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JUNE 2021

CIA Director Mike Pompeo: Russia wants to “stick it to the U.S.” in Syria

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CIA Director Mike Pompeo: Russia wants to “stick it to the U.S.” in Syria

© AP Photo / Jacquelyn Martin

Originally appeared at RIA, translated by Olya Kay exclusively for SouthFront

Director of the central intelligence agency of the U.S., Mike Pompeo, thinks that Russia wants to “stick it to the U.S.”

Pompeo, speaking at the security forum in Colorado, stated that Russia is involved in Syria partly because it “loves to stick it to America”. The duty of the latter is to resist and the new administration of the White House has been tougher with Moscow, added the director.

“They search for any place where they can make our lives difficult”, – Pompeo said, citing the Washington Examiner. When questioned if Russia is an enemy of the U.S., he responded by saying that “it is a complicated question”.

The head of the department hopes to develop Russian-American cooperation in their fight against terrorism. At the same time, Pompeo doubts that the purpose of Moscow’s presence in Syria is to fight the militants of the “Islamic State”. He called Russia’s contribution in fighting IS “minimal”.

In his speech, the director of the CIA did not forget the to address the topic of “Russian interference” with U.S. elections. Pompeo is confident that Moscow interfered in the last three polls at a minimum, and efforts to sway the electoral process date back to the 1970s.

At the request of the Syrian government, Russia regularly strikes positions of the “Islamic State”, a terrorist organization banned in Russia. The U.S. and its allies conduct similar operations in Syria, but without authorization from the local government.  The United States and Russia established channels of communication in Syria, to prevent incidents of simultaneous operations in the country.

U.S. special services accuse Russia of interference with 2016 presidential elections. Investigations are being conducted by the FBI, special prosecutor Muller, and the intelligence committees of both chambers of Congress. Russia utterly rejects these statements. In addition, the investigation is exploring any ties between Donald Trump, his team, and his past business partners with Russia. Kremlin and the White House deny these allegations.

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Miguel Redondo

I don´t understand how Trump could have put this neocon cockroach on that place….


I’m having trouble understanding it myself. Pompeo has a big mouth. However, strange as ever Russian bashing is becoming a religious mantra. So dumb

Cyriak Papasissis

Back in the ’70s , when the CIA was promoting the drug culture among the US youth , LSD parties , rock & roll , etc. , MK ULTRA slaves, all of course to extinguish the Russian efforts to tamper with the free and fair elections. Mr Pompeo has it right.


ANOTHER CIA MK ULTRA BRAIN DEAD …”We’ll know our disinformation program is complete when everything the American public believes is false.”— William Casey, CIA Director (1981)


Riiiiight… cause the us doesnt stick it to any other countries right? Please…


U.S. is run by a permanent ruling class . Duly elected President Trump battles the “dog mud merchants”. If he loses, the U.S. Constitution will be destroyed and the world will burn in perpetual war.

Tudor Miron

What a farse…


Pompeo is parroting delusional neocon narrative. If Russia wanted to stick it to the US, they would challenge US in Cuba, build military bases in Centra and South America, increase tensions in Europe and Middle East by projecting a strong agressive military posture.


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Russia don’t care about whether you are ISIS or the revolution civilians. It came to save the brutal dictator Bashar al-Assad.

he is fighting the civilians period and so is Russia

Basu Deb

Arrange things in your mind in proper order — 1.Afghanistan 2. Iraq 3. Libya 4.Syria.
What do you think about the civilians?


No. Radical jihadists are fighting the government and the people – the armed revolt came from the Muslim Brotherhood – fundamentalist Sunnis – who have regularly used suicide bombings in major Syrian urban centres against state employees and civilians for last seven years.
That’s called terrorism.


Why you call yourself mountain when all you bring is mountain of shi*t, Frame it anyway you like because the missing component from your claim is the people, the very people you think you can speak for. You’re a joke.

Boris Kazlov

Not a joke,he is paid for in food stamps to disrupt sites like this one.

Boris Kazlov

Who would be revolution civilians? those walking with portraits of Al-Assad and Putin?


You need to change his medication– immediately and kick yourself in the brains– they are in your arse if you have trouble finding them . . .





Accuse those agains you of that which you are guilty.

Joseph Goebbels

Real Anti-Racist Action

That is a fake quote invented by Zionist.
the CIA did to Joseph just as the CIA is doing to Assad.
Anyone who has fought against the UK-Empire and the French-Empire, is always the good guys.
That includes the Irish!


Saw the interview, He comes across as stupid and someone not on would expect to be directing CIA or speak for it. When he says stick it, where exactly??? The Syrian port, The Crimean navy yard, so when he says ‘stick it’, does that mean he’s referring to the Russians totally reversing the situation and not allowing the USA or NATO to stick it to them. So if true, that means the Chinese are over there in the South China seas sticking it to the Americans because they didn’t allow the Americans to stick it to them. And in all these situations, the character was temporary and negotiable, but because of the US trying to stick it to somebody, they’re all now permanent, longer-term, and expansive.
He doesn’t come across as very intelligent or intelligence-based, and I can tell by his statement that the US broke the back of Al-Qaeda that he was given the BS file and the BS briefing that the intelligence community don’t want him to know because he’s probably assessed as a danger to national security because of his position and low intelligence training. He might as well as told the DPRK in a telephone call that they’re going to kill or try to kill their president, separating the head from the capacity. I mean, how stupid is that? Whatever…

Djordje Dragovic

But look at the style and language of Pompeo! Very poor, very agressive, non-intelligent. And he is not the dumbest in US government! It looks like agressive under-achievers got to the power..The worst combination : it is like letting monkey (sorry, monkeyes) jump in the tank. Chaos is inavoidable. Explosion is imminent.

eric zweistein

Zion brought Russia the Bolshevik Revolution chaos, Germany the Weimar mayhem and then some, and currently we watch it in super slow motion taking the United States apart – Twin Peaks like. Disgusting and utterly depressing.


Watch these 2 videos…it backs up what you stated




I watched both videos. From what I’ve seen elsewhere, the material in the videos is accurate. I’d recommend the videos to others who want to learn about Jew cult crime and evil, and why the Jew pedophile cult should be outlawed and cult members removed from positions in government, media, and finance where thy have done so much harm to so many for so long.

One thing that I’ve learned about Jews is that when you confront them with their crime and evil, they lie, attack the truth teller and try to change the subject. Because they’re guilty and have no legitimate defense. They’ve been brain washed and mind controlled from birth by their evil cult.

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

Talmidic Jews are no different in teachings than Wahhabi teachings which was birthed in England.


I haven’t read that Wahabbism came from England. What I’ve read is that it originated in Saudi Arabia. And yes it’s also a cult and a problem.


Thanks for the link, very interesting.

Manuel Flores Escobar

Russia prevents Syria from falling under control of I.S.( Islamic state of America) a branch of United States of America…

Carol Davidek-Waller

Poor Mike: so confused. Wonder what is going to happen to the CIA under the leadership of someone who thinks “down is up” and visa versa.


Many, if not most Americans have figured out that the United States is another Jew pedophile cult pump and dump tragedy in the making, heading towards economic collapse, civil war and Jew cult asset stripping of the type that they’ve done over and over again throughout history. Lead by the lying Jew media and their bought and coerced Jew servant puppets in the US government. Which despite his Jew cult connections, is why Trump and America First won the primaries with record landslides, and won 85% of the land and counties in the general election. If Hillary hadn’t won Jew land New York and California where 75% of US Jews live, it would have been a complete Trump rout. Americans want a better future, not another Jew cult tragedy.

Syria isn’t about Russia sticking it to the US, it’s about Russia, China, Iran, Syria and Lebanon drawing a line in the sand and stopping the illegal Jew world order regime change operations in Syria to prevent being on the receiving end of these crimes themselves. Americans, French and British citizens are tired of fighting Israel’s Jew wars in the middle east, and being involved in the endless tragedies that the Zionists are constantly manufacturing to keep the middle east and our planet mired in war, deprivation and Jew cabal exploitation.

It’s no coincidence that over 95% of the Jew pedophile cannibal cultists live in the US, Israel, France, Canada and the UK. And that this is where over 95% of the Jew pedophile cult mass rapes are occurring.

It would be helpful if the International Criminal Court and the United Nations Human Rights Council could open investigations of the US, Israel, France, Canada and the UK for mass Jew pedophile cult rape, where over 95% of these crimes against humanity are occurring.

“rape is punishable as a crime against humanity”


“The guidelines will help UNHCR and other aid agencies to identify and support male victims of sexual violence”

UNHCR issues guidelines on protection of male rape victims

The Jew pedophile cult cabal has used it’s control of the US, French and UK governments on the United Nations Security Council to block resolutions that would help solve problems and create a better future for humanity. This evil Jew pedophile cult should be outlawed, it’s assets confiscated, and the cult leaders and practitioners guilt of child rape and other crimes imprisoned.

“Local rabbi accused of infecting babies with herpes”
‘Infants Contract Herpes From Oral Suction During Jewish Circumcision”
“Jewish Ritual Of Circumcision Is Spreading Disease And Killing Babies.”
“Rabbis Will Defy Law on Circumcision Ritual”



I put no value in the Director’s observation and opinion.


Poor Pomp–he really should change his medication, but, unfortunately, there might be naught on the market that can help him–or the mob he holds out with. Bet he was one of those characters, first in line, when in school whined about the low marks he received at his exams . . . Really, those presenters are truly getting worse . . . not even kindergarten grade . . . lalalalalal


Oh, I get it now. Russia must be punished. The CIA sticks it to the Russians by engineering a coup in the Ukraine. The Russians retaliate by having a plebiscite in the Crimea where most of the population is Russian and they vote to remain with Russia. Then the USA attempts to bankrupt Russia with crippling sanctions. How surprising that Russia and half the nations in the world right now would like to see someone stick it to the good old USA. What do you expect when the CIA really runs US foreign policy and is an amoral agency above all laws which specialises in corruption, blackmail, entrapment, intimidation, assassinations, drug dealing, money laundering, and of course the radicalizing, training and deploying of terrorists, etc. etc.? “Oh,” but you say, “…other nations also do that like Russia, Britain,and Israel.” Yes, but all foreign nations combined do not have legal or the illegal funding and power as the CIA, nor do they have their fingers in as many pies which do not belong to them. The fact is their funding is mostly controlled by the bansksters cabal and no one seems able to rein either group in for US and a better world, where the crooks and thugs are not on top.


I forgot to add to the list of specialties – engineering mass migrations, mass deceptions, and false flags operations like 9/11 and sarin gas attacks. If not any of these things then please simply provide some reliable and credible evidence to the contrary.


If you’re not already familiar with the extent of Jewish involvement in all of the things that you’re rightly complaining about. The Europa videos posted by the Red Baron further down the thread contain a lot of informative material on the subject of Jew crime and evil. The Jew Frankfurt school think tank, that Hitler kicked out of Germany, was a big part of the run up to the horrors and tragedies of the CIA MK Ultra and related programs.


Hmmmm… He might, in a way, be right. Of course why wouldn’t it be natural for Russia to not want to “stick it” to American any way they can after all the American NEOCON’s and their allies like Soros have done and continue to do to them without any real justification?

Real Anti-Racist Action

It is the American people who want to stick it to the CIA in Syria and everywhere else the CIA illegally occupies for Jewish-interest!

Terra Cotta Woolpuller

The US Govt is part of the problem there are is Jewish influence from Israel and these Policy institutes with the same narrative all the time. The US citizens are just along for the ride like everyone else and these wars are bankers wars.


Well all this is about money and for me this how Russia helps it’s CIA friends to gather more public and private budget.
Why because “bubby boys” don’t mention what China gives to them. So Russia and US are “dancing” around the world sometimes one of theme is eating trukey or drinking soda’s.

John Mason

Don’t think that the Russians will ‘stick it to the US’ because the US are doing a really good job sticking it to themselves, especially with idiotic morons like Pompeo.

Big Lebowski

He is a pure proof of fact how dumb must be anybody for the director of CIA job. Very sad.

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