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Chinese J-20 Stealth Jet Passes into Service in Country’s Army

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The Chengdu J-20 stealth fighter jet has been put in service in the Chinese Air Force.

Chinese J-20 Stealth Jet Passes into Service in Country's Army

Photo: militaryreview.panjury.com

The Chinese Air Force has adopted the Chengdu J-20 fifth-generation fighter jet, the Reuters news agency reported. Later, the news was confirmed by the China’s state television. The aircraft’s tactical and technical characteristics have not been made public, but it is known that the J-20 is very similar to the Russian MiG 1.44 prototype of the fifth generation fighter jet.

Reportedly, the aircraft was developed by the stealth technology and is designed to reduce the technological backwardness of the China’s aeronautical engineering from US fighter jets.

The newest Chinese J-20 fighter jet is going to be a progenitor of a whole family of unique combat aircraft. A frontline bomber, a delivery aircraft for anti-satellite missiles and a multipurpose deck-based fighter have being developed on its basis.

According to some reports, the F-22 is the closest fighter jet to the J-20 by its features. At the same time, the J-20 is closer to the F-35 Lightning II by its universality and purpose.

For the first time, the J-20 was shown at an aviation exhibition in China in November of the last year. At that time, many experts noted some defects in the aircraft’s engines. In addition, they expressed doubts about an export potential of the fighter jet. Experts were not sure that the Chinese aircraft can compete on an equal footing with Russian or American models.

As it was reported, mass production of the Chengdu J-20 fighter jet will not be started until 2018.

At the same time, China is working on creation of another stealth fighter jet, the J-31. Beijing hopes that this aircraft will be capable to compete with American warplanes.

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This first flew in 2011, PAK FA in 2010 and PAK FA is still 2 years before entering service. gj Russia..With such a small military budget of course, it is no surprise..


I am not convinced that an
all utility platform will be as useful as a dedicated mission combat air plane when
it comes to a real confrontation with military powers of the same grade. For this reason am therefore reluctant to
embrace the Russian Pak -50 platform. Neither F-22 nor F-35 are combat proven
against equal peers, so at this point is anyone’s guess how these planes will
perform when expensive they will come
across a mission dedicated plane. I am not a military expert, but I am pretty
sure that given the proper support, a 25 year old MIG 31 can blow any of these
multi-platform fighters with its R-33 missiles
(300Km range) before they even get a
glimpse of the MIGs on the radar. Along the same lines, I think US is foolish
to discard the Thunderbolt A-10 which has proven to be a lot more reliable than
this super expensive multi-role jet when
it comes to ground support missions. Given the current state of geopolitics it
looks like there will be plenty of work for this small/medium scale regional
conflicts for a long time to go. Using
F-22 or F-35 for this type of missions is both an overkill and extremely
risky ( if not outright foolish). But I guess one cannot argue reason when
dealing with the for profit US military industry complex.

In this context I would have been happier to see the
Russians bring more SU-35 , SU -30 in their inventory and bring a much needed
replacement for the aging MIG 35. As for SU-25, there are smart not to discard
it but rather refurbish it with new avionics, missile jamming stations and
better missiles. They will be needed for years to come in regional conflicts
such as the one in Syria.

jeffrey exposito

The F22 is without any competition. The Mig31 and any Russian jet would be cannon fodder to the F22. The F35 is meant to be a network centric combat jet designed to work in tandem with the F22 and other 4th generation American aircraft like the F15 and F16. The F35s superb performance at Red Flag with a reported 20 to 1 kill ratio means that it will present a major problem for Russian and Chinese adversaries. But the fact remains is the F22 and F35 are the only true 5th generation warplanes in existence and have no competition. The Russian T50 continues to experience major technical problems and its stealth properties are quite inferior to the F22 and F35. The Chinese J20 lacks the supercruise engines and data fusion of the F22 and appears to lack the kind of agility and speed to go up against the F22.

Julius Meinel

Get lost Globalist scum with your US superiority claims. I am fed up with your endless arrogance.

jeffrey exposito

American air dominance is undeniable. Russian and Chinese aircraft are quite inferior and useless against superior American combat power. Its time to accept reality.

Solomon Krupacek

but the bacteriological weapons are far better. you will die in terrible pains. all of you.

888mladen .

It’s definitely time for you to accept reality and get out of your wet dream.

Solomon Krupacek

jj, 1 wEMI effect and your network toy will fall. agains nuclear weapons you are lost, yankees

jeffrey exposito

The F35s electronics are hardened to counteract the possible effect of EMP. The F35 and F22 are far superior to anything that Russia or China has.

888mladen .

Wet dream.

chris chuba

I’m certain that the Red Flag trials weren’t cooked in any manner whatsoever in regard to the mission parameters (not really).

The networking electronics could have been added to any aircraft, the fact that they are crowing so much about it as ‘the’ feature of the F35 doesn’t impress me at all. Regarding the new ‘Quarterback role’ for F15-22′ gee, that’s great, too bad we aren’t making anymore of those. In a decade or so, we will have lots of Quarterbacks and no Lineman or Receivers.

The Russians have had this technology since the Mig 31 which was Russia’s high speed AWAC to patrol their vast frontier.

jeffrey exposito

How are you certain they were cooked?. Were you there?. Typical uinformed troll. Red Flag includes planes flown by many countries. If the Red Flag results were cooked as you say theres no doubt it would have been exposed. It wasnt cooked. 20 to 1 kill ratio is impressive. Still not as good as the 200 to 1 kill ratio recorded for the F22. The Russians have no where near the network capability of the F22/F35. They are decades behind in the technology.

Daniel Castro

20/1 ration in what circunstances? You meant putting an stealth fighter against a no-stealth fighter with no AWACS support, no ground radar, no electronic jamming, no surprise technologies from the enemy? War isn’t about duels, in a real war situation with Russia and China you should forget about stealth, they will know exactly where your airplane is, forget about networking because you will certainly be jammed into oblivion, it would be only fighter X fighter, numbers X numbers, and that is why russians waste so much energy on performance(and also cheaper), they are projecting fighter planes for real super power confrontation, meanwhile f-35 is another power projection asset, it is designed to attack poor countries with inferior defenses and airforce, and of course it will excel on this questionable role, as everything muricans do.

chris chuba

Maybe they were, maybe they weren’t but I hope you are not naive enough to believe that our military never lies or succumbs to pressure to vindicate the massive investment that we place on them.

It’s easy to put in a few innocent parameters that can change the outcome of the result. Have the F15-18’s carry a full bomb load to reduce their maneuverability and maximize the F35’s internal bombay and stealth.

In the Australian test runs, it was documented that one of the officers playing the part of the Russians wanted to space his squadron apart by something like 1 mile to guarantee that one of his fighters would have a maximal radar image of the F35. Then the fighter with the best image would share is with the fighter that had the best firing position but was denied the request. There are all kinds of small innocent decisions that can add up.

888mladen .

Please go to YouTube and find video about Greek F-16 humiliating F-22 during a joint exercise. He got into his 6 and lock on him with a heat seeking A-A missile. What about the special coating which is supposed to make F-22 stealthy which cannot withstand atmospheric conditions in regions like ME where temperature goes above 60 Celsius degrees?

Peter Moy

Good analysis. You are absolutely correct. The F-22 and F-35 are not proven aircraft in a combat situation. Being the most expensive does not translate into being the most capable. This J-20 is still a mystery to those outside of China and should not be dismissed as just another copy of this or that.

chris chuba

“For this reason am therefore reluctant to embrace the Russian Pak-50 platform”

The Pak-50 is a dedicated air superiority, strike aircraft, not a ‘general purpose’ platform. Whenever the Russians has to choose between stealth and fighter performance, they chose the latter. For example, they kept thrusters for super-maneuverability which is not present on the F35 and slightly reduces stealth. Ironically, one of the models of the F35 is getting a wing extension so that it can mount one of our new AIM missiles so that will reduce stealth too but it was unplanned.

Real Anti-Racist Action

China and Japan and best-Korea(North) should join together this time, and shove the imperial-bigot-USSA out of Asia and the Western-half of Pacific once and for all!


I think the countries of the region are more concerned about Chinese intentions.
They are the new bully on the block, consider their actions in the S China sea.
North Korea has NO allies. Even China is pissed off at their actions.

Joe Ortiz

This is a Mickey Mouse fighter plane, an F 15 or an F 16 could handle it without any problem

Solomon Krupacek

i dont think so, but f-22, f-35 sure

888mladen .

Chinese have not mastered propulsion technology yet. And I presume the engine is the weakest point of this fighter.

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