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Chinese Missile Capabilities Put US On Back Foot: Reuters ‘Investigation’ Claims

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Chinese Missile Capabilities Put US On Back Foot: Reuters 'Investigation' Claims

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On April 25th, Reuters published a repot called “The China Challenge: Rocket Man.” It is largely based on commonly known facts, as well as citing of unnamed sources.

“Under Xi Jinping, Beijing has elevated its missile forces to a point where many rockets in the Chinese arsenal now rival or outperform those of the United States. This dramatic shift could render American carriers – the backbone of U.S. military supremacy – obsolete in a conflict with China,” the report begins.

It initially reminds of a November 2018 air show in the city of Zhuhai, during which the biggest state-owned missile maker, China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation Ltd, screened an animation showing a hostile “blue force,” comprising an aircraft carrier, escort ships and strike aircraft, approaching “red force” territory.

The presumably “American” strike group was devastated by Chinese missiles.

According to Reuters, “almost all categories of these weapons, based on land, loaded on strike aircraft or deployed on warships and submarines, China’s missiles rival or outperform their counterparts in the armories of the United States and its allies, according to current and former U.S. military officers with knowledge of PLA test launches, Taiwanese and Chinese military analysts, and technical specifications published in China’s state-controlled media.”

The US allegedly was at even greater disadvantage because of the INF Treaty. China wasn’t a part of it and was deploying missiles with a range between 500 and 5,500 km “in massive numbers.”

Notably, the carrier killer missiles DF-21D fall in that group. The missile can target warships at a range of up to 1,500 km.

“If effective, these missiles would give China a destructive capability no other military can boast.”

Namely, to strike a US aircraft carrier if it is deployed quite close to its shores. There is also significant progress in developing hypersonic technology, in which the US appears to be lagging behind Russia and China.

Unsurprisingly, China’s Ministry of National Defense and China Aerospace Science and Industry Corporation did not respond to questions from Reuters about Beijing’s missile capabilities.

It is also a fact that the Chinese missile arsenal hasn’t been tested in a real-world scenario and Chinese official play down its capabilities. Despite that the Trump-administration and MSM have been, for a while, painting China as a on-par competitor, mostly to use fearmongering as an effective strategy to increase defense funding.

Chinese Missile Capabilities Put US On Back Foot: Reuters 'Investigation' Claims

Click to see the full-size image

“We know that China has the most advanced ballistic missile force in the world,” said James Fanell, a retired U.S. Navy captain and former senior intelligence officer with the U.S. Pacific Fleet. “They have the capacity to overwhelm the defensive systems we are pursuing.” Fanell, during the Obama administration was sidelined, because the US was seeking closer ties with China, but now under Trump it appears that antagonism with Beijing is back on the agenda.

Even Reuters’ anonymous Chinese sources, six of them also downplayed the threat played by Beijing’s missile arsenal.

“We cannot defeat the United States at sea,” a retired PLA colonel said in an interview. The United States has 11 aircraft carriers and China has just two. “But we have missiles that specifically target aircraft carriers to stop them from approaching our territorial waters if there were conflict.”

A person with ties to the Chinese leadership who once served in the military had a similar message:

“If U.S. aircraft carriers come too close to our coastlines in a conflict, our missiles can destroy them.”

“If we were truly more advanced than the United States, we would have liberated Taiwan,” a Chinese military analyst said.

The report also reminded that Chinese President Xi Jinping played a pivotal role in the “ascendancy of the Chinese missile forces.” He described the missile forces as a “core of strategic deterrence, a strategic buttress to the country’s position as a major power and a cornerstone on which to build national security.”

This is presented as an action by Beijing aimed at simply growing its power to be able to stand against the US, which wasn’t at all warranted. It completely disregards the US continuous patrols and antagonism of China on almost every front in recent years.

Of course, subterfuge could also be employed by China and they could simply be downplaying its missile capabilities to lull the US into a false sense of complacency.

“U.S. missiles are superior to ours in terms of quality and quantity,” the former anonymous PLA colonel told Reuters.

“What makes Chinese missiles so dangerous for the United States and its Asian allies is that the PLA is winning the “range war,” according to Robert Haddick, a former U.S. Marine Corps officer and now a visiting senior fellow at the Mitchell Institute for Aerospace Studies based in Arlington, Virginia. While the United States was taking what Haddick describes as a “long holiday” from missile development in the aftermath of the Cold War, China was shooting for distance, developing missiles that can fly further than those in the armories of the United States and its Asian allies.”

This one was of the factors named by the US to justify its decision to leave the INF. China criticized Trump’s announcement.

Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng Shuang saying the treaty was important in “safeguarding global strategic balance and stability.” Geng, however, didn’t mention the PLA’s own arsenal of these weapons or that China itself isn’t party to the pact. He said China opposed negotiating a new treaty that would cover other nations as well as Russia and the US.

Regardless, the US must not “wrestle back” the range war, so it can win back the advantage.

“According to U.S. and other Western estimates, China has about 2,000 conventional missiles that would fall within the terms of the INF missile treaty – enough to launch saturation attacks on air bases, ports or critical infrastructure in Japan, South Korea or Taiwan.”

The Harpoon anti-ship missiles the US uses are, of course, subpar.

Finally, the Reuters investigation alleged that China may carry out a “Pearl Harbor-style attack.”

China was apparently testing its missile capabilities on mock runways and other military infrastructure.

“In one, the distinctive shape of a jet fighter is clearly visible on what appears to be a mock airstrip in a remote Chinese desert. The images, captured in mid-2013 over the far west of China, show the outline of a delta-wing aircraft at the southern end of the runway. Images taken in late 2016 tell a different story. The wings and tail section are strewn at odd angles in a pile of wreckage.”

According to a 2017 report from two U.S. Navy officers, Commander Thomas Shugart and Commander Javier Gonzalez a mock target in China resembled the inner harbor at Yokosuka base, where the USS Ronald Reagan and its battle group are stationed.

Chinese Missile Capabilities Put US On Back Foot: Reuters 'Investigation' Claims

Click to see full-size image

Chinese Missile Capabilities Put US On Back Foot: Reuters 'Investigation' Claims

Click to see full-size image

According to them, the mock target replays the Pearl Harbor attack from Japan. But the Japanese didn’t sink the aircraft carrier, however in the “red vs blue” video from November it is shown that the Chinese missile successfully sank the enemy carrier. With the sign “The defensive counter-attack operation has gotten the expected results,” coming up.

The entire “investigative” report builds on the MSM narrative of villainizing China in addition to Russia. It uses commonly known facts and publicly available information to paint a picture of China preparing to carry out a frightening attack on the US, when in fact it is much more likely that Beijing is preparing its forces to respond in the case of Washington’s agressive actions.

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Jacob "Wraith" Wohl

With US Navy RIM-174 interceptor, China wont be able to destroy a single US aircraft carrier
US F-35’s will destroy ALL Chinese air defenses without the slightest problem if needed
US F-22, F-18s, F-35’s will eliminate the entire Chinese Airforce if needed, maintaining 100% air superiority
don’t test US Military power, China doesn’t stand a chance against the US Navy with 11 carriers, 1000+ F-18s, 100+ stealth F-35s, and hundreds of tomahawk missiles

chris chuba

We aren’t going to deploy all 11 carriers in one place, the most we ever used to piss off N. Korea was 3, 4 would be plausible. It will always be more expensive for us to keep forward ships and fancy air defenses then it will be for them to develop land based anti-ship systems.

I looked up the RIM-174, it’s expensive. We only plan to stockpile about 2,000 of them. That’s fine for what it is meant to do. The Chinese can launch stealth aircraft, load it with less expensive anti-ship missiles and get as close as possible to our ships without even engaging us, launch their missiles and return. They can launch salvos of land based cruise missiles.

The fact that we are in a tizzy over China not being in the INF tells me that our military is worried. The only thing in the 500 – 1500km range is our navy.


Really – China has S400s, Russian SU35 & its own 5th generation J20 more than a match for US airforce. How will the US navy stop hypersonic anti ship missiles?? the only thing they could do is keep out of range. US defence planners have already admitted there is no defence against these yet.


hold that thought and be happy

You can call me Al

Have you inbreeds got the F-35 to fly yet without being shot down by a Syrian S-200…. oh yes that was a bird strike hey?……

or this one – https://www.india.com/news/world/us-f-35-fighter-jet-suffers-first-crash-in-south-carolina-3354252/

or this for a typican fat, short Yank / Yid –comment image:large


Neo Leo

Lol another delusional garbage comment by this clueless clown. F18 and tomahawks are ridiculously old and obsolete and F35 is just broken crap (something like your brain).

Accept it: China is so much superior, China is the future; america is just a declining, decadent, dying empire… Moronic American Gay Anus.

Rhodium 10

Nothing have 100% of effectiveness vs missile saturation attack..just one missile hit the aircarrier,,it will have to leave the war zone!

Joe Kerr

After one Hezbollah C-802 hit the INS Hanit in 2006, the Israeli navy has been seen near Lebanese shores. China can do much better now.


That should be thousands of Tomahawk missiles.
The US fired more than a hundred missiles at Syria in one salvo, luckily most fell harmlessly into the sea.

Robert Campbell

The same f-35s that fall out of the sky? You Americans are so ignorant it’s going to be your downfall

Charles Homer

Here is an interesting video showing how China is preparing its population for war:


The Chinese government is preparing its people for the inevitable conflict with the United States.

You can call me Al

Very good and similar to some extent of Russia and a few other Countries.

The UK, believe it or not was the same (obviously not on the same scale), but that was when we fought wars for a real reason, virtue and for the good; our last one was against Argentina over The Falklands – after that, Yugoslavia and Iraq….. now look at us, from the good to the bad to even evil, no-one wants to join the military now, I mean of the same calibre we used to have, because they will be used in some Globalist, elitist as cannon fodder against Countries that are not even our enemies.

Iraq ++ – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_rZgtMGD_o8

Syria – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wPrpA4Org9M

Sad, very sad.

Robert Campbell

Good! So they should! America is pushing this war not China! Every country should prepare for war against America if they don’t want to be a US puppet!

Jens Holm

Most people in the world China has had no succes by the big army of low qualified. Actuakky it was tryed against North Vietnam.

Nothing strange in China want less soldiers but also hightech. All which can do that.

We also use Russia and China as possible enemies. In fact they are the only ones even we also have to handle terrorisme much better.

I did not even see You probatly good link.


China is technologically more advanced than the USA.
America gave up science for banking 50 years ago.

Jens Holm

I dont see any point in that.

Robert Campbell

you ever been to China ? There infrastructure is more advanced then America’s not to mention there military is as well! You say China couldn’t beat Vietnam? Guess what , neither could you Americans! You even tried poisoning there population n still couldn’t beat them!

Robert Campbell

You are fukin retarded?! It’s TERRORISM! What kind of education system do you have in America ?


Historically when one empire falls, and another rises, it is done via war.


Well, if the US is now on the ‘back foot’, with regard to Chinese defensive missiles, it is a good thing.
I look forward to the day when US criminal and bullying acts in the South China Sea obliges the Chinese missile forces to put the US on her ‘fat arse’.

You can call me Al

Hi, as a total side issue, whilst I am sorry this is the source, have you seen this ? – https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/1119224/brexit-news-Philip-hammond-china-trade-belt-and-road-initiative-xi-jinping


Ahh back to opium exports to China.

Jens Holm

Why not, they now and then sell us crap too even we have ordered something better :)

You do forget, they already had their own solk road for that to nearby Laos and Cambodya.


The Golden triangle opium fields were run by the Americans, and Air America and the USAF transported the heroin to the 4 corners of the globe.
After the US was defeated in Vietnam they moved production first to Mexico and then to Afghanistan.
When the Taliban kicked the CIA out of Afghanistan heroin production plummeted, so the US invaded to restore its drug business.
Today the US produces more heroin than at anytime in history, USA USA USA.


I had not seen it, thank you. If the partnership with China comes to fruition it is a good thing in my opinion. In addition it will piss off the US as well, which is a good thing , and could explain why Trump is about to expose British meddling in the US elections, which is also a good thing :)

Jens Holm

It cant. Britts desperatly try to make connections for being outside EU.

But we all would like better trade routes to and from that area. They already are very good, but when it grows, You have to upgrade or renew.

Of course all user should share the costs. Thats a reason China willlingly will pay as a big partner in that very big project.


Jens Holm

Most people seemes not allowed to take sources putting in things in a context.

People like them can be fed by even newspaper. They never would read a line.

He has learned that US only do it for own purpose. It might be true, but it also protect the ones, which also think China as a minimum are not the only owner.

They all are owners being there for maybee 1000 of years as fishers. By that they have shown its theirs too.

Jens Holm

So what about the other countries around the socalled chines sea. Phillipines, Vietnam, Malysia and several others.

USAi not alone in that critisme, but of course, You not even give those countries a comma :(

Dick Von Dast'Ard

USN might have 11 CVN’s but could they man all of them with the current state of their navy competently enough (doubtful) and more importantly have full and fully functional air wings (doubtful) with trained carrier aircrews? (doubtful)
I’d suggest they would be hard pushed to have four at sea (20,000 crew and 250 total aircraft) in the prelude to any “hot” war.


Pure fearmongering to justify ever higher US military spending. Ballistic missiles are useless against moving targets like ships at sea.


American ballistic missiles can’t hit moving targets, Chinese and Russian missiles are much more advanced than American missiles.

Robert Campbell

Very wrong! If missiles can can hit other missiles in the sky, they definitely have no trouble hitting ships in the ocean!!

Jens Holm

Thats not correct at all.


The US stationed troops and planes in Darwin to escape Chinese missiles. Our PM(Julia Gillard) at the time, painted a target on the people of Darwin in exchange for a photo op with Obama.

Now that China can flatten Darwin, will the US move to Brisbane, and who wants to be photographed blowing Trump?


But u love Rudd because he can speak Chinese! You love Keating because he begun the trade with China (begin the transfer of our industries)!
You are scum!


It’s you that is the traitor, you are willing to sacrifice Australians to please your American lover.
Don’t fret, they will nuke you too.
Everything has a bright side if only you look.

PS I always disliked Rudd, the last good Australian leader was Gough Whitlam, the guy you yankee Nazis got rid of in a coup.

Robert Campbell

Your an idiot Justin! My brother is ex military, don’t expect our military to keep fighting America’s wars! Grow up idiot America has done nothing for Australia! China made Australia rich not America!

Jens Holm

Thats an assumption. If McArthur, Eisenhower and the American navy wasnt there,You most likely spoke chinese and ate with chopstickers as enslaved again as Bonzai.

Not long time ago You instead had Chairman Mao as Recidential in Canberra as well.


Macarthur was sent to Australia because he had deserted his troops in the Philippines. The Americans considered Australia the end of the world so that’s where they sent him.

There were no American troops in Australia, until after the Australian army stopped the Japanese advance in New Guinea.

Hollywood is entertaining, but it’s fantasy, not fact.

Robert Campbell

Jen are you some kind of fukin retard?! I don’t see China invaded countries all over the world like America has! You Americans are fukin morons n that’s why you are so hated world wide!!

Robert Campbell

I bet you think America won ww2 too aye?! America funded Hitler n his war machine! The only reason you went to war with Hitler is because he was allies with Japan! Russia won ww2 not you dumbed down Americans!!

Robert Campbell

MyArthur came to Australia because he ran away from the advancing Japanese! Left over 100k troops to surrender! Some hero aye ?


hahaha, that was so ridiculous i dont even know where to start!
u are lost! truly lost!
i wont even bother!
but VERY soon i will have the last laugh! Robert!
and it will be YOU explaining yourself why u believed so much in China!

This year Rob! This year!

Robert Campbell

Is that all you got? Typical fukin dumbed down American!! The world is sick of you war mongers!!

Robert Campbell

Justin you brainwashed scum bag! Go live in 3rd world America wanker!!


The trouble for US is the fact that it is so much more difficult to run a false flag event these days of internet and social media and smart phone cameras, as well as China’s and Russia’s increased capability to survey and record events and conflicts. When no one’s attacking it becomes much more difficult to pursue an aggressive war agenda.


The C. I. A transfers of U.S military secrets to it’s new and chosen Globalist HQ country, CHINA, has come along well! The 30 years of free trade agreements started by the Clinton’s and the endless wars started by the Bush’s has shrunk the US economy and enriched the Chinese economy!

The globalists are VERY HAPPY with China having one govt body, a president for life because it means they dont have to bribe, threaten and control all of these politicians! Also the citizens having no arms means they dont have to worry about an uprising! In fact, the Digital spy grid and the Social credit system will police the Chinese slaves into submission!

So of course China is a globalists DREAM!
So how do u accomplish this? Transfer all your industries to China, stay out of all wars BUT push the USA into many wars! Drain the life and blood from the USA and prop up China! Use the Globalist intel agency (The CIA) and deep state puppets to transfer all commercial, military and industrial tech to China!

Then get FUCK HEADS like Sinbad2 to cheer for China but still hate on globalist Zionists! Trick these dumb old fuck tards into thinking they are supporting a peaceful nation who is actually a Zionist controlled nation!

This is the reality that everyone on this site with the brain the size of a pea thinks!
ANYONE who thinks China is great is a fuckin idiot!
Watch the movie 1984!
They are TRYING it in America and they just cant get their guns!
So, they started a new HQ…. CHINA!

Wake up brain dead monkeys!

Joe Kerr

Yeah sure… the CIA controls China while its agents in China are being killed off. Seems facts are beyond the grasp of your single digit IQ.


And the NSA gave the Chinese their locations and recorded it and posted it online for all of us to enjoy! Thats the part u didnt hear about because u are stuck on this website!

Yet hundreds of millions of people know this AND YOU DONT!

How do we know?Because not only was it leaked, it was shown with video caps before and after they arrived!

Thats when they busted Diane Feinstine!

i told u there is an intel war happening not between nations but between black hats and white hats!
There are no nations any more! Only Globalists and nationalists! Black hats and white hats! They are all inside every agency! leaking intel and at war!

Why is it that u dont know about this?
Are u too lazy to find out or are u still stuck in traditional wars where there are borders and flags and loyalty?

Could u be this naive?

Robert Campbell

You are a complete fukin moron Justin ?‍♂️

Jens Holm

Only in Arabistan. You should go thereand might integrate well.

Robert Campbell

Says the uneducated idiot that probably couldn’t even find Australia on a map!!


Check out this new hypersonic missile a Chinese University is testing.
The story refers to it as a rocket, but it uses a scramjet engine.


Joe Kerr

Interesting, but not unexpected given the focus China has on encouraging its students to study science and engineering… as compared with the business slant of U.S. ones.

Robert Campbell

Well done China!! Now you just have to kick America out of Australia n all of Asia !!

Joe Kerr

Time is China’s best ally. All it needs to do is continue with its BRI and negate any notions the U.S. has of a first strike… economics will take care of the rest. Switzerland and Peru are about to follow Italy in signing on to China’s BRI, so Europe and South America will eventually turn their backs on the bankrupted Israeli slave colony of the U.S. With $15 trillion blown away by the U.S. on wars for lies after the biggest lie of all, 9-11, the lesson for all is obvious… never let the parasite in.

Jens Holm

True modifications are needed. Trump probatly is a very temporary thing.

Even before USA was too stubbern. Of course we look for adding up partners, when USAs behaves like Trumpets.

But I also see China as a blown to much up in well constructed numbers as well as they leave us out and they are allowed to come in here.

I dont like that and by that hesitate some for China as well.

Robert Campbell

China is the future, not bankrupt America! You have ingested to much GMO food!!


Exactly stalling the US, so they don’t start WWIII is the path to victory.
As every day passes the Chinese grow in strength and intellect, whilst the US devolves into an uneducated primitive nation.

Karl Ivan

american kids nowadays all just gets obese and sit in front of a computer playing games raging and throwing fits, then when they get bored they go and jack off to cuckold pornn that america makes, then snort the crack coke and inject the fenternyl all day, thats the future for america, deal with it.

Jens Holm

More like the real Australiens should kick someone like You out.

You seemes to need some very long walkabout being that biased.


So you think that nations should be occupied by foreign armies?
Perhaps some Russian and Chinese nukes and troops stationed in Denmark would please you?

Jens Holm

Not at all, I would have prefared USSR stayed where they were loosing their colonies after the Tzar collapse.

But no, they shared Poland and the rest with Hitler even with a treaty.

But that wasnt enough. They took all the way to Berlin in 1945 and kept it, bacuse they by basic mismanegements for good reasons collapsed in 1991.

So thats why I do prefare Nato and we many small ones has to avoid that stupidity for the third time. So we do help in open and in Nato regi.

And we dont feel occupied. The most critical ones feel them proteted against something much worse.

And Economics – haha – hard times for Everybody with Engels as the last name. Maybee the Bolsjevic system was ok, but the people, which still runs it are not to preafere for any here.

And we do know the Russians has nukes and a lot of missiles in Kaliningrad less then 400 km away. They also pretend attacks on our zone with no notice.

By that we also have ordered extra scud missile batteries as well as seahawk helicopters and F35s.

So we do know something. If You cant relate 400 km to anything here, its much less then Abu Kamal – Al Tanf.

Russia also are building a big gas pipline thrrough the Baltic sea and our international parts

Robert Campbell

America occupies over half the world! Fukin ignorance is your downfall troll!!


You didn’t answer the question.
Do you believe that nations should be occupied by foreign troops?

Robert Campbell

What’s America ever done for Australia apart from drag us into endless wars! China made Australia rich not America! You can fuk right off!!

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