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CIA Still Supplies TOW Missiles To ‘Rebel Group’ That Beheaded Child Near Aleppo and Filmed This

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CIA Still Supplies TOW Missiles To 'Rebel Group' That Beheaded Child Near Aleppo and Filmed This

Nur al-Din al-Zenki – part of Jaish al-Fatah alliance (led by Jabhat Fatah al-Sham – rebranded Al-Qaeda) in Aleppo – fires US-made TOW. Photo appeared on November 21, 2016

Syrian “moderate rebel group” Nour al-Din al-Zenki became widely known past July after beheading a child near Aleppo city and posting the video (CAUTION GRAPHIC FOOTAGE) of this. Initially, some mainstream media (for exmaple BBC) attempted to defend the ‘moderate opposition group’, explaining that it was a “mistake” and an isolated case. [Indeed it was not a msitake, Nour al-Din al-Zenki members continue to behead their opponents].

However, under the pressure of public opinion, the US State Department was pushed to announce that the US may consider to withdraw its support for “rebels” if reports of beheading of 14-year old boy are confirmed. Let’s give a word to State Department spokesman Mark Toner:

Nour al-Din al-Zenki was a “CIA-vetted” group and was receiving TOW missiles through the CIA program.

Mainstream media outlets and experts argued that the group allegedly lost its “vetted” status after the incident while the US State Department has not provided further comments on the issue.

The subsequent developments showed that child beheadings are not enough reason for the CIA to withdraw its support from Nour al-Din al-Zenki.

The group continues to use US-supplied TOW missiles.

On November 21, the group’s official Twitter page released a photo of group member, using a US-supplied missile. CIA Still Supplies TOW Missiles To 'Rebel Group' That Beheaded Child Near Aleppo and Filmed This

Then, the “moderate” group published a video, confirming this:

Considering high intensity of battles in which the group is involved across Syria (for example in Aleppo city and in the northern part of Aleppo province), there are almost no doubts that it uses newly-delivered missiles.

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Sickingly misguided American policy. Please pass the vomit bag.

Alexander Hardy

Nothing surprising about the CIA arming “rebels” (Takfiri terrorists); after all, they ‘fathered’ them back in the eighties in Afghanistan. It was stinger missiles then. Takfiri terrorists, funded by Wahhabi Saudi Arabia and armed by the USA, are currently the principal way that the US is conducting its covert warfare in pursuit of world dominance.


Yet more evidence that the usa is a state sponsor of terrorism for the few it isn’t obvious to already. For anyone who doesn’t know the cia answers to and gets its orders directly from the usa president/ ceo and doesn’t have to answer to or go through the pentagon. That’s one of the differences between them and the other enablers of usa policy.

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