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CIA Is on Verge of Personnel Shocks?


The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) will experience one of the biggest shake-ups in its history after the inauguration of US President-elect Donald Trump on January 20, 2017.

CIA Is on Verge of Personnel Shocks?

Photo: independent.co.uk

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), whose opinion on almost all international issues is different from the US President-elect Donald Trump’s beliefs, is going to experience one of the biggest shake-ups in its history after the inauguration of the new President on January 20, the French Intelligence Online news portal reported in its article, entitled ‘La CIA attend sa purge’. Some former and current employees of the agency compare these shocks with the ones experienced after US President Ronald Reagan got into power in 1980.

According to the news portal, citing circles close to Trump, replacements of personnel in 50 positions can be expected in the CIA. The future director Mike Pompeo, a former Republican congressman from Kansas, is already conducting extensive consultations in Washington in order to form his future team. As a member of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence, he already has a formed circle in the intelligence community.

The powerful post of CIA Deputy Director has been fiercely contested between those who support a Deputy Director with political talent and those who prefer someone with technical capabilities. In any case, the current holder of the post, David Cohen, who came from the US Treasury Department, will leave the office on January 20.

Like other US power structures, the CIA, which is considered to be a civilian agency, is subject to the Spoil System – a practice of promotion and hiring of government employees loyal to the incoming President or political party instead of awarding positions based on merit or achievement. At the same time, it largely does not touch structures, subordinated to the Pentagon.



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  • Susan Lindauer

    The CIA should have expected a purge in response to attacking the President-Elect! It shows incredibly poor judgment.

  • The CIA is an enemy to all man kind. As is Mi6 and Mossad.
    And CIA has harmed Americans more then anyone else, as well as ruined our once good image.
    CIA is Enemy #1 and Mi6 is Enemy #2 and Mossad is Enemy #3.

    • zloppolz

      MI7 seems to be in the background.
      How are the CIA and Mossad unified to promote World Government?

      • Tom Tom

        by satan.

        • zloppolz

          Thanks for another hahaha.
          Now — I am starting to wonder about Lucifer.
          Even Sri Chimnoy was involved with the UN . .. … ?

    • Cliff Roesli

      .. indeed true .. these are entities that believe they are above all laws ..
      .. it is about time such “entities” are literally kicked-off the planet, including their pay masters ..

    • Joseph Scott

      Funny enough, the US Army in the 1950s shared your dubious assessment of the CIA, regarding it as an un-American entity that seemed bent on undermining the nation.

  • Bobby

    What a load of bullshit, Trump appointed the criminal Pompeo who is a Neo-con and everything that is wrong with the United States. If this is the guy who’s going to do the “purging” I don’t see any positive changes happening. The only time you know the CIA has been “purged” is when they arrest all the Jew criminals inside the US who planned and executed 9/11. As of now you have a slave of the same criminals leading the organization.

    • zloppolz

      “arrest all the Jew criminals inside the US who planned and executed 9/11”

      The Evil World Order is composed of more than the Judaics.
      Although only a few knew the actual plot (per abeldanger)
      Many people and organizations were involved in the cover-up.

  • gfsdyughjgd .

    Fire old CIA buggers because their are Racist and warmongers.Appoint new members or abolish the whole tyranny.

    • Ace

      You haven’t a clue whether they’re “racist” or not.

  • Tom Tom

    50? Need to cut CIA in half, abolish the DHS. Force NSA to stop spying on U.S. citizens. Build the wall, moratorium on ALL immigration for five years, deportation of ALL illegal criminals, issue green cards to whoever wants them (that are not criminals) and then whoever is caught without a green card after that is deported.

    • Ace

      Make that 50 years.

      Green cards to whoever wants them? That’s absurd.