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Chinese State Media Reveals Mysterious Hypersonic Aircraft


Chinese State Media Reveals Mysterious Hypersonic Aircraft


China’s China Central Television has briefly revealed the country’s new hypersonic aircraft under development. According to the report, the China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation is currently working on a hypersonic vehicle, which is capable of traveling on the speeds of about 5-20 mach for about 5 hours.

Over the past year, US officials and experts have repeatedly voiced concerns that China and Russia are ahead of the US in development of various types of hypersonic weapons. These claims were used as a pretext to boost and expand the US existing hypersonic weapon programs.




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  • Albert Pike

    What they all do for good ‘Ka Bumm'(?) – ahh wrong – it’s called ‘The Birthpangs of Mashiach’, and not ‘Ka Bumm’, and most definitely means a good ‘Ka Bumm’: https://www.chabad.org/search/keyword_cdo/kid/17512/jewish/The-Birthpangs-of-Mashiach.htm

    But not all the technologie transver can be explained by the sale of the IAI Lavi plans. They must have sold the whole Skunk Works…

  • FreePalestine_BDS

    A $700-800 billion defence budget, $1 trillion+ incl. all ancillary services, and the empire-in-decline is still caught with its pants down and way behind in military tech compared with Russia and China, which each have less than 1/10th of US’ resources. ROFLMAO

    • The US defense budget is more like a scam to divert their taxpayers funds into private hands.

      The Pentagon has proven unable to account for 21 Trillion

      The US DOD is unable to account for 6,5 trillion.

      Using a population of 320 million for calculating.

      For every trillion dollars that’s missing or unaccounted for, works out at $3125 for every woman man and child.