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JUNE 2021

Citizens Of Raqqa Revolt Against US-Controlled Militants — Russian Top Brass

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The Russian state-run news agency TASS reports:

Local citizens in a suburb of Syria’s Raqqa have started an uprising against arbitrary actions of groups controlled by the United States, head of the Russian General Staff Main Operations Directorate Colonel-General Sergei Rudskoy said on Friday.

“On March 25, an uprising of the local Arab population against arbitrary actions of groups controlled by the US began near the settlement of Al-Mansurah located some 25 km to the south-west of Raqqa,” Rudskoy said.

“The local Arab citizens are subjected to repressions and extortions, they are forcibly mobilized. This arouses severe discontent of local citizens,” Rudskoy explained.

The general noted that the situation in Raqqa, in northern Syria, is catastrophic. In the governorate’s capital, where some 95,000 people have come back, “the infrastructure has been almost fully destroyed and the citizens have no access to utility and social services.”

Just one hospital and a maternity clinic operate in the city. The water pipeline has been out of work causing serious problems with the water supply. Water is delivered from the Euphrates River and this increases the risk of the spread of infections and epidemics, he said.

“The Syrian Democratic Forces command and local self-government bodies appointed by the Americans have been unable to solve humanitarian problems,” the general said.

Humanitarian situation in Raqqa

Russia’s General Staff has also called to provide access to Syria’s Raqqa and Rukban for international humanitarian organizations and convoys of the United Nations.

“In order to save civilians, including sick and wounded persons, we call to provide access to Raqqa and Rukban for international humanitarian organizations and UN humanitarian convoys. We hope that our Western partners and other parties concerned will use their sway on the leaders of armed groups and guarantee that the international humanitarian assistance will reach its destination,” Rudskoy said.

The Syrian Democratic Forces’ command and local self-government bodies, appointed by the US, have been unable to solve humanitarian problems and local citizens are subjected to repressions and extortions, according to the general.

UN Special Envoy for Syria Staffan de Mistura earlier said that the UN was ready to deploy a mission to Raqqa to assess the assistance, which is in demand. According to him, such trips to other areas, including to Afrin, Rukban, Homs and Eastern Ghouta, are also needed.

Raqqa, a stronghold of the Islamic State terrorist group (outlawed in Russia), was liberated on October 17, 2017 by Arab and Kurdish units of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF). They were supported by the US-led military alliance.

In mid-March, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said Russia would insist in the UN Security Council on immediately sending a humanitarian mission to Raqqa.

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Pave Way IV

SDF-controlled territory, plenty of US troops, yet how many western reporters have been to Raqqa since the US ‘liberation’? Doesn’t CENTCOM want the world to see their success? Doesn’t SDF want everyone to understand the socialist bliss of having committees of committees solve all problems quickly and efficiently?

Obviously, what Raqqa really needs right now is a few dozen new Saudi Wahhabi mosques and religious schools. It’s important to make Arabs there understand that the Shia, Iran and Assad are the reason for the conditions in their dismal shithole of a home formerly known as Raqqa, not the US and the Coalition of Evil.

Jens Holm

Several journalists has been in Raqqa and the source is the well known proganda site TASS. When USSR still was there and Putin wasnt the richest man in Russia we at least could trust the news from it – even we didnt like them.

You not even have vocabulary for, what SDFs would like and thats local influence in local structures in stead of primitive one stringed Emiratisme/Dicatorship made for smaller terrirories rhen fx Syria and Iraq.

Denmark has the structure PYD/Marxists would likew to have. More then 50% in the country are selfrule be the people close to things, which should be done as well as taxing people for it. And we elect or Counsils as well as well as employ they employed.

Local people simly knows local problems better. We also are non corrupt, because we then control things better and problems in that are not possible to become big.

And Yes, commities are very important. USA as capitalist have that infrastructure as well. Its not even close to the babling we see, where You come no where in negosiations, where corruptions and who is sheiek and warlord is more importent then doing the job.

You might know Senator McCain as Leader of a socalled war commity.

You have no idea how bad Your structures are compared to our days and the future. Here the lack of structures incl. vomen are made more stupid then men and therefore also made less usedull and procuctivem then they are importent and needed steps.

You just bable socialism. Even You Sharia is more then 100 years ago. Any decentralized structure dividing the power to people elected by trust is better then now.

And Yes, sekularisme unite people, bacause it make people equal and make religion to a private matter. Muslim dont com på Allah in Groups and the sons and daughters are being punished for, what their fathers and mothers did. Do they ?

No You go there obe by one and Allah make a plus and minus bill.

Pave Way IV

So socialism – in Denmark’s evolved economy – is working. Great. I’m not arguing for the opposite extreme. In fact, the -ism is quite irrelevant in Raqqa where there is no intact infrastructure, two-thirds of the housing is uninhabitable and none of the returning residents/refugees have jobs. Except those working for ‘the State of SDFistan’ in some capacity, of course. A state which has no income except as welfare from foreign interests, and no assets besides the land, resources and infrastructure stolen from the Syrian state.

So the 50% tax rate that works to sustain Denmark’s -ism is hardly likely to work in Raqqa, SDFistan. And, of course, such a punishing tax rate extracted by several layers of ‘government’ attempting to build an economy from scratch always – without fail – encourages everyone to cheat on taxes or avoid them (underground economy) as much as humanly possible. The only big money around will be what the government spends, and that – in a poor place like Raqqa – always results in corruption and the parallel development of a class of parasitic oligarchs. Always – anywhere on earth.

Raqqa and SFDistan won’t have the capability to police themselves for corruption or prevent it. ‘Big Government’ imposed on dirt-poor people always fails, and always fails the same way.

Jens Holm

Its abut building a flexible sekular infrastrukture. USA has it. Many states and structures have.

Those are the main reasons for growth having a lot of reasons for it. Those are the same in Marxime as long as its not centralised as fx Sovjet and China was. Its about making the cake bigger.

Next of course is how to share it. But Syria hardly can make more cake, because it has no real infrastructure for it. You of course here also have to have, Your stystem also keep Your girls and women stupid, so they almost add none to the BNP.

You are right about the income is almost none. But remember the rest is like that too. Your refugees produce nothing and up to 500.000 are dead.Many production facilities are smashed out. Assads even systematicly has bombarded fields in the enemy enclaves.

So You are right. Some from the outside has to give gifts or money, but who wants Assads Economics back apart from those which became fat and ,ade the reasons for the uprises. None.

It doesnt matter if the tax is high ot low. Its which give it and what its used for and by whome. People wont be productive as long as the system is infected by grabbing corruption and they wontdo it as well as thy get no even small raise for it

In that You also are paid pr hour for, what Your are worth and not by family relations.

80% of our companies are made as shares where we are stockholders, so only 20% work for the family. And why : Because we get back in schools, education, health, pension and like that.

We would be tottally stupid payimg more tax in Your system, where the mainparts of extra productivity are given to mainly Baathistas and friends. Easy to see in Your non investments.

You have an ancient agriculture industry and the same for oil and gas. You even name a lot of older drillings as dry. Well, they are for You and the low tech russians probatly cant take any up from their without help from Shell and BP as now in Russia.

You also waste so much water by evaporation and make so much land salty by doing as You do. An easy one is that its much cheeper to grow 10 hektars giving 40 times then 40 hektar growing 10 times. Its total stupidity having so many ineffective fields and grow crops like that.

Thats why so many fills up in Your urban areas, where You cant even make more advanced products of oit and dustribute it. You cant even produce simple and very usefull buckets and save a lot of import by that.

You really dont get how to share and trust others in other systems. Most of the proposed in sekularism are none of the Goverment business at all !!!!

The Goverment just make the frame and fx help with the big irrigation channelse. The Goverment dont have that expertice today. Very easy to see. Counsils should do that by making the villages to only a few farms and by expertice by educated agriculture people grow more pr hektar.

Of course You by that have people with no jobs and many of them. Those for some Years should be low and high educated for rebuilding those structures as well as all the rest.

Later on You can build up and distribute the extra food,cotton and like that. Some would say You should grow no more cotton its a high class water waster.

Your oppinions about corruption is important, but when money come in and they dont come out, You can be taken away by voting. You also have more real controllers, because others then those dirty people decide things.

Sekularism has parasites roo, but they can be kept down by political sekular control having a structure for it.

I dont accept Your fatalism at all.

Pave Way IV

I think your misunderstanding my sarcasm about Wahhabi mosques and schools. This is precisely what Saudi Arabia has offered to do to “help” rebuild Raqqa. I would prefer Saudi Wahhabi clerics and their Saudi financers be imprisoned for life as terrorists.

As for the potential success of Marxism/Socialism v2.0 or whatever in SDFistan… Yeah, I’m familiar with the tired old claim: THIS time it will be different. I admit that it looks better on paper than the historical dysfunctional, corrupt Baathist government. But there are two unstated fallacies underlying that:

1) the Syrian government was not and never will reform, remaining exactly like it was in 2011 while it was subject to punishing western sanctions (ridiculous assumption), and

2) it was worth a quarter-million Syrian lives to partition Syria and experiment with a western-concocted welfare ‘state’ and an imposed, imported ‘-ism’ that will – in all likelihood – degenerate to the usual inept, corrupt, jack-booted form as it has everywhere else (a psychopath’s typical calculation of the worth of a human life coupled with the neocons’ hate for anyone that disobeys the US).

Pave Way IV

“…When USSR still was there and Putin wasnt the richest man in Russia we at least could trust the news from it – even we didnt like them…”

This ignorant, deceptive comment of yours merits attention its own reply. Russians were never that naive or stupid to trust the news – either in Soviet times or now.


What was point of that rant? Raqqa is Syrian Arab city – not Syrian Kurdish who are occupying it for their US masters. Probably time for a majority ‘democratic revolution’ against the SDF warlords in Raqqa and south-east of it.


Pay no heed to Jen there he is an Angry Dane, angry that Russia over 70 years ago destroyed their NAZI masters. So now like typical Dane they cling to the their new American and NATO masters, they hate Russia for making a mockery of arrogant social engineering Western racist supremacy.


Hallo, Thkyou for your post. I like to read your comments.
I find astounding that Wahhabi extremism is weel known.
Infact, this article states many dangers in it, and it is not from Teheran headline or Damascus one, neither Moscow; all places where I could expect such a danger clearly realized. But it is from NY:


The satanic zionists will be enjoying their illegal occupation to practice their slavery,extortion, murder and of course their rothschild banks.But with time and patience the Syrian Forces will arrive to set their people free.

Jens Holm

You have space for at least 500.000 from Gaza and hte Westbank. Probatly You will have space for more, because several miliion refugees will do their best to not come back to that Babling You write here.

So the zionists made 150.000 homeless from Afrin. Several 1000 mainly YPG`s were killed. Ghouta displavements again.

You are barking mad. Syrians by Damaskus dont set any free in Syria today. They kill and resettle and todag 5-6 millions live out side Syria. What a great succes.

And Your military forces for changes still are in 1967 level, because You systematicly mismanege Your country.

More like something has accoåyed Ypu heads. You cant even run Syria as a normal state.


All is quite simple, IMO.
It is all about resources and some pipelines and thereafter, all this misery brought over the Syrian people who before had a peaceful life, has only one purpose: Great Israel.
At the same time, the Gulf States want their profits from bringing pipelines to Europe.
A pity for Syria that she did not cooperate and is with its country “obstructing” their route and plans of course.
Traditionally Russia have always be on the side of Syria. Nothing new here.

Resuming: Oil/Gas, Pipelines, Profits, Power, Rutlesness, Great Israel, Psychopath US, NATO, EU, Gulf States, S-Arabia.


South Front continues to present Russian brass’ statements as fact when there has clearly a propaganda war between them and the US going on at the UN. ‘Revolt?’ The Russians are clearly exaggerating the ubiquitous suffering and local machinations in Syria for their own purposes.


Well the Russian did asked for a humanitarian corridor to be opened in raqqa like Ghouta but they are refused.


A) Refused by who? B) That would give the Russians as much influence there as the Kurds. C) That would bring US and Russian troops way to close together. D) If the Russians were concerned solely about human conditions than why don’t they condemn the Iraqi government which has already been condemned by MSM anyway? E) The American are just as much a humanitarian help as the Russians, it’s called a hearts and minds campaign. F) Citation needed.

Is that good enough for you?


A) by the USA B) Raqqa traditionally Arab settlement and it’s inhabitants too were mostly arab C) It’s humanitarian corridor not some troops would actually let in. Civilian humanitarian entity like red crescent, red cross etc. D) Lol they did condemn the situation in Mosul E) Not so much in Raqqa. All they celebrates for the past months is a creation of Armed outfit called Border security forces nothing yet in reconstruction and restoration effort. F) Use Google or Any search engine out there. All i stated above available through any search engine you can use correctly.

I don’t care about giving any link to people who never interested in the issue that they don’t even try searching up the article about it.
It’s useless. Either just another trolls or ideology drones who have failed their own functioning logic.

Jens Holm

Your version is both biased and not correct.

Its correct SDFs has let anybody in because some of those socalled helper has been seen as habing too much their own agenda.

But UN has been there all the time a make the camps and food situation be very effective fx taking up all refugees from Raqqa as well as DEZ.

The lack is very well documented. Too little of all kinds of help are let in, Ypu therefor cant expect things are as well as they should be.

But mainly blame Turks and Assads for that. Russia mainly only are the transporter. Very good they can do at least some, but it mainly paid by UN and even EU.

Hard to see he should be a troll in this. More like You know nothing about any other oppinions and use home created facts of the worst kind.


Your masters America destroyed Raqqa end of story, you got no links and no evidence judging from your post. You are just making BS up as you go head chopper supporter.

Jens Holm

I mainly agree.


Of course to stupid Eurotrash psychopaths agree with each other wow surprising.


Smaug, I would say go read a book, but since you have nothing between your ears, the only thing you could read is Wahabbism for children.


Thank you for seeing the logic in my argument.


What logic is that Wahabbi boy.


Again what logic there Jihadi boy.

Jens Holm

No, they did not.

In Ghouta Assads systematicly has used starving and medical weapons for years. Har d to russians do much, which make any difference.


What BS you are talking. You must be totally confused, could be the result of the education in the socialist state of Denmark. The same country which slavesly do everything puppetmaster US is telling her to do.

The latest from puppet is Denmark is also against the Russian/German Nord Stream 2. Why? They do not know themselves but that was their order from US.

Where is all this brave Viking Blood left?
Nothing left it seems.

Jens Holm

Its not about socialism but about making a flexible, innovative sector where all are in and paid for, what they actually do by skills and hard work.

USA has that too. Even China has it.

We also own USA having stockings being shareholders in the World economy. And we are not puppets of them even we are more friends and more like parts of them.

EU has a bigger economy then USA if we include UK.

I only can answer to the Nordstream projekt, that we trust Russians less and less and hav no use of the gas from there as well. We invest in windenergy, which many days a year can cover all electricity. We are building more windmills at the sea and plan more. Solar cellls for direct electricity is growing some and we make more and more elctricity for making warming in the winter as well as hot water for heating, shower, and cooking.

I see Russia as a threat. So why be more independent, then needed. Most ogf that money goes to the private accounts fx making Putin to the richest in Russia. They dont devellop their country.

I dont know have brave we are. A lot of us might come from slaves being owned and stolen by vikings. But its very good to have USA as friend, when Russians have deplyed big missiles in Kaliningrad and right now are running missile tests close to the swedish and danish coasts.

Because of that we have ordered Scud missiles and many smaller ones for our fregats. We also have ordered Seahawks helicopters replacing the old Lynx ones.


So you are a Dane, even amongst the cowards of Scandinavia, you Danes are the most pitiful. Yup keep dreaming that your stupid windmills are going to replace fossil fuels because that’s a delusion, it takes fossil fuels to make windmills idiot. Also if that where true you would leave the Nord Stream 2 now, but you don’t because the truth is all modern societies need fossil fuels, to function wind and solar ain’t going to cut it Jenny boy. You are lying to yourself like a typical deluded Dane.

Just like the delusion you are an independent nation in the world economy, if you ever did step out of line to what Brussels, Washington, City of London or Tel-Aviv wanted, you and cowardly nation of stupid zombified idiots would be easily crushed, both economically and politically. Then again crushing Denmark is easy, just ask the Nazi Germans you Dane cowards folded like a wet tissue.

You are not independent you are under the command of the EU, world bankers and NATO, and your country like the rest of Western Europe is crawling with Jihadists. You’re slave behest of other powers, hate the Russians all you want but know this, its typical bitterness in the likes of you that they are real independent nation. A nation that does its own foreign policy, its own cultural traditions, its own real economy, if you where so independent and confident you would feel so threatened by it.

But like the previous poster said what happened to that Viking blood, its been socially engineered out of Eurotrash like the Danes. Denmark is independent my ass.


Sorry Mr. Holm, you must be completely out of your mind. Never heard such brainwashed BS, you must be one to the top propaganda officier of the State of Denmark.
You certainly must be familiair with the saying: Something rotten in the State of Denmark? Indeed, it is.


No but he does make a point tho! When in history has the USA been so shy bout a victory that they did not show to the US citizens and the world? Answer that question before u start slinging accusations of propaganda! Everyone believes that the Russian comments about dead body decomposing under rubble that have not been removed and buried! Ill tell u exactly why the USA is not SHOWING OFF Raqqa and basking in glory!
They cannot show it FOR A VERY LONG TIME because it will be clear and evident to the entire world that Raqqa was not liberated in via street battles and tactical mortar strikes! IT WAS LEVELLED COMPLETELY FROM THE AIR FROM INDISCRIMINANT BOMBING!

Anyone who has been watching this war on a daily basis KNOWS that the very slow liberation on Raqqa was taking its toll upon the stretched and inexperienced SDF forces! The SAA’s tiger forces on the other side of the Euphrates river were taking land in mass daily. Time was needed for the US backed forces tolerate Raqqa and that time was granted when suddenly the Tiger forces were urgently recalled back to Hama to repel a last ditch effort by HTS to besiege Hama city! tigers were stuck there for 2 weeks to a month!

Tiger forces resumed their efforts in the Eastern Aleppo and northern Raqqa countryside! This was the time in which the USA started bombing the hell out of Raqqa city! They knew how long it took to liberate Mosul and they couldn’t afford the same time! Iraq had real soldiers and the SDF were women and boys with 1 weeks training!

The advance / race towards DeZ by the SAA forced the hand of the USA also!

So why not just admit it!We all know what happened because pictures have been released! But nothing will disguise the smell of course! rotting bodies for 6 months still burried in the rubble with no significant group to clear the CITY and rebuild! it was a massacre all because the US were racing for DeZ and those oil and gas fields!

Ive got proof of how they rushed! They made a treaty with ISIS elders! I have downloaded the pictures! and they bombed the city, isis allowed them through to DeZ! War crimes!!! Not propaganda!

Jens Holm

You see the after bombing by many small bombs. It was told before it really began, that civilians and own soldiers was highest prioritity.

Thats seen in evacuting before final elimination of ISIS strongholds and snipers.

Even the last given up what descriebed by people probatly like You, that they released up to 4000 hard armed from ISIS.

ISIS never had given up Raqqa if they had 4.000 heavy armed soldiers there.

I am so tired of that craptwisting of facts. Blame people for, what they do. USA is a very small partner in all those killings as well.

But of course You dont have enough big excuses for Your way of unifying people having half of the population as refugees and close to 1/2 dead ones.


I would expect an idiotic Dane like you Jenny to shill for America, just replace NAZI run Denmark with NATO, now be good Danish poodle there Jenny.


US met with Sheiks? They met with ISIS to make a deal to get through to DeZ quickly!
comment image

comment image comment image comment image comment image

Jens Holm

No, they didnt. Later on there was 2 tryes, where number 1 became a succes fast taking one defended oilfield almost reaching the Khabour river. The next was harder to kind of negosiate with.

None of those were ISIS but tribers being Semi ISIS. You might go home and use Your Russian link for US transporting ISIS by helicopters in a videogame :)

Furthermore You forget, that Assads has done exact the same at their parts of Eufrat Between Raqqa and DEZ. Here You suddenly saw several 1000 suddenly support Assads even they havnt used a single bullet to help him, when he retreted from there.

Those tribers only support themselves and choose the winner.


SAcum and gasrbage you certainly are there Jen, you are nothing but a paid propagadist shill the Sauds and Israel


Scum and garbage how much do your Israeli and Saudi master pay you for the garbage you post. Then again trash like you should know that you and your head chopping buddies are on the run and no amount of posting garbage from a Zionist Eurotrash brownoser like you Jen is going to change that. Victory for Russia and the Syrian government because there cause is just and right. You on the other hand are aligned with child murdering psychopath which make you nothing but a two bit cowardly psychopath yourself Jen.


The guy first on the left, I know the face, seen him on the news before, but can’t put a name to him, can anyone ID the dude?

Brett McGurk is a liar, these pics were not shot in Raqqa, the Arabs are just too affluent looking, to be from a region that has been occupied by the US/ISIS for years.


comment image comment image comment image



comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image

Jens Holm

Nothing strange in that. SDF`s broke the few defences at the border between them. We have see ISIS doing exact the same again and again attcking Hasaka.

Its because itsimpossible to defend.

The next possible defence are in the suburbs of DES seen on the maps as Railroad tracks, Powerplant and the many more or less demolised oilfacilities. Oil is not important, but there are many hard buildings and other facilities, where You can make a hard defence.

So the WTF tell, You after years not even know how SDFs fight, when they are in their best.

It was a big succes until SAA artillerystriked them after blaming them not to come. After that they were blamed to tale oilfields as well because SAA took momentum and by that let ISIS recover and regroup also making it harder for themselves to take the rest of DEZ.

It looks more and more like the only normal Syrians are the refugees and they shoudl run Syria as well.


Yup, that’s why the residents of eastern Ghoutta, Deir-Azzor, or Aleppo greeted the Syrian army as liberators, goes to show how much the Syrians wan’t to be ruled by so called rebels who bring repressions, cruel executions, torture, slavery ect. Its seems to me the Syrians much prefer secular non sectarian modern leaning Assad over medieval psychopaths you call rebels.


comment image

Jens Holm

You dont understand that kind of warfare at all. Its not the primitive one like Assads and conventional one.

You rapidly in and destroy the center and/or try to posses it by overgunning them. In the surprice You bring in troops and troops so You make a deep whole of possition and let them stay confused and unorganized.

That was stopped by SAA artillery, so they stopped and went east taking an demolised oilfield there in stead.

SAA destroyed those very good and advanced planes for rapid advance and takeover of the relative hard defended ISIS possitions.

By that SDF was not allowed to divide ISIS reaching the border of Eufrat, which also gave ISIS space for regrouping for the not taken bigger parts of DEZ by SAA spread out as a weak spider having thin and weak arms.


You must be paid 98 USD per hour by Google/Facebook/twitter/etc. to write such propaganda BS.
You are a paid troll.


You are not even making sense there anymore Jenny, then again your stupid rants are the making of pathetically low paid troll. I guess you never be in the big leagues of the MSM, not that they are doing great job at lying to somebody with half a brain. Something that cowardly Eurotrash like even lacks that.


Did you say Russian Propaganda??? Or did u mean US Propaganda???
comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image comment image


Left boy was fake with fake blood! made headlines across the world! Boy on the right was beheaded on video by US backed FSA!
The man who took the fake photo (of boy on the left) is friends with nd took smiling selfies with the FSA men who beheaded the other boy (on right) on video!

comment image


Smaug and Jen Holms are psychopaths for giving support to these monsters, they don’t have to do the dirty deed, but by supporting such militants and being their propaganda tool they help support these murderous creep. In an ideal world MSM, Wahhabi and Zionist trolls like these two bobsy twins would be tracked down and arrested along with the big fish and tried in the ICC for war crimes propaganda, in an ideal world.


aljazeera is Qatar based news organisation! Qatar actually funded ISIS I the earlier years! They are not Russia! They have US bases in their country! THEY HAVE STATED SHOWED A VIDEO PROVING RAQQA DESTROYED AND DEAD BODIES NOT BURIED!

So u are WRONG or you LIE or u are UNINFORMED!!

They bombed this city FLAT!! Nobody cleaning it up! All because they wanted that land and oil near DeZ.



Smaug by name, Smaug by nature.

Your posts are great, it allows everyone to post evidence of the atrocities and war crimes committed by the USA.


You are dumb, a liar or uninformed! In 5 years on this site I never seen such a STUPID statement! I have soooo much proof on my computer I can EASILY make u look like a stupid moron!

Jens Holm

I agree. Tass certainly is not the best source for most things, which they write about here.


And what’s your source Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Qatar, silly keyboard Jihadist.


The US trying to genocide the local population, this is a common US tactic. The US bombed water and sewerage infrastructure in Iraq, in an effort to create a plague.

Jens Holm

Others have bombarded infrastructure much more then americans ever have had – at least according to Syria.

I only can advice You to read Southfronty more and better. If its too advanced for You, try some help.


politic kurd anti arabe “la ou le kurde avance l,arabe trepasse”!!!

Real Anti-Racist Action

The indigenous tribal citizens of Europa need to revolt against the USA and UK-occupational forces.
Indigenous arise! Down with all Empires forever.


Seems like Jen Holms panties are in twist because of the eventual defeat of his head chopping buddies is imminent. Oh well, to bad for psychotic Wahhabi and Zionist supporting American pussy whipped Eurotrash like Jen Holms, that you are on the wrong side of history. All your silly anti-Russian and anti-Syrian posting isn’t going to change that in the ground, if you want to make a difference Jenny boy, why don’t you go join those Jihadist like the other Euro idiot converts and go fight a lost cause. I would at least eliminate a waste of space in this forum that consist of you Jenny, who died for his 72 virgins.

Would love your thoughts, please comment.x