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JULY 2020

Chinese JYL-1 Radars, Russian Pantsir-S Air Defense Systems Deployed At Syria’s M4 Highway, Russian TV Reveals


Russian-made Pantsir-S self-propelled, medium-range surface-to-air missile systems and Chinese-made JYL-1 air defense radars have been deployed at the M4 highway in northeastern Syria, according to a video released by Russian TV.

The report itself claimed that the purpose of the air defense systems deployment is to secure the area from possible aerial threats and guarantee the ceasefire regime in the region.

The combination of the deployed systems indicate that they may have been operated by both the Syrian Air Defense and the Russian military.

Chinese JYL-1 Radars, Russian Pantsir-S Air Defense Systems Deployed At Syria's M4 Highway, Russian TV Reveals

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Chinese JYL-1 Radars, Russian Pantsir-S Air Defense Systems Deployed At Syria's M4 Highway, Russian TV Reveals

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Chinese JYL-1 Radars, Russian Pantsir-S Air Defense Systems Deployed At Syria's M4 Highway, Russian TV Reveals

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JYL-1 air defense radar:

Chinese JYL-1 Radars, Russian Pantsir-S Air Defense Systems Deployed At Syria's M4 Highway, Russian TV Reveals

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  • BMWA1

    So China FINALLY helped?

    • Barba_Papa

      More like, with almost everything made in China, these radars are dirt cheap, and Syria is kinda broke. And Russia does not have the deep pockets, like the US does, to give its allies lots of expensive Russian military hardware for free.

      • Rhodium 10

        US military hardware is shit….we have seen what happened in Aramco oil refinery in Saudi Arabia….

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        Messages are delivered this way too you know, this is a message as well, one Erdogan will be paying attention to, and even if they’re cheap the Aussie army considers them pretty effective.

    • Willing Conscience (The Truths

      China never stopped.

    • Zionism = EVIL

      There are many surprises coming from Iran to Syria on China’s growing alliance. I am pleased to see that Southfront is on the top of all real development. The Jew fucks and Americunt arseholes are in real trouble.

  • Willing Conscience (The Truths

    The JYL-1 is a long-range 3D surveillance radar typical of those assets that might be found in a modern air defence network.
    It functions in the E/F-band region and might be used as either a military or commercial asset for air traffic control and management purposes.
    Search range; 320km

    That’s more than enough to peek over Turkey’s borders, won’t Erdogan be happy about that, LOL.

    Yesterday someone tried to convince me that China was attempting to help Russia pry Turkey away from NATO and I laughed, what a simpleton, I wonder if he thinks this will help the Chinese do the job, Chinese radars helping Syrian air defence systems shoot down Turkish warplanes, the perfect way to pry Turkey away from NATO, LOL.
    China’s locked up over a million Uighurs in re-education camps, and Erdogan houses them in Idlib and Latakia and sponsors them to kill people, stark contrast.
    Erdogan’s been calling the Chinese a lot of nasty names lately, I have a funny feeling he’s going to regret that soon, and so will the Christian hating Uighurs, LOL.

    • 1eeripsa


    • Wayne Nicholson

      I would argue that China IS helping pry Turkey from the west but really it’s Russia who are helping China not the other way around..

      Turkey has been trying to get into the EU for decades but Europe …. who are happy to have Turkish troops holding down NATO’s southern flank …. won’t permit Turkey to join the EU and share in the prosperity the Turks are defending.

      Turkey represents the westernmost settlement of Turkic people. They are Asian people not European or Arabs. In the BRI China is proposing a pan asian economy in which Turkey would be the route into Europe. China is promising an economic future for Turkey while Europe is doing all they can to keep Turks out of their economy. Turkey would be a trade route into Europe as well allowing them to participate in the economic develo[pment of Asia, the ME and Africa.

      The USA and Europe are fighting to keep the world in an oil based economy while China are poised to lead the next economy based on renewable and nuclear energy, EV vehicles and 5G networks. They are leading the world in all these technologies

      • Willing Conscience (The Truths

        Prying Turkey from the west economically isn’t as confrontational as prying Turkey out of the NATO alliance, there’s a big difference.
        NONE of the opposition parties in Turkey favour leaving the NATO alliance, and more than 75% of the Turkish people don’t want to leave the alliance either, and even most members of Erdogan’s own AKP alliance don’t want to leave NATO, and to be honest I don’t think Erdogan wants to leave either, he just wants to squeeze them and the US and EU for anything he can while he can, and when it suits him he’ll just pull the pin on Putin and leave him high and dry.
        China has a bad relationship with Erdogan but has a good relationship with most of the Turkish opposition parties, on the other hand Putin has a very good relationship with Erdogan but doesn’t have good relationships with the Turkish opposition, not bad, just not good.
        So guess what’s going to happen when Erdogan loses power in 3 years time, China’s in and Russia’s out, and the NATO alliance will be stronger than it was before started Erdogan began fracturing it.
        And no I don’t like the NATO alliance, just like Putin I believe Russia is a part of Europe and Russians are Europeans, and I also believe Russia should be a member of the EU as well, but Zionist entities in the EU make that ambition very hard to achieve.

    • Gary Sellars

      “China’s locked up over a million Uighurs in re-education camps”

      Pls stop being a stupid cunt. This is a BOGUS claim and there is ZERO evidence to support it. What camps they have are simply to rehabilitate the associates of the Uighur terror gangs and other criminal groups. Their numbers are small and NO MUSLIM NATIONS are repeating these lies.

      Face facts, admit & accept the truth. Other than that however, I agree with your post.

  • Prince Teutonic

    Best thing for China to help Syrian government would be to pay for Russian campaign…

  • Mehmet Aslanak

    Kurdish communists are begging for more fake news. Russia is in coordination with Turkey, not with Kurdish communists, so that is an amusing fake news. Turkish backed SNA controls the peace corridor, not communist guerilla. Air support will continue to keep it in that way. Russians know that very well from the agreement.