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JUNE 2023

Chinese Media: US UAVs Spy on Russian Military in Syria & Help Terrorists

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Chinese Media: US UAVs Spy on Russian Military in Syria & Help Terrorists

Photo: Flickr / neridamano

Edited by Desi Tzoneva

Chinese media indicate that there is an extremely low efficiency of the MQ-1 Predator and the MQ-9 Reaper modern scout-attack unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV), which act in the interests of the Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC). This agency of military administration was created in the United States (US) for conducting operations to detect and destroy terrorists throughout the world. It is known that the JSOC staff consists of personnel of the US Central Intelligence Agency’s Counterterrorism Centre and officers of the US Special Operations Command.

The UAVs use missile and bomb armaments only during 20% of their flights. However, during the time that these aerial vehicles and their precision weapons were used, more than 1,500 civilians were killed, while the loss of militants amounted to less than 1,000. In these circumstances, western media regularly misinform the international community about alleged erroneous air strikes of the Russian Aerospace Forces on civilians in Syria.

In summary, it is possible to agree with the Chinese experts: only intense combat work of the Russian Aerospace Forces will allow the Syrian Arab Air Force units to fight the militants effectively. In addition, Russian and Syrian intelligence agencies need to make a greater effort to block the channels of supply of arms and ammunition to terrorist groups, and they should strictly adhere to plans of the humanitarian operations in the city of Aleppo.

Publications of Chinese media note that the recent loss of the Russian MI-8 helicopter, with officers of the Main Operational Directorate of the general staff of the Russian Armed Forces on board, is the result of actions of the groups that receive technical assistance and information directly from US intelligence agencies. Chinese military analysts point out that most of the time, the UAVs of the US Air Force conduct reconnaissance against the Russian military, which have led to a number of successful terrorist operations against Russian Aerospace Forces, Russian military experts, and advisers working in the Syrian territory.

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The ‘WOW’ here for me is centered on where this is coming from. Why would he Chinese media have an interest in Syria? Whether or not the US is directly supplying, or side channel supplying intel to your friendly local 12year old boy head chopper branch is not a shocker or out of the realm of possibility. The position of over 4 dozen US Department of State officials with regard to Syria, stands in testament to the amount of vicious insanity making the rounds these days.

It is just my experience that it’s the seeming incongruous elements that forebode trends or future conditions. China has been generally staying out of the Syria conflict. They fire their opinion now and then but, nothing too intervening. By allowing something like this to enter into play, is it definitely geopolitical intervention of a form. I want to see to where this is leading. It now has my interest.

damien west

Check out China opening a small monitoring mission in Djbouti – in order to keep a close eye on the Aden bay (Yemen conflict) and Suez canal. China will meddle in Middle East for sure from now on. It will be a slow process for them; they might make mistakes but they need to be a part of the big-leagues in geopolitics.


Already are…


Good day Damien. Yes, I have been aware oftheir involvement in Africa and the eastern mediterranean. The free ride of NATO et al in many places is over.

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