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CIA’s Director personal mail account hacked


Wikileaks started to publish a series of information regarding on Iran and torture affairs.

CIA’s Director personal mail account hacked

CIA’s Director, John O. Brennan

CIA’S director, John Brennan, might have used one of his non-governmental email accounts for official issues, namely some Intelligence projects as revealed by Wikileaks.

The organization claimed to have had access to Brennan’s files and started to show them up.

This time, Wikileaks revealed CIA’s projects on interrogation and torture methods to be considered legal and accepted according to a missive from the Vicepresident of the Committee of the Senate on Intelligence affairs, Christopher Bond in 2008.

Also, the files released by Wikileaks informed of a document dated in 2007 about a series of recommendations on how to handle the relationship of the US and Iran, criticizing its alleged support to terrorists but at the same time praising Irainian diplomatic role in the dialogues with post-Taliban Afghanistan.

Professional, military and non –governmental data of John Brennan was also revealed by the organization through the SF86 form for National Safety positions filled by Brennan when assuming his current duty.

Written by Lisbeth Mechter



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