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Circo Politico


Circo Politico

By Mikaprok for SouthFront

As you all know, the term of Mr. Putin as President of the Russian Federation is going to end the next March.

So we need to choose someone suitable. Why not him again?

Mr. Putin himself still preserves the intrigue.

Though you think, he put it in till the imminent New Year’s address. Or not?

Mr. Putin was introduced in 1998.

Let me remind you that at all elections since 2004 happened the strange things.

And the candidates from the “ER” (“Edinaya Rossia” or “United Russia”) did not have any options:

  • 2004 – 71.31% (Mr. Putin won)
  • 2008 – 70.28% (Mr. Medvedev took opportunity)
  • 2012 – 63.60% (Mr. Putin second time, thanks!)
  • 2018 – …

We didn’t have any chance to see even close alternative.

We could understand officials: the situation in 2000 with “53% (V.Putin) and 29.3% (G.Zyuganov, from Russian Communist Party)” would be strange to model in advance, so let’s do it this way:

  1. an underdog candidate for an elder post-USSR electorate;
  2. pseudo-liberal;
  3. non-politician deviant (journalist, writer or even an impressive painter).

They draw attention to 2% of electorate.

Universal package.

What is the situation in the Russian Federation in 2017?

OK, suppose, we know the leader.

Who could take seats 2 to 4?

If the state worked properly, we would have had a set:

1) Candidate-governor. The obvious solution. In the 2000s, none of the governors ran for election. Now there is no such person again.

2) Candidate-mayor. In late 1990s there was a test call of the Moscow ex-mayor. And it’s unfortunate. Currently in Moscow and St. Petersburg mayors are officials who read their words on the teleprompter.

3) Candidate-security official. There is no such person. Emptiness.
All media cry about the restoration of the army, honor and dignity. OK, but the army is not an equipment and not even armored vehicles, but the military intelligence.

Where is at least one (1) freely speaking person in epaulets with a social stance? Well, let it be retired and on a well-deserved pension. None.

4) Candidate-businessman. For the period 2000-2012 (+5 years of waiting) there were two performances: Mr. Dzhabrailov (it is not worth mentioning) and Mr. Prokhorov (he failed).

In a country where at least 100,000 dollar multimillionaires we do not have a single person to think of as a potential president. Just an average top manager. For example, I immediately come up with Mr. Lisin (co-owner of NLMK – one of the four largest steel companies in Russia).

It’s strange, isn’t it?

5) Where at least one person is from all this diversity of state think-thanks? Yes, let it be a dummy, but still. Ah!

What do we have instead?

Circo Politico

Nevertheless, Ksenia Anatolyevna Sobchak, Russian TV-host and celebrity (something like less glamorous Paris Hilton) opened the “week of haute couture” for pretenders to the throne.

They both know each other very well. By the way, she is the daughter of V.Putin’s former boss. [Anatoly Sobchak, a mayor of Saint Petersburg in the period between June 1991 and June 1996]

I have never been particularly interested in her life or intellectual abilities. In a recent interview, the girl reached the designed capacity and showed everything she could.

We do not need to comment on or say something meaningful. It is better to see and get a sharp aesthetic pleasure once than to hear a hundred times the inevitably silly jokes on this topic.

Since that everyone rushed to discuss some thoughts of Madame “to-be” President, phraseological turns, political predilections, etc ..

Dear friends, what are you talking about?

I’ll mark one stylistic moment and one important social one atop this fruitful dialogue.

Circo Politico

Obviously, her candidacy as an imitator was designed to personify the younger generation of voters. 18-25 to be exact.

Her scandalous popularity is concealed by the carefully arranged image of the mistress of the secular salon, almost Madame De Stael. She grinned into the fan with a squint, and then let a fashionable anecdote. Just to leave in her diary a deadly note.

The noise in the cabin even contributes to the consolidation of this image.

Such a person comes to a public place, sits down, cross her legs and gently squeeze out poison from her mouth.

And all this in the infant age for the master of doom.

Do you know what’s interesting? Mrs. Sobchak is an old woman. And the cosmetologist has nothing to do with it.

Gestures, facial expressions, a way of talking, method of arguing.

What is the difference between her and the old generation of Russian politicians?

The latter are MUCH better oriented not only in what is happening, but also simply MORE modern. They work with youth professionally.

Circo Politico

It’s not about slang, but about how to conduct a dialogue.

Regardless of culture, young people demonstrate better adaptability and consistency.

It does not matter what and why she says: “right-left”, “Crimea is Russian or not”, “Putin is good or Putin is bad”.

What is really important is the style, the ability to plausibly substantiate and enjoy this audience.

Here are some endless repetitions, mumbling, quarreling, like an old maid who is walking with her cats.

She after a couple of interviews turn from (1 * journalist) to (0 * public figure).

She did not even seem to understand the question of her earnings (in the abovementioned interview). Maybe it will happen that at the stage of getting involved in an adventure, it did not bargain, but now there will not be a single grain winter.

It is clear why they chose it.

That’s in the Russian Federation should replace real politics.

“Look, argue, empathize, dear fellow citizens!”

Uh, no.

It turned out worse.

Do not pull the decoration on the candidates for the simulation.

It became obvious: full bankruptcy of political technologies in today’s Russia. As you know, muscles without training atrophy.

This interview needs to be shown (with translation or even without) by the rare sober American political activists.

Circo Politico

Look, you are attributing such clever ideological attacks with Facebook ads and hypnosis at a distance to such people. Are you, guys, not ashamed?

Here follows the important conclusion: it turns out that in the current situation the first experienced and not completely lost loyalist can instantly seize the initiative.

We don’t need extremely smart and we already have disproportionately stupid, but in the middle places an appropriate candidate.

Whoever comes first with any constructive social agenda that is not hostile and at the same time, will not play Gandhi, grab the bank.

Casting for such a character can be considered declared. When his or her advent will happen, it starts the political life of the Russian Federation.

Real one.



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  • eric zweistein

    We find ourselves in the ridiculous situation where a single man, Vladimir Putin, makes the difference between Zionist chaos and Natural order. 2018 and the following years will even be more hysteric and surreal than the mess and mayhem we are witnessing now. Putin is needed more than ever. Can you here me, Vladimir Vladimirovic?

    • Daniel Castro

      And yesterday I was at my father’s house when he said some political analyst here said Brazil needs a Putin… and I: “yeah, right, any country needs a Putin, the problem is there are none…”

      When I read about news on political stablishment on almost everywhere it’s always the same thing, there are only 3rd rate politicians, and rarely some 2nd rate politicians get a chance but the stablishment block them from getting to power…

      IIt came to a point I think that’s exactly the function of democracy: to make sure only 3rd rate politicans get to power so they let olygarchs and the mob do what they want.

      That’s why I say fuck democracy! Yes, FUCK DEMOCRACY!

      I so hope next president calls the army to shut down the parliament.

      • Brother Ma

        Im sorry to say that i feel like that sometimes.

      • Barba_Papa

        I wouldn’t. Because historically armies have made for incredibly shitty civilian administrators. Not to mention the associated human rights abuses that always seem to come with them. No, I much prefer my armies to be in either the barracks or on some battlefield. Politics is chaos enough for the army to get involved with them.

        I’m with Winston Churchill, that other political giant, democracy is a terrible political system. It’s just that all the alternatives are even worse.

        And if you have terrible politicians, maybe you should stop voting for them. Vote the bastards out of office. And if the next bunch are just as bad, keep voting them out of office until you get the right ones. That’s basically the only thing I can think off. Because all the alternatives are even worse.

        As for the article, bad Russian to English translation aside, it seems designed to paint all of Putin’s possible successors in a terribly bad light so the Russians have no choice but to re-elect him again.

        • GroundlessAir

          I’d contradict you, Military people generally make of fairly great statesmen, look at Thailand, Egypt, Angola etc. Southern Front often reports on Syria, well president’s father and former president, Hafez al-Assad, was a military guy and he created a country from what was essentially a bloody unstable mess, Muslim Brotherhood ando ther islamist terror groups have been successfuly eliminated, so they couldn’t halt the progress of the country too. And it was a middle income country with excellent state institutions, until like 1/4 of the world with the help of MSM and Military-Industrial Complex conspired against Syria.

          • Barba_Papa

            What I know of Thailand is that the former king had a great say in things, and when he spoke out both politicians and generals had to listen. That greatly curbed the excesses on both sides.

            Angola generally was a mess with Unita fighting the MPLA (I think), with Apartheid South Africa invading from time to time. The civil war was only ended when South African mercenaries helped defeat their former ally Unita. And when a war ends the only way to go is up.

            Egypt was a corrupt dictatorship under Mubarrak, a former general, and is that again under Al Sisi, another former general. Like his predecessor he keeps a lid on things and manages to provide stability. But it comes at the price of corruption and inefficiency, which in turn stunts economic progress. I was in Egypt in the 90’s and I was approached several times by Egyptians who wanted to emigrate to the West, because there just weren’t enough jobs even for educated people. This in turn created discontent, and with no political outlet for that discontent to manifest itself (military dictatorship after all), that discontent fueled an Islamic insurgency that already existed in the 90’s and continues to exist today. Military rule doesn’t solve the problems, it only surpresses them.

            The same thing applies to Syria. Rule by a strong dictator from a military background creates a form of fake stability, at the expense of actual future development. The corruption that comes with it acts as a brake on economic growth, concentrates too much wealth at the top, those with connections to the military and the regime, and not enough for the masses. There is development, but not enough. The discontent that it grows from it cannot express itself politically or socially, and gets funneled into religious crazy. When Assad took over from his father there was hope for reforms, economic and political. None materialized. As a result when the Arab spring happened there was enough dry wood just waiting for a spark to ignite.

            Maybe I should re summarize things. It doesn’t matter if the president is a general or a civilian. What really matters if the president actually has a vision to better his or her country and the charisma and skills to make that vision comes true. If the president is however corrupt and only seeks to plunder his country, then to have that president be the head of a military junta makes things ten times worse. And if a country produces corrupt politicians what makes you think its generals are spotless paragons of virtue? After all, no one becomes a general unless he knows how to play politics with the right people. That is politicians and other generals.

            And that is why military dictatorships are bad. M’kay?

          • Brother Ma

            I agree with last paragraph but i am very upset. I stupidly thought that you only had to win wars to be a general. Drats! No wonder uncle sam has not won a war since wwtwo.!

          • Barba_Papa

            In order to win a war you have to do more then just win on the battlefield. This is why Clemenceau said that war is too important to be left over to generals. They generally look no further then the battlefield. You have to have a goal that you want to achieve, that has to be achievable, you have to come up with an overall strategy that you are going to use to achieve that goal and an exit strategy once you’ve won the war.

            It’s easy to start a war. It’s damn hard to win them.

          • Brother Ma

            I agree with all you have said. I have always loved that quote by clemenceau and especially as it was in rea life, when president truman sacked macarthur as the fool nearly had us nuked in ww three.

          • GroundlessAir

            You didn’t explain how your prefered system of governance is better, however.

        • Daniel Castro

          Military men make 2nd rate executive officers, still better than 3rd rate executive officers…

          • Barba_Papa

            Well, if that were the case, how come almost every time a military ousted a civilian government things went to shit and did not improve? Just look at Argentina. The only time things went sort of better was in Chile. And even there at the cost of thousands who disappeared.

          • Daniel Castro

            You misunderstood what I wrote.

            Back then there were still 1st rate politicians to choose, so when they were overthrowed by 2nd rate military officers it was a downgrade, however nowadays there are only 3rd rate politicians, so a military officer would be an upgrade.

            Bear in mind also that military dictatorships usually suffer outstanding international pressure because the international political stablishment in which “democracy” is predominant tries everything to sabotage the military.

            I wouldn’t be surprised if several of the oil crisisback in the 60s, 70s and 80s, weren’t engineered as a form of economic warfare to make sure latin american dictatorships would fail. You have to udnerstand that if south america rises it will be the main competitor against “western” countries sea dominance, it would be like the coming back of old portuguese and spanish maritme empires, and of course we are very far away from that, but they are aware of our potential and will always make everything they can to stop us from rising.

      • Tudor Miron

        Democracy as we have it now is a joke anf a farce. Is it really “peoples governing” as this latin word suggests? Any kind of governing no matter how it is officially called is dependant on support of people to be sustainable but peoples support is obtained through different means – mainly interpretation of actual facts happening “on the ground” fed to the crowd. What we have now could be described as “crowd/elite system”. I would not go deep in theory at this point. Unfortunately I don’t know much English sources on this matter but I would try to find some. As I pointed before there’s large body of fundamental work on this matter but it is in Russian.

        • Daniel Castro

          Well, there are always Aristoteles classic definitions of ochlocracy/demagogy/olygarchy, I would think it would be something like the mixture of those three.

          • Tudor Miron
          • Daniel Castro


            If knowledge is indeed spread among russian population I think there might be some hope, because unfortunately where I live I see most of the people in utter ignorance of the world problems, living only a life of consumption and vanity.

        • Brother Ma

          Agree with all apart from this Latin word,it is in fact Greek .

          • Tudor Miron

            Yeah, my bad :) it is Greek. Check the link I posted below.

    • GroundlessAir

      IMO, V.V is generally a good guy, but people he knows and possibly himself are ridiculously corrupt, and that is his achille’s heel, just like in many other countries. Few can boast about having low levels of corruption or government actively fighting it. I believe we need a tougher person than V.V, cause he has no balls to take on people he knows robbed Russians of their future. Then again, he came from the shadow of the joke through tears that was Yeltsin and when anyone compares V.V to Yeltsin, it is obvious that the former is superior alternative in any circumstance. Anyway 2018 will be V.Vs last term, let’s hope a better person comes after him, one who won’t be corrupt, who will have a spine and preferably not a braindead neo-liberal sellout.

      • Harry Smith

        Oh please… Do not repeat that western MSM propaganda. “People he knows and possibly himself are ridiculously corrupt” – can you just show evidences? Please try to understand me right. I voted Putin last time because I did not see any real alternative. I am not a fanatic and have open mind for real facts about Putin. All BS I’ve watched in Internet sub name of “investigation about Putin’s corruption” is nothing but pure BS. No real facts. That does not means Putin is saint, but to accuse somebody you need FACTS, not wet dreams.

        • GroundlessAir

          Very well said, gj, here have an upvote.

      • Tudor Miron

        Putin is “ridiculously corrupt”??? How about some real proof of such serious accusations? We need tougher people? Are you Russian?

        • Solomon Krupacek

          one word: olygarchocrascy

          • Daniel Castro

            The word olygarchy already means “the rule of powerfull corrupt groups of interest”, you don’t need any neologism.

          • Solomon Krupacek

            you are right. but in my country the journalists use this word for russian conditions.

          • Daniel Castro

            The journalist that coined this term was an idiot.

            IT is the same as me saying venezuela doesn’t have a socialist state, it has a socialistolist state… :/

          • Orcbuu

            Why even Russian conditions? Europe is FULL of Oligarchy, there is no suverain state as it is.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      hahaha, you fascist.:DDDD

      upper kolarov wrote, sobchak is jew. but her father, anatoliy, who was mayor of st. petersburg took putin from kgb and put in politics. so, then putin is zionost puppet :P

      this is your big problem :))))

      • Daniel Castro

        It is a known fact Putin came to power by fooling the olygarchs.

        • Orcbuu

          Yes he Played them

  • Tudor Miron

    Mr. Mikaprok, may I ask you to tell us your real name?

    • You can call me Al

      Billy Bob III Jr.

  • TheLulzWarrior

    “The heaviest burdens we carries are not any physical ones but the pain of not having a boyfriend…”

    Ksenia Sobchak.

    • Orcbuu

      She has more like a Horse Face, long. The picture look more like a Japanese Middle aged Women.

      • Sinbad2

        So says the guy who has to pay.

        • Orcbuu

          What do you mean by that? Sorry but i dont get it, can you explain further Please?!

  • Kolarov

    Sobchak is a Jewess, in case you didn’t know. Avoid at all costs.

  • ecald12

    The English translation of this article is not satisfactory. I barely could understand it. :(

    • You can call me Al

      Tell me your briefly bits will you please; I was totally lost and had to check if I was reading SF or the Daily mail.

      • Tudor Miron

        I checked this Mikaprok guy on the net. It’s a Russian blogger and not the one I would read. I would actually rate him as part of “5th column” painting himself as pro Russian.

        • Jessica

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        • You can call me Al

          Thanks for the heads up; but to be honest, I had already forgotten about him /it.

    • Solomon Krupacek

      dont be bored. that is only, because nobody can understand the russian elections :)

      • Sinbad2

        Yes democracy is confusing, the American system where the college of Zionists appoints the American President is much better.
        But they sure messed it up last time, letting the American people choose, an outrage.

        • Solomon Krupacek

          jokes off:

          the author cried on fact, that there is no serious candidate.

          of course not, when all good candidates in the past were killed, prisoned using fake stories, etc. russia is terrible land if you see the political system. potyemkin-democracy only :)

  • Brother Ma

    Id screw her.

    • You can call me Al

      I think that was the only conclusion I got to, after trying to understand the writers rant.

      • Brother Ma

        Hah hah.

  • Solomon Krupacek

    yeah, xenia sobchak, the russian paris hhilton :)))


    her father, anatoliy chosed putin and put him from KGB in the politics. xenia since childhood is friend of V.P. today loves him.

    https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/778e725de2b80b1e7945c7caf1b320fc7735d2e030994af21678ab143b806315.jpg https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/245673ed92577eabb2af424b5f788cf3318bcb2a6b88cf29eea5c713cf0b2d30.jpg

  • Orcbuu

    Modern Art, what UGLY shit paintings. Art has a lot to do with math too. Because everything is math, i didnt see any golden ratio`s in this shit Well maby the first/last one is kinda catching my interst on finding out what is behind it.
    But its like the many Picasso Shit, god how i hate “Modern Art”. Its Degenaration IMO.

  • RamboDave

    Why is South Front wasting our time with this incomprehensible garbage article?