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CIA Officer Killed In Combat In Somalia – Report

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An officer of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency, CIA, was killed in combat in Somalia, the New York Times reported on November 25, citing former and current U.S. officials.

According to the newspaper, the officials didn’t say if the officer was killed during a counter-terrorism raid or as a result of an enemy attack.

The officer, whose identity was not unveiled, was a member of the Special Activities Center, the paramilitary division of the CIA, and a former member of the U.S. Navy’s elite SEAL Team 6.

U.S. forces have been supporting the Somali National Army in stand-off with al-Shabaab, an affiliate of al-Qaeda, for years now. The forces are carrying out airstrikes, ground assaults and training Somali forces.

Al-Shabaab, which is mainly active in the southern part of Somalia, has between 5,000 and 10,000 fighters, according to estimates from the U.S. Africa Command.

CIA Officer Killed In Combat In Somalia – Report

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In September, al-Shabaab attacked U.S. and Somali forces in Jana Cabdalle with a vehicle-borne improvised explosive device and mortars. A U.S. service member was injured in the attack.

Washington is reportedly making plans to withdraw more than 600 troops from Somalia in the near future. President Donald Trump may make a decision on this before leaving office on the 20th of January.


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Just another terrorist infigting casualty like ISIS vs al-Qaeda in Idlib. Lol, Trumpet’s had 4 yrs to order his invader terrorists to withdraw and he’s gonna do it now? That’s lazy-ass demagoguery from the Ziocorporate overclass scum, giving Biden screentime as a superhero when he orders their return to “save lives and fight terrorism”.


Fantastic News – A CIA War-Criminal & World-Terrorist got what he and all his colleagues deserve 1000 times. In a nutshell – The AmeriCunts are there to ‘Guide’ their proxy/merc/terrorist ‘Agents of Chaos’ because of China + Russia and throw wrenches in all those joint infrastructure + economic projects with their African partners because ‘They’ prefer keeping them poor underdeveloped down dependent + Russian/Chinese Rivals out, just to be exploited + screwed by ‘Them’.


I wouldn’t be quick to credit China. The CIA in bed with China in many regards, especially business/financial.

Lone Ranger

Sounds like a friendly fire incident…




Not so friendly. 5 US soldiers were killed too.


Depends of your ‘Point Of View’, IMO it was more than ‘Friendly Fire’ because it killed AmeriCunts.


I hear you but I was referring to rumors circulating around. Apparently, the 1 CIA killed in Somalia and the 5 US soldiers killed in the helicopter crash in Egypt happened in reality in Frankfurt, Germany when the DOD/DIA raided a CIA server farm to gather evidence of election fraud. Somalia and Egypt was for the media.

Jihadi Colin

Hopefully the ******* screamed in agony for hours, awake and aware as it bled out.

Vox Populi

What was the bastard doing in Somalia in the first place, after the US destroyed the country.


It was about Germany. Somalia was just for the media.

Tommy Jensen

The whole Western world are mourning this loss of a patriot fighting for our way of living and for freedom.

Potato Man

Rest in pieces


Chad is thousands of miles from the US,its nothing to do with your way of life,the dumb bastard should have stayed in New York or wherever he was from.

Vox Populi

They want to dominate the world, while food lines at home grow and armed militias control the mean streets of US.

Assad must stay


Stinky Man

As an American Vet this brings a smile to my face. The CIA is the enemy of every citizen of the USA and the world at large.

Vox Populi

CIA has a disclosed budget of $81 billion, which is more than the entire defence budget of either Russia or India. The US has created a hydra monster with its alphabet soup of “national security” police state that has run amok in the world.


Don’t forget they became partners in crimes with the worlds largest drug running operations, after the Historic Brit Opium Wars of course. They spear headed those schemes in South-East-Asia [Golden Tri-Angle] in Vietnam War Era; In Colombia, they were literally among the founding fathers of the drug cartels; And in Afghanistan, redirecting parts of the drug trafficking to Iran and Central Asia as geopolitical weapon to destabilize those regions within. They always got/get their cut as part of their Shadow Budget for their countless criminal Shadow Operations Wars and Proxy/Terrorist schemes.

raymond daubney

Yep, he got what was coming to him. How many of his countrymen have died while involved in the wars that creeps like him helped to start.?


$81B official. I wonder how much unofficial money they have access to.


The 5 US soldiers killed in a “helicopter crash in Egypt” and the 1 “CIA killed in Somalia”is for the media.

Germany is where it all happened.


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