, Congress, Talibans, Russians, Chinese, Iranian, Islamics, US Rednecks and Hatters, Shia and Sunni, AIPAC, Republicans Democrats, Atheist, Dieist, Hindu, and.ad infinitum unto now the newest of all The Alphabet soup GLBT and Q’s, all and each seeking their Kingdom on earth. And to answer that infamous question by a US Black man who was just damn near beat to death by White police at a traffic stop, “Can’t We All Just get along”; sorry but the answer is,”NO WAY”,

Harry Smith

Uncle Sam urgently needs some cheap oil, because fracking passed the peak and slows down now.


Lithium. I bet It is more valuable than gold right now. Battery production.

Harry Smith

Do not want to upset you but, AFAIK, there are no fighter jets which uses batteries as their main power. And, you know, if you have no fuel for all those super duper shiny f-22 nobody would fear you.

Lazy Gamer

So points of vulnerability are the generals, election officers, the police chief, ngo, media and oas. Quite a different result from Venezuela.


Yeah, I would not even dream of blaming Morales for what He did, He had no choise, other then to run, since the Amry and Police is already shooting people whom have been suporting the Morales Gov, and dont expect the MSM nor anyone else for that matter, the corrupted elite that runs our world to report on that either, because they are as we speak sending the good old fasoin death squads around the country to round up thos the consdier to be the enemy of the new order, and the silence will be ear shattering.

This, people, is the UssA/Trumps doing, in their own back yard, and I even read some articles writen in so called Alt sites that I find staggering, well pissers, Mofo is easy to spot this days, never forget that, some of them even tries to make Morales look like an problem, and of course, like in the so called socialistic Venesuela, they never bother to even try to explain that there is an reason for an slow decay, because of outside forces is sactioning the nations they want to take down, that is and have been the hall mark of the imperial banana republic and the vassals like the even more rotten EU. Nothing pisses me more off than scumbags whom is pissing in the well, and even in RI they habe an POS colonel whom is doing exactly that, classical Juden rats tactics, thats why I never ever trust anyone of this rats and thats why I never go there either, I cant understand why this f…. is used as an what, alternative, huh, the man is an rotten sack of shit.

Then the real issue, the scums of this earth UssA, the only difference between the epic rotten liar Obamalama and the wacko Trump the Chimp, is that Obamalama is black and Tump orange, they, and do notise, despite the freak show about the Impissment Saga, they are all in it when it comes to do what the CorpoRats tells them to do, to take control over resources, and even the usually screaming MSM about Trump is even on it when it comes to either wars or coups, its remarkable syncrone when it comes to cover Trump the Scumbags ass, and why do I have to tell you morons that the fight is just an show, this f…. are sick and corrupted to their bone marrow people, incl the MSM, just look at the Epstein saga where Trumpstein is dead silent, of course, you dont bite the hand that feeds you, do you.

Hurmf, I know death squads are out there as we speak, hunting down, uh….. socialists, and the Americans are extatic, since socialists are evil and have to die, that, is what even alternative sites are howling about, finaly somebody is wacking them, and that is done by an police and paramilitary forces, with the curtecy of the Schools of America, if you dont know what I talk about, you are nothing but an ignrant f…. idiot, and I expect mass killings, all in an world of dead silent Medias, incl so called alternative sites, since most of them, the large ones are American. The second is, the hypocrasy of the west, inndiginous people they have whined about for decades, yeah, now, dead silent, human rights, f…. that, deomcrasy, uhu……. just ask the not elected pack of scums running the EU, whom whines about freedom and democrasy to you wanna puke. And in Norway Morales is suddenly an dick, yeah, nice, right, from the land of the pissprice and all.

AN massive carpet of Darkness is been lain as an cover over Bolivia, evil regins, deaths are their tool, and now the purge is beginning, the right winged, christian scums and downright racistic f…. is what took power, and I somehow isnt even surpirced about that, but the telling slience about this alone, in the MSM whom else is screaming aboit white racism and rightwinged rotten eilte is again, like Ukraina dead silent, yeah, pimps nazism every day, but never shows an image of the scums running Ukraina, the Orcs, and some of you stil dont get that, its because they are run by Jews, thats why the MSM dont uh….. do anything about that, but prints any image of something they can blame on eh…. naizis every day else. Yeah, learning thru paradoxes, right.

The few lights, are nations like Spain ( this even surpirced me, since I am an cynical old bastard) , and some other persons, but that dont matter, because its to late, unless the people of Bolivia rises them self, since they are de facto alone, do notise this, Serbia, never expect anything from anyone, you have to do everything your self. I end it here, just remind people, this, what they do in Bolivia is just one step, they are coming for others, and sooner or later they will take us down, and then, there will be nobody left. Wake up or die sleeping. My symphaty goes to those that did do something in Bolivia, and now is been hunted upon. May the lord have mercy upon your souls and may you walk with God.


George Evans

this was a replay of the Chile coup…but ” they ” avoided the need to do the ” assassination” ..Maybe they are a bit sensitive after the reaction to the murder in Istanbul ordered by the murderous Saudi..and smothered in the media by the USA…


The issue in Bolivia is that they signed a long term contract with China for the development of lithium extraction. China out bid a German company for the contract. Lithium is needed for China’s electric car industry, and the US wants to thwart China. This is similar to Libya when China got oil contracts from Gaddafi.

George Evans

add their support for Venezuela and it becomes dangerous…” They ” made Morales and offer he could not refuse…and Mexico helped to avoid the assassination… we are back in the Soiuth America of the 1950,s….


You hit it right on the money, ale joe Isabel.


J Roderet

Latin American patriotic governments will never be safe as long as US puppet oligarchs are allowed to control the financial system, industry, and mass media. Take that power away from them and they will have nothing left to do other than run to exile in Miami. Peace and sovereignty can only come after smashing the internal traitors responsible for undermining it.

Icarus Tanović

Majority of the people is for Morales, so now we can expect anything. This can be chain reaction all over South and Central America. Because all of those peoples really hates America and theirs hegemony over them.

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