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JUNE 2023

‘Chlorine Gas’ Attack in Syria’s Idlib Province (Video)

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The Western backed NGO, known as “White Helmets” reported on August 2 a chlorine gas attack near downed Russian helicopter in Idlib province last night. No video or photo evidence of the attack has been provided.

According to the report, a helicopter dropped barrels suspected to contain chlorine gas on the town of Saraqeb.

The US and its allies will likely use this report in order to put pressure on the Syrian government and lift the pressure from jihadists in the city of Aleppo.

Pro-Syrian experts suggested that if the attack took place, it was conducted by jihadists in order to launch a fresh PR campaign and save their collapsing defenses in southern Aleppo.

The video released by “White Helmets” includes few civilians in a hospital:

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