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CIA Station Chief In Ukraine Accused Of Fueling And Supporting Corruption

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CIA Station Chief In Ukraine Accused Of Fueling And Supporting Corruption

Photo: Saul Loeb, AFP

The corruption in Ukraine reached the level where even hard-core pro-US and pro-Kiev public figures are forced to write open letters to the CIA in an attempt to change at least something.

On August 9, Semen Gluzman, an ex-dissident, the founder of the American-Ukrainian Bureau for Human Rights, director of the International Medical Rehabilitation Center for the Victims of War and Totalitarian Regimes and  a member of the Council of Experts under the Ukraine’s Ministry of Labor and Social Policy, wrote an open letter to Director of the CIA Gina Haspel.

In the letter, Gluzman asked Haspel to influence the CIA station chief in Ukraine Mr Voznyak in order to stop his activity aimed at fueling and supporting corruption, especially in the ministry of health.

According to Gluzman, Mr Voznyak is lobbying personal intersts of his sister occupying the post of the acting Ukrainian minister of health, Ulana Suprun. He described the work of Suprun as destructive. He added that Mr Voznyak is influencing President Petr Poroshenko to keep his sister in power.

Suprun, a citizen of the US, became the acting minister of health in 2016. Since then, she has become infamous for her remarks and actions. For example, she claimed that if children run fever, this is not a reason to call a doctor.

According to Ukrainian activists and experts, Suprun’s activity caused a direct damage to the public health service. According to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine, the number of deaths in Ukraine as of late April 2018 exceeds the number of births almost twice. In its express edition on June 18, the Service revealed that the rate is 100 deaths per 54 newborns.

Critics of the Kiev government say that the CIA, the Washington establishment and the US State Department are de-facto destroying the Ukrainian nationhood and using this area to wash-out corrupt money.

On the other hand, there is an opinion that Suprun’s activity is not based on her personal financial interst and a deep involvenet in the corruption schemes. Supporters of this version say that she’s just acting upon the plan provided by her curator in the CIA, Mr Voznyak. So, the destruction of the health system is just a part of the wider plan employed by Washington in the country.

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Tudor Miron

One scum accusing another for not sharing what he looted from poor Ukrainians. Khasarian Kaganat v3.0 at his best.

Pave Way IV

The Khazar Mafia busy looting Ukraine is asking their U.S. affiliate – the CIA – to back off the looting and corruption in Ukraine? F’king hilarious! What’s next? Khazar on Khazar violence? Ukraine sanctions itself? Sounds like U.S. taxpayers need to pony up another half-billion or so for some fake Ukraine anti-corruption program that can be looted. Oh, wait…

Tudor Miron

Khazar on Khasar violence is actually normal – this guys are very united when they climb to the top but once there they will always fight each other. Remember that their motiovation is based on greed and fear.
CIA is not their affilate – its their master.

Pave Way IV

Agree, but “…CIA is not their affilate – its their master…” needs clarification. Depends which one of the many mob bosses and factions of the Khazar Mafia you’re talking about. Yanukovych was the mob’s little bitch, but for a different, Russian-based Khazar faction. One that originally competed with other Russian factions to loot post-Soviet Russia. Saker did a good piece on them. Porky is the lapdog of the same western-oriented faction that has infested our CIA, FBI and State Department and fuels the neocons here. So, to your point, Ukraine was all about Khazar-on-Khazar violence. Gang wars for the Ukraine ‘loot’.

George King

“Saker did a good piece on them” he also described what mobsters digress from strong arming citizens when things are good to going after each other when the pickings are slim or exhausted from citizens.


There is also the question of intelligent medical specialists being fired for intelligent political views, like the case of Anna Gubarev (this was about a week ago) who was a leading specialist at the National Cancer Institute in Kiev, fired for opposing the so-called ATO of the Turchynov Creature. No new hospitals have been started since Maidan (MANY were started by Azarov who, btw, signed the special trade agreement with Russia in 2010).

Ultimately, it may take the T14 Armata to solve these medical problems.

John Whitehot

when I say that these individuals are nothing short of common street hoodlums there’s still people that invoke caution.




Corruption is what made America great.
Capitalism is the legitimate racket of the ruling class(Al Capone)
The only reason they took Capone down, was he wouldn’t give the US Government its share of the loot.


He’ll be betting the ‘genital cuff’ for that ‘lese majeste’. Funny how all the honchos showing EUkrainia how to ‘do ‘er up right’ are American. And not being very successful.


WOW, discovering the black thread. It is the heart of the foundation of CIA.

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